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A Baby’s First Book of Zombies playfully explores the parallels between babies and zombies... Happy Halloween!
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Babies like to bite stuff....

Posted by Justin Reich (Creator)

We're in the process of working with our agent Matt Elblonk to develop a pitch for publishers, and so Marc and I are tweaking the story and creating some new images.

One of Matt's comments was that the Baby Zombie is compelling on the cover, but no where in the book. It's something that has nagged at me as well, so we decided to rework the book to experiment with bringing Baby Zombie into it. It's required not just swapping out big zombie for Baby zombie, but rethinking the humor and composition of some of our images.

We've decided to start with putting Baby Zombie into the Babies like to bit stuff sequence. For various reasons, we decided that instead of having baby bite the dog and baby zombie bite the electrical cord, it should be the other way around--mostly based on thinking about the kinds of things that babies and baby zombies would actually eat in the real world. We're increasingly thinking about how our zombies fit into the zombie mythology which has been richly developed over the years--we have a fear that if we violate some of those norms, it'll jolt readers out of our world and into a kind of fact-checking mode. (Think that's right on? Think that's dumb? Tell us in the comments!)

But what you really want to see are Marc's images, so without further ado... please leave your crit in the comments... we'd love your help shaping the book!


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    1. Justin Reich Creator on

      Hi Arthur! Sorry for the long delay! Right now, we seem to be going with your ideas. i think the final image above is pretty close to what will appear in the book, and then we're going to a have a cute, cuddly baby zombie getting ready to bite a dog. But the baby zombie is all toothless, so it really will be kind of gumming the dog :)

    2. Arthur Calloway II on

      Any word on how the direction, you guys are taking on this yet?

    3. Arthur Calloway II on

      I vote for baby zombies acting within the rules of zombie mythology. Just like baby/kid vampires mostly follow the rules of vampire mythology. Babies do bite random things to include dogs and cords, so I like that. You might also have an outbreak of biting at daycare. For instance a baby hasn't "changed" but is going to because he/she was biten then changes in daycare...then a biting incident occurs, and spreads through daycare.