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Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music.
Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music.
18,220 backers pledged $6,225,354 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Doug Adams 3 days ago

      The PonoPlayer is sounding mighty fine with my new Flare Audio R2Pro in ear monitor earphones. These IEMs are so small that both earpieces (without Comply tips) fit on an US dime! Being so small means you can sleep in them without fear of ear damage.

      Combine the comfort and sound quality of these IEMs with the amazing sound of the PonoPlayer and it is a top notch listening experience. Can't imagine the sound when the balanced drive cables are introduced for the Flare.

    2. Creator Doug Adams on July 23

      @Eric W glad to hear you are on track. Pono is a great company with an important mission. Wait until you hear the PonoPlayer. Give it time to break in (it is like a finely tuned race engine) and you will be amazed.

      @ido barzilay has already joined us on the Pono forums. @Eric W, hope to see you there.

    3. Creator Eric W on July 23

      @doug @ian thanks for your help. i contacted support via the pono site and was taken care of right away. thanks!

    4. Creator O'Boogie on July 22

      I can't believe there are really people who don't know to go to Why on earth would you wait this long and not contact someone at the main website? Whoa.

    5. Creator Doug Adams on July 22

      @siltech, as far as I know there are no Pono stores in Canada at this time. Believe some Canadians have been ordering PonoPlayers thru Amazon and some of the other Pono dealers. The Canadian Pono Music store is supposed to open this year.

    6. Creator Doug Adams on July 22

      @Ian, glad you stepped in. The more help the better. Knew I would eventually have to get a moderator or PonoMusic employee to help with Eric's situation. Just trying to get enough info to start the process going. Don't want to leave any Pono people behind.

      Shouldn't be too hard to get ido's headphone questions answered. Just waiting for more info or for him to join us at

      we want to help you @Eric W and @ido barzilay. Help us do that. The PonoPlayer and balanced drive are worth the effort.

    7. Creator Ian Kendrick on July 22

      @Doug Thanks for helping out with this, am not meaning to step in and take your place in this, just doing whatever I can to help. I don't check in here at all really - can't remember the last time I did.

    8. Creator Ian Kendrick on July 22

      @eric w and @ido

      I have not posted here for a long time as all of the information, dialogue and news about Pono is on the Pono community and has been for ages. It was formed a year ago, I am a moderator there.

      @eric - if you contact me there I can escalate your issue with the right people at Pono immediately. I don't know who else you have contacted, but give me the details and I will run with it for you.

      @ido - if you go to the community and go to the Knowledge Section you will find three Tech Sheets on balanced mode use and the correct cable configurations to use with the PonoPlayer for headphones and hifi systems. There is also a Balanced Mode group there.

      To send me a message there, you can use the private messaging. My user name there is the same as here, is my real name.

      I will most likely not visit here again, so I will leave it with you.



    9. Creator Siltech on July 21

      Is there a walk in Pono store in Toronto, Canada?

    10. Creator Doug Adams on July 21

      @Eric W who did you reach out to? Have you ever been on the official PonoMusic website? If not go to You are the only person I have heard of recently, that didn't get a KS PonoPlayer. I don't work for Pono, just a happy customer. If you can provide some info I will try to help.

    11. Creator Eric W on July 21

      never received my pono player. have reached out multiple times with no response. anyone else still waiting?

    12. Creator Doug Adams on July 20

      @ido barzilay the two 3.5mm connectors at the PonoPlayer end is correct. Now look at one of those connectors. There should be the shiny metal tip, followed by a very thin dark insulating ring, followed by another shiny section, another thin dark insulating ring, and finally the 3rd and last shiny section. Do your connectors look like that? 3 chrome sections and two thin black rings seperating them?

      If there is only one thin black section and two crome sections per connector DO NOT USE IN BALANCED MODE. YOU CAN DAMAGE THE PonoPlayer.

      Do these ebay cables attach to the original cables that were already on your Grados's? Like an adapter? Or did the ebay cables completely replace the original Grado cables? If this ebay cable takes a single 3.5mm connector and splits it into two 3.5mm connectors it can not be proper for balanced drive. If it is a Y adapter don't use it damage can result.

      If the cables completely replace the Grado cables, and you have the proper stereo 3.5mm connectors the only other thing I can think of is did you go into the PonoPlayer menu and activate balanced drive? This must be activated to sound and work properly.

      If you are unsure of any of this can you log on to There we can post pics of the connectors and help you.
      if you have more ?'s ask. Please try to answer the questions in this post. I will try to help you.

