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Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music.
Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music.
18,220 backers pledged $6,225,354 to help bring this project to life.

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      Doug Adams 3 days ago

      Listening to the PonoPlayer with the new Mitchell & Johnson Electrostatz GL2 hybrid headphones. They feature both an electret mid and high frequency transducer and a 40mm dynamic bass driver in each earcup. No external amp or adapter box required. There is a transformer in each ear cup.

      These sound really nice on the PonoPlayer. Very balanced and natural tonal balance.

    2. Ivan Diepart 6 days ago

      Thank you @Doug Adams ;-)

    3. Ivan Diepart 6 days ago

      @Doug Adams: I missed Graham Nash's post on the Pono Forum (and I actually did not even know he was a member). If you can find some time to tag me on the said post, I'd really appreciate it ;-)

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      Doug Adams on July 10

      Listening to Graham Nash - This Path Tonight on the PonoPlayer. Graham's comments on Pono forums about current digital were interesting. He recorded This Path Tonight in digital and said it now sounds warmer like analog. Science has made progress with digital sound quality. PonoPlayer is sounding great.

    5. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on July 1

      Hello @kingsley Burton. What is it you are waiting to receive? We need more details. Don't see posts from you in March or June.

    6. Kingsley Burton
      on June 29

      Hey guys,

      This is my third message checking in and wanted to let you know that I haven't received anything yet. My previous messages were in March and early June. Can you advise me of the status please? Cheers

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      Doug Adams on June 27

      E. MICHAEL SHINE, did you get the problems solved?

    8. Missing avatar

      E. MICHAEL SHINE on June 2

      Thanks Doug!. I found a Pono retail store in Verona ,NJ., that may be able to fix my issues. I'll see what they can do and let you know. Appreciate your time !!!!!!!, Michael.

    9. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on June 2

      @E Michael Shine sorry you are having trouble. Did you ever get the firmware updated for PMW? New update may not be as big a deal as Pono makes it sound. One of the community members mentioned he used older versions of PMW long after the expiration date with no problems. There is a glitch with the newe update. The blue icon spins all the time. There will be a new update to fix it.

      Saw that you posted in the community. They should get you going. You might have to totally remove PMW from your computer. Then reload it.

      Also see your PonoPlayer has an older firmware. Mine wouldn't update at all. Finally Eggert, Dougie, Slimpants, and others got it to upgrade to "5". Eggert had the firmware update on another site. Later on the PonoPlayer updated to "6" without a hitch using PMW.

      Hope you get every thing straightened out soon.

    10. Missing avatar

      E. MICHAEL SHINE on May 31

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    11. Missing avatar

      E. MICHAEL SHINE on May 31

      Doug, yes. Could use your advice. Thank you!

    12. Siltech on May 31

      The holder is perfect. Thanks

    13. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on May 30

      @E Michael Shine are you trying to update from the PonoMusic app?

    14. Missing avatar

      E. MICHAEL SHINE on May 29

      Having problems updating the new PonoMusic World 20.0.138. Downloading the new version of PMW is not working for me on my Mac. Would appreciate any assistance.

    15. O'Boogie on May 24

      How is your new holder working, @Siltech? Sounds like it was a perfect solution. :-)

    16. Jerry on May 23

      hey Siltech

      are you saying that the CEO "Clown Executive Orifice" forgot about his promise to have accessories on the pono site. certainly he could of done that but what do you expect from the dope. he broke so many promises out for nothing but the money.

      anyhow i can suggest you check out this site…

      i have used them in most any make of car or truck i have had the link is for the universal fit that should fit the pONO
      its a 2 part system you find the part that fits the device then the part that fits your vehicle and they hook together quite nicely.

      as far as upgrades i would not hold your breath on that would be nice if he released the firm ware to public domain than we could see some spectacular things from the pono. put in the hands of the right person we could have many of the features you mentioned and more how about streaming audio and the ability to record. of course that will never happen as when that happens his money pit pono store will dry up.

