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Players command a party of brave heroes or brutal monsters as they battle to claim magical relics of the ancient world. Relic Blade
Players command a party of brave heroes or brutal monsters as they battle to claim magical relics of the ancient world. Relic Blade
Players command a party of brave heroes or brutal monsters as they battle to claim magical relics of the ancient world. Relic Blade
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    1. Brecht Wilms on

      Hi Sean, any news on a forum or message board like mrwigglesworth also already requested. Would be nice to talk with the other Relic Blade players!

    2. Dan Elmore on

      Do we have a message board for game talk and pictures?

    3. Jonathan Caputo on

      Can the creator please answer my question - the codes from my original email will not let me download the digital stuff I backed for :(

    4. Jonathan Caputo on

      Did I miss an email with the digital download link? I wanna play lol :(

    5. Sean Sutter 3-time creator on

      @ Matthew Sellwood: only on the digital download or in the legends expansion.

      There's going to be a dark wanderer faction expansion coming up that will have his upgrades and some horrible friends.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matthew Sellwood on

      Just started going through all the stuff and it's an amazing box set, but does the dark wander come with a character card ????

    7. Adli Ghani on

      Just got my Scholar pledge in Brunei! The cards are nice!

    8. Missing avatar

      David Weston

      Finally arrived! Looks awesome and very professional. Nice job Sean, thanks for a very well run campaign.

    9. SHadowbooth

      Still waiting on mine. Man I hate waiting. Seems a bit long

    10. Christian Nord on

      Wanted to pickup my copy at the customs office, but sadly it is now on its way back to Sean as it is not CE certified.

    11. Dan Elmore on

      Do we have a message board for game talk and pictures?

    12. Dan Elmore on

      Sean did you make enough money on the kickstarter to make Relic Blade profitable?
      Will we see it in stores?
      Also any idea as to what is next for Relic Blade?

    13. Robert Litchfield

      Just want to thank you just got it this morning, can't wait to paint and play thank you from the UK

    14. Sean Sutter 3-time creator on

      @ David Weston: it left San Francisco on June 28th. Hopefully it will arrive soon!

    15. Missing avatar

      David Weston

      Still waiting for mine :-( Getting a little jealous of all those people who have them...

    16. Perry Fraser on

      Got mine in Australia today. I'm looking forward to painting them all up and trying it out with the actual minis. Great job Sean.

    17. David nicolas on

      Got my Pig Men cleaned and glued today next up, the Heroes Then Primer.
      Miniatures look amazing Sean! I can't wait to bring them to life with a little color.
      The toughest part today was deciding on which weapon and shield configuration to go with. I went with the ones shown on the box but came up with a few other cool configurations. Guess I'll have to order a few more figures so I can have a few different options when creating my in game warband. Lol, thanks again Sean for an amazing game.

    18. Missing avatar

      Fabian on

      Any Germans got their game yet. I have one more day till my vacation. I am so hoping it will arrive tomorrow. :D

    19. John Paul Messerly

      Just finished reading the rulebook. Love the layout and art. The miniatures have a lot of personality but I'd love to be able to get cardboard stab ups of the characters. I still prefer the 2D art over the 3D sculpts.

    20. Eric on

      Got my copy in the UK. Wow looks brilliant. I just love the style, especially the cards. Thanks.

    21. Patrick McEachen on

      Received mine yesterday, it looks fantastic! Everything I have looked at so far is top notch. I will support your subsequent endeavors for Relicblade.

    22. Dave Springer on

      Mine arrived yesterday, and my 20 month old almost had as much fun opening it as I did. Well done, Sean! It's an impressive product!

      Question for everybody - has anybody found minis that work for the Legends additional heroes? Their art is great, and I would love to use them as well!

    23. Missing avatar

      Douglas on

      Got mine today as well! It's fantastic quality! A very, very, VERY good first experience with Kickstarter

    24. Missing avatar

      Ed Recanzone

      Got mine today. Thanks Sean for a great product.

    25. ALDI on

      Got my set last night... I am very surprised, this is all TOP notch quality. The art, book, cards, minis, everything is great! My minis had no mold lines, flash, etc.

      I have backed many kickstarters and not had the quality of this one (or the speed of conception to delivery).

      Thanks Sean for a great product and great game. I look forward to future characters or expansions. You have a relicblade fan for life!

    26. Dan Elmore on

      I also got my Relicblade set today! FANTASTIC! Excellent job.

