• Erdős-Bacon

    This documentary is the handshake that links a famed actor and a legendary mathematician, creating history's lowest Erdős-Bacon number.

    Suzanna Hillner BFA '05 (Film) serves as the director of photography and visual effects artist whose recent projects include The Bourne Legacy, Men in Black III, and The Amazing Spiderman 2, as well as several independent documentary films, short narratives, and music videos.

  • Ugly Apparel Manufacturing

    Pushing boundaries with fashion prints.

    Kelly Meissner BFA '11 (Illustration) is the creator of the Philadelphia-based Ugly Apparel. Since its inception Ugly Apparel has been involved in local fashion and manufacturing incubator projects that blends street style with ethical fashion creations.

  • Winter painting residency in North Iceland

    A time for quiet reflection, creative flow & landscape painting in the ephemeral winter light. Every sponsor receives original artwork.

    Andrea Krupp BFA '84 (Printmaking) has been accepted to a 6 week painting residency at Listhus, Iceland.

  • Guitar Wing: Wireless Control Surface for Guitar and Bass

    Guitar Wing: Wireless control over software plug-ins, DAWs, iOS apps & MIDI effects units...right from your guitar or bass.

    Jay Smith BFA '02 (Multimedia) is Founder of Livid Instruments. They have developed Guitar Wing, a wireless control surface that allows guitar and bass players to easily access and interact with digital tools through a natural extension of their instrument.

  • Baltimore: A History, Block by Block, continued...

    I'm photographing ten main streets in Baltimore, building by building, block by block, researching their history and publishing a book.

    James Singewald BFA '02 (Photography) is photographing ten main streets in Baltimore, building by building, block by block, researching their history and publishing a book.

  • "Stomping Ground" a Groundbreaking Feature Film

    "Stand by Me" meets "Mean Streets" brought to you by an award winning writer and an ambitious young producer.

    UArts Film program graduates Ray Davis '11 and Isaac Ruth '12, and screenwriting professor, David Greenberg, are collaborating to produce the feature film "Stomping Ground."

  • The Cultured Chef: An International Cookbook for Kids

    A not-so-ordinary cookbook for kids filled with unique recipes, whimsical illustrations & stories about fascinating people & places!

    Coleen P. McIntyre '96 (Illustration) is raising funds to print and distribute a limited edition of her children's book, which celebrates the perfect partnership between cooking and cultural education.

  • Re-Imagining The World of Tomorrow ~ Euro Exhibit + Book

    I was invited by a gallery in Belgium to have a solo exhibit of my artwork, themed around the 1939 New York World Fair. Please read on.

    Walter Plotnick's MFA'06 (Painting) project will fund a solo exhibition of his work at a Belgian gallery, themed around the 1939 New York World Fair. The show, titled "Re-Imagining the World of Tomorrow" will culminate with a book of his artwork.

  • The Jost Project Debut CD “Can't Find My Way Home”

    A CD project that hopes to reach a generation of rock fans and introduce them to our music and pull them into our world of Jazz.

    Tony Miceli BM'82 (Percussion), Adjunct Assistant Professor at the School of Music, and his band are raising funds for their debut CD project.

  • A 2-month painting residency in Iceland

    Goal: an immersion in the landscape of Iceland. Time to reflect, work and grow. All backers receive original artwork.

    Andrea Krupp BFA'84 (Printmaking) has been chosen to participate in a residency at Gullkistan in Iceland and is raising funds to offset travel, accomodation and materials expenses.

  • VALEDICTION - a film

    A dark drama where the protagonist struggles to keep her relationship alive with her boyfriends corpse.

    Hollis Sherman-Pepe BFA'06 (Theater) is producing, writing and starring in a dark drama where the protagonist struggles to keep her relationship alive with her boyfriends corpse.

  • touch : the vista sans wood type project book

    Limited edition art book of experimental typography & printmaking techniques by 21 emerging international letterpress artists & studios

    Tricia Treacy MFA'00 (Book Arts/Printmaking) is leading a project to creat a limited edition art book of experimental typography & printmaking techniques by 21 emerging international letterpress artists & studios, several of whom are UArts alumni and faculty.

  • Truly Brave Films' new Short: Window

    Isaac Ruth and Dan Zubrzycki bring you their new film - Window - a dramatic, funny, action-packed short.

    Issac Ruth BFA'12 (Film/Digital Video) is directing a short film titled "Window," based on a true story of a young criminal who hits an old man while robbing a store.