    13. Creator ido barzilay on July 20

      i have a modified balanced cable i bought from Ebay, it have two 3.5 mm jacks, one jack for the left and one for the right,
      i guess that if no one is talks about the stereo image , than the problem is with that cable.
      i don't really know if my cable that have separate left and right channels means that i am working on balanced mode....i guess not...

    14. Creator Doug Adams on July 20

      @ido I am lost. Do your Grado phones have interchangeable cables? Have never seen Grados that do. Has your Grados been modified to have two 3/8" (3.5mm) headphone connectors? If neither are true, you can't use balanced drive.

      If you have a single 3/8" (3.5mm) connector on your headphones you can not use balanced drive. Balanced drive requires two 3.5mm tip ring sleeve (trs) stereo connectors. Left channel plugs into the headphone jack and the other connector plugs into the PonoPlayer lineout to provide the right channel. Then you select balanced drive in the PonoPlayer menu.

      Let me know what your set up is. If your headphones have a single connector do not use balanced drive. Afaik there are no balanced Grado headphones without modification. I rewired (surgery) my Grado for balanced drive. There are tech sheets with drawings on go to the knowledge section.

    15. Creator ido barzilay on July 18

      i am using the grado ps-1000....
      on unbalanced mode i have a very wide stereo, like i am in the middle of the stage, and on balanced mode the sound is richer but it sound almost like mono... the stereo image is very tight

    16. Creator Doug Adams on July 18

      @Ido Barzilay I don't know the answer to your question. My good earphones are all unbalanced. The only balanced is a pair of self modified Grado SR60 and a pair of self modified Sennheiser IEMs. I will eventually balance the Sennheiser HD600, and Flare Audio is bringing out balanced for Pono cables. Reading on the Pono forums and head fi I don't see many, if any not liking balanced sound. Don't recall any one saying there were trade offs in balanced vs unbalanced sound. What difference in stereo image are you noticing and what phones are you using?

    17. Creator ido barzilay on July 18

      Hi all
      i am using my balanced cable for some time now, the sound it better, but the stereo image while using the pono in a non balanced mode is much better for me. i really like the stereo image in regular listening mode , but on the other hand i really like the sound of the balanced mode. is it only me that noticed that or do you all fill the stereo image is different ?

    18. Creator Doug Adams on July 17

      @Rocky Mountain Way totally agree with you about the IBE disc. Had one since they first came out. Have it ripped to the PonoPlayer, other portables and music computer. Always improves the sound.

      Just picked up Jethro Tull - Aqualung and Thick As A Brick, plus Linda Ronstadt - Heart Like A Wheel on the PonoMusic sale. Excellent.

      PonoMusic has a 6 disc (121 tracks) Creedence Clearwater Revival in 16 /44.1 resolution for less than $8! Downloading that this weekend. WOW.

      The PonoPlayer is getting along well with the new Flare Audio R2Pro IEMs. Amazing sound from such small units. Both metal bodies fit on a US dime. Enjoying music more every day.

    19. Creator Rocky Mountain Way on July 16

      @Doug. I totally agree about the balanced cables.
      I have just purchased a Cardas-Ayre Acoustics(IBE) Burn in CD from Amazon ($US20 + post) on the recommendation of the Pono forum. Should be used weekly to reduce magnetic buildup.
      Is it any better ? Well it is hard to distinguish between great & greater but I do think so.
      Here's the recommended method of installation :

      "I would recommend, to rip the CD to a an uncompressed wav file.
      In the "Action Window" in the left lower edge of the PMW screen, you choose "Rip Disc", then click on "Options" and in the follop up menu "Encoding", as "Encoder" "uncompressed wave"
      In PMW, I created a playlist "IBE" and transfered the copied tracks into it to be synchronized with the internal storage of my Pono. You can find it easily on your player then."

    20. Creator Doug Adams on July 14

      @TMH, Pono is doing fine. Neil Young is in the middle of his "Monsanto" tour so he hasn't been doing many Pono promos. At the concerts they have Pono booths set up with info and the ability to audition the player. There are also Pono T shirts for sale.

      Stores do have the PonoPlayer. There is a list of dealers on the Pono site. Just talked to someone that walked into a Fry's Electronics and bought one.

      Pono is adding more members every day. New people are constantly arriving. Go to rankings and watch the progress.

      A lot of people are also talking about Pono on Pono has two active threads. One is over 250 pages and the other over 40 pages. A lot of them are buying PonoPlayers. Even some of the detractors have bought into Pono.

      Consider that player sales are only part of the Pono ecosystem. PonoMusic is doing fine and growing. Getting stronger every day.

      Look at all the after market companies making balanced cables for the PonoPlayer. Balanced drive will probably become the new standard in high quality portable music listening.

    21. Creator TMH on July 14

      Now delivery and kickstarter are well behind us, has anyone heard how pono is going?