    17. Siltech on May 15


    18. Siltech on May 15


    19. Siltech on May 11

      HI O'Boogie A+

    20. O'Boogie on May 11

      Hi, Siltech!

    21. Siltech on May 11

      I mean the
      Cardas cables are heavy.

    22. Siltech on May 11

      Does anyone no where I can buy a Pono clamp holder, like the ones the reviewers seem to use. They have four clamp supports with foam lined. Also, it's on a swivel with suction cup, like the ones for phones in cars. I connected my Pono via Cardas balanced cables to my Pass Labs. The Pass Labs are heavy and Pono won't lay flat. I WISH PONO SOLD ONE FOR US. If someone knows where to buy one, please post back. Thanks

    23. Siltech on May 10

      Very cool, and interesting. Check out link from The Absolute Sound, May 2016 issue.

    24. Siltech on May 10

      In theory, existing DACs and players should be able to deal with MQA following a software update. Of course, cynical companies may not provide that upgrade and instead use this as an excuse to release new hardware claiming to offer ‘next-generation’ Hi-Res Audio support. We'll try to stay optimistic.

    25. Siltech on May 9

      I hope a Pono software update for MQA,by Meridian can be added to Pono. It will be incredible, if it can.

    26. Siltech on May 9

      I just pre-ordered the new Neil Young download, coming. It's 192/24 resolution. Hi O'Boogie.

    27. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on April 19

      Graham Nash will be visiting and answering questions during the 2nd PonoMusic chat! This will be fun. Looking forward to it. It is 04-20-2016 4:00 PM PST on the Pono site.

    28. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on March 13

      Pono had their first live chat Saturday with Lukas Nelson and Promise Of The Real. It was very interesting and quite fun. Lukas put a face on the band and their music. Persuaded me to download their newest album, Something Real. Hope more artists sign on for this.

      Album is great on the PonoPlayer! Punchy and alive sounding. 24 - 96 really sings. It is a little startling how much Lukas sounds like his father, Willie. The Pono ecosystem is starting to blossom. Hi res music is on a roll.

    29. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on March 1

      TMH, Arcam is fine stuff. Not sure any 5.1 equipment is easier to use? Wouldn't mind having a surround system in addition to what I have now.

      Pono and others are trying to change world wide marketing of music. It isn't easy. Same problem in the US with cars. We bailed GM out and now they are trying to stop electric car company Tesla from selling direct to consumers. Hate it.

    30. Missing avatar

      TMH on February 28


      VTL, quality stuff. I would love a separate 2ch amp but space and wife's Luddite status meant i had to settle for the best 2ch 5.1 i could get. hence the Arcam

      Hi-Res in Australia? Amazon US!!!

      Again showing the ridiculousness of the Pono policy of not being able to sell globally (appreciate it is not their decision)

    31. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on February 27

      TMH, thanks for the info. Will try ripping a Blu-ray some day. Only have a few dealing with music.

      You are lucky to have a friend capable of ripping SACDs. Will probably buy the Supertramp Breakfast In America Pure Audio Blu- ray. I try to collect one of every format.

      Like you, I also use the PonoPlayer mostly with headphones/IEMs. My home stereo has a passive transformer line stage. PonoPlayer barely has enough power to drive the VTL amp to full power.

      So where do you buy hi res in Australia?

    32. Missing avatar

      TMH on February 24

      Its a two step process for BR DVDs, rip an image of the disc on MakeMKV and then rip the audio using a ripper. I don't generally rip DVDs, as unless they have an LPCM channel they are generally compressed

      Agree on SACD's. although they are fairly easy for me, i drop it off at my friend Andrew's and say "Andrew, rip the audio off this for me"

      I use the Oppo BD95 (i think) for CDs. Old achine, but has been modified and is beautiful. But only used for DVDs. Most of my library is on my computer, whcih streams to my apple TV, but them played through my Arcam AVR 850, so use its DAC rather than the apple TV DAC.

