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A Baby’s First Book of Zombies playfully explores the parallels between babies and zombies... Happy Halloween!
123 backers pledged $9,196 to help bring this project to life.

Goal Reached! Agent Signed! Museum Gig Booked! New Goal and Rewards!

Posted by Justin Reich (Creator)

It has been a HUGE week for the Baby's First Book of Zombies project.

Goal Reached!

First, we reached our second goal of $8000! This is a major boost to the project, and it's going to allow us to complete our first print run, pay some outstanding debts in the development of this project, and get started on our top secret second project. As a thank you, we are unlocking two new rewards: a Baby Zombie sticker sheet for all $6+ donors and an extra zombified illustration for all $130+ donors. Huzzah!

Museum Gig Booked!

We made it from $3000 to $8000 with help from many, many backers, but we got a huge boost from a very generous pledge of $3500 from a couple who want to bring us to their local art museum. These people are _not_ our parents; we promise. In October 2012, we will be putting on a fabulous event at the deCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Boston, including a reading, a writing class, and an illustration classes that will be fun for the entire family. It will be a great opportunity for us to not only share the book but also to provide a great arts-education activity for a world-class museum, and to take one further step on the road to the baby zombie apocalypse. The deCordova is a real treasure of the Boston arts scene, and we are honored and excited to be able to put on an event with them. 


Agent Signed!

As if that wasn't enough good news, we have also signed Matt Elblonk of DeFiore and Company as our agent. Matt found out about us through some random tweet; he doesn't even remember who sent it. But one of our backers tweeted this project, it got retweeted, and now we have a premier New York literary agency on our team. DeFiore has represented several New York Times bestselling childrens book authors, and we are incredibly thrilled to have him on the team.

New Goal! 150 backers!

Finally, we have launched a new project goal. This time instead of raising more funds, we need to focus on infecting more people! If we can get up to 150 backers, then we will release an 8-page, downloadable, PDF coloring book suitable for printing sharing, and having fun with.

We hope that all of you can help build buzz for the project by sharing all this good news. Post our link ( with the good news on Facebook and Twitter, and tell your friends about this cool new project. Our goal is nothing short of Baby Zombie world domination, and we hope that all of you can help us get there!


Justin and Marc


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