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Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music. Read more

San Francisco, CA Sound
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This project was successfully funded on April 15, 2014.

Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music.

San Francisco, CA Sound
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    1. Creator Rocky Mountain Way about 2 hours ago

      @ Jerry
      I mainly listen to Pono on a mid range Onkyo Amp with Kef speakers.
      I have to admit that the same music played on the Onkyo CD player sounds louder than the Pono through the same amp ( Volume 20 with CD player & Volume 24 with The Pono).
      I am totally OK with that - the Pono certainly sounds clear when played loud.
      All my sound systems have an AVL- Automatic Volume Limiter ( when my wife arrives home) and music becomes background musak - but that is another issue.
      The bottom line- Am I totally happy with the Pono ? - Absolutely !
      The sound is great. All music in 1 place. It has the cool factor. Sure the battery could last longer.
      I tend to plug it in to the power whilst playing which works for me. I can't manage 5-hours on the headphones so it is not a problem for me.
      My perception is that it sounds softer & better since it has been played in & with the last software update.
      Plus it has revived my enjoyment in music killed off by mp3.
      The bottom line is - It's not about the Pono - it's about the music.
      How did I win over my skeptical brother-in-law? - I played music I knew he loved that he hadn't heard for years ( Eric Clapton 'Just one night' actually ). Now he is really keen.
      Be Pono & enjoy.

    2. Creator Jerry about 3 hours ago

      @Jason Chau

      the suggestion was for an amplifier project listed on kickstarter it has nothing to do with speakers or the headphones heck just ask siltech how his silly red speakers sound when the amp does not have the power to drive them. they sound lousy he would even have to admit that. in fact he likley would not try to drive them with an under-powered amp for fear of damaging them they cost to much money even if you get them on ebay like he did.

      my headphones are etymotics they sound fine unless you want loud music like the rocky mountain guy then the output sucks

      i guess the issue is you have no idea what output is. your suggestions are meaningless as they have nothing to do with amplifying the music. fact is pono is not very powerful. best to listen to it when amplified.

      and the clown executive officer said pono was the best how can they make that better. listen to his music no need to say more.

      as far as an update would have been nice had the clown executive officer would of posted a link here on kickstarter where he abandoned 18220 but that dont surprize anyone does it.

      maybe oboogiee and siltech can squeeze over and you can fit in as well

      have a nice day

    3. Creator O'Boogie about 8 hours ago

      @Jason, it's best to ignore him. He's not right in the head.

    4. Creator Jason Chau 1 day ago

      @Jerry - poor output with the Pono Jerry? You must be kidding me. If you hadn't noticed the Pono was recently updated with full DSD playback functionality. What does that mean? Well it can playback files with resolutions higher than what you can find in a typical Bluray player a la 1bit DSD 2.8Mhz compared to 24bit/96Khz. That places the Pono in SUPER HIGH STUDIO AUDIO QUALITY PLAYER territory (SACD quality and above ie. Astelle & Kern which typically costs over US$2K) and not just make it a mere MP3/iPod rival. To make a point, not even iBasso's DX50 can play back DSD files at 1bit (I know as I have tried - the best the iBasso could do was 24bit at 88Khz).

      If you have a problem with what you 'think' is poor sound quality on the Pono I suggest you either a) change your speakers and/or headphones to ones which are specifically HiRes compatible b) get hold of 24bit/DSD files as main source or c) convert your current music collection to uncompressed FLAC. With any one of these options you should be able to see much improvements in sound quality from the Pono.

    5. Creator Jerry 1 day ago

      here is a headset amp for those who don't like the poor output of pono…

    6. Creator Jason Chau 1 day ago

      You guys might also be interested in this recent Kickstarter project I found called Glow - they're laser-based glow-in-the-dark in-ear headphones! A perfect compliment I guess for the Pono >

    7. Creator Jason Chau 2 days ago

      Thought to share this info with you guys. This was a recent post from a Pono user on -

      'Had an interesting experience at a small gathering of headphone enthusiasts (and Pono skeptics) last weekend.

      One of the attendees had heard the player at CES with UERM, and come away quite unimpressed. But when he listened to the player with my Noble PR (R mode), it was a completely different story. After some discussion, it was decided that the difference might be due in part to the player's output impedance (the UERM are notorious for having a funky impedance vs. frequency curve).

      So we measured it. And my unit has an output impedance of 4 ohms. Which suggests that there are some headphones, especially low-impedance balanced-armature IEMs, that it will not drive to their optimum performance.'

