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Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music.
18,220 backers pledged $6,225,354 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Simon Joiner 1 day ago

      Thanks Rick. That really is a great review. The best, most comprehensive and well written that I have seen. The headphone piece and the recommendations are really useful.

    2. Creator ido barzilay 1 day ago

      for a long time now i am trying to get the pono bamboo box, i got my pono in a cardboard box and not in the bamboo box. i contact support many times trying to get the bamboo box, but with no luck...they just wont sell/send empty bamboo box.....
      there are no boxes on Ebay also...
      any one want to sell his bamboo box ?
      any idea how i can get one ?

    3. Creator ido barzilay 1 day ago

      i also live outside of USA and cant use the pono music store. i searched the popular torrents sites, but i cant find many pono files there....almost all the files are from one user and most of them are neil yung files...
      i wonder what site you are using that you sat "the popularity of the pono files on the torrent sites are so high."
      i cant find so many files....
      where can we find pono torrents ?

    4. Creator Doug Adams 1 day ago

      Round two of voting has started in the PonoMusic forum. Pick your favorite of the 10 finalists. Help crown the hi res album of the year.

    5. Creator TMH 2 days ago


      Where did you hear that the ponostore wont open in Australia? Doesn't surprise me but would be interested to know where you heard it.

      Personally, i think the pono music store is a joke. For Neil to railroad against CDs for so long, and then have most of the store sell overpriced CD quality files is outrageous. The lack of international stores is not their fault, but down to the stupid record companies, so is it any wonder the popularity of the pono files on the torrent sites are so high.

      I would not be surprised if the whole thing winds down over the next 12 months. The player is great sounding (albeit a shitty screen and UI) but i cant see it surviving this niche market when HD tracks has such a better offering

    6. Creator James Griffiths 2 days ago

      As previously noted my Ponoplayer was a dud and failed after three charges. Took two months to secure a replacement. I paid for the return shipping from Australia to US on the agreement to reimburse and guess what? Pono can't do that cause they can't send payments to paypal credit card or any other method. Oh, and despite assurances during the kickstarter program, seems the pono store will never be available in Australia. Very poor. I wonder if Neil Young is aware of the rubbish service provided by this organisation?

    7. Creator Jason Chau 3 days ago

      Just read one of the posters on Stereophile had let the PonoPlayer play music for 24 hours through to a whole week (as burn-in) resulting in what he says is now 'SPECTACULAR' sound. I know that Pono also recommends you to burn it in as per their tech sheet (…) and heard from others who also had it burned in for more than 20 hours so I guess the burn-in does improve things!

    8. Creator Doug Adams 4 days ago

      @Driftwood Holly as @oboogie posted earlier, call PonoMusic at. 1-800- 611-0580. They will help. Good people that want to help,

    9. Creator Driftwood Holly 4 days ago

      dear pono team ,i'm still waiting for mine ..what should i do??????

    10. Creator Doug Adams 4 days ago

      Tyll hertsens posted a world class review of the PonoPlayer. He listened ( sighted and blind) to it and measured results with different earphones. World class review. Love the headphone recommendations for Pono! Check it out at

    11. Creator O'Boogie 6 days ago

      Glad you like the sound, Jan. I agree that it sounds fantastic.

    12. Creator Bryan VanAlmkerk 6 days ago

      Sold mine havent looked back

    13. Creator jan frisch 6 days ago

      Received the Pono Player yesterday.

      I am very pleased with the sound it provides.

      Concerning design and operational design i have some doubts

      Besides the odd decision to make a unpractical triangular shape, which i knew about before and has been discussed enough on the net (fit into pocket? no instant feel of orientation in hand). there are many points that are not satisfying.

      1) not only that the touch screen is responding not too well and the displays size is just to small for that, in attempt to build a somewhat modern or even ahead-of-the-time product it would have been nice to have no touch screen at all. instead you have a real strange subcontrol via the middle button like "2 times for next track, 3 times for previous track ...". This is just a pain. when you want to skip tracks and avoid the bad touch screen as mentioned before. Making compromise to the functionality is just "Meh". Same goes for "fast forward" and a few other functions that i would like to control also without having to look at it, which leads to

      2) having the headphone plugged it at the bottom of the device refers to the common move to put the player in your pocket downside up. so the cable is not in optimal position on the top like on the Pono Player.

      3) why is the player not showing me tracks the way i named them on my computer? i don't like to rename everything for the player. In fact i haven't found out yet how to even do that.

