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Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music.
Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music.
18,220 backers pledged $6,225,354 to help bring this project to life.

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      Doug Adams about 1 hour ago

      The Mag Lev turntable does look awesome. Interested to see what you guys think when they arrive. My funding went to the Mitchell & Johnson Electrostatz headphone campaign on Indiegogo. Already had GL2SE. Added their top of the line M&J MJ2. More detail with even more neutral tuning.

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      TMH 2 days ago

      The new Pink Floyd re-issues are outstanding, albeit from digital sources, so worth considering for those buying new turntables

    3. Siltech 3 days ago

      Not sure on cartridge, yet. Wait and see how it sounds. Mag Lev may upgrade cartridge for us. I may order a 2nd one like yours. So Very Cool. Your welcome for the link. A new Rolling Stones box set just came out on albums. This set was meticulously done, and reviews rate it ultra high. Cheers

    4. Rocky Mountain Way 3 days ago

      Siltech - I went for the woodgrain. What cartridge upgrade would you suggest?
      My unplayed for 20 years albums include a mint Beatles Boxed set - pre the awful CD remasters and Bowie Rare - with a song called Amsterdam - a Jacques Brel song translated from the French-check it out on Youtube - it's haunting .
      Cheers again for the link.

    5. Siltech 5 days ago

      Anyone can pre order a Mag Lev levitation turntable on following below link. Open link and type Mag Lev in search box.

    6. Siltech 5 days ago

      You can upgrade cartridge at any time. Cool

    7. Siltech 5 days ago

      Rocky, cool. I got the early bird in black. LONG LIVE PONO

    8. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 29

      Congratulations @Rocky Mountain Way. Looks to be a very exciting product. Let us know what you think after you get to audition it.

    9. Rocky Mountain Way on November 26

      Hey Siltech
      I just bought a MAG-LEV turntable ! It is pure theatre and so cool and I'm sure the quality will be fine. I have quite a few vinyl records that I haven't played for years and some of them have never been issued on CD . No one will sell me Hi Res anyway ! I missed the early bird price but hey - that's rock 'n' roll.
      Thanks very much for the link. I now have the Pono & the Mag-Lev grin!

    10. Rocky Mountain Way on November 25

      And now for something completely different..
      Last night I went to a Last Waltz tribute concert in Auckland NZ featuring Garth Hudson and Sister Maud Hudson with the original movie music director John Simon. What an event. The Band covers were fantastic and Garth came out for a cameo with Sister Maud and played brilliantly. He is 79 and badly crippled with arthritis - his spine is quite curved and Maud sang from a wheelchair -both with dark glasses and cool hats.
      We were all in awe - so much respect for a frail living legend playing with so much passion.
      This is the essence of what music is all about.

    11. Missing avatar

      TMH on November 23

      How long before the whole project shuts down Jerry? I give it to March 2017 at best

    12. Link on November 20

      I feel sorry for the people who invested 5k into this.

    13. Jerry
      on November 19

      Phil Baker is full of Crap he is just a stooge for Neil the pono store will never reopen period

    14. Siltech on November 19

      Wilso Yvettes
      PDF Photos 2016-11-19.pdf

    15. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 16

      Update from Phil Baker at Pono.

      To all of our community members,

      We understand the concerns that you are voicing, but not responding is not meant to be disrespectful.

      It’s frustrating to us as well to read your messages and not be able to give you more information. We are all here working hard to build on the work that we began together.

      We continue to work at recovering from the closure of Omnifone and looking at additional products. It’s been a lot harder than anticipated.

      We are a small company with limited resources, and our vision of what we want to do has always exceeded what we could afford to do, beginning with the development of the Pono player.

      As those that have worked in startups know, uncertainty is a way of life. We continue to be optimistic about the future of Pono and are planning for some exciting things. But startups need a continuing stream of capital, and that determines what we can do and how fast we can do it. We will communicate about future activities when we know there’s a good chance of succeeding.

      Lastly, no one should read anything into where Neil’s music is appearing and in what formats as anything to do with Pono. It is not. It’s simply addressing the need to meet the demands of the market.


      So we can relax a little. Play some music.

    16. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 16

      Interesting @Siltech. Hard to tell how great it will sound from this clip. At least the turntable works.

    17. Siltech on November 15

      From SoundCloud app. This is a wav file recorded song from this turntable.

    18. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 15

      @Siltech, it does look cool. Wonder how it sounds? It could be great or just average. You are also stuck with their tonearm. It is great looking.

      With battery back up it must be electro magnets. Permanent magnets would float with out power. Just like big speaker magnets.

