Project We Love
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I composed and recorded an album and would love your help putting the finishing touches on this labor of love.

Chrysanthe is an incredible woman and talented composer and musician! Help her finish her album!

Project We Love
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Artist SD Holman’s photographic exploration of female masculinity: gallery show in Easthampton, MA + catalogue to enable future touring

Check out this stunning examination of female masculinity in photography and support it.

Project We Love
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STWTS is a traveling public art series that places portraits of women on outdoor walls to address gender based street harassment.

We know this is already funded, but it's still awesome and you should know about it.

INDEPENDENT WOMEN an experimental theatre piece that mashes up Rosie the Riveter with Beyonce.

Women talking about important things in new devised plays. We like it.

Support this important film exploring the inner life of a conservative Muslim woman as she struggles to reconcile her sexuality and spirituality, which aims to combat Islamophobia and start conversation within Muslim and Middle Eastern communities.

keepingabreast is a play that chronicles a young woman's humorous journey juggling breast cancer against society's expectations.

Support these women & breast cancer awareness!

A collection of stories and photographs of accomplished and inspiring Ethiopian women

Help the stories of these women be heard!

All Day is a memoir of love and survival teaching incarcerated kids at Rikers Island. It's where The Wire meets Welcome Back Kotter.

Check out and support this important and very personal project by writer and performer Liza Jessie Peterson

Project We Love
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Two young Libyan rebels give up their comfortable, stable lives in Canada to join the fight to overthrow Gaddafi.

Support this incredible documentary film created by an amazing, brave woman: Rachel Beth Anderson! Produced by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Lynn Nottage!

An annual week of events providing emerging NYC directors with opportunities to showcase their work and meet professionals in the field

Founded & run by WCS veteran director Nicole A. Watson & newcomer Dina Vovsi along with Luke Harlan! They create something unique and special every year - please support them!

Project We Love
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TOUGH LOVE is a documentary film that explores the lives, homes and cases of families caught in the child welfare system.

Support this project and the brave women who are making it happen on both sides of the camera!

Bring alive two fantastic plays by women playwrights, and the newest Golden Thread youth education presentation from Fairytale Players.

Help this wonderful Bay Area company reach their goal! Just 34 hours to go!

Female, immigrant domestic workers bring their stories of survival, empowerment and activism to center stage.

Important voices - help them be heard!

The world needs better stories for and about girls. We publish great books that feature bold, complex, interesting female characters.

We need more stories about strong, layered girls & women for our youth!

With an all female crew, we want to interview inspirational women across the US to create positive role models for women everywhere

Women making documentaries about inspirational women. Featuring Jane Lynch. How could you not support this?

Sidewalk Sisters is a compilation of theatre, dance, poetry, rap and song.

Help this beautiful show happen in NYC!

WE WOMEN WARRIORS was completed thanks to numerous supporters. Now it's time to distribute this acclaimed doc for the world to see!

Help the voices of these Colombian warrior women be heard!

An in-person and live-streamed event to support the rise of feminine leadership and entrepreneurism in today's tech-savvy world.

This conference sounds pretty awesome - help them make it happen! More women in leadership!

Afghan Cycles is a film about 12 brave women that dare to ride on the Women’s National Cycling Team of Afghanistan

This film sounds incredible. Congratulations to Sarah and the team creating this wonderful work! We can't wait to see it!

This metaphorical journey through an eating disorder allows the reader/listener to engage with the author's experiences.

Great project for a GREAT cause!

Project We Love
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All Girls is a hyper real, sometimes surreal play about three teenage girls and one colossally scary mother. Things happen. Come see.

We're big fans of Anna Greenfield and Lee Sunday Evans! Support their work!

Project We Love
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Los Angeles Women's Shakespeare Company celebrates 20 years of excellent all-female multi-cultural Shakespeare by presenting HAMLET!

They already reached their goal but we think this project is awesome! If you're in LA, check it out!

Project We Love
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In East Los Angeles, the Ovarian Psycos are not only a bike crew, they are a new generation of women of color building a movement.

In their own words, "a new generation of women of color building a movement." Support the work of these awesome women and help document their story!

"Evelina" is a manga-style comic book created for teen girls in Mexico, to warn them about the dangers of human trafficking.

Help educate young women about human trafficking through comic book distribution! This is an innovative and potentially life-changing project for many young women!

Project We Love
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2nd annual festival of new poetic theater featuring plays & poetry by 20 of the most diverse, exciting voices from across the country.

Help support the continued work of WCS artists Caroline Rothstein, Eboni Hogan and viBe Theater Experience and more phenomenal women artists in this festival of new poetic theater from our friends at Poetic Theater Productions!

Project We Love
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The first documentary feature to tell the story of the birth of the Women’s Liberation Movement in the 1960’s.

The first feature documentary about the birth of Women's Lib? Let's make it happen!

A book that shares the voices and photography of silenced women - their protests for liberty, daring escapes, and - finally - freedom.

Help these brave and beautiful Tibetan refugee women reach their goal!

Bringing together women across the closed Turkish-Armenian border to build solidarity and peace through storytelling.

Support these incredible Turkish and Armenian women finding ways to share their stories and build community across borders and struggles.

