Dash is an interface layer for gamers. It is not only useful for controller users - it is fully touch and mouse / keyboard aware as well. I'd like to reach into Windows as far as Microsoft allows, and non-invasively reconfigure it for gaming on the fly. Like what Microsoft should've done with Game Mode.

Dash Launcher
Dash Launcher


Dash Is Currently:

Dash Manager: Controller interface abstraction layer

  • Keeps track of user focus and translates controller inputs into application inputs.
  • Fully functional for Windows Explorer. The more application controls I integrate, the less you need a keyboard.
  • Detects any application considered active. Games, Win32 (classic) & UWP (Win10) Apps, Steam, Launchers- anything really.
  • The only part of this whole framework that is actually controller oriented.

Dash Launcher: Game box art display and launcher

  • Kind of like launch box or other game launchers.
  • Currently works with any .application (exe) file.
  • Displays a "Game Wall" of box arts for you to launch from
Early File Manager (Win7)
Early File Manager (Win7)


Dash Will Be:

Dash Manager:

  • Clean up and streamlined active window monitoring. I can currently detect explorer on screen. I want to know what part of explorer it is.
  • Currently activates for only Windows Explorer, SearchUI & ShellHost. I'd like to enable it to work with more specific applications and also enable custom control handling. Like Joy2Key.
  • Move eventually from SharpDX over to speps/XInputdotnetPure for controller handling.

Dash Launcher:

  • I already have specific code written to launch steam, uplay, battlenet, UWP, Win32, and Emulated games differently. It just needs added to the launcher.
  • I'd like to add Coverflow and Listview modes to the interface.
  • FinFinalize and implement code to download the artwork.

Dash Optimize

  • Will look for and help install specific tweaks to optimize your gaming rig for Windows. Planned to be ala carte - Select an option and I'll explain what it does and install it only if you'd like. 
  • This is the only part of Dash that will EVER need admin permissions - because only it will directly modify any part of windows (mostly registry settings to enable and disable certain already baked in features of Windows.)

What makes Dash different?

Dash is coded in C#, and is made for (and on) windows 10. This means I can take advantage of Windows 10 technologies, and not be stuck designing an interface in 15 different languages.

That said... I'd like to get rid of the keyboard & mouse based UI entirely. I would like to reach a point that Dash can stop falling back to the desktop entirely. My goal is actually to reconfigure as much of Windows for gaming as possible. On the fly, and without ever setting off UAC unexpectedly.

Early Dash Desktop with Weather (Win7)
Early Dash Desktop with Weather (Win7)

What's next?

I'm already working on the project as much as possible. I'd like to continue to work for as long as I have funding, as well as start to build a community of users. The software is and always will be free, and will earn any consideration through form and functionality, not gating features behind a paywall. As such, I do not intend to charge anything for this software. No paywalls, no professional versions, no microtransactions. Anyone funding development of this software should be doing it entirely because they would like to, not because I've performed a digital shakedown


Steam Setup
Steam Setup


Risks and challenges

This software is coded almost entirely in C#. As such it is fairly limited to running on Windows only.

As of now I am targeting only Windows 10 64 bit.

This is a one person project. I will to take feedback from anyone who uses this software

Ancillary software (Browser, File Manager, Download Manager, Weather App, and others) shown in some screenshots will be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine if they are even needed under Windows 10.

Finally, the aesthetic shown here is several years old and was designed for Windows 7. While I do plan to incorporate all of the most important features, the default look will most likely change. Theme support is planned after the first release.

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