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Go Kin uses the motion of walking to charge electronics and batteries anywhere. A 5-min walk powers 10-25 min of talk on your phone. Read more

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Go Kin uses the motion of walking to charge electronics and batteries anywhere. A 5-min walk powers 10-25 min of talk on your phone.

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About this project

The GO KIN - Electricity "Powered by You"

Please visit to get all the latest information on GO KIN packs and find out how to place your advance order. "Like" us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @gokinpacks.

The GO KIN is an innovative and portable device that can be used anywhere, anytime to generate power on the go! With the GO KIN, a short 5 minute walk will produce enough power for a 10-25 minute phone call. 

How it works

The GO KIN is simple and easy to use. The device fits into our backpack or fanny pack and two cords extend from the bottom of the pack and attach to your ankles (either clipping onto the tabs on your running shoes, or using our ankle straps). To generate power, you simply need to go for a walk! 

SOLAR POWER UPDATE, July 4: In response to consumer demand, we have just added the ability to attach solar panels to our daypack. You now have the option of connecting solar panels directly into the GO KIN through our DC port. Five- to 15-watt solar panels can easily increase the GO KIN’s power output by 30 to 150%. The solar panels are securely attached to the pack with adjustable bungee cords (the panel shown in the image below is Goal Zero Nomad 7m). The result: the GO KIN can be charged by walking, by the sun, or by the power of the sun and walking combined. Please see update #5 in the Updates section for more details on solar.

NEW option: attach a solar panel using adjustable bungee cords
NEW option: attach a solar panel using adjustable bungee cords

Electronics (cell phones, tablets and batteries) can be plugged into the two USB ports and charged as you walk. In case of emergency or when walking isn't an option, the GO KIN also includes a built-in lithium-ion battery that stores power for later use.

With GO KIN you’ll never be without power when you need it most. It is available anywhere, anytime. 

We're Getting Noticed!

The first weeks of the campaign have garnered some great feedback, both from the public and the media. Check out some examples of articles and posts about Go Kin Packs:

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And, Popular Science asked us to enter Go Kin Packs in the 2014 Best of What's New Awards…we're flattered. 

GO KIN gives back! GO KIN Packs has also donated two packs and devices to the Ecobus, a  very cool mobile eco-classroom in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Now kids and educators can see how walking can create energy! Love this idea? We’ve just added a NEW backer reward where you can donate one of 10 GO KIN Packs to the Ecobus too. Just scroll down the Pledges on the right to make your pledge and introduce GO KIN packs to the next generation.

Check out the pledge sidebar…you donate a GO KIN device to the Ecobus, and we donate a fanny pack to the Ecobus!
Check out the pledge sidebar…you donate a GO KIN device to the Ecobus, and we donate a fanny pack to the Ecobus!

About the Project  

The GO KIN project started nearly a year ago as a partnership between myself (Bill Ostrom) and PARTEQ Innovations at Queen’s University. I have always been an avid camper, canoeist and traveler and have yet to find a product that meets my needs for power while adventuring off the grid.

For this reason, I was very interested in the research work  of the co-inventors, Dr. Qingguo Li and Michael Shepertycky (PhD Student). With assistance from Ramzi Asfour from PARTEQ Innovations and the technology office of Queen's University, we licensed the technology and set out to develop a product that was portable, lightweight and powerful.

Evolution of the GO KIN

As you can see from the picture below, the first two research prototypes were large and heavy (prototype #1 was 40 lbs/18 kg,prototype #2 was 20 lbs/9 kg). That being said, they proved the concept that power can be generated by simply going for a walk! 

From there, the research shifted focus towards shrinking the technology into something small and wearable for the third prototype (3 lbs/1.4 kg, with no electronics or battery). The third prototype was tested extensively at Queen's University. The GO KIN technology is patent pending.

After extensive testing, we created the first GO KIN  that included electronics and a built in battery to store energy (Prototype #4, 2.6 lbs/1.2 kg). We added two USB ports for charging, as well as a mini USB port for a future App to process information, e.g. programming, power output, calories, etc.

Throughout the course of prototyping we have made many significant improvements to the GO KIN. Features have been added based on user feedback (DC power jack, LED battery indicator light) and we are continuously field testing. 

Current Technical Specifications

  • weight is 2.6 lbs/1.2 kg (with electronics and battery)
  • there are two USB ports for charging electronics
  • a built-in lithium-ion battery
  • size is 10" X 5" X 3" ( 25 cm X 13 cm X 8 cm)
  • DC power jack for charging the battery or electronics through the two USB ports
  • LED battery indicator light

Power Output Table

 Power Output: What we know so far!

  • At a brisk walk for 5 minutes (1.5 m/second) the GO KIN produces 25 minutes of talk time. This translates into approximately 5 hours of talk time over a 1 hour walk.
  • At a medium paced walk for 5 minutes (1.3 m/second) the GO KIN produces 18 minutes of talk time. You would produce approximately 3.75 hours of talk time over a 1 hour walk. 

We know that the GO KIN (Prototype #4) is considerably more powerful (20-30%) than prototype #3, but we have only started to test its outputs. We will post results as we verify them in field and laboratory testing. 

    Why Kickstarter?

