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Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music.
Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on December 25

      Merry Christmas @Siltech. So you are speakerless for Christmas? Imagine you can't wait for the Magico to arrive.

      Long Live Pono!

      Merry Christmas everyone.

    2. Siltech on December 24

      Just sold my Wilsons, and waiting for my new Magico speakers.
      Merry Christmas ALL



    3. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on December 24

      Great concert Rocky Mountain Way! Happy holidays to everyone. Have fun, but be safe.

    4. Rocky Mountain Way on December 18

      Yes - Happy holidays.
      My head is still spinning from seeing Paul McCartney 2 days ago. What a concert! 40 songs over 3 hours. It was a baby boomers delight.
      Plus I spotted Neil Finn at my local supermarket - maybe he is moving into the neighbourhood ( this is really how we spell it). Now that would be a street party!

    5. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on December 17

      Wow @Siltech. Magico are excellent speakers. Let us know what you think after they are set up.

      On the Mag Lev front, I wouldn't worry. Think it will show up next year. It is a complicated project. Takes time to design and build.

      Happy holidays everyone.

    6. Siltech on December 10

      I trying to get a little more resolution out of my speakers. I'm now buying the new Magico S3 MKII speakers. Chow man

    7. Siltech on December 3

      Being optimistic is one thing, but I hope we really get one. Take Care. Siltech

    8. Rocky Mountain Way on December 3

      Condolences to the Hansen family. Very sad.

      Hey Siltech
      It's a long wait for the MagLev. I'm expecting end of March at the earliest.
      Do the math - I'm about #1000 so if they can make 25 per day from 20th Jan= 125 per week = 8 weeks plus delivery . 25 is an ambitious guess for a small company.
      We are not little kid's waiting for Christmas so we just have to breathe in..
      It's been a lot of fun checking out the vinyl stores & finding a few gems. They just need to be played.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mark Turner
      on December 1

      Check it out

      Way to go Neil!!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 29

      From Ayre Acoustics:

      Charles Hansen 1956 - 2017

      With heavy hearts, we regret to inform you that Charles Hansen, founder of Ayre Acoustics, has passed away on November 28th, 2017. Those who knew Charley knew that he was a passionate man who always stood up for what he believed to be right. His family knew him as a loving and dedicated father of his two children. With the passing of Charley, the world has lost one of the most creative and innovative minds in the audio industry and we have lost a good friend.
      While we can never replace Charley, his spirit lives on in the team at Ayre. We are dedicated to continuing his mission of creating and manufacturing the best sounding audio equipment in the world. Most importantly, we will be there for our friends, partners, and customers who have supported us over the years. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at any time.
      We wish you all the best over the holidays, and please play an album for Charley sometime.

      Charley Hansen R.I.P.

    11. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 29

      @Siltech vibration definitely affects components. The Symposium platforms are highly recommended for many different brands of equipment. It will make a noticeable sonic improvement. Agree that they also look great. Enjoy.

    12. Siltech on November 29

      Hi Doug
      I saw a few reviews on my amp from the UK, and they used and highly recommended the following - Symposium Acoustics Ultra Platform, underneath the Vitus amp I ordered one today. It significantly reduces internal component vibrations. Maybe this will max components sonic capabilities. Also, it looks pretty cool. Take Care.

    13. Siltech on November 28


    14. Siltech on November 28

      I think your right Doug. I
      remember putting music songs on here before, and I think they were PDF files. So now I converted picture to PDF file, pasted and transferred here. It doesn't seem to work. �

    15. Siltech on November 28


    16. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 28

      Glad you are happy with the system Siltech. It is great when a system comes together sonically. See you posted a picture. Can't open it to view. Don't think Kickstarter supports photosin the comments section.

    17. Siltech on November 28

      PDF Photos 2017-11-28.pdf

    18. Siltech on November 28

      Thanks Doug, the sound is deadly. This is the missing link in my system. Without a doubt, this is the very best my stereo
      ever sounded. There's many reasons why the sound is significantly superior now, but would awhile to type. I'm very pleased with this Vitus product. Take care Doug. Siltech

    19. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 27

      Bet the Vitus sounds great in your system Siltech. Enjoy the music.

    20. Siltech on November 25

      My new Sia-025 MKII
      Vitus SIA-025 Integrated Amp | Vitus Audio | Audio Therapy.pdf

    21. Siltech on November 14

      Cool, I thought I was missing something in the audiophile world. I hope us Lev Audio people get our turntable soon. Long Live Pono. Thanks for clarifying. Siltecky

    22. Missing avatar

      Torben Schmidt on November 14

      Sorry for being unclear. I'm just just referring to that balanced Pono setup can't be connected to an unbalanced amplifier.

    23. Siltech on November 13

      I wasn't aware of any balanced issues, nor do I think I had any. I think balanced is better than RCA signal boosting, because you may be boosting noise too. What are the balanced issues,

    24. Missing avatar

      Torben Schmidt on November 13

      Thanks - I'm aware of the issues with balanced equipment. I will try the "booster" solution.

    25. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 13

      It is tempting @Rocky Mountain Way. But I already have a Sota, new AR, and a Linn LP12. Don't really have a need. Though one doesn't end up with 3 tables because of need.

    26. Rocky Mountain Way on November 13

      Hey Siltech
      That is some serious gear! I bet it sounds great. I upgraded because my Usher Diamond X Speakers require a lot of power and I felt the quiet end was a little flat. Much better with the extra power. Especially vocals & acoustic guitar.
      My favourite music was all recorded in a garage somewhere so sound quality is all !
      I don't think the Mag Lev will arrive before Christmas but that's OK.
      It is really great value - they have really upgraded from the original specs. It's a lot of fun.
      Tempted Doug ?
      Best regards.