Project We Love
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Waterwell & PPAS are thrilled to announce its third year playwright, A. REY PAMATMAT.

A fabulous NYC theater education program - help these NYC kids put up a new show written just for them by PONY Fellowship winner A. Rey Pamatmat!

Project We Love
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Three senior women rehearse for a NYC pageant in this film exploring beauty, aging and loneliness.

These lovely senior ladies are so close to their goal - watch this heartwarming video and help bring this film to the screen!

An exhibition based on Chicago women’s experiences and aspirations for their homes, families, neighborhoods, communities, and city.

We love everything about this project. Stories, art and empowerment created by women to focus on a community - this is what Women Center Stage stands for!

LAWTF brings 4 days of a diverse line-up of stunning solo artists. Join us and take credit for making our 20th a week-end to remember!

Two hours to go - they've reached their goal but there's still time to donate! We're thrilled to support companion women's theater festivals across the country!

SITI Company is creating a tourable version of Cafe Variations – a compact, high-quality, six person play with music by the Gershwins.

The newest piece from one of the most innovative and exciting theater companies, directors and playwrights in the country - help them travel the country!

Spoken Word Theater Exploring Asian Am. Women's Lives In Post-9/11 NYC In Conversation With Mary Magdalene, Guan Yin, & Aisha

Kelly is an incredible writer & performer creating powerful work about Asian American women. We can't wait to see this show!

The Assembly's critically acclaimed play home/sick is returning for a run in July, presented as part of the undergroundzero festival

We. love. this. play. Directed by WCS alum Jess Chayes, home/sick is a whip-smart play about the rise and fall of the notorious Weather Underground, that asks difficult questions about political idealism, radicalism, and changing the world.

VOICES OF STRENGTH is the U.S. debut tour of new contemporary dance and theater by women from across Africa.

We're saving the date for this ambitious touring festival of incredible work by women artists from Africa.

Project We Love
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THE MUSLIMS ARE COMING! follows a band of Muslim-American comedians on a standup tour across the US. You will laugh at these Muzzies!

WCS alum and hilarious woman Negin Farsad is making a movie. Combating negative stereotypes while also making people pee their pants? Genius.

Now in our 3rd year, the Working Theater Directors Salon gives emerging NYC directors a chance to showcase their work.

WCS alum Nicole Watson is one of the organizers of this salon for emerging directors--which also features a number of great women playwrights, directors, and producers.

Project We Love
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A documentary about the transformational power of roller derby in women's lives around the globe.

We don't know a lot about derby, but this film could certainly teach us. Women's empowerment through contact sports. We like.

Project We Love
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Each year an elite group of female artists from around the world are selected to exhibit work, teach, and perform.

We are loving the shared mission of this Festival and ours. Looking forward to checking this out this summer!

Project We Love
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Wind Playground is a “Venturi effect” on a party dress. Visitors play with and understand wind by being blown away by the wind.

We love the mix of science, sculpture, and whimsy behind this campaign to travel a sail-inspired, wind-tunnel playground from NYC to Burning Man to San Fran.

Project We Love
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The San Francisco International Women's Film Festival has a long history of showcasing and celebrating the voices of women worldwide.

Another festival of work celebrating and amplifying women's voices on the other coast - how could we not? Please support!

Project We Love
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For Shell Game, I'll create 9 giant paintings about the world financial meltdown, then have a gallery show in a faux gambling parlor

We love women making BIG art on BIG issues in NYC. Support this artist!

Project We Love
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We're about to enter the studio to record Song from the Uproar, a new opera by Missy Mazzoli. Help us make this happen!

We are fascinated by the story of Isabelle Eberhardt and excited to see the incredible talent of composer Missy Mazzoli and the other powerful women artists involved in this new multi-media opera.

US Premiere: Saturday, February 25th, 2012 @92Y in NYC (Flamenco Festival USA)

We're captivated by this exploration of heritage and identity told through the staccato steps and intense passion of flamenco.

We are two women street artists traveling to South America to document female street artists there through photography and interviews.

These courageous women are seeking to document the stories of female street artists in South America. We are super inspired!

Project We Love
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Traces the birth and evolution of Wonder Woman and introduces audiences to a dynamic group of fictional and real life superheroines.

We can't wait to see this exciting documentary examining representations of powerful women through the history.

She'Baltimore is new play about domestic violence within the LGBT community set in Baltimore, Maryland.

We are huge fans of WCS alum & 2012 Directors' Weekend participant Ira Kip, who has created an incredible project currently playing at the Loft Theatre in Baltimore.

Continuing the legacy of Cobi Narita, Wendy Oxenhorn and the JazzSpot in support of Women in Jazz

We aren't the only organization celebrating women artists in March! Check out this great festival honoring and supporting women jazz artists!

The Women Center Stage Festival provides the three things that struggling artists need most: Space, Money, and Recognition.

That's us! Thanks to Kickstarter, we raised over $11,000 for our 2012 Festival. Come check us out, starting March 8 in NYC!

Send Monica round the world: performing, teaching, documenting revolutions & researching how countries are adapting to global warming.

WCS 2011 artist Monica Hunken traveled by bicycle around Europe and the Middle East to research her next play.

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