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Porcelain cups + mugs, slipcast from the iconic form of the classic, Italian espresso percolator.
128 backers pledged $10,322 to help bring this project to life.

the shelves, they are bare...

and you know what that means - - so many boxes out the door!

many of you will be receiving your cups this week - - and i'm really excited to finally be getting them to you!

(if you ordered at the $200 level - - don't worry - - your poster is on the way in a separate tube.)

please post comments / photos / etc to the FC facebook page as we'd all love to see the cups in their deserved homes!

as far as the remainder goes (large white mugs) - - new samples to arrive this week - - will let you know how they look and expect to finish up production with the new clay body for shipping in February.

as always - - a million thanks for your support and patience!