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Pathfinder sourcebook with psychic powers, new classes, new monsters, map & the dangerous living metal of the world of "Quicksilver"!
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The Festival of Discardia is Upon Us!

Hello, friends!

During the first week of the fifth moon, Goblins of Seloria celebrate by putting items they do not want outside of their houses, then going door to door to riffle through other people's stuff for treasures. Why not join in the fun?

First, get two boxes and put them by the front door. One is the Box of Yoh. These are items that you think somebody else might like. The other is the Box of Bah. These are the things that when the other Goblins come to your door, they will smash them with clubs. For the next few days, look around you for things you don't love anymore: a broken printer; a monitor you replaced with an upgrade; a set of supplies and tools for a craft; cooking tools that don't justify their drawer space. Look in the cupboards you don't normally use. That's a good sign that here will be objects in need of new homes. During the week of Discardia, put things in the boxes. On the last day (which is Tuesday, 8/5/2012 in our world), they are removed from the house. The Box of Bah can go to the curb. The Box of Yoh can go to Goodwill or similar place.Yes, we have much to learn from our Goblin neighbors.

If you are on Facebook, you can learn about the original Discardia here:

There is also a Quicksilver RPG group here:, Jeff, and Mike


    1. Creator UNIgames on May 8, 2012

      No problem, it's just easier for our record-keeping if we create a new pledge level that says exactly what the backer wants. The new pledge level be up soon - probably by the time you read this :)

    2. Creator Brett Easterbrook on May 7, 2012

      that $x.. LOL

    3. Creator Brett Easterbrook on May 7, 2012

      Goblin edition.. the best way is just to add 4x to an existing pledge.. no need to make a new level.. best way I have seen is allowing anyone to "add" it by contributing that extra to any one level..

    4. Creator UNIgames on May 7, 2012

      Please tell us which pledge level you'd like to add the Lite edition to, and we'll create a new pledge level to cover it.

    5. Creator Brett Easterbrook on May 7, 2012

      can I "add" the "lite" edition to an existing pledge?