      I don't hear Neil trumpeting on about it, it doesn't appear in stores, and apart from one person on the forum who purchased one through Amazon I don't know anyone who bought one other than through kickstarter.

    22. Creator Doug Adams on July 2

      @Jason Chau I love the cassette Walkmans. Reminds me that I need to replace the belt on my WM10. The belt is still in the shipping box.

    23. Creator Jason Chau on July 1

      Just letting you guys know, the Sony Walkman is 36 years old today! >

    24. Creator Doug Adams on June 26

      TMH, my guess would be the IEMs were already designed and prototyped. Flare just needed extra funding to ramp up production. They had the advantage of already being an established pro audio company. Pono had to start the company from scratch. I don't consider either method as " un Kickstarter ". There was a bigger delay for Pono but they were very close to hitting their target date. My PonoPlayer was in the second KS wave and arrived 3 weeks earlier than the Pono estimate. There are a lot more parts in the PonoPlayer vs. the IEMs. Pono also had to deal with software and the music store. A daunting task. Both companies did a great job.

      Can't wait to hear the Flare with the PonoPlayer.

    25. Creator TMH on June 24

      Wow Doug, that was quick.

      Do you think this is one of those projects that was well developed and kickstarter was the final marketing leg, or do you think it was a bonafide "kickstart" program?

      I find the latter have a long lead time and are always delayed (like Pono)

    26. Creator Doug Adams on June 24

      Flare Audio just started shipping the Kickstarter IEMS. Can't wait to hear these on my PonoPlayer. Should be incredible. Time to get the playlist ready and decide what the first song will be.

    27. Creator Doug Adams on June 17

      The PonoMusic store now has Pono T shirts for sale!

    28. Creator Doug Adams on June 16

      WOW! PonoMusic just activated 24bit resolution search in the store. Happy days.

    29. Creator Doug Adams on June 14

      Love the new PonoMusic album of the week promotion. Just downloaded Natalie Merchant Tigerlily in 24/96 resolution for less than $14. I spent years looking for an affordable copy of this on SACD. Now PonoMusic puts a high res version on sale. Thank you Pono.

    30. Creator O'Boogie on June 7

      Looking forward to hearing about how it sounds, @Doug!

    31. Creator Doug Adams on June 6

      Can't wait to get the Flare Audio R2Pro IEMs connected to the PonoPlayer. Should sound great.

    32. Creator TMH on May 24


      My balanced cables for the Oppos arrived form Surfcables in rapid time

      I finally get the pono thing now. The difference the balanced cables made is extraordinary

    33. Creator Doug Adams on May 19

      @The Fly!!! check out the Cardas A8 balanced IEMs for Pono. Due to ship soon.

    34. Creator TravisStyle on May 19

      The incredible future of digital high resolution audio question is ...

      Locks the audio file INSIDE the coin HRA_Bit_Coin transactions / sharing / micropayment royalties

      Who will be the first to Q.E.D's this marriage ?

      Aloha ;)

    35. Creator Doug Adams on May 16

      @ido barzilay, I installed the firmware update and Revealer last night. I find the amount of difference varies with tune and headphones used. MP3 doesn't sound like 24 bit. The headphones I thought were more revealing makes this less apparent than the IEMs. Have to listen more to sort it out. It is surprising and fascinating.

    36. Creator Jason Chau on May 15

      Hey guys, looks like we're being spoiled for choice. Here's another headphone, this time a wireless earbud called Hearnotes just starting their campaign now -…

    37. Creator ido barzilay on May 14

      any one tried the new pono reviealer ?
      i don't know if it is not working...but mp3 sounds just the same as 194/24 format...

    38. Creator Jason Chau on May 12

      Hey guys have you checked this out yet? Looks like another great headphone is coming our way albeit Bluetooth...

    39. Creator Matt Smith on May 8

      Speaking of cables for balanced mode, can anyone recommend a source for something that goes from Pono's 3.5mm jacks to universal 2-pin IEM connectors? I tried Surfcables but they do not have anything.

    40. Creator TMH on May 8

      Thanks too Rocky, just ordered a pair for my Oppo PM1's, been hounding the distributor here but they have been no help

      US$100+US$18 to Asutralia

    41. Creator Siltech on May 8

      Thanks Rocky

    42. Creator Rocky Mountain Way on May 7

      @Siltech. $US70 + freight ($US18 for me to NZ ).
      Just received my 2nd pair !

    43. Creator Siltech on May 7

      Can anyone recommend a XLR pair to Mini 3.5mm cable for Pono. I want this cable for use in Balanced mode, to my preamp. Thanks

    44. Creator Siltech on May 7


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