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The Bridge is a fiercely local, twice-monthly newspaper that reports on the community around Montpelier, Vermont. We mail it free.

Quality local media provided free to Vermont locals.

Project We Love
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The Riveter is a women's longform lifestyle magazine. Join us in promoting women in journalism and thoughtful content for readers.

Only 37.2 percent of journalism jobs in 2013 were held by women, despite the fact that women received 67.6 percent of communications master's degrees. This project focused on highlighting women's storytelling voices.

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We are a collective of amazing storytelling radio shows. Let's remake public radio together.

Creating great new audio for a new post-radio generation

Project We Love
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Narratively is an online publication devoted to untold human stories.

Founded by Tow-Knight Fellow Noah Rosenberg, Narratively shows that there is demand for longform journalism.

Project We Love
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A big, glossy publication with distinctive, original writing and art about soccer that will come out four times per year.

Is there a market for a soccer magazine in the US? Howler proved that there is.

Project We Love
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The world is full of big stories. We don't want them to go missing.

Matter became a reality through Kickstarter and soon after launch was acquired by Medium.

Using bikes to bring a local investigative newspaper to readers all over San Francisco. Super efficient. Shamelessly retro.

An elegantly-designed newspaper with a smart design aesthetic and a fresh approach to delivering quality news in print.

Project We Love
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We livestreamed the Wendy Davis filibuster. Now we want to make unfiltered video the norm in politics – starting with the 2014 races.

The innovative Texas Tribune keeps pressing forward with creative experiments to serve the public good.

Project We Love
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Old tapes. New unheard multimedia stories. Help us bring print journalists' lost interviews to life via podcast, radio, and YouTube.

Creative project to bring back to life old audio interview recordings and to reimagine them as animated videos.

Project We Love
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We're a digital magazine that will tell the stories of entrepreneurship, innovation, and collaboration happening throughout Oregon

Built Oregon wants to discover the new business minds in the region.

Project We Love
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We want to travel to college campuses across the country, asking one key question: What's your internship story?

Sometimes bigger news institutions like Propublica resort to crowdfunding to finance individual projects. Here's one example.

Delivering top international journalism on one urgent issue each month -- not just the problems, but real solutions.

Smartly focused on one key issue at a time, this project draws on a wide range of international media.

Project We Love
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We're creating educational materials for the next generation of news-application developers. Python, Ruby, maps, devops and more.

Strengthening journalists' skills helps lay the groundwork for journalistic innovation.

Change the way crime is covered. Create a reporting lab within Homicide Watch DC to cover every murder in Washington for one year.

Impact journalism often focuses narrowly and deeply on a key issue of importance, and this project exemplifies that.

Project We Love
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To make government accountable, people have to know the facts. But prying secrets out of Washington is hard. FOIA Machine can help.

Creating smart new tools and making them widely available to journalists everywhere is a great to improve the quality and sustainability of journalism.

As modern day explorers, let's scour the earth in a global scavenger hunt! Augmented reality meets 'a message in a bottle' :)

Founded by Tow-Knight Fellow Stephanie Lowe, Feetprints is an unique app that connects people locally through storytelling — without algorithms.

Project We Love
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We write for magazines. Now we’d like to write for you.

A platform to connect writers directly with readers.

Project We Love
71612fbb83053a658671980786838c27 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1 will unite citizen investigative journalists to use open source information to report on issues that are being ignored.

Citizen journalism and investigative reporting come together in Bellingcat.