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A documentary about the Rise and Fall of Tower Records.

For decades, Tower Records was a weekly destination. Every weekend we'd go to Tower and inevitably leave with a bag full of CDs. We can't wait to see Colin's film, as it no doubt will be the definitive document of a fascinating company.

Project We Love
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Modine's limited edition hardcover book transforms into an interactive iPad App with audio, sound effects, music, new photos, and more!

Full Metal Jacket is on of our favorite movies. Matthew's photos look terrific.

Project We Love
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AI WEIWEI: NEVER SORRY is the first feature-length documentary about China's (in)famous artist and activist, Ai Weiwei.

We've been huge fans of Ai WeiWei's for quite some time. This film looks fantastic.

Project We Love
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An intimate portrait of American artist Kenny Scharf, whose unique brand of "pop-surrealism" made him a 1980s art star.

Kenny Scharf is one of the true legends of the New York graffiti scene. Who better to tell his story than his daughter.

Project We Love
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Slow motion film + people in motion + inspired editing = wow

We can't wait to see this film.

Project We Love
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A welded steel matrix, like DNA, will be electrified to build an ongoing calciferous collaboration with marine organisms in Cancun.

We've featured the incredible underwater living art sculptures of MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) in Cancun on the Wooster Collective website and think that Colleen Flanigan's coral reef refuge would be a terrific - and worthy - addition.

Project We Love
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Tiny video installations that combine home movies and found footage with little mock-ups to create intimate memory souvenirs.

We love projects that are intimate and "personal." Because of this, Little Memories is our kind of project.

Sharing photographs of graffiti in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait to build understanding of the experiences of our military.

Over the years we've curated a lot of images of graffiti and street art from war torn cities. This project looks fascinating

Project We Love
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A cross country project to document the grassroots efforts to rebuild life after the collapse of the American economy.

We first met the artist Robin Hasty (aka Imminent Disaster) when we invited her to participate in our 11 Spring exhibition in 2006. This new project takes her in a new direction, and we can't wait to see the results

Project We Love
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New Mystics show "tomb" featuring work by No Touching Ground, NKO and Dan Hawkins at Gallery 4Culture April 2011

Working in abandoned buildings is something that's very close to our heart, and was a big motivation behind our 11 Spring exhibition. We're supporters of the New Mystics show and hope you will be one too.

Project We Love
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Help finish the new design documentary from the director of "Helvetica" and "Objectified".

We first met filmmaker Gary Hustwit in Cape Town early last year when we participated in the Design Indaba conference. Gary's latest project is one that we've been following for a while and do hope you lend your support

Seedbombs are a convenient and novel way of combating the grayness of the city and derelict urban sites. Boise hole, anyone?

What could be better than as seed bombing vending maching!

Project We Love
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An exhibition to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the destruction of The Garden of Eden, an earthwork created by Adam Purple in NYC.

Adam Purple's The Garden of Eden project was featured in our book Trespass: A History of Unauthorized Urban Art. We're thrilled that Harvey Wang's wonderful photographs that document this project are now a Kickstarter project