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Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music.
Pono's mission is to provide the best possible listening experience of your favorite digital music.
18,220 backers pledged $6,225,354 to help bring this project to life.

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      Doug Adams 1 day ago

      @siltech, wow. That will be some sound quality. What will be the 1st music you play?

      PonoMusic store will reopen. Just taking a little longer. Neil and Phil Baker both posted explanations yesterday.

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      Doug Adams 1 day ago

      Rocky Mountain Way perhaps Pono is dropping the black ( don't think it is as popular as the yellow). They might bring out a new color. There was a blue prototype once. It is seen in some early ads.

      Might have been Apple, Spotify, or someone else. 7D isn't heavy into hi res. You are looking at their inventory. Pono has their own inventory. My understanding is 7D stores and distributes Pono's music. It is taking Pono longer than they expected to handle the transition.

      It will happen.

    3. Siltech 3 days ago

      @Doug Adams
      Is Pono ever going to reopen?
      Also, I'm suppose to be getting my new Wilson Sabrina, in Titan Red this week. Cheers. Siltech

    4. Rocky Mountain Way 3 days ago

      Worrying times for Pono. I note there are no longer Pono players for sale on the website and Amazon is selling out of the black players. Will they be replaced?
      I love my Pono player and I really hope it can succeed. I have probably spend $K15 on top end equipment for 2 systems ( Hegel Amp, Usher Diamond X Speakers) and the sound is jaw dropping. Everyone who hears it comments on how great it sounds.
      I believe the Pono edge is with the balanced cables.
      I was never able to access the music purchases site but suspect the original provider was bought out by Apple. Think about it. They don't want anyone questioning music quality and want to sell their wireless headphones.
      Pay the $20 million or whatever and cut Pono off at the knees.
      Pono has been totally shafted by a globally dominant player where the buck is the only song playing.
      There is a whole generation of music listeners who don't even know that music comes in different quality. Plus they don't want to pay for music or movies.
      Rent them poor quality music and make them pay forever.
      The next target will be the CD and vinyl factories. It is more than possible.
      The 7Digital website doesn't seem to have much HiRes and the Pono construction site no longer mentions them as the new partner.
      The breakthrough for the Pono site will not come until they are able to sell music globally as this is the only way they will achieve a viable critical mass of sales.
      We all really hope Pono can make it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on September 12

      So any

      On Tuesday, September 13 AXS TV will air the season premiere of The Big Interview, a news program hosted by Dan Rather. Iconic singer-songwriter Neil Young will be featured on the first episode of the upcoming season.

      Neil’s candid chat with Dan Rather includes talk of his most recent album Earth, Young’s Pono digital music system, his childhood bout with polio, his thoughts on Prince’s death and the role drugs and drug companies played in it. Young also discusses his time with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young as well as his current band, Promise Of The Real.

      Love that Neil is doing this and wearing a Pono shirt.

    6. Siltech on September 11

      I'm open to any brand for turntable. Have to find that Synergy.

    7. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on September 11

      @siltech, I have little doubt the Wilson will be better sounding. That is Dave Wilsons expertise. Has been since he wrote for HP at The Absolute Sound, many years ago. You will love them. Red? Wow, that should be spectcular.

      Bryson turntable or something else?

    8. Siltech on September 10

      Two different dealers, Bryston a month and Wilson 3 weeks. Your correct, Sonus Faber makes incredible looking speakers. Bottom line, I'm going with sound this time. The Wilson Sabrina, in my Titan Red colour look pretty good. With these speakers I don't need the separate powered sub I was using with my Sonus Faber. I'm now looking to add a turntable to the mix. Thanks, and take care. Siltech

    9. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on September 9

      @siltech how long will delivery take.

    10. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on September 9

      That is exciting news @siltech. I am sure the Wilson won't disappoint sound wise, but Sonus Faber sure has made some beautiful speakers to look at. I will pick sound every time! Wilsons are amazing sounding. Bryston should be super! Enjoy.

    11. Siltech on September 9

      Just sold my Krell Chipher, and Sonus Faber Guarneri Mementos. I just purchased new Bryston BCD-3 player and new Wilson Audio Sabrina speakers. I'm waiting for delivery of the Bryson and Wilson. Cool. Siltech

    12. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on August 23

      @siltech, when Pono first opened they they had to set up just the US store. That took a month maybe longer. The Canadian store came about a year later. Now Pono has to set up the US and Canadian stores. Plus there is a lot more music than in the beginning. They also added a bunch of indie labels and artists. They are also making improvements to the store. It could be awhile yet.

