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For two decades, the Yes Men have pulled off hilarious media hoaxes to expose corporate crimes. Now, they are approaching middle age, struggling to stay in the fight against climate change. Can they get it together before the ice caps melt?

Is it a conflict of interest to curate your own project?

Project We Love
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Thanks to your participation, this campaign is a success! You can still help get the film out. Please join us:

Don't let the 1% Koch-block this film!

Help us teach under-resourced Philadelphia public schools the history of the Civil Rights Movement using interactive Breakdancing!

A fun way for kids to learn about civil disobedience? Bring it.

Project We Love
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Whoohoo! We made our baseline goal. Thank you! Let's keep going, let's beat our goal. More $ means brighter projectors!

Bigg-ass progressive projections, in the right spot, at the right time. Yes!

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This Fall, Not An Alternative will open a new venue for art, activism, technology, and theory called No-Space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

No Space is a New York treasure. Now, after being rentrified out of Williamsburg, they're moving into a new Brooklyn space. Help them remain an important component of New York's activist scene!

Project We Love
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Beautiful Trouble will be a book & web toolbox that puts the best practices of creative action in your hands.

A collaboratively written book full of tools and techniques for creative activism. Get it first by pledging to their Kickstarter Campaign!

Project We Love
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We Are Many is a feature length documentary on the story and legacy of the biggest protest in history, which took place on 15 Feb 2003.

Remember the 15 million strong demo in 2003? Um, if you don't best fund this doc. This is something not to forget!

Project We Love
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The Yes Men are launching The Yes Lab so activist groups and individuals can carry out creative, media-getting actions of their own!

The Yes Lab is raising money to pay the project expenses for a truckload of meaningful mischief...

Project We Love
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A 9ft tall x 20ft long flashing sign and digital scoreboard asking passers by "CAPITALISM works for me!" true or false?

Get America talking about capitalism? The Yes Lab thinks it's about time! Steve Lambert (one of the masterminds of the New York Times "Special Edition") is planning to take this truck on the road. Put some gas in his tank!

Project We Love
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Anti-tax avoiders US Uncut partner with The Yes Lab to journey to exotic tax havens, embarrass lobbyists & expose corporate greed.

Tax cheats to the clink! This project's still brewing, but it's funded and officially on its way to fingering the filchers, big-time.

A media collective affiliated with Occupy Wall Street producing free printed material about the movement for the general public.

Get the word out - give #occupywallstreet a print voice!

Project We Love
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This film reveals the story of the modern revolution, the power of people to change their world and the man behind it all, Gene Sharp.

Let's start a revolution! Seriously. Isn't it about time?

Most adult educators are untrained. This free, beautiful e-book gives everything you need to be a successful adult education teacher.

We wish someone had this book when they taught us.

New farmers rock! Young farmers in their first full year kickin' it on a diverse farm raise meat, vegetables and other great foods.

Better food in a sustainable way? Yes, please!

Project We Love
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The bicycle, an amazing tool for change. People all over the world are moving towards a new system. Will the economic power allow it?

Bikers unite! Check out the new doc project by our friend Fredrik Gertten.