    8. Creator Jerry 2 days ago

      @ido barzilay

      the blue light means nothing it is just a bit in the file tag get a tag editor and turn it on save your money

    9. Creator ido barzilay 2 days ago

      but all other hi res music stores will not light the blue led on my pono...
      and that blue light is everything...

    10. Creator The Grinch 3 days ago

      There are other hi res music stores to buy from anyway. Most of Pono's stuff is CD quality anyway.

    11. Creator Jerry 3 days ago

      @ido brazilay
      Just search plenty of pirated music available for common criminals

    12. Creator Jerry 3 days ago

      @ido brazilay

      Just search plenty of pirated music available

    13. Creator ido barzilay 3 days ago

      as all of us outside of USA can not buy HI RES music from pono store, can you all be nice and
      upload your music to kickasstorents or piratebay ....?

    14. Creator O'Boogie 3 days ago

      I'm sure you are right, @Doug.

    15. Creator Doug Adams 4 days ago

      My guess is people grumped about having the player and not being able to access the music store. So Pono decided to wait until the overseas music syore was ready.

    16. Creator Jerry 4 days ago

      Siltech and boogie

      Neil let both of you out at the same time?

    17. Creator Siltech 5 days ago


    18. Creator O'Boogie 5 days ago

      100s listed? There are 15. Nice try. Goof.

    19. Creator Jerry 5 days ago

      @Rocky Mountain Way

      Can you buy from ebay hundreds of them listed

    20. Creator Rocky Mountain Way 6 days ago

      The Pono website is now Pono USA. I tried to buy another player and the delivery address is USA only and my non-USA credit card was not accepted.
      While I can understand that there are copyright reasons the music cannot be sold worldwide to exclude sale of the players to the rest of us doesn't make marketing sense.
      It is disappointing for those of us that supported Pono at the start are not able to spread the word.

    21. Creator Jim Griffiths on February 26

      Way back in late January you will see that I was seeking tech support for a failed ponoplayer. Finally called them a couple of times (Australia to USA $$$) (thank you @alexander adema for the advice) and after a few more delays returned the original defective unit and received a loaner, albeit a yellow one in return for a black.
      Anyway...another three weeks on I am still waiting for the promised refund of the registered post charge, not such a big deal, but am also waiting for advice from pono as to whether the loaner is in fact a keeper or whether eventually they will ask for it to be returned, presumably with postage that again I will fund.
      Clearly, despite the colour, I just want the nightmare to end and try to enjoy the silly player. Has anyone got any information on whether loaners are ultimately returned or pono just keep the returned and leave the loaners with the customer?
      Yes ,I know there is a supposed "community" at the ponomusic page but frankly it seems to be populated mainly by audiophiles flexing their technical muscles and others endlessly enthusing over the sublime pono experience.Seriously, some of those people must be on the pono payroll must't they? My questions there to date have gone unanswered whereas here I have received some solid advice.
      Thank you again.

    22. Creator TMH on February 26

      This looks interesting

      May get myself one, it will drive the Oppo PM1 Headphones i purcchased for the Pono which don' really get driven very well

    23. Creator Pedro de Bergia Bispo on February 26

      Finally, today arrives home my Pono Player!! Thanks for all and still growing up! :D

    24. Creator O'Boogie on February 25

      Hey, @Shane! Not in a while. He sent me a happy birthday email a couple of months ago. :-) Glad you are doing well!

    25. Creator Shane Kennedy on February 25

      Peace and love..........I love my pono, it truly is an enjoyable experience, I ain't no audiophile, bits this and bits that......but I thouroughly enjoy my Pono. Hiya o boogie, any sign of the crazy scot? Siltech still doing good also, good stuff

    26. Creator Doug Adams on February 24

      @Siltech I haven't converted any SACD to DSD yet. It requires a certain Sony PS3 with a very low firmware number. There are services that will convert them for you. Runs about $5 a disc.

      You can also use a SACD capable PS3 to output 24/88 PCM. Firmware isn't important so there are more PS3 choices.

    27. Creator Mark Turner on February 23

      @Jason, thanks. I think the suggestions you mentioned will correct my issues. I will try those steps tonight and see if it works. I use a Mac and will also try the conversion s/w you suggested. Many thanks!

    28. Creator Keiichiro Seida on February 23

      @Pedro I'm sure I think it would not do that they send. I also, from 2014/12, but not contact your support, support is just say, "as soon as possible to send", it will not be shipping still. My money I gave up and donated.

