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Help fund the publication of Cucumber Quest, an online fantasy comic for all ages, in book form!
Help fund the publication of Cucumber Quest, an online fantasy comic for all ages, in book form!
1,409 backers pledged $62,953 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Insaney on

      Am so sorry I forgot to leave you feedback, but thank you so much for everything, Gigi! I got my book in the mail a little while ago, and I adore it dearly! Thanks again! ^o^

    2. Kate Carleton on

      Got my copy and love it! :D

    3. Oliver Janoschek on

      Hey Gigi,

      my copy arrived today! it's wonderful!

      oh and btw... It worked with having an invoice attached to the outside! this time no hassle with the customs office, yay!

    4. Damith Abeysekera on

      Received possibly the finest packaged book EVER. I tip my hat to you fair lady and your postage skills all the way from Australia.

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel Frosh on

      Just got my book today. It's beautiful, and I love the extras at the end. I need book 2 as a companion to this one, now. :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Anna on

      Received my book on Wednesday Oct 31. The cover was a tiny bit wrinkled on the top but oh my gosh, to hold it in my hands finally. It is so cute and colourful, and mmm that new book smell.
      Thank you

    7. Andrew-David

      Received my book and prints today :)
      Magnificent work!

    8. David Shaw on

      My book and prints got to me safely here in Australia too. They look great!

    9. Missing avatar

      Nicole Imber on

      I just got my book down here in Australia - it feels so nice!

    10. Missing avatar

      Waann on

      I've just received my book and print set!! o3o They're amazing. You're amazing.

    11. Ana Carolina Castro on

      I got my book.... I live in Spain and it arrived yesterday. Is soooo beautiful!!!!!!

    12. Roger Wong on

      Just received the box today! I am gonna read it as soon as i ge it open! thanks for the hard work!

    13. Missing avatar

      Joni Nosu on

      Just got the book yesterday,finally got around to reading it. Very well made book and absolutely great. =)

    14. Gabriel Meunier on

      Will pdf be released soon :D ???

    15. Aimee Pong on

      I got my soft cover book the other day. Looks beautiful. Love the spot varnish on the cover--definitely a nice touch! :) I only wish it hadn't gotten bent in the mail. I was probably just really unlucky, but there's a crease across the front cover and a noticeable dent on each of the inside pages.

    16. Jamie S. Rich on

      I'm with Gabriel. I know I was a low donor, but what is the status of the pdf? (Granted, October is the delivery date, so it's all still good...)

    17. Missing avatar

      A Zachary Allen on

      Came home late to find my book waiting for me in the mailbox and it looks great! Now to see if I can get that bookplate on straight...

      Thank you!

    18. Frank Li on

      As I hold this book in my hands, one thought comes to mind:

      I should have gotten the hard cover book...

      But I love my paper back version all the same c:

    19. Bur on

      I got my book in today and it is lovely! I'm going to take it and the prints to work to show everyone.

    20. Missing avatar

      Joyce on

      The book is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait for book 2! Great job Gigi~

    21. Korvazor on

      Just got mine in the mail today! Ieeee it's such a cute book! Thank you!!

    22. Schaefges on

      GGDG, just wanted to say that i have backed 11 comic book projects, of which 6 are late on their rewards, 4 are not yet due, and you are the ONLY ONE to send a reward early! What a pleasant surprise yesterday. I'd only read the first few pages of the comic before deciding I'd enjoy it better in print - which I did! Thanks much, Eric

    23. Gabriel Meunier on

      So is the pdf coming soon :D ?

    24. Michael Reichelt on

      I got my softcover book in the mail yesterday and it's beautiful! My only regret is that I had more money back in May so that I could have gotten a hardcover. I'm looking forward to getting book two in the future, Gigi!

    25. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Farley on

      Just got my book in the mail. I love it! Thank you Gigi!

    26. Rochelle Mantanona on

      Just got my softcover book in the mail today! Yay! It looks wonderful and I look forward to reading this with all the extras!

      I look forward to the next book!

    27. William T. Carpenter Jr. on

      I wish I had pledged for the hardcover. It is maybe my biggest regret ever.

    28. Missing avatar

      David Zeligman on

      What can I do if I'm now in Canada, but was in the US when I donated? Can I pay the extra shipping costs via paypal?

    29. Missing avatar

      Snakebitsti on

      Important question: How are you planning on shipping things (within the US)? United States Postal Service or a private company (Fedex/UPS)?

      p.s. can't wait for my shiny new book! :)

    30. Frank Li on

      She's probably still sorting out the special commissions and stuff.

    31. Gabriel Meunier on


      Can we expect any news soon?
      Aren't we in July?

    32. Chris Hale on

      Congrats! Keep up the awesome work!

    33. Roger Wong on

      i hope the other chapters get combined into another book! i would totally support that! we raided a whole lot - i am shocked!

    34. Missing avatar

      Fred Gower on

      And with 4 updates a week from July to December, 23 pages already done and an average of 68 pages per chapter, we will probably have at least 2 more chapters completed at the end of the year, ready for a new book! Woot! I'll be looking out for your next kickstarter :)

    35. ET3D on

      Congratulations on a very successful Kickstarter project.

    36. Gabriel Meunier on


      Great job guys!

    37. wakasashe on

      Just backed your project finally. Very excited for your success! You have a lot of work ahead but I know you'll be enjoying it! Congrats.

    38. ET3D on

      We have 1337 backers. I think we can stop now.
      On second though, this may not be not a leet croud, so let's continue.

    39. Damith Abeysekera on

      If I wasn't a middle age man, I'm sure I would be squealing like a teenage girl in anticipation of October.

    40. Brenna Mudge on

      Over 55k YEAAAAH!!!!

    41. Missing avatar

      argentscarf on

      So I emailed Gigi about some of the questions on here. Both hard cover and soft cover are 6X9. Canada is international. The prints will be for sale later. And I also had a question about whether both editions would have soft gloss, and they will. Hmm, I just realized that I didn't really think that through properly, since they both have covers, they would both have the soft gloss.

    42. Frank Li on

      Congrats! Can't wait for the book!

    43. Elizabeth Kranz on

      1200 backers and over 55k...AMAZING! So happy for you!

    44. ET3D on

      55K, yay!

    45. Unclever title on

      Three days left and $412 away from $55,000. I think this will make it.

    46. Brenna Mudge on

      Excited for you! I love your work! :D

    47. Courtney Hahn on

      I'm happy to have helped in this project. I've been following the comic since the beginning and I'm excited to see the book. I only wish I had the money to get the print set as well as the book.
      Will the prints be available after the Kickstarter campaign is over?

    48. Phoenix Callahan on

      I'm happy to say this is the first thing I've ever spent money on the internet for. GGDG deserves some money for her hard work! I've been a fan for years

    49. ET3D on

      I didn't know of Cucumber Quest before I found this Kickstarter project, but now I love it, and the stretch goals of more pages per week mean something to me. Go 55K.

    50. Danielle on

      Had to sell my PSP to get the money to back this, but it was so worth it!

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