    27. Nicholas Kager

      Simply amazing! I got my Relicblade set today. The work is SUPERB!! Congratulations Sean!

    28. Joshua Kirk on

      I came home today to find my RelicBlade box on my porch! Everything looks great. Sean did a bang up job with the art a minis. Awesome stuff!

    29. Sean Sutter 3-time creator on

      @ Aleksandar Mamuzic: I will write an update soon.

      I'm waiting on a few last components. I hope to pack most of the orders next weekend and I hope to have everything ready to ship around the 28th.

    30. Aleksandar Mamuzic on

      Hey @sean sutter, any updates on the deliveries?

    31. Sean Sutter 3-time creator on

      @ Byung-ju Kim: the legends expansions probably won't be supported by miniatures. It is possible I would make models of some. But not necessarily.

    32. Sean Sutter 3-time creator on

      @ Michael Nielsen: the 0.2 is wrapping up now. The changes are pretty minor. But it will update soon! So you should wait. :)

    33. Byung-ju Kim

      @Sean Sutter, I have a question about legends expansion. In future the legends expansion have their own mini? I'd like to play them but I don't have matching or similar models for them :(
      And Sorry for poor English.

    34. Missing avatar

      Michael Nielsen on

      Is the digital rulebook the final one or will there be revisions within the near future?
      I'm thinking about printing it, but kinda don't want to do it if a revised one is released next month :)
      The current version is 0.1 which kind of scares me :p

    35. Brecht Wilms on

      @Nyle Ajina, thanks I also heard back from Sean so I went for 1 knight and 2 pigs. I'm excited to see what this brings to the battle for the relic :)

    36. Crian Black on

      Well thats my survey filled in, once this lot arrives I will have me 12 Pigs, 2 Clerics, 1 Knight, 1 Elf & Bear, 1 Thief and 1 Dark the Relic. I sense madness will soon follow :D

    37. Nyle Ajina on

      @Brecht Wilms. I vote pigs. Ad in 5 more for an extra of each!

    38. Sean Sutter 3-time creator on

      @ Juan I'm happy you're looking forward to it. The thief cards are included in the box set. I was able to fit those cards in the deck (54 cards) and make a complete core set.

      The Dark Wanderer will probably be part of a future expansion set where he'll get a pile of upgrades and be included with more miniatures too.

    39. Champildhir on

      Hi Sean, thank you for the quick reply! Yes, I understand! Don't take me wrong, I was going to get the Legend Expansion Pack no matter what, just was confused because the card for thief seems to be included (or so I think, please correct me again if I'm wrong). Just want to be sure if I have to get more add-ons to get all i need. I'm looking forward to get my hands on this!

    40. Sean Sutter 3-time creator on

      @ Juan Yes. That's right. A print and play version of the characters cards will be available.

      But the print versions aren't included with the stretch goal. Producing the cards is too costly to include for free. The stretch goal covered some of the cost of producing the figure, but not extra cards.

    41. Champildhir on

      Sorry, but there is something I don´t get, and correct me if I'm wrong: so the Dark Wanderer mini is an unlocked stretch goal, but its card doesn't come in the box unless we get the Legend Expansion Pack, right?

    42. Sean Sutter 3-time creator on

      @ SHadowbooth: either way. You can just mention it as an add on if you want to use money you already pledged.

    43. SHadowbooth

      So do I have to send money to the PayPal for the legends expansion or will the money I payed in the Kickstarter work towards that?

    44. Brecht Wilms on

      Hi Sean, hi guys! I've pledged $25 on top of the "Bold Adventurer" and am wondering what add-on I should take? Knight and 2 piggs or 3piggs?

    45. Missing avatar

      Fabian on

      Hey Sean, any news on a new forum? My first relic blade table is nearly finished and I could share some pictures.

    46. Missing avatar

      william rosenow on

      I was just wondering if you had an updated estimated ship date with all the new stretch goals?

    47. Missing avatar

      Fabian on

      Wow guys...are you all Aware that sean has opened a Forum outside of Facebook?
      I want to promote this since I wanna use this and I don´t have a Facebook account.

    48. Sean Sutter 3-time creator on

      Thank you for all the great comments, everyone! This is really great!

    49. Crian Black on

      Sean, I know you probably having a well deserved rest but a quick question occurred...will Vanguard backers get the new game box and the KS exclusive card with their order?

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