We are incredibly excited with how fast this project has progressed. We will build one more 3D printed GO KIN to test all our parts that need to be injection molded. The final design will allow us to order our three injection molds. Kickstarter can help us in two major ways:

1) provide us with data and feedback that our product is wanted, needed and marketable;

2) provide funding to order our injection molds;


 Every GO KIN comes standard with a premium backpack or fanny pack that is specifically designed for rugged outdoor conditions.

For 26 years I designed and manufactured outdoor equipment and backpacks. Customers have used my packs all over the world,( including the North Pole and the highest peaks on each continent), but  I was always most proud when I saw my packs on the trails or streets.

 I am also designing  a "Fit Kit" that will allow most packs to be easily adapted to GO KIN technology.

For More Detailed Information About the Fanny Pack, Backpack or Canoe Trip Please Go To Our Website:

Risks and challenges

With over 26 years of experience in business the GO KIN team knows firsthand to expect the unexpected when bringing a product to market. To ensure accurate and realistic timelines, we have gone over every variable and detail, but sometimes things happen that are out of our control.

Quality is extremely important to us, so if any issues arise during our first production run we are committed to fixing the problem before the product is delivered to our customers. We will communicate with our Kickstarter backers every step of the way ensuring you are up to date on our progress.
During our first production run we will be working with several suppliers and a manufacturer. Each partner has been selected based on their history of success working with new products, and has proved to us their ability to meet deadlines and produce quality products throughout the course of the development process.

We cannot wait to get the GO KIN into the hands of all of our Kickstarter supporters! We value communication and are dedicated to providing frequent updates.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • The battery is Lithium Ion with the following specifications: 7.2 V, 2755mAh. There is an LED light that indicates the strength of the battery.

    Last updated:
  • Each USB port is 5V, 2A.

    Last updated:
  • The battery can be charged by going for a walk OR plugging into a wall receptacle using the DC power jack on the GO KIN. The power cord is not supplied by Go Kin but is readily available in a variety of options.

    Last updated:
  • No. Due to the cords there is too much chance of entanglement. For now it is only for walking.The interest from cyclists has been strong. When we get through this project we will explore modifying the design for cycling. I do believe it can be done, but it is not an option right now.

    Last updated:
  • No. At this time it can only be used in the packs we have designed for the GO KIN (fanny pack and daypack). The pack needs to have two holes in the bottom for the cords and a method of securing the GO KIN.
    That said I am fully aware that it would be beneficial to have it fit a wider variety of packs. I am presently working on a "FIT KIT" that would allow most packs to be converted for GO KIN use. It is doable but requires more work and testing. There are a wide variety of styles, shape and volumes of packs that need to be evaluated.

    Last updated:
  • No. However, the GO KIN is very water resistant. It is housed inside a backpack and it will shed light amounts of water on its own. The GO KIN will work in all conditions except submersion of the entire pack .

    Last updated:
  • The fanny pack and backpack are made in Canada, not overseas. They are extremely tough, well-constructed and high quality. For example, the backpack has a durable zipper that's the best in the market, and foam shoulder straps that won't compress over time. Each seam is sewn three times for maximum durability and all seams and raw edges are bound so the fabric won't fray over time. The straps can be customized so the pack fits you perfectly. This is a pack that will last for many years. Visit for full technical specs on the backpack and fanny pack.

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    Your name gets added to our "Active Supporter" banner at GO KIN Packs, PLUS a really big thank you and our e-newsletter.

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    You want to be part of the solution. You believe in making choices that support renewable and environmentally friendly products. You receive a handshake, a high five and a really, really big THANK YOU if we meet you in person, PLUS your name on our "Active Supporter" banner at GO KIN Packs and our e-newsletter.

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    A really cool t-shirt with our logo and a fleece hat (the GO KIN is from Canada after all) plus all the above rewards.

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    A great "made in Canada" fanny pack (2.6L, capacity) with our logo. Perfect for walking, hiking, and yes, a future GO KIN device purchase.

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    One "made in Canada" backpack (40L, Fully outfitted for storing all your electronics and personal gear. Custom sized to fit you, and ready for your future GO KIN (ordered separately).

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    NEW! One GO KIN device donated to the EcoBus (, a mobile environmental program that teaches kids and community groups about renewable energy. (In turn, GO KIN Packs will donate the fanny pack that carries the GO KIN device to the Ecobus as well.) Help the next generation learn that walking equals power!

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    One GO KIN device and our "made in Canada" fanny pack (2.6 L, 160 capacity.) The GO KIN has two USB ports ready to charge your cell phone, tablet or batteries as you walk. Take a load OFF THE GRID, help the planet and improve your fitness through walking.

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    One GO KIN device and our "made in Canada" backpack (40L, 2500 The GO KIN device has two USB ports ready to charge your cell phone, tablet or batteries as you walk. The backpack has room for all your electronics, personal gear and access ports for charging. Use walking to charge both yourself and your electronics.

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    A guided 12 day canoe trip (August 3-15) to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, Ontario. Hosted by acclaimed author, filmaker and canoeist Kevin Callan and friends. Enjoy pristine wilderness, world class pictographs and the possibility of numerous wildlife sightings including the elusive Woodland Caribou. You will be part of a video production (by Kevin Callan) and team that will explore the park using canoes, portages and of course GO KIN technology. You will receive a GO KIN, a backpack (40L, 2500, a T-shirt, and an opportunity to travel in true wilderness.

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