      My pono is only used with my Balanced PM1 Oppo headphones (at home) or Sennheiser ie800 In ears on the road.

    33. Siltech on February 24

      How do I cc this PayPal request to Neil Young. ( CEO ) ? Ha Ha

    34. Siltech on February 24

      Interesting. Why don't Pono set up PayPal, as another payment option?

    35. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on February 23

      TMH, I find CDs easy to rip. DVD are tougher. Haven't tried Blu-ray. SACD discs are horrible to rip. I have an Oppo BD105 disc spinner for the home stereo. My CDs and DVDs are riped to an external hard drive that the Oppo will play. What do you play you home digital with?

      I also play lots of vinyl. Like physical stuff, but it takes up a lot of room. Often it is nice to just play from the hard drive. No looking for CD cases.

      Perhaps Pono will adopt PayPal. Opening a store in Australia would be even better. It will happen one day.

    36. Missing avatar

      TMH on February 23

      I buy occasionally from HDT in the US. The geoblocker on my computer and the Paypal option work for HDT, but Pono will only accept credit cards and they reject my Australian issued card. I would prefer to buy form Pono, they offer individual songs but HDT don't

      However being old school mostly i buy the SACD or BluRay hi res where possible and rip the music for the pono. The disc sounds better through my home system than the pono with the 3.5mm out jack And i like the physical product

    37. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on February 22

      TMH, so you buy from the US or some other HDT? Hope you get a PonoMusic Store one day. I would be less likely to buy CD res from them, since there is no upgrade promise.

      I love Pink Floyd with Gilmour and Waters. Have most of the albums after the breakup. They are ok. Kinda Pink Floyd lite.

    38. Missing avatar

      TMH on February 21

      *any which way

    39. Missing avatar

      TMH on February 21

      Thanks Doug

      I guess when you put it that way, it makes sense.

      I love supertramp, but more the Hodgson era (whereas i love both the waters and Gilmour era of Pink Floyd). BWYB is of course redeemed by having David Gilmour on it.

      I love the Hi-Res of COTC and BIA, but didn't buy them from Pono, bought the Pure Audio Blu ray and then ripped them. I don't buy anything form pono, not allowed (Australian). I can and do buy from HDTracks, as they allow paypal, but pono wont let my buy them an which way.

    40. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on February 19

      @TMH good question. I live in the styx (pun). Nearest small town only has two stores that carry a decent selection of new CDs. Odds either would have this album aren't good.

      It was only $6.50 on PonoMusic Store, before the 15% off sale. Supertramp is a popular older group. They have already remastered Crime Of The Century and Breakfast In America at hi res. I am betting their other albums will follow. When that happens the Pono Promise will kick in and I will get the free hi res upgrade.

      Still buy CDs when I run across them. Rip them all. Deciding which will be upgraded is a little like playing the stock market. Plus it supports Pono..

      Guess you never buy CD res from Pono?


    41. Missing avatar

      TMH on February 18


      I don't understand why you would buy CD quality from the pono store? Why wouldn't you get Supertramp in CD format and rip it?

    42. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on February 16

      @oboogie, I did. John Coltrane - Soultrane 24-192, Television -Marquee Moon 24-192, and Supertramp - Brother Where You Bound 16-44.1. Hoping Supertramp upgrades the rest of their catalog one day.

      Did you pick up some new music.

    43. O'Boogie on February 16

      Hope you bought some great things, @Doug!

    44. Joe on February 14

      Clowns out again Doug quit spamming

    45. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on February 13

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    46. O'Boogie on February 1

      Thanks, Siltech! You are pretty great, too. :-)

    47. Joe on January 30, 2016

      more clowns on the loose
      Siltech and his Mother

    48. Siltech on January 28, 2016

      O'Boogie, your the coolest.

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