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In 1842 a young pioneer sets off to New Orleans from Nebraska, alone on a wagon, leaving his family behind. Directed by: Jon Gries

Set in 1842, a young pioneer leaves Nebraska for New Orleans, alone. From filmmaker and actor Jon Gries.

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Kickstarter invites Sundance alumnus Brumby Boylston to create a trailer for a never-to-be-made movie.

Set in 1989 on an alternative timeline where the Western U.S. expansion never happened, an American Indian girl sets out to save her father's horse from the outlaws who stole it.

Completion fund for post-production for teaser of British crime/drama tv series about a girl who sells morals for money

When good girl Charlie is fired from her job as a massage therapist in a stock brokers office, a mysterious stranger is there to make her a very interesting offer.

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A tale of torment and teenaged love, powered by witchcraft.

An outcast teenager finds a book of spells in her coma-ridden Mother's belongings. As she and her stepsister explore the spells, they begin to fall deeper and deeper into witchcraft—and each other.

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WWI historical drama: an American girl, inspired by the bravery of the Belgians, starts a tiny soup kitchen at the Front in 1915.

A proof-of-concept trailer for filmmaker Ayisha Synnestvedt's World War I Belgian-set drama.

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Sundance alumni Trevor & Fish make a trailer for a new film about a family legend, a painter's vision & an epic fairy tale.

Weaving together elements of documentary, fantasy, storytelling, and performance this sprawling Russian triptych braids together three stories: a family legend, a painter's vision, and an epic fairy tale.

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Receive instant immunity by supporting indy filmmakers Tommy Woodard & Jason Cox produce a trailer for their zombie-western feature film!

With a western town being overrun by the walking dead, an old couple living on the outskirts must deal with the influx of escaping townsfolk; as well as having to prepare their land for an imminent invasion.

Help Brilliant Morgan Entertainment complete their first feature film by donating to "The Touch of the Wendigo" Trailer!

What seems to be the ideal setting for fun and relaxation quickly turns deadly when six vacationing college students encounter a cursed spirit with an insatiable appetite.

Making a movie trailer for #1 bestselling paranormal thriller The Book of Paul, by Richard Long to pitch the book to TV/film producers.

Author Richard Long seeks to create a trailer for his #1 Amazon Horror and Dark Fantasy bestseller THE BOOK OF PAUL.

Warning! Joe Dante’s Trailers From Hell is not recommended for the faint of heart or for those suffering from nervous dispositions.

TRAILERS FROM HELL! looks to create 1,000 episodes of their one of a kind trailer commentary series. Featuring the likes of ohn Landis, Joe Dante, Guillermo del Toro, Eli Roth, John Badham, Ernest Dickerson, John Sayles, Edgar Wright, Mary Lambert and many more.

We need YOU to help make a movie trailer for this Epic Pirate Adventure!

Taken from Stephen P. Simpson's epic historic adventure novel, the story follows the rags to riches pirate tale of Christopher Newly.

Candid Emphasis Productions, in association with Sonic Bunny Productions, is creating a trailer for an awesome new cartoon series.

In a world torn by order and chaos three outcasts are unexpectedly thrust into a position of power as the new Popes of Order.