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Throwback wood toys, made from solid wood and inspired by vintage cars. Beautiful, nearly indestructible and super fast rolling.
Throwback wood toys, made from solid wood and inspired by vintage cars. Beautiful, nearly indestructible and super fast rolling.
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Shipping Cost Reduction Act program, double goal, backing multiple items and surfer tests

Posted by Vlad Dragusin + Candylab Toys (Creator)

Aloha friends.  We recently had the Caravan travel to the island of Kauai for some real life testin' and results came back ultra positive.  And apparently fridge magnets shaped like surfboards are super popular there too - we are even looking into making some with a local artisan, keep your fingers crossed!

But the real substantive news here is that we sailed right past 200% goal, and it's ALL YOUR FAULT!!  Thank you, and thank you. And we also heard your comments, requests and wondering alouds, got our wise heads together, convened an emergency Candysession and unanimously passed the aforementioned resolution:  

"Any additional rewards will incur only half the shipping costs according to geographic region and extra selection"

So let us break it down:  If you backed one reward, you should add the full shipping costs, because you know, that is what the US Mail, Fedex or whatever charges us to carry it to you on their planes (all rewards are air-mailed for maximum speediness).  But if you add more rewards, all subsequent pledges should add only HALF the listed shipping costs.  That's right, HALF! While bundling up does not automatically yield significant savings - it's still dependent on weight - we do see some decreases as the weight goes up.  And because it's super complicated to account for all possible combinations (weights, geographic region, etc) and because you guys propelled us to 200% GOAL  we are going to happily  support some of dem shipping costs.  A few scenarios below:

US backer, Caravan + extra Candycab:

Pledge $59 for the Caravan, + $15 for the Caravan shipping + $24 for the Candycab itself + $4.5 for half shipping the said Candycab.  Total = $102.5  This will get you 6 toys nicely discounted, K-stamped, air shipped. 


International backer in the EU, the Roadside pack+ extra Blu74:

Pledge $139 for the Roadside + $45 for shipping according to your region + $24 for the Blu74 + $8 for half shipping to your region.  Total = $216  

And so on. This assumes the heavier, larger reward will carry the full shipping costs and the add-ons get discounted. So if you already pledged for multiples, go ahead and decrease your pledge according to this new rule. 

If this sounds complicated, it will become much more clear at the end of the campaign, because you will be presented with a simple A la carte menu via our Backerkit interface (they have a super cute movie). The Backerkit survey will reconfirm your selections - shipping included - and it will flag any discrepancies. If you have pledged too little, you will be asked to increase your pledge accordingly.  

The Backerkit menu will also allow you to add anything that will be shown there:  current models from our lineup (Police cars for example), t-shirts, possibly handkerchiefs and whatever else we may come up with. 

Any questions still lingering, hit those message buttons!

In other news, our International Surfboard Design Competition is hopping!  We got some really nice submittals so far and it looks like it will be tough to pick just one.  If you're itching to design a surfboard, get your pen out and hit submit to

And last but not least!  We always resisted "cross-promoting" in KS, assuming that you may be annoyed by more suggestions from us needy creators, but I'll break my rule now and let you know about these two wonderful individuals, and their awesome kid-related projects:

A super cute Superhero bedtime book! From Sara. 

And if you find wooden train track layouts too confining, this track is for you! From Tomas and only 2 days to go so hurry. 

That is about it for now folks.  We'll have more news soon - something about birds I believe. 



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    1. Core Entity on

      hi Vlad, I think the work you are doing is something that goes beyond the simple produce toys. I think all this attention to detail and mishaps serve only to find the best solution to make the toy unique and safe. I can say that, if I could I would work for you because you do things just like me, with the technique and heart

    2. Core Entity on

      wowwwwwwwww love your update Vlad :) just love the way you interact with your kickstarter people, is certainly the best way to love both you and your product :)

    3. Vlad Dragusin + Candylab Toys 8-time creator on

      @Ron: because they are shaped like Hello Kitty. And who doesn't like Hello Kitty.

    4. Ron Au on

      Well, the magnets certainly are attractive.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kathleen Hanrahan

      Thanks for the update and for the cross-promoting! I do appreciate both of them! :-D