    13. Siltech on August 22

      2 stores?

    14. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on August 20

      @siltech new site is on the way. Just don't know when it will open. This was a big job when they originally opened. Now they have even more music to load. Plus two stores!

    15. Siltech on August 19

      Is the new site coming, and when?

    16. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on August 2

      @siltech, the M&J do one thing more than any headphone I have heard. They have a huge soundstage. It is almost like not wearing headphones. It is amazing. It is out of the head sounding.

      Frequency response is very smooth, especially in the high frequencies. My Sennheiser HD600 have less refined highs. M&J have less distortion in highs - like comparing a Pass amp to standard transistor amp.

      The M&J have a very linear frequency response - but it isn't flat. The bass is a little pumped up, midrange is more center of the concert hall, highs are even with midrange.

      These phones have to be played a week or two to break in. Break in made more difference on these earphones than any I have heard. At first they were very raspy in the highs and the bass had an annoying 1 note droning sound. The PonoPlayer really struggled to play them. There was no decay to instruments. Sounded like 1980's digital.

      After almost 2 weeks hooked to a Nakamichi receiver (designed by Nelson Pass) they sound great. There are two areas the Sennheiser HD600 win. 1. The HD600 are more pinpoint focused. The M&J are a little more diffused sounding with a much larger soundstage bloom and "floaty" highs. They are kings at sound decay. 2. Instruments are more forward on the HD600 and have a little more color. The M&J sound a little more greyish. To be fair the M&J are closed back while the Sennheiser are open. Usually open performs best, but everyone hears your music and you hear everyone in the room.

      I don't know any headphone for $200 that can do what the M&J do. With break in they sound great on the PonoPlayer. I do wish they were balanced. Not even sure they can be modified for balanced mode. They have a transformer in both earcups that might rule out balanced modifications. Hope this helps.

    17. Siltech on August 1

      I may get something with AKM Dacs, ie- 4490, 4495, or latest 4497. These seem to be the premiere Dacs out there. Still, 9018 in Pono is great. Cheers.

    18. Siltech on July 31

      Hi Doug, I just read your views on the GL2 headphones. This is the first time I heard about them. I see them. In your opinion, are they worth buying for $215.00, includes delivery on line?
      I just sold my Krell Cipher player. The synergy just wasn't there with my new Pass Labs. Not sure what'll replace it. Long Live Pono. Siltech

    19. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on July 25

      Listening to the PonoPlayer with the new Mitchell & Johnson Electrostatz GL2 hybrid headphones. They feature both an electret mid and high frequency transducer and a 40mm dynamic bass driver in each earcup. No external amp or adapter box required. There is a transformer in each ear cup.

      These sound really nice on the PonoPlayer. Very balanced and natural tonal balance.

    20. Ivan Diepart on July 23

      Thank you @Doug Adams ;-)

    21. Ivan Diepart on July 22

      @Doug Adams: I missed Graham Nash's post on the Pono Forum (and I actually did not even know he was a member). If you can find some time to tag me on the said post, I'd really appreciate it ;-)

    22. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on July 10

      Listening to Graham Nash - This Path Tonight on the PonoPlayer. Graham's comments on Pono forums about current digital were interesting. He recorded This Path Tonight in digital and said it now sounds warmer like analog. Science has made progress with digital sound quality. PonoPlayer is sounding great.

    23. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on July 1

      Hello @kingsley Burton. What is it you are waiting to receive? We need more details. Don't see posts from you in March or June.

    24. Kingsley Burton
      on June 29

      Hey guys,

      This is my third message checking in and wanted to let you know that I haven't received anything yet. My previous messages were in March and early June. Can you advise me of the status please? Cheers

    25. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on June 27

      E. MICHAEL SHINE, did you get the problems solved?

    26. Missing avatar

      E. MICHAEL SHINE on June 2

      Thanks Doug!. I found a Pono retail store in Verona ,NJ., that may be able to fix my issues. I'll see what they can do and let you know. Appreciate your time !!!!!!!, Michael.

    27. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on June 2

      @E Michael Shine sorry you are having trouble. Did you ever get the firmware updated for PMW? New update may not be as big a deal as Pono makes it sound. One of the community members mentioned he used older versions of PMW long after the expiration date with no problems. There is a glitch with the newe update. The blue icon spins all the time. There will be a new update to fix it.

      Saw that you posted in the community. They should get you going. You might have to totally remove PMW from your computer. Then reload it.

