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Deckplan posters and ship miniatures for Starfinder and other sci-fi RPGs.
Deckplan posters and ship miniatures for Starfinder and other sci-fi RPGs.
108 backers pledged $9,934 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Elmar Rutsch
      1 day ago

      Well, I haven't received anything up to now... :o(

    2. Missing avatar

      Matthew Ritchey on June 5, 2018

      I have received the posters but not the minis. Were they supposed to be in the same package or separate?

    3. Missing avatar

      Sean Brislen
      on May 10, 2018

      Love the posters and minis, and so does my son! Never got the links for the digital downloads, however. A little help, please?

    4. Erk on April 23, 2018

      Arrived today. Have quite a nice bunch of minis being sorted by my kids now.

    5. Robert
      on April 13, 2018

      I got my ship and poster in and they were both in great condition! Very happy that I backed this project.

    6. Ryan Wolfe 19-time creator on April 11, 2018

      I've been sending them as I ship and am still working through the last few international orders. It's been sent now though.

    7. Littlerogue on April 9, 2018

      Wait, they are digitals downloads wich come with this kickstarter ? As far as i can see i didn't received any link into my mailbox (or my KS message box) is it normal ?

    8. Ryan Wolfe 19-time creator on April 7, 2018

      Thank Ben.

      Terry, the links were sent via Kickstarter message. I'll forward the links to you via e-mail as well though. If you run into any issues, just let me know,

    9. Benjamin Olges
      on April 7, 2018

      I got mine yesterday. Fantastic work as always, Ryan!

    10. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff on April 5, 2018

      Hey Ryan, Im not seeing an email from you with digital maps etc.

    11. Ryan Wolfe 19-time creator on April 4, 2018

      All of the US pledges are now in the mail.

      I have also run through the pledge list and sent out the download links for the RPGNow files (docs and digital images of the posters) that go with each order. As each order was a different set of ships, this was a rather mind-numbing cut-n-paste process and I likely made a mistake here or there. If you got extra links, no problem. But if you are missing links for a ship you ordered, let me know and I'll get you the right info.

      Note that the Starfinder stat sheets are free to the public and can be found individually on my web site ( ) or bundled together at RPGNow here:

      I am now starting work on the international orders and I expect to have them in the mail by Friday (which is still a day ahead of when Kickstarter actually forwards your money to me :).

    12. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff on April 4, 2018

      Ok, thanks for the update.

    13. Ryan Wolfe 19-time creator on April 3, 2018

      I'm finishing up the US combo orders today. I mailed out the 8's through 4's yesterday. The 3's, 2's, and 1's will go to the post office tomorrow - then I'll loop back through and take care of the international orders.

    14. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff on April 3, 2018

      What's the latest on the mini w/ poster combo shipping status? Ive not seen anything as of yet.

    15. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff on April 1, 2018

      Cool.. I'm in the Lansing area.. was over in Kzoo for work back in Nov.

    16. Joseph Wells on March 31, 2018

      Battle creek is only about four hours from here. Crossing my fingers.

    17. MrPlucky
      on March 31, 2018

      Battle Creek

    18. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff on March 31, 2018

      Mr Plucky where you at in MI?

    19. MrPlucky
      on March 31, 2018

      Got my posters and ships in the post 2018-03-30 in MI

      Ryan was on the ball! Always a pleasure to back his kickstarters.

      Stay Happy!

    20. Ryan Wolfe 19-time creator on March 28, 2018

      The "Poster" pledge levels have all been processed, except for those who have yet to respond to the survey. I'm starting on the "Combo" pledges now. It's slow going since every pledge can have a different combination of posters, but it's rainy this week here in Pittsburgh so it's not too bad spending the day inside rolling up posters :)

    21. Ryan Wolfe 19-time creator on March 24, 2018

      We're into the final hours and everything looks good. I'll post an update after the official close, and then start sending out surveys tomorrow. Thank you everyone for making this happen!

    22. Ryan Wolfe 19-time creator on March 19, 2018

      @Robert - Yes, it is definitely correct in your case. In general, once you have pledged for four or more posters, each additional poster is $10.

