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Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music.
Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music.
18,220 backers pledged $6,225,354 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Joe 2 days ago

      wow the Clown executive officer finally got it in his own country

    2. Creator Doug Adams 2 days ago

      Pono just announced the opening of their Canadian store! Canadians can now buy music on the PonoMusic site. Congratulations.

      You can also buy PonoPlayers from Amazon and London Drugs. LONG LIVE PONO!

    3. Creator O'Boogie 4 days ago

      You bet. So nice to see you back here, @siltech. �

    4. Creator Siltech 5 days ago

      @Doug &'O'Boogie, THANKS

    5. Creator Joe 5 days ago

      Three blind mice

    6. Creator Doug Adams 6 days ago

      @siltech glad to hear from you. Hope all is well with you. I love Pass amps. Have a 30 watt per channel one. Also built 2 50 watt Pass Son Of Zenn monoblocks. You are going to love it. So natural sounding. Enjoy it man.

    7. Creator O'Boogie 6 days ago

      Hey, Siltech. Hope you enjoy it! nice to see you here. I check in every now and again. Hahaha.

    8. Creator Siltech 6 days ago

      @ O'Boogie
      I haven't been on this site for some time. Cool to see you fighting it out. Ha Ha. I just bought the new Pass Labs INT-60 amp. My delivery should be before Christmas. Can't Wait

    9. Creator O'Boogie on November 18

      Pigs sound great on the Pono. Good stuff.

    10. Creator Joe on November 17

      Just calling o'piggie

      Sooee that's how you call swines

    11. Creator O'Boogie on November 16

      That whining noise. Do you hear it? It's like this persistent, annoying whine. Weird.

    12. Creator Joe on November 16

      Sooee Sooee Sooee

    13. Creator O'Boogie on November 15

      Lo! I hear the distant call of the dumbass!

    14. Creator Joe on November 15

      oink oink

    15. Creator O'Boogie on November 15

      @shinji, as @Doug said, be sure to check out Lots of great info there.

    16. Creator Joe on November 15

      @Doug Adams

      Pretty sure you lied to Shinji this site was logged into by Pono on October 1st 2015. they read the site they just don't answer questions from their backers. fine example of their disrespect for the people who gave them 6.2 million dollars.

    17. Creator Doug Adams on November 10

      @shinji Yamashita, Pono expects to open music stores in Canada and Great Britain this month. It is perfectly fine to obtain hi res music from other stores. One of the great things about Pono is their refusal to hamper consumers with proprietary formats. The flac and WAV formats are universally available world wide.

      Pono no longer reads this site. Please visit for the official site. Over 50,000 people are there talking about music and all things Pono. It is free and well worth seeking out.Hope to see you there.

    18. Creator Shinji Yamashita on November 10

      The end of the 2015 is coming but Pono Music Store has not opened yet in Japan. I purchase the Hi-res music at another seller. Are there any Pono music stores which have been started the service except for US region?

    19. Creator Joe on October 15

      Guess the forum is at the pono music site not here

    20. Creator Joe on October 15

      Seems like asking if you got paid falls under a question part

    21. Creator Joe on October 15

      "Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!"

    22. Creator Joe on October 15

      Ok we agree pono sucks and you don't get paid by the clown executive officer

    23. Creator TMH on October 15


      Re your first post. Fine. That is what this forum is about

      Re your second. You just don't get it, do you?

    24. Creator Joe on October 15


      How much does Neil pay you ? More than boogie and Doug

    25. Creator Joe on October 15

      how about Pono sucks

    26. Creator TMH on October 14

      Please stop Joe, can we just go back to abusing/praising Pono rather than getting into name calling on this site.

    27. Creator O'Boogie on October 14

      Or not. :-)

    28. Creator O'Boogie on October 14

      Good to know you are psychotic enough to be stalking me everywhere. Good job! Keep proving that you are mentally unwell. It's nit difficult for you, I realize.

    29. Creator Joe on October 14

      I've just been called a whore on the Kickstarter site. Feel free to go over and get my back. I'm really tired of this shit. That is the straw that broke the camel's back.

    30. Creator O'Boogie on October 14

      Whore? Haha! You are completely deranged. Get some help, psycho.