    19. Siltech on November 15

      You can order it in two tone, all
      black, or all white. SO COOL

    20. Siltech on November 15

      I believe it's electro magnetic. Platter is totally free in space. They thought about the power. If power goes out, there is a battery backup, and platter feet come up and shuts off safely. Check out site. Also, there's a bunch of YouTube videos on this product. It just looks so cool.…

    21. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 15

      @Siltech that is an interesting turntable. Magnetic flotation could improve sound quality. It seems to levitate the platter much higher than needed for this. I didn't read all the q/a. Is the platter kept up by permant or electro magnets? If electro, what happens if there is a power failure while playing a record? Does your expensive cartridge get destroyed?

    22. Siltech on November 14

      @Doug. Check out this amazing turntable on Kickstarter. Pass the word about it. I may get one.

    23. Siltech on November 14

      Just a mini home stereo video, with Pono playing as source. The sound is sublime through Wilson Yvettes. Take care Doug.

    24. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 14

      Siltech, looks like you posted a picture file? Don't think that works on Kickstarter forum. This link doesn't for me. What is it?

    25. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 13

      @TMH I find the elevation of a talk show host to president far less depressing than the fact that both major political parties are corrupt to the core. Both tried to thwart the will of the American people. One succeeded, sorry Bernie. One didn't. That is far more worrisome than any single person becoming president. I would love the president to outlaw all political parties.

      You are correct, it doesn't cost much to keep keep servers, and other things going. But, if you are going out of business why do it at all? Pretty sure Pono will reopen the stores. Do wish they would communicate what they are doing in more depth.

    26. Siltech on November 13


    27. Missing avatar

      TMH on November 12

      Doug, without getting all political i think the elevation of a reality TV star to the highest office in the world is very depressing, but

      I dont think Pono will be back. it does not cost much to keep forums and servers open, and i doubt they are shipping many new players, this thing is now 2 years older and Fiio and A&K are releasing newer and cheaper versions.

      And Neil putting his stuff out on iTunes speaks volumes

      Anyway, we shall see, I have two ponos, they sound fantastic (although the UI and screen still annoy the shit out of me, which is why i reckon A&K and Fiio would be killing pono) but if they broke tomorrow i can't see myself rushing to Amazon to replace the Pono

    28. Siltech on November 8

      I thinks it's Doe, Ray Me.

    29. Siltech on November 8

      I thought Neil hated iTunes resolution, and would never put his music on iTunes. Only min CD quality and up. WHAT HAPPENED?

    30. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 7

      @TMH I don't see the world as depressing. The world just is. It is up to us to see the positive things. People tend to look for the negative.

      I believe Pono will re open the stores. Why keep the forum open, still allow downloading of PMW, work on social media and ship PonoPlayers to dealers if it is all over? They could have liquidated the T shirts and PonoPlayer stock in a month or less. Also all the Pono employees are still listed as being with the company on Linkedin. Are we saying Pono is too dumb to know how to go out of business. Don't think so.

      It took 2.5 years to build the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Mo. USA. Pono is building the gateway to hi res music. It is taking longer than expected due to the unfortunate Omnifone bankruptcy. Pono shall return.

    31. Rocky Mountain Way on November 7

      Your best customer is the one you have already got.
      That is why we have just received an e-mail from Neil Young about the new album available from December 9th -
      Available on itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, HD Tracks & Google Play.
      No mention of Pono.
      But to be fair - we bought in for the player( which is brilliant), not the music website - that came later and a lot of us couldn't use it anyway. With the current streaming model, owning music for better quality is going to be a niche market and it is hard to survive against the flow.
      Unfortunately the silence from Pono speaks loudly.
      I only hope the player can survive.

    32. Missing avatar

      TMH on November 7

      Doug, your optimism is amazing in a very depressing world................

    33. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on November 5

      Happy that Neil Young's albums are available at other hi res stores. I do not like exclusives. Ultimately that keeps hi res music out of too many people's hands. Neill Young's vision is for everyone to have the chance to buy and listen to hi res. Exclusives are just more of the regional obstructionism used by large record labels. We hate that.

      Pono is not done. Neil returned from weeks of touring. Wouldn't be surprised if Pono releases an update soon. Not worried about Pono at this time. Once they reopen the music stores everything will return to normal. Save your money for the grand reopening sale.

    34. Missing avatar

      TMH on November 4

      Done and dusted

    35. Siltech on November 4

      What do you think Doug?

    36. Missing avatar

      Robert Ryan on November 4

      The 800 #, which has been there since the beginning, is now disconnected.

