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Porcelain cups + mugs, slipcast from the iconic form of the classic, Italian espresso percolator.
Porcelain cups + mugs, slipcast from the iconic form of the classic, Italian espresso percolator.
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Recent updates

Perc @ designboom Mart ~ ICFF NYC 2013

Springtime Greetings!

Thanks to your support the Perc/FC AmericanHandcraft story continues...  I'm excited to announce the Perc series will be exhibited at the designboom Mart at ICFF this coming weekend!   ICFF, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, is one of the world's premiere design trade shows.  Attracting over 25K design enthusiasts, retail, press and designers to celebrate and showcase 'what's best and what's next.'  In it's 30th edition, the designboom Mart is a juried, group exhibition creating 'a unique interactive platform for emerging and established designers' to share their work.

I am thrilled at the opportunity to exhibit at this show and thank you again...

Wish us well and if you happen to be in NYC, ICFF public day is Tuesday, May 21st, come by and say hi!

if you aren't already, please follow the work and musings of FC AmericanHandcraft on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM



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Perc ~ cups now available / new + future worx

hey there backers,

hope everyone is enjoying a lovely fall and their Perc mugs + cups ~ most excellent for a hot apple cider!

A little update here to let you know that fresh mugs, cups and posters are available for sale at my new Supermarket site!  Buy a gift, tell a friend, or just take a look and accept my thanks for being a part of making this happen!  Currently in stores around Boston and moving towards more retail locations as well.   

Please keep in touch through my FC facebook page for retail updates and new products!   I have a few furniture pieces in the works, for both humans and canines, as well as handmade, decorative framed accent mirrors - all will be available at the Supermarket page soon!

Please feel free to contact me directly with any problems, suggestions, ideas or thoughts of any sort ~   You can view the FC website to see updated Perc photos as well as some of my past work.   New stuffs coming soon...

Again - - i appreciate all your help and patience, you made this happen!



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yes! on the way...

hey there!

the packing, picking, hand labeling and care of this operation is taking longer than predicted, but it is in action and the packages, they are on their way!

almost there...



oh, and if anyone has had an address change since september - - please let me know so i can avoid any erroneous shipping.

the good news...

greetings patient supporters

the good news is, it is done!...  shelves are overflowing with beautiful cups and mugs

packing all remaining orders has begun and will commence the final round of shipping and delivering next week!   stock will continue to build up as well and i'll be pushing to expand retail offerings in the next few months.

please connect with me on my FC facebook page to keep up with this and other developments!  (new Perc colors / new studio work shop up and running / creating and developing more fun designs / AND   i'll be selling Perc cups as well as other items in the near future as i update the FC website.

a final expression of gratitude to all of you who supported, believed, and waited.   


...and i look forward to your enjoying the goods.

as always - - if you have any questions / issues / problems / advice or good words, please do not hesitate to contact me directly -



the shelves, they are bare...

and you know what that means - - so many boxes out the door!

many of you will be receiving your cups this week - - and i'm really excited to finally be getting them to you!

(if you ordered at the $200 level - - don't worry - - your poster is on the way in a separate tube.)

please post comments / photos / etc to the FC facebook page as we'd all love to see the cups in their deserved homes!

as far as the remainder goes (large white mugs) - - new samples to arrive this week - - will let you know how they look and expect to finish up production with the new clay body for shipping in February.

as always - - a million thanks for your support and patience!