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My goal is the creation of a new baseball scorebook design that will fuel making scorekeeping a vital part of the gameday experience.
My goal is the creation of a new baseball scorebook design that will fuel making scorekeeping a vital part of the gameday experience.
890 backers pledged $27,002 to help bring this project to life.


Hey guys! Thanks again to everyone who has made this a rousing success! I have some updates for everyone.

I just went to visit my printer up in Montgomery and I have some news... First off, the corners of the book aren't going to be rounded. I'm quite upset that they neglected to tell me until this point, but it's too far in the process to back out and I'm financially obligated at this point. I'm very sorry to have to make this concession. If rounded corners are a huge deal for you, I do have a corner punch and I can see about rounding them myself, though I'm not sure I can with the back pocket... We'll see. I can't stand the idea of misleading or disappointing any of you, so I will do what I can to get rounded corners for those who desperately want them.

The second bit of bad news is that the books aren't going to get to me by next week, which puts them getting to you by opening day in serious jeopardy. One of the disadvantages of living in a place like Alabama is being limited to certain types of vendors, and I am stick with the printer I am using. Out of the dozen printers I contacted, they were the only one who even gave me a quote on the books, everyone else insisted they were impossible to make. So, this brings me to what goes down next week...

Once the deadline hits, I will send out forms for all of you to fill out so I can collect things like mailing addresses, poster/tshirt choices and sizes. I have all of my mailing materials ready, so I will start packing up everything to ship, and as soon as I get all the materials in, they'll go out to you.

Note that I can't send you your materials if for some reason your amazon payment doesn't go through.

So, the sooner you get those surveys back to me the sooner I can ship your stuff out! Though we will lose some time with getting the scorebooks from the printer, I can use that time to get all the packages addressed and filled with any other goodies you ordered.

To close out with some good news, there are two additions to the book that will hopefully alleviate the pain of the square corners and a few days of delay. Each book is going to come with a big fold out that takes you through the basic of keeping score, which will make giving this as a gift to a scorekeeping newbie much easier. Each book also has a couple of pages in the back for collecting autographs. 

Thank you all again for your outstanding support, and I'm going to do everything in my power to get the books and other materials to you as swiftly as possible!


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    1. Blake on

      Talk about great timing! Received my scorebook today! Going to my first game of the season tomorrow!!

    2. Blake on

      Is it silly to ask if I could upgrade to Priority Mail? So I can have it by Saturday. Going to our first game this season that Sunday (April 3) If it's too much extra work on your part, I understand. Let me know ... my email is blake [at] ods [dot] org

    3. Bethany Heck 2-time creator on

      Hey Blake, they will ship early next week, but I'm not sure what day. The printer just called and told me the stickers, which should have come in by Friday, aren't coming in until Monday.

    4. Blake on

      Hi Bethany! Thanks for all your hard work on this project! Any update on an approximate ship date for the score books? Thanks!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      kay quinn on

      i don't know if anyone else has commented, but i think the scorekeeping foldout sounds like a great addition; for gift giving, and for personal use. ; ) (it's been years!!! since i've kept score at a game. i cannot wait to get back into it!)

    6. Joel Shpigel on

      Congratulations to you!
      Can't wait until we can see the finished product.
      I have lots of people to show it to.

    7. Mike Menner on

      While the rounded corners would have been lovely, the book as a whole will outweigh that one printing snafu. Can't wait! (And fortunately the Twins don't open at home until 4/8...can't wait for that, either.)

    8. Bethany Heck 2-time creator on

      Thanks guys, I'm so blessed that this project has put me in contact with wonderful people like you!

    9. Andy Lundell

      No worries on either piece of news as far as I'm concerned.

    10. Missing avatar

      Aaron North on

      I am totally fine with sharp corner, I probably would even prefer it! Also, getting the books by opening day is not a big deal, just do the best you can.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nanci Green on

      The way I look at it...we're getting your first production run of MANY more to come. Future versions can include the rounded corners and such, but we can look back and say, "Yeah, but I remember the first ones ever printed." Your love of details shows and I'm sure we're all excited to see the results of your hard work. Thanks for putting this all together, Bethany!