    37. Siltech on November 4

      I think PONO is done.

    38. Missing avatar

      Robert Ryan on November 4

      HD Tracks is now selling high res Neil Young music. This doesn't seem like a good sign for Pono Music to be back up again soon. Or at all perhaps? What are your thoughts?

    39. Siltech on October 31

      I got my Parsac, mini to XLR balanced cables by Cardas. Sounds A+.

    40. Rocky Mountain Way on October 31

      I got my cables from

    41. Jerry
      on October 30

      Rocky Mountain Way

      i guess ill have to try the balanced cables and see if that helps


    42. Rocky Mountain Way on October 29

      Hey Jerry
      You are right about the younger generation but quality still shines through.
      I note you don't listen to Pono via Balanced mode. That has been the game changer for me.
      The extra depth of sound is the most noticeable . Wild Horses- Keith's acoustic bounces from speaker to speaker- Mick Taylor comes in electric from the right & Charlie's drums are coming from the back of the room. You can just hear it.
      That is why I love Pono - plus here we are sharing to joy with our diverse opinions.

    43. Jerry
      on October 26

      Rocky and siltech

      i am a poor guy and my stereo is vintage pioneer equipment from 70's and 80's no digital and speakers inside house BSR, Pioneer and AR's and outside home made from Pyle speakers converted landscape rocks like you see in parks driven by about 1000 watts from the days when watts where watts. The outdoor speakers are out in my six acres of forest behind my house.
      my prize amp was made by koss in the early days when they were starting their headphone business they only made a few for demo purposes and dont think they ever sold any cant say i have heard anything better.

      dont use my reel to reels much anymore as raw tape is to expensive and good stuff hard to find and mostly used them to record live music in clubs

      headphone are esp9's and others and earpieces tops are etymotics and i got suckered into getting those ears 1964 that kickstarter had earlier this year Adel u12's quite over rated.

      and the pono player mostly sits in the drawer main portable music player is still the PJB100 one of the first mp3 players made by Compaq computer company may not be the hi rez of the pono but the sound i like and that is what matters. not so much what the other guy likes. when you get old you dont hear much anyhow. to many days of playing in the band when younger.

    44. Jerry
      on October 26

      Rocky Mountain Way

      I hear what you are saying about your sons friend. but i am thinking your sons friends are young maybe twenty or thirty or younger? and have not listened to good music just the junk released these days

      the internet archive is not mine however i know a lot of low quality stuff is out on it. and i looked and could not find any Bowie but personally the only thing he sang that i like was with Bing Crosby that x mass song he sang


      so when you look in the archive you will see the way it was recorded example

      Grateful Dead Live at Boston Garden on 1994-10-02

      here is the link

      recorded fromm grateful dead soundboards

      Source SBD -> Dat -> Cassette Master -> Dat (48k)
      Lineage Dat (Tascam DA-20) -> Tascam DA-3000 -> Samplitude Professional v11.2.1 -> FLAC/

      take a listen to crazy fingers on your stereo and let us know what you think.

      THEN listen to the same concert here

      recorded by guy in audience with a microphone
      Source Audience: PMB Microphones
      Lineage PMB Mics (FOB) > Sony D7 > Sony PCM-R300 > Monster S/PDIF digital cable > RMEdigi96/8PAD > SoundForge 6.0 (rec, resample) > CD Wave (splits) > shntool > mkwACT > SHN (seekable)

      so if you take a few minutes you can find a wide range of quality much i think you will enjoy some not so much.

      Siltech try it and see since the pono store wont deliver to you this may help.

    45. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on October 26

      Rocky Mountain Way, what you say about cassettes and recording quality is true. However, sometimes it is thrilling to hear those archived performances anyway possible. It is a sonic time capsule. We are lucky to have those records no matter how they sound. All music is worth while.

      What if only a portable cassete recording captured when Bob Dylan went electric the first time? Or the first time Dave Brubeck performed Take 5. They would still be transformative.

      Bandcamp also has some great up and coming new artists that don't have a record contract yet. They offer flac (at least 16/44.1 some are hi res). Learned this on the PonoMusic site. One of the Pono members has a band called Cody Lee. Bought that from Bandcamp in hi res 24/88 sound. It is a very nice performance with great sound. If you like pop/rock give it a try.

      That is what is great about Pono. No proprietary format. We can cherry pick music from anywhere and it plays on the PonoPlayer. If PonoMusic disappeared tomorrow, we would still have full use of the PonoPlayer.

      PonoMusic hasn't disappeared and I believe we will be seeing it reappear very soon.

    46. Siltech on October 25

      Rocky COOL

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