      Also see your PonoPlayer has an older firmware. Mine wouldn't update at all. Finally Eggert, Dougie, Slimpants, and others got it to upgrade to "5". Eggert had the firmware update on another site. Later on the PonoPlayer updated to "6" without a hitch using PMW.

      Hope you get every thing straightened out soon.

    28. Missing avatar

      E. MICHAEL SHINE on May 31

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    29. Missing avatar

      E. MICHAEL SHINE on May 31

      Doug, yes. Could use your advice. Thank you!

    30. Siltech on May 31

      The holder is perfect. Thanks

    31. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on May 30

      @E Michael Shine are you trying to update from the PonoMusic app?

    32. Missing avatar

      E. MICHAEL SHINE on May 29

      Having problems updating the new PonoMusic World 20.0.138. Downloading the new version of PMW is not working for me on my Mac. Would appreciate any assistance.

    33. O'Boogie on May 24

      How is your new holder working, @Siltech? Sounds like it was a perfect solution. :-)

    34. Jerry
      on May 23

      hey Siltech

      are you saying that the CEO "Clown Executive Orifice" forgot about his promise to have accessories on the pono site. certainly he could of done that but what do you expect from the dope. he broke so many promises out for nothing but the money.

      anyhow i can suggest you check out this site…

      i have used them in most any make of car or truck i have had the link is for the universal fit that should fit the pONO
      its a 2 part system you find the part that fits the device then the part that fits your vehicle and they hook together quite nicely.

      as far as upgrades i would not hold your breath on that would be nice if he released the firm ware to public domain than we could see some spectacular things from the pono. put in the hands of the right person we could have many of the features you mentioned and more how about streaming audio and the ability to record. of course that will never happen as when that happens his money pit pono store will dry up.

    35. Siltech on May 15


    36. Siltech on May 15


    37. Siltech on May 11

      HI O'Boogie A+

    38. O'Boogie on May 11

      Hi, Siltech!

    39. Siltech on May 11

      I mean the
      Cardas cables are heavy.

    40. Siltech on May 11

      Does anyone no where I can buy a Pono clamp holder, like the ones the reviewers seem to use. They have four clamp supports with foam lined. Also, it's on a swivel with suction cup, like the ones for phones in cars. I connected my Pono via Cardas balanced cables to my Pass Labs. The Pass Labs are heavy and Pono won't lay flat. I WISH PONO SOLD ONE FOR US. If someone knows where to buy one, please post back. Thanks

    41. Siltech on May 10

      Very cool, and interesting. Check out link from The Absolute Sound, May 2016 issue.

    42. Siltech on May 10

      In theory, existing DACs and players should be able to deal with MQA following a software update. Of course, cynical companies may not provide that upgrade and instead use this as an excuse to release new hardware claiming to offer ‘next-generation’ Hi-Res Audio support. We'll try to stay optimistic.

    43. Siltech on May 9

      I hope a Pono software update for MQA,by Meridian can be added to Pono. It will be incredible, if it can.

    44. Siltech on May 9

      I just pre-ordered the new Neil Young download, coming. It's 192/24 resolution. Hi O'Boogie.

    45. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on April 19

      Graham Nash will be visiting and answering questions during the 2nd PonoMusic chat! This will be fun. Looking forward to it. It is 04-20-2016 4:00 PM PST on the Pono site.

    46. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on March 13, 2016

      Pono had their first live chat Saturday with Lukas Nelson and Promise Of The Real. It was very interesting and quite fun. Lukas put a face on the band and their music. Persuaded me to download their newest album, Something Real. Hope more artists sign on for this.

      Album is great on the PonoPlayer! Punchy and alive sounding. 24 - 96 really sings. It is a little startling how much Lukas sounds like his father, Willie. The Pono ecosystem is starting to blossom. Hi res music is on a roll.

    47. Missing avatar

      Doug Adams on March 1, 2016

      TMH, Arcam is fine stuff. Not sure any 5.1 equipment is easier to use? Wouldn't mind having a surround system in addition to what I have now.

      Pono and others are trying to change world wide marketing of music. It isn't easy. Same problem in the US with cars. We bailed GM out and now they are trying to stop electric car company Tesla from selling direct to consumers. Hate it.

    48. Missing avatar

      TMH on February 28, 2016


      VTL, quality stuff. I would love a separate 2ch amp but space and wife's Luddite status meant i had to settle for the best 2ch 5.1 i could get. hence the Arcam

      Hi-Res in Australia? Amazon US!!!

      Again showing the ridiculousness of the Pono policy of not being able to sell globally (appreciate it is not their decision)

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