    31. Creator Joe on October 14

      Thanks for the posting maybe the whore will go to the Pono site for a while

    32. Creator Doug Adams on October 14

      WOW OH WOW. Pono just totally changed their community website. The look is new and clean. Groups are replaced by topics. Everything is different. I like it. Going to take a while to get used. Everyone should check it out.

    33. Creator O'Boogie on October 13

      SNL, dumbass — not SLN, which is what you typed. For god's sake, you're thick.

      You are old enough to be my grandpa, and you act like this? You should be ashamed. I'd almost feel sorry for you if you weren't so rude all the time. I have no idea who you are or why you'd harbor such hate for a total stranger. That's sad. We don't have to agree to be civil. I don't think it is healthy for you to be so hateful toward someone you don't know. I'm sorry things are tough for you. I can't imagine why else you'd act the way you do. Good luck to you.

      Punctuation: Look into it! It's a new innovation (or it will seem like one for you, evidently). Take care!

    34. Creator Joe on October 13

      Saturday Nigh Live its on been on television 41 years likley long before you were born or hatched or crawled out from under a rock which ever applies ask your mother from her picture she looks old enough to remember it provided you haven't driven her crazy.

      and you are so kind my mother is dead I hope yours is not

      I am kind of amazed you follow this Neil Young guy he is even older than I am but I saw him play at Woodstock where he was afraid to let the camera man take his picture CSN was much better without him.

      go back and crawl under your rock

    35. Creator O'Boogie on October 13

      Are you drunk or just stupid? Perhaps both? I'll take your comment as a compliment considering I've yet to read a coherent post from you.

      Also, I'll need to know what SLN is? Dumbass. Thanks for being so very predictable. Good times. Bye again!

      P.S. Be sure to clean up the basement before your Mom comes down to check on you, young man. Don't disappoint her again. She deserves better.

    36. Creator Joe on October 13

      Boogie go back to school and learn to write
      One and two word sentences, made up words
      Living in a gutter is showing on you

      You remind me of Jane on the SLN skit

    37. Creator O'Boogie on October 12

      Bless. Hope you eventually make some friends. Seems unlikely, however. Buh-bye.

      Last word!

      (Until you come back to talk shit to a complete stranger, that is. You must be SO lonely. Sad little man. Well. I say man. More like "boy.")

    38. Creator Joe on October 12

      you shouldn't laugh at Doug he is just doing what he has been told to do by the clown executive officer

      And we have read so many of your posts we don't think of you as a stranger your very predictable and annoying, as far as sucking well your the expert

      You should go to the pono site they may like you and have a nice day

    39. Creator O'Boogie on October 11

      Glad you announced it, Doug. Hahaha.

      As for you two, it must really suck to be you. Bless. Insulting strangers on the internet is generally the refuge of the sad, lonely, unloved, and uneducated. Sounds about right, then, since you guys do little else. Bye now!

    40. Creator Doug Adams on October 10


      Pono just announced it on their Facebook page. Both will open in November! Congratulations to our neighbors in Canada and the UK. Great job Pono.

    41. Creator Joe on October 9

      Fate worse than death

    42. Creator The Fly !!! on October 8

      close your mouth OBs / don't want to get cought in dat snoooze hole of yo's OBiggie !!!

    43. Creator O'Boogie on October 5


    44. Creator Joe on October 3


      don't hold your breath as you will likely never see it. go on the pono site and ask how to get pirate copies they will love you.

    45. Creator mika joukanen on October 2

      early backer, still no access to store here in Finland (or Europe)

    46. Creator Joe on October 1

      They charge to much

    47. Creator Joe on October 1

      Guess they change to much at regular prices if they can afford to give 15 percent off even at that they are likely making a ton of money

    48. Creator Doug Adams on September 30

      PonoMusic is celebrating their 50,000th member! Congratulations Pono! There is a store wide celebebration. 15% off music purchases of $50 or more. Lasts until 10-1-2015 at 6 PM PST.

    49. Creator Doug Adams on September 29

      You still have time to pick up balanced IEM earphones from Trinity Audio Engineering at their Kickstarter. Both the Helios and Atlas have interchangeable mmcx cords. They are going for about $120 and $160 resectively. This includes the ~ $15 charge for the hand made balanced Pono cable. A great price for balanced in ear monitors. They are already funded.

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