    23. Missing avatar

      Robert Kurzweil on March 18, 2018

      Just pledged for this kickstarter. I added additional funds at $10 per poster, is that correct? Thanks.

    24. Ryan Wolfe 19-time creator on March 18, 2018

      The Vanguard is officially out of stock. I have a couple models left but the resin is light grey for he storage tanks and top but dark grey for the spine. It wouldn't matter if you are going to paint them, but if you are gong to leave them unpainted, it's clear that the bits are from different batches of resin. I'm glad to sell them if you want them. Otherwise, I'll be doing another batch of Vanguard Stations during the Exeter campaign next month.

    25. Craig Oliver on March 17, 2018

      Well, I decided I really needed a 2nd Vanguard station poster, and the Cygnus so I can show all decks at once. Just to verify, you indicated all ships were available - does that include the Vanguard?

      And apparently KS is starting a Patron-like thing. As they say, just sayin'...

    26. Ryan Wolfe 19-time creator on March 17, 2018

      There are no Lakota posters, nor Lakota miniatures, at this time.

    27. David on March 16, 2018

      Ok, in that case, can I get a Lakota poster but a different mini?

    28. Ryan Wolfe 19-time creator on March 16, 2018

      You can substitute the shuttles in for any miniature that would be a duplicate, or you could add them on to any pledge for $8 (using the Manage Pledge feature to manually increase your pledge). With either option, you'd then let me know in the end-of-campaign survey about the substitution or extra item.

    29. Erk on March 16, 2018

      Is it possible to pledge for those shuttles separately without ordering a mourning wolf poster?

    30. Ryan Wolfe 19-time creator on March 16, 2018

      @David - Sorry for the confusion. No additional ships are being added to this campaign - we're just talking about possible future projects.

    31. David on March 16, 2018

      I'm a tad confused. Will the Lakota be available as an option?

    32. Ryan Wolfe 19-time creator on March 15, 2018

      @Loftons - Welcome Corsair backers :). If you want 4 combos and 6 posters, you could pledge for the combos and then manually add $60 for the 6 posters ($10 each since you've already bought 4). US Shipping caps out at $12 so that would be $92+$60 +$12 shipping for $164 total.

      Note that Cygnus and Venture are the only two miniatures in this campaign that aren't in Shadowstar Corsairs (so you may not need 4 combos?). I hope to make deckplans and such for Xuan Wu (the "Leatherback") and a version of the alien scout for a future campaign. Posters for Renegade and Scarab are already available (at normal prices) at

      @Terry - There aren't any miniatures for Port Jericho, Aquila, or Starlance - though Cygnus (sans nacelles) and Morningstar are pretty close.

    33. Missing avatar

      Randy and Christy Lofton
      on March 15, 2018

      Please bear with me...6 posters, 4 combos, shipping...using the savings for the poster pledge, I get about $184. That should cover me for all the painted miniatures I got in a previous KS.

      Now the wish list: Renegade/Winchester, Scarab/Corpini, Leatherback and I seem to have a "scout" from the game too.

      Again thanks for this KS, it fills several holes in the collection. Also it is a wonderful addition to the current Starfinder items with your provided stats.

    34. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff on March 14, 2018

      @ Roger.. so is there a mini for any of these.

    35. Roger Haxton
      on March 14, 2018

      @Terry Port Jericho is a scaled down Argos III. It's in Redux_Alpha. I doubt we'd ever get Argos III but I think Port Jericho might be feasible. The others I'd like to have poster maps of other than the Aquila that I've mentioned are the colony pods (I'm lazy I don't want to print them and piece them together) and the Starlance.

    36. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff on March 14, 2018

      In not familiar with this Port Jerico.. would the 5 maps be half of the port on one side and half on the other? Or scaled down?

    37. Ryan Wolfe 19-time creator on March 14, 2018

      If the Drake miniature works out, it will definitely be released with a poster version of the deckplans - taking up both sides for the full ship. Both Talon and Lakota are also well suited for a 24x36 inch poster (each fits well on one side) - but the miniatures could be challenging due to the shape of the ships.

      The Crucible set did well enough that I'll definitely do another big map when I get the chance. I would be hesitant to go much larger than that though as I'm worried that demand would make it infeasible. Port Jericho's ring would be 22x324 inches long on paper - so that's at least 9 poster sides right there. I know a few people might invest in a 5-poster set, but not many.