      3) the Pono World Menu is too complicated, design is just a question of taste but it clearly has a bad overview, too many sub menues and major and minor features all with the same visual priority

      Result: Really like the Sound as long as I do not have to touch the device.
      Medium satisfied

    14. Creator Ian Kendrick 7 days ago

      @spencer. If you are still having a problem, I suggest you go to the Pono community site and PM me the details and I will raise it with Pono. A few have slipped through the net, all have been resolved within 24 hours by doing just this.

      I rarely visit this comments section these days as the traffic is much more on the Community.


    15. Creator Doug Adams 7 days ago

      @Jason Chau, the Stereophile review is great. Finally real reviewers weigh in on the PonoPlayer. Love the testing and technical specs. John Atkinson did a superb job with this. He even owns a PonoPlayer now. Can't wait untill he tests and uses balanced drive.

      Some of those KS projects are interesting. Nothing I would use though.

    16. Creator Jason Chau on March 25

      @Doug Adams - no I haven't backed the Maraschino. Looks nice but am happy with what I have!
      @O'Boogie - indeed!

      There are some new interesting Kickstarters emerging of late, starting with this one...

      and this >

      Whereas this is making me hungry :)

    17. Creator Rick Canedo on March 24

      This is a much more reputable review from Stereophile. Lots of great info, including measurements, response from Pono about the great review, and the reviewer reached out to one of these hacks that gave a review without listening to it.

    18. Creator Siltech on March 24

      I think that Reviewer works for Apple, or some other competitor.
      Think about it.

    19. Creator anthony broadstock on March 23

      Hey all any idea when the Pono Music store will be online in the UK ? the wait is killing me !
      sorry if this has been answered before but im too lazy to trawl through 16,000 odd posts :)

    20. Creator Siltech on March 21


    21. Creator Siltech on March 21

      Stereophile April 2015 issue. This Pono review is this issue, great. The reviewer loved the Pono player, and bought the reviewed player. Check it out.

    22. Creator The Fed on March 20

      BIG MOON a comming on :) Hey ZEKE ;)

    23. Creator O'Boogie on March 19

      @Spencer, have you ever contacted Pono? I'm guessing not. Call them at 800-611-0580, providing them with all relevant information. If you don't contact them at all, they can't magic your Pono to you. That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works.

    24. Creator Spencer on March 19

      I backed pono from the start, Kickstarter have my address, could not update a non US address on PONO website. Its a disgrace that I never received my PONO player, when I have received other backed projects. Massive fail for PONO - kickstarter. I will not be backing any more projects and will never buy a PONO player ever.

    25. Creator Doug Adams on March 18

      Listening to different albums to decide which one to vote for in the PonoMusic hi res awards. This is tough. Some of my finalists are: Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, and Dolly Parton - Trio. Heart - Dreamboat Annie. Willie Nelson - Stardust. Jackson Browne - Running On Empty. Have to decide by Friday.

      How are you handling the selection?

    26. Creator O'Boogie on March 17

      @Jason, that is bizarre. I'm sorry that happened. I'm glad the genius left his name at the top. Pretty easy to identify them then ... :-)

    27. Creator Doug Adams on March 17

      Wow @Jason Chau. Being impersonated is scary. Can't be too careful these days.

      The amp looks interesting. First thought it was a headphone amp. Then realized it is for speakers. Guess it would work good on a desktop system. Are you backing this?

    28. Creator Jason Chau on March 16

      Has anyone checked out this Kickstarter on a 'for-Pono amp' called the Mint Maraschino? > This looks interesting...

      In a separate note (and warning to all my Pono friends), I believe someone is trying to use my name as a backer to palm off a PonoPlayer by bypassing their returns process. I got a message from Pono Support the other day from 'someone posing as me' (literally ending it with 'Sincerely yours faithfully Jason Chau'), that my player was broken and needed repairs (included photo of purported broken unit), and Support was asking for all the details in Georgia. However it was to say, unsuccessful. First of all I don't have a broken player to return, secondly don't live in Georgia. And thirdly...they forgot their own name was at the top of the incoming message! In any case I have notified Pono Support of the imposter...

    29. Creator Siltech on March 16

      When is Pono opening up a store in Canada, and where?

    30. Creator Doug Adams on March 15

      If you haven't heard PonoMusic is having people vote on their favorite hi res album. It does not have to be available at PonoMusic to qualify. This way everyone can vote. Please cast your ballot. Pono is going to do an award every year.