  • Language of the Universe

    Language of the Universe is a documentary web series looking at the unique ways people are exploring Music throughout the world.

    Dotan Negrin '08 (Acting) is creating a documentary web series "Language of the Universe" to look at the unique ways people are exploring music throughout the world.

  • The Big Belch Graphic Novel

    Two baby boomers, a parrot and a French bulldog take on a greedy oil company to save the world.

    Kay Wood's BFA '75 (Illustration) new graphic novel, The Big Belch, combines environmental concerns with quirky humor.

  • MFA Thesis Exhibition - Katiska

    I am a sculpture student from the Jersey Shore looking to fund my thesis exhibition, "Katiska."

    Sculpture student Harry Matti Hukkinen's MFA thesis exhibition will create a contemporary interpretation of the Finnish fish trap called a Katiska.

  • Connections with Strangers

    Funding an installation to cover the walls of a gallery in 15,000 buttons to capture fleeting memories and abstracted images.

    Mackenzie Pikaart's BFA'11 (Crafts) project is an art installation that will cover the walls of Paragidm Gallery + Studio in 15,000 buttons.

  • On the grind: Creative lives skateboarding can lead to.

    A book about skateboarding and the creative paths it can lead to including, art, photography, music, and more

    Marcus Waldron '13 (Multimedia) has launched his campaign for "On the Grind" a book about skateboarding and the creative paths it can lead to. The book is also serving as the subject of his senior project at UArts.

  • Launch Curse Bearer, a fantasy novel by Rebecca P Minor

    A book launch is a "go big or go home" event. Curse Bearer is a wonder-filled fantasy adventure that deserves a magical launch.

    Rebecca P. Minor BFA'97 (Animation) has launched a campaign to fund the lauch of her new fantasy novel, "Curse Bearer." Cover illustration is provided by Christina Hess BFA'98 (Illustration).

  • Love/Stories (or But You Will Get Used To It)

    Round Table produces the Philly premiere of Itamar Moses's 2009 play exploring love, storytelling, and making theatre.

    Round Table Theatre Company will produce the Phila. premiere of Love/Stories (or But You Will Get Used To It). Daniel O'Neil BFA'10 will direct, Michael Doherty BFA'10 is associate producer and 2012 graduates Brandi Burgess, Andrew Carroll, and Brendan Dalton are in the cast.

  • Draw It Out - An Intimate Breast Cancer Journey

    Draw it Out is a collection of illustrative thoughts taken from the sketchbooks of breast cancer survivor Emily-Kate Niskey.

    Emily-Kate Niskey BFA'89 (Sculpture) is raising funds to publish her book "Draw it Out," which documents her very personal journey with breast cancer. In addition, she is planning a tour, which will include art workshops with cancer patients.

  • THE NATIVES - Salt Print Project

    Salt photos of native plants found across the United States. GOAL: Exhibition and Book. Bio-diversity conservation through art.

    Josh Marowitz BFA'98 (Photography) is photographing native botanicals across the United States and creating salt prints from these images. His project seeks to raise awareness of the country's native plants and promote biodiversity through art.

  • Little Baby's Ice Cream Funds for Responsible Packaging

    We want to make pints available!! AND Little Baby's Ice Cream is committed to sourcing materials responsibly and ethically!!!

    Martin Brown BFA'04 (Music Performance) is part of the Little Baby's Ice Cream team which is raising funds for responsible packaging for its ice cream pints.

  • Animals From History

    An ebook on animals from history. If your favorite animal was a historical figure who would they be?

    Christina Hess BFA'98 (Illustration) is working on an e-book featuring animals as historical figures.

  • The Stuff Crusade

    Sometimes we love our things so much that we imagine they have a life. I am a Stuff Hero. I save objects by finding them homes.

    Lauren McCarty's MFA'10 (Painting) film "The Stuff Crusade" explores how cultural identities are portrayed by our economy of used goods.

  • Jeff Coon and Ben Dibble Must Die

    An epically absurd bro-fantasia of revenge, murder and musical theatre.

    Alex Bechtel BFA'08 (Musical Theater), Michael Doherty BFA'10 (Musical Theater) , and Greg Nix BFA'10 (Musical Theater) have launched their campaign for "Jeff Coon and Ben Dibble Must Die." The work will be performed at the 2012 Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

  • Coalesce: The UArts Photography Class of 2012 Exhibition

    Coalesce is an exhibition curated by the University of the Arts Photography Class of 2012 featuring work from their senior theses.

