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A Phoenix-based forum and comment system, built from scratch in screencasts, plus free screencasts for learning Elixir basics.
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Design Meetings and Slack

Posted by Josh Adams (Creator)

We've been having some pretty productive design meetings. I wanted to make sure I shared them all with you. Also, if you didn't know, we have a #firestorm channel on the elixir-lang slack you can join to chat about the project.

General Update

I've been working on the free content - I've got it all outlined and the first week is basically done aside from recording it. I'll be working heavily on the second week and then recording both weeks as soon as possible. Once that's done I'll make it live and keep adding content to it.

When we get to the Ecto content we'll start building out the data model. I've been doing that in an example project in the firestorm repo to flesh it out, if you'd like to see where it stands presently.

Design Meetings

The design meetings are all being documented on the GitHub repo. Here's a list of them:

You'll find logo and design mockups in the associated Google Docs, if you want to see how it's going. We're closing in on finishing the design phase at this point and I'll begin work on the app itself. Once we've gotten past the first few weeks of free content, I'll be grateful for any contributions - I just want to make sure the initial work on the project is done linearly and in episodes.

Thanks again for the support - we're getting close to actual code, but I'm glad we've taken the time to work through the design up front first.


Josh and the team at DailyDrip


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