A Baby's First Book of Zombies

by Justin Reich

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    1. Arthur Calloway II on

      I vote for baby zombies acting within the rules of zombie mythology. Just like baby/kid vampires mostly follow the rules of vampire mythology. Babies do bite random things to include dogs and cords, so I like that. You might also have an outbreak of biting at daycare. For instance a baby hasn't "changed" but is going to because he/she was biten then changes in daycare...then a biting incident occurs, and spreads through daycare.

    2. Arthur Calloway II on

      Any word on how the direction, you guys are taking on this yet?

    3. Justin Reich Creator on

      Hi Arthur! Sorry for the long delay! Right now, we seem to be going with your ideas. i think the final image above is pretty close to what will appear in the book, and then we're going to a have a cute, cuddly baby zombie getting ready to bite a dog. But the baby zombie is all toothless, so it really will be kind of gumming the dog :)