    Photography students from the Class of 2012 are raising funds to support an off-campus gallery exhibition and on-campus opening reception for their senior show.

  • Alex & The Kaleidoscope Band Music Video Premiere For Kids!

    With the release of our latest album, I'm So Glad, we are thrilled to be filming a series of fun and interactive music videos!

    Alex Mitnick BM '99 (Instrumental Performance) and his band are raising funds to film a series of interactive music videos to coincide with the relase of their latest album.

  • The Destruction Room

    A short film, a dark tale, and what happens when a student finds a secret room where there are no consequences.

    Ray Davis BFA'11 (Film/Video) just launched his campaign to continue the development of his short film "The Destruction Room" which also served as his Senior Project.

  • Love Squared First Edition

    Picture Book: Love Squared is an epic journey through the garbage of popular culture to the beautiful center of all caring hearts.

    Matt Frock MFA '07 (Painting) just launched his campaign to fund the publication of Love Squared, a work of fiction told in words and pictures for ages nine to ninety, featuring original artwork.

  • Painting from the Source: The Inspiration of Italy

    Learning from the masters: A time to create art, filled with the colors, light, sensations, and history of Italy.

    Anne Belov's BFA '77 (Painting) project will allow her to attend a workshop in Cortona, Italy in June of 2012 to study the history and tradition of egg tempera painting from a master of this medium.

  • Cody & Einat: an 'imaginative' short film.

    Divorce can be rough, especially on children. But it can be easier getting by with the help of a friend.

    Ali Petre '12 (Film) is raising funds for her 'imaginative' short film that explores the innocence and vulnerability of childhood, and highlights the guilt and responsibility that children of divorce often feel.

  • Quick & Dirty Musicals

    Quick & Dirty Musicals is a series of 15 minute musicals in which each episode has a puckish twist on conventional storytelling

    George Keveson BFA '10 (Applied Theater Arts), Caroline Boyd BFA '11 (Film/DigtalVideo) and Robert Curry BFA '11 (Film/Digital Video) are raising funds for the first two episodes of a web series of original musicals featuring the best young talent of Philadelphia.

  • Immi

    Please help me fund my senior thesis!

    Lauren De Angelis '12 (Film and Video) is raising money for her senior thesis, project, which brings together family, friendship and food.

  • The Whispers in the Walls

    An independent short film from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

    Undergraduate student Issac Ruth '12 (Film) just launched his campaign for a short film project titled "The Whispers in the Walls."


    “I told Johnny that traveling in time is not justified in doing evil on the ground of expedience.” - Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt

    John Gelety '99 (Acting) is working on a short historical science fiction film that incorporates social media to reveal clues about the story.

  • Everyone Has Their "Go To" Curatorial Project

    The exhibition will showcase seniors from various departments of the UArts, each with their own “go to” or muse.

    Joseph Hocker BFA '11 (Photography) successfully secured funding for his curatorial project, which focused on the development of young artists in their quest to create a style for themselves.

  • Pride/Prejudice: Voices of LGBTQ Youth - a photo book

    This project is a collaboration of myself as a photographer and activist and a diverse group of LGBTQ youth to share experiences.

    Rachelle Smith's BFA '02 (Photography) "Pride / Prejudice: Voices of LGBTQ Youth" an ongoing photographic essay that gives members of the LGBTQ community a voice, was sucessfully funded in March 2011.

  • Power: Thesis Show on Kickstarter

    Looking to bring exposure to my thesis show "Power" which will be exhibited in Philadelphia this December.

    MFA student AJ Bredensteiner '11 (Studio Art) sucessfully secured funding for his thesis show "Power," which will be shown in the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery at UArts in December 2011.

  • Darkening of Spaces: An Art Installation by Andrew C Zahn

    Using user interaction and complex algorithms, the piece generates an infinite number of unique patterns and textures over time.

    Andrew Zahn BFA '11 (Multimedia) created an interactive generative video installation "The Darkening of Spaces" that was sucessfully funded in October 2011.

  • A comic of James Joyce's *Ulysses*

    The first episode of our graphic adaptation of James Joyce's *Ulysses* won a big battle for free artistic expression -- help us make the next one!

    Josh Levitas BFA '00 (Illustration) collaborated with local artist Rob Berry and Joyce scholar Mike Barsanti on a comic adpation of James Joyce's "Ulysses." The project was sucessfully funded in December 2010.