    12. Scott Smith on

      Piling on the "don't sweat the square corners" bandwagon. I know you'd love to have them for the sake of your original vision, but like everyone else on this thread, we're just as happy to have them square. Thanks for the updates - looking forward to getting the books when they are ready!

    13. Eric Behrens on

      Wanted to join the chorus telling you that sharp corners aren't a big deal. If you hadn't said anything, I wouldn't have noticed or cared. But I know we all will appreciate your attention to detail, and that's why I expect that these books will be a cut above.

    14. Missing avatar

      Russell Dewey on

      I know we'd like to round the corners like we round third base, but we all must crawl before we can run. Since I am getting 8 books I can experiment with cuts myself. We can all wait for you to become a big success and use a giant printing company with all the fancy finishing equipment to print your books :)

    15. Matt Stuehler on


      I just wanted to add another voice of support... no worries at all about the rounded corners. I'm sorry for you that your artistic vision hasn't been PERFECTLY realized (You obviously sweat every detail...), but the book will nevertheless be beautiful. We're all lucky to be getting one.

      Also, no rush. The beauty of baseball is that it's a long season, and we'll have plenty of time to use it.

      Good luck, and best wishes for continued success in the next phase of this project!


    16. Bill Walsh on

      don't fret about the square corners. We're all in on this so 10 minutes with scissors should do the trick. I'm excited to be a part of this. Bill

    17. Bethany Heck 2-time creator on

      Eric, thank you so much! I certainly hope that this book gets a younger generation excited about keeping score.

      Miles, to answer your questions: 1. Yes, any time before the deadline you can change your pledge, or cancel it. 2. The books are definitely going to be for sale after the kickstarter project ends, though and hopefully other online shops. I'm looking for interested sellers at the moment.

      Mike, you can certainly change your pledge to get a shirt! I'll also put the shirts up for sale on my site after I get all of the kickstarter orders taken care of, along with the posters, buttons, scorebooks and hats.

    18. Missing avatar

      Mike Galloway on

      Bethany: I think you are doing a great job and I'm not the least bit concerned about the corners. I didn't pledge enough to get a shirt the first time around. Can I do that now or some other way get one of the shirts? DBack.

    19. Missing avatar

      Miles Graf-Brennen on

      Hi Bethany,
      Two questions:
      1.Can I upgrade my pledge to get more books at this late time?

      2. What is your current outlook for making these available for regular sale? Too early to tell?

      Sorry to hear about the rounded corners...
      Love your project.

    20. Missing avatar

      Eric Benderoff on

      I could care less about square corners. I think your scorecards will look lovely and make the serious fans that buy scorecards from the local sporting shop and that sit in my section of Wrigley Field extremely jealous. I can't wait to bring it to a game. I do love the two touches you've added, as they are great for kids. It will help them understand how to keep score .... and give them a great place to get autographs. A fine, fine trade.

    21. Bethany Heck 2-time creator on

      Hey Lourdes! I've got your size noted down, but to explain, the survey is going to be a link in a email that is sent to all of you in 5 days.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jeffry Denman on

      Bethany - Thanks for being so hands-on. So refreshing. Sharp corners will not deter me from my scoring practice so no worries there. I think I speak for (hopefully) most people when i say we're with you and understand that you're just one person trying to make all this happen. Appreciation abounds. Looking forward to the goodies, whenever and however they arrive. All the best - Jeffry

    23. Missing avatar

      Lourdes Orive on

      Thanks Bethany! I thought I posted my size for the shirt elsewhere but I'm not sure where the "survey" you refer to is (I'm a $150 Backer) so I thought I better check - can't wait, thank you for the update and thank you for doing this amazing project!

    24. Bethany Heck 2-time creator on

      Hey Mark! Your order, like all the other backer's, is going to ship next week. People who only got shirts will get theirs early because they don't have to wait on the scorebooks to arrive. The reason I can't send them earlier is because none of the donations have actually been charged until the deadline hits next Tuesday evening. Just 5 more days!

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark Ethe on

      Hi Bethany,
      I made a donation a couple weeks ago and I was hoping to get a 1986 World Series box score T-shirt. Can you let me know if there is a form or anything I need to fill out to "kickstart" my order?

    26. Missing avatar

      nicole c. on

      sharp corners are fine with me! just can't wait to see the looks on my friends' faces when i gift these to them! :) thanks for the update! can't wait!!