    38. Roger Haxton
      on March 14, 2018

      What posters are coming next do you think? Are you doing a poster for the Drake as well as the mini? How many posters would it take to do something like Port Jericho? I'd love to have posters of the Drake and Lakota. And I'm willing to pony up for multiple posters of the larger ships like the Corvus. I'd also like to see the Aquila get a poster map and mini.

    39. Ryan Wolfe 19-time creator on March 14, 2018

      Everything is now unlocked!

      @Benjamin - For anyone who participated in the V'lar campaign, that would be fine: 4 Skulls instead of a duplicate combo ship.

    40. Scott Chisholm
      on March 14, 2018


      Thanks! I was pretty sure that was the way to go.


      Scott Chisholm

    41. Benjamin Olges
      on March 13, 2018

      Would a set of 4 of the V'lar fighters be an acceptable substitution for a single ship?

    42. Ryan Wolfe 19-time creator on March 13, 2018

      @Terry - Everything you said is correct. It would be Three Combos total: 1 Venture + 2 Mourning Wolf. The one Venture combo will include both the Venture and Volatus/Vega mini. The first Wolf combo includes the Wolf mini, and the second Wolf combo includes the cargo shuttles.

      @ Scott - To add a poster to a bunch of combos, use the "Manage Pledge" button* to add $10 (assuming you've ordered 4+ combos) to your pledge. Then, when the end-of-campaign surveys asks you "Anything else I should know?", answer "$10 added for 1 Venture poster".

      *I think the Manage Pledge button is up in the top right corner of the main page, or you can mouse over your current pledge to change things manually.

    43. Scott Chisholm
      on March 13, 2018

      @Ryan Wolfe,

      I need to set up a direct deposit with you. I just laminated my V'lar posters this past weekend...

      I"m in for the 8 poster combo. If I wanted to add a second Venture/Volatus map only, what would I need to add to my pledge?

      I really need to make sure She Who Must Be Obeyed isn't with me when I get these posters laminated....


      Scott Chisholm

    44. Missing avatar

      Terry Kolhoff on March 13, 2018

      Just checking if I understand this correctly. If I do Mourning Wolf.. I would need to order 2 posters if I want to be able to layout full map. Then I could get the Mourning Wok mini, and 4 shuttles. Then if I want to do the Venture mini/poster combo I would get both of those variant minis and one poster that has both version on either side of poster. I'm not sure what the pledge amount would be though.

    45. Ryan Wolfe 19-time creator on March 13, 2018

      @Roger - Drake will be next if the miniature comes out OK (the first try at a master is being 3D printed now). I'm not sure if Lakota will be next, but it will be coming up as soon as I can model a miniature for it.

      Regarding Cygnus, I'm reprinting the existing poster, which does have the small transporter room. You could just pretend that chamber is a zero-G holosuite for playing virtual Z-ball against remote teams. These "trans-system sports" are a popular form of recreation on extended-duty ships, so many have dedicated TranSporter rooms :)

    46. David on March 13, 2018

      Hi Ryan

      I can live with Kintaro, but i am begging you to consider adding Lakota. It is the only one I'm missing from your collection.

    47. Roger Haxton
      on March 13, 2018

      Are you doing the Cygnus with or without the transporter? I'd like to have one without the transporter if possible

    48. Roger Haxton
      on March 13, 2018

      So, you have Drake next? And then possibly Lakota? Can't wait.

    49. Ryan Wolfe 19-time creator on March 13, 2018

      @ Littlerouge You are correct about the Mourning Wolf posters but the Clydesdale combo should be a Clydesdale poster + Clydesdale miniature. I'd really like to limit substitutions to what would otherwise be duplicate miniatures with multiple copies of a given combo. I hope that makes sense.

      @David - I am going to try to make a Lakota (and Talon) miniatures at some point. Their structure is a bit daunting mold-wise, but then so was Drake. Kintaro is still well stocked, so it should not need a reprint for quite some time. Sorry for the disappointment!

    50. David on March 13, 2018

      No Lakota or Kintaro makes me sad

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