    27. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 12

      @Siltech glad you got something you liked. Always thought the Pass might be minimal power wise for your Wilson speakers. Not that they wouldn't play together. Just not a match made in heaven.

      Hope you get the Mag_Lev soon.

    28. Siltech on November 12

      Wrong letter J, sorry.

    29. Siltech on November 12

      Forgot, Hi Gerry

    30. Siltech on November 12

      Hey Rock @ Doug
      I just sold my Pass Labs INT-60. For some reason, never really liked it. My two replacement choices were Gryphon Diablo 300 and Vitus SIA-025 MKII. I decided to go and buy the best Vitus SIA-025 MKII. Now I'm a very happy camper.
      Also, hope Mag Lev for Christmas. Siltech

    31. Rocky Mountain Way on November 11

      Hey Jerry
      You don't need a Pono interface. Side loading to SD is much easier. Personally I only play albums, but if you want playlists you would need jriver.
      Good to see you are still on Pono time.
      I have just bought a new amp (Hegel H360) - Audiophiles are never truly happy .
      As part of the demo process at the high end store I took the Pono with balanced cables and did the Pono challenge on 30K worth of gear. The Pono was up against wireless spotify and a disbelieving owner.
      The Pono grin was strong. It was clearly no contest. Colour vs black and white.
      Hey Siltech - MagLev for Christmas ?
      Yeah Nah as we say in New Zealand.
      Cheers to you all.

    32. Jerry on November 11

      is their any software that works with pono my computer died and trying to get pono interface on new computer seems any links i had are dead other than just putting music on the sd card

    33. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 9

      @Torben Schmidt sorry I accidentally hit enter to soon. The small "booster" would have to be of good quality so as to not hinder the Pono.

    34. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 9

      Hello @Siltech.

      @Torben Schmidt, Siltech is correct. Can't use the PonoPlayer in balanced mode if the preamp doesn't have balanced input. I don't know what components you are using?

      I will offer a few possible work arounds.

      1. If your amp takes balanced inputs you could hook the PonoPlayer directly to it and use
      variable out. Not the most convenient way to play music. Might not have more
      dynamics either.

      2. You could hook a small component between the PonoPlayer and preamp to boost the
      signal while
      in single ended mode.

    35. Missing avatar

      Torben Schmidt on November 6

      @Siltech - You are right I think - thanks for your assistance. Thanks Doug too.

    36. Siltech on November 6

      With your components, no solution. Only way is to replace your pre with XLR inputs. Sorry

    37. Missing avatar

      Torben Schmidt on November 6

      @Siltech - I think you are right about this issue. I can hear the same lift in quality - I guess - when I use my headphone balanced compared to unbalanced with the Pono. Unfortunately I don't have the possibility of trying the Pono line out balanced since I don't have a balanced preamp. Any suggestions for a work around? Thanks

    38. Siltech on November 6

      Most stereo source components have a 2volts RCA outputs and 4volts balanced outputs. The Pono players line outputs that are restricted by its size and 3.7volts lithium battery. Therefore, the maximum line out capabilities of Pono are 1volt for RCA, and 2volts in balanced mode. This low output may be your dynamics problem. If you switch your connections from RCA to balanced, may solve problem. You can only do this if your preamp section has XLR inputs. This is how mine is connected, and sounds Great. HI Doug

    39. Missing avatar

      Torben Schmidt on November 6

      @Siltech & Doug Adams Thanks for your feed-back. I'm using the single ended connection - the stereo mini-plug analog output - for line out. My cable is a cardas about 3ft (1m) long - splitting up into 2 RCA's. I have no problems at all using this cable together with other equipment. I have tried it with several amplifiers low-cost and high-cost using mainly the AUX input. For my headphones I'm using both the single headphone connection and the balanced setup using both Pono output connections - both works fine with cardas and non-cardas. Maybe the input at the amplifier should fulfill a certain specification?

    40. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 5

      @Torben Schmidt, also forgot to ask if you were using single ended or balanced connection?

    41. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 5

      @Torben Schmidt, what component are you running the Pono into and how long of a cable are you using?

    42. Siltech on October 29

      I use line out with Cardas Parsec XLR balanced cables. The line out is set to balanced in Pono players settings. The sound is very good.
      Perhaps your cables aren't good enough. I originally bought Surf Cables online, as suggested on Pono forum. I didn't like them, and returned them for Cardas Parsec XLR balanced cables. Siltech

    43. Missing avatar

      Torben Schmidt on October 28

      Has anyone experience with the Pono line out? I feel it rolls off very quickly after the mid tone and that the sound lacks some "body".

      Thanks in advance

    44. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on October 11

      @Siltech let us know which one you end up with. I like the no negative feedback spec. Enjoy.

    45. Siltech on October 9

      Gryphon website say Diablo has
      Zero Negative Feedback, which they say means No Negative Feedback.
      I've been working on two separate deals on Vitus SIA-25. Obviously, I'll do lower price. That's if I go this way. Take Care.

    46. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on October 3

      @Siltech surprised the Pass uses nf. Hmm. The ones I built don't. It is possible the Gryphon would be a beautiful match with your Wilson speakers. I say go for it.

    47. Siltech on October 2

      The Pass Labs, also uses negative feedback. At 20 hertz, output impedance is 0.16 ohms on the Pass Labs. Many people with Vitus SIA-25, are switching to Diablo 300. They say the Diablo sounds better than Vitus SIA-25. The Vitus SIA-25 is incredible, and definitely has better sound and micros than Pass Labs INT-60. To Be Or Not To Be. SILTECH

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