      Some contenders are listed, but you can write in any album that is hi res. Just log on to the Pono site and make your choice known. Good listening.

    31. Creator Doug Adams on March 15

      Joergy, I know it is taking time to get PonoMusic Store open in your country. It will happen. I can't get Qobuz here in the US. Right now they have the new Mark Knopfler album Tracker. Oh well patience will win out. Can't buy all the hi res albums at once any way. Hang in there it will happen.

    32. Creator Doug Adams on March 15

      Sounds like a great concert Rocky Mountain Way. I love the Eagles. Glad you enjoyed it.

    33. Creator joergy on March 15

      im waiting three full months to buy albums in germany...

    34. Creator Rocky Mountain Way on March 14

      Good morning! I saw the Eagles play last night - a great concert. It started slowly with acoustic numbers and came alive ( for me) when Joe Walsh started to feature.
      He has obviously cleaned up because his guitar solos were outstanding. He played a lot more numbers than I expected - including the night's highlight ( for me) - my moniker ' Rocky Mountain Way'.
      Glenn Frey was introduced as being from Detroit ' Where Mother is only half a word...'

    35. Creator Doug Adams on March 13

      Has anyone heard the new Mark Knopfler album Tracker. It is just stsrting to be available. He had a short video talking about it. Recorded straight to tape. Spent days playing with old equipment & mics to pick his favorites. Will have to buy this. Deciding between the hi res and vinyl will be tough.

    36. Creator O'Boogie on March 11

      Congratulations, Pono! Happy Anniversary.

    37. Creator Chiknhed on March 11

      @Doug Adams TY, It has been a very productive Year for Pono. Much more to do, and I am confident they are nose to the grindstone on it! The player surpasses my expectations, and almost daily get a kick out of a new listener's reactions to it :)

    38. Creator Doug Adams on March 11

      @Chiknhed great post about 1st Ponoversary. A wonderful time for music lovers. Congratulations PonoMusic on your first year. May you have many more.

      Seems so long ago. The player has improved in quality, gaining gapless playback and DSD. PonoMusic World works smoother, has added DSD, and activated the Pono Promise for Kickstarter backers. A very productive year. Thanks Neil Young and PonoMusic.

    39. Creator Siltech on March 11

      Dar is a Idiot......

    40. Creator Jason Chau on March 11

      Something interesting I found for those with faulty PonoPlayers...Digital Audio Review is testing Pono's returns process right now >

    41. Creator Chiknhed on March 10

      On the 03-12-2014 I wrote “When I saw that Neil was behind it I said of coarse I'm on board! I trust Neil when it comes to the integrity of the art of music. Not only that, it is true, when I listen to work straight out of the studio it is different from what goes down on CD. A few years back i noticed a difference from my old Akai reel to reel vs CD's...but I never could put my finger on it...till Neil brought it up! I'm Ready :)" As I sit here and listen to Routine by Steven Wilson in 96/24 on my Clear Pono a year later, all I can say is WOW!!! Thank you Neil for manifesting your vision in the form of the Pono Player, the PMW and the Community! I am Grateful :)

    42. Creator Chiknhed on March 10

      Happy 1st Year Ponoversary :)

    43. Creator Jason Chau on March 10

      @Doug Adams - wow, must've been nice (to see the museum). Yeah those Klipsch are really nice.
      Am amazed they are still being made!

      @Jerry - thanks for that link, didn't realise there such a big repository of material!

      In anycase it looks like after Pono's efforts, everyone is jumping on the 'HiRes' bandwagon now. Just read now that latest audio manufacturer Meridian has announced MQA technology which will be featured in their upcoming products for 2015 >

      But not before Ayre Acoustics I assume, who has just announced their Codex 1 external DAC/amp with USB/SPDIF out which has features derived from the PonoPlayer's design >

    44. Creator Jerry on March 9

      @Jason Chau

      have you checked the internet archive

      you may not find your favorite although i find one of mine, the Grateful Dead.

      but you will find thousands of lesser known bands and some of them are quite good and the recordings at times are not stellar they usually are recorded in hi rez or at least the best the person recording had available. the files you download will be a choice of Flac, mp3's and many others

    45. Creator Jerry on March 9

      #Jason Chau

    46. Creator Jerry on March 9

      @Jason Chau

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