    29. Creator Dave Friedman on February 20

      @jason thanks. that is just a completely perfect comment about how to add the dsf files. your comments are consistently great. keep it up.

      would have been helpful for pono to have included this info along with the firmware update. thanks for being the backstop. we need it

    30. Creator Jason Chau on February 20

      Just a reminder for those who are having trouble adding the DSD .dsf extension format after the v1.0.5 update, you need to do a short manual update to the list of supported file types in your PMW app. Simply connect your Pono via USB, in PMW go to Tools > Options > Handheld > Files, Paths & More and click on Supported File Types. At the end of the list simply add ;dsf to the list (including the semicolon) and click OK. When you sync your DSF files will now be recognised.

    31. Creator Jason Chau on February 20

      @Mark Turner - through a few means. One of the first is downloading them direct from sites like which offers them as DSF file downloads. On a Mac you simply copy them into the Music folder. Folders must be created in this order with Artist name > Album name > FLAC/DSF content. Once made, copying these over to the Pono's Music folders either on internal storage or the microSD manually should work. The other method is converting them from SACD isos. If you have the iso itself, running an app called ISO2DSD by Sonore you can convert the tracks easily to DSF format.

      As for the update, did you check that after PonoApp uploaded the update, to unplug the Pono from USB and reboot it and allow it to complete the rest of the process?

    32. Creator Mark Turner on February 20

      How are you guys getting DSD files onto your Pono? I haven't had any luck getting mine to play (I have the latest update)

    33. Creator RichHeart on February 20

      @Pedro, if you message me on the Pono site (Richheart or Moderators) with your email address and the details of what you pledged for, I will look into this.

    34. Creator Pedro de Bergia Bispo on February 20

      Wrote to three days ago giving you all my information and I still waiting your answer... And during this days you closed all my last tickets supports, what should mean this?

    35. Creator Siltech on February 19

      It must be made of solid GOLD.

    36. Creator Siltech on February 18

      Doug, how are you converting this?Also, are you using a PC, or Mac? Thanks.

    37. Creator Doug Adams on February 18

      DSD sure sounds nice on the Pono Player. This increases the amount of hi res music by a good amount. Have to see what all is available. Need to convert my SACDs to DSD. Thank you Pono for this update.

    38. Creator RichHeart on February 17

      Write to the and send the email address you used on KickStarter to back the Pono player. We'll try to help you find your pledge. it will help if you can send a copy of your email from Amazon payments, notifying you of the charge from your account.

    39. Creator Pedro de Bergia Bispo on February 17

      Guys! I have wrote PonoSupport because I dont receive my Pono Player and they tell me that I'm not appear in his backer's list...
      I backed this project on 14 April 2014, if you dont send my PonoPlayer I want my money back :(

    40. Creator TMH on February 16

      For anyone who has run out of space on their pono, here is a 128gb card going cheap…

    41. Creator Jason Chau on February 16

      @WC - you're welcome!

      Folks, I've just found another DSD HiRes source for my fave artist Elton John -! They also have a few exclusives there, including Carpenters/Dave Brubeck and the only DSD recording ever of Alan Parson's I Robot. Definitely worth checking out! >

    42. Creator WC on February 15

      Thanks for the info @Jason!

    43. Creator Jason Chau on February 14

      @Rocky - you're welcome

      @Alexander Adema - on second thoughts I would suggest go with the HDTracks 24/96 FLAC version of the Elton album. For some strange reason it seems like Pono may have removed it since I last checked (16/44 version now only available)...

    44. Creator Rocky Mountain Way on February 14

      Cheers Jason.
      I have just installed the update and wow it really is better.
      I'm currently playing 'Four strong winds' really loud. Is it really better I ask my wife?
      Even she agrees.
      The artwork is clearer as well.
      Thanks for all your posts - really informative.

    45. Creator Jason Chau on February 13

      Just reminding you folks that because of the latest Pono DSD update, you can now download extremely high quality DSD64 and DSD128 files from sites such as eOnkyo Music and High Definition Tape Transfers and Blue Coast Records.

      There's a fully listed document here of DSD ready sites and gear >…

      As such I noticed with playback on the Pono with the new 1.05 firmware I swear the quality and imagery of my tracks has upped especially the bass. Let us know if you found the same...

    46. Creator Jason Chau on February 12

      Guys, just letting you know the crucially awaited DSD update for Pono 1.05 is now available!…

      From Pono:

      ***ALERT: Because of a previous issue (that is fixed in this firmware version), please remove your microSD card prior to downloading and installing this latest firmware update. After downloading the firmware update, to install, please eject your PonoPlayer from your computer and unplug the Micro-USB cable from your PonoPlayer. ***

    47. Creator O'Boogie on February 12

      Great comments, @Jason. Thanks!

    48. Creator Siltech on February 11


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