We send you a pre-paid envelope. You put your memorable t-shirts inside. We transform them into something new for you.

Help our friends at Project Repat achieve their Kickstarter goals. They make cool stuff out of upcycled tees.

Arcade Brewery connects the public to their beers from conception to consumption, letting you create labels and our beer recipes.

Do you like comic books, video games, and beer? Our warehouse director Lance needs your help to fund Arcade Brewery. It'll give home brewers and graphic designers a chance to be part of the process!

Project We Love
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A comic that every teacher will actually want to use... and a textbook that every student will actually want to read!

Comic books are indispensable weapons in the war against illiteracy. Help fund a new kind of school book — the kind that students actually want to read!

Project We Love
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[SIC] APPAREL is a collective of individual artists and creative minds who are making an effort to expand their reach through t-shirts.

The goal for this company is to support all kinds of people, whether that means providing the right tools for artists or providing non-profits with funding.

Project We Love
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A three week festival presenting 45 works of film and 15 talks + performances in an environment inspired by 1920s film clubs.

With this Chicago festival, Sarah is trying to make the genre of dance films more accessible. By funding it, you'll help cover the cost of licensing the films.

Project We Love
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Bringing beehives to Chicago's greenspaces, urban farms, and community gardens - all while caring for them by bicycle!

Help Jana Kinsman fund a new urban apiary that'll be located all across Chicago!

Project We Love
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The LunaTik Touch Pen seamlessly goes from paper to iPad or tablet with a click of a button. It writes. Both ways!

The pen and paper will never be replaced, but touch screens are becoming a bigger part of our lives. This pen can work on both!

Musical feature film about a long lazy summer in Glasgow, Stuart Murdoch (Belle & Sebastian) directs, Barry Mendel (Rushmore) produces.

Set in Glasgow, Scotland, the film is about a girl named Eve who is in the hospital dealing with some emotional problems and starts writing songs as a way of getting better.

Project We Love
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Three essays, five thousand words each, every three months. We want to build a better conversation with you.

Help fund the first issue of Distance, a new quarterly publication featuring long-form essays about design and technology.

Help us fund Stripped & Chewed's debut release, Livin' for the City.

Based in the same city as Threadless HQ, Second City Recordings want to make a physical House vinyl record with artists from all over the world.

Help us work with Kenyan artisans to turn the millions of t-shirts dumped on Africa each year into amazing new products.

95% of donated clothing ends up being sold in secondhand markets around the developing world. Support Project Repeat to help local artisans and small business owners in Nairobi transform discarded tees into something new and profitable.

Project We Love
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The Happy Film is a documentary in which designer Stefan Sagmeister conducts a series of self-experiments to test his happiness.

Stefan Sagmeister is pursuing a film about the pursuit of happiness. He'll be really happy (and thankful) if you help fund his project.

Project We Love
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"The New America" is a short film where each frame will be laser engraved on a wood block, which backers can decorate their walls with.

Nando Costa wants to create a short film, "The New America," with every frame engraved in wood. Backers of $35 or more will receive an actual frame of the film, and the length of the film depends on how many people decide to contribute.

The 4th year of the world’s first sincere-and-ironic comedy festival needs your help to make an ice cream limo, get a petting zoo, etc.

Eugene Mirman started a comedy festival four years ago to sincerely celebrate comedy and make fun of comedy festivals. This year, he wants to do “very unprofitable stuff to make the festival fun.” If you like fun, pledge to this project.

A comic book miniseries about the Rapture - with all the thievery, chaos, sex, & explosives that make life worth living. Get #1 for $2!

James and Jim have worked on a lot of different projects, from comedy to improv to comics. Now they’re working on a new comic about the apocalypse and Bram Carlson “a gleefully Bacchanalian hipster” who get Raptured in a clerical error.

Project We Love
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Come check out the new SEIBEI! New onesies, new tees, and exclusives by Chad Manzo, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Ashley Davis, and more!

David Murray, better known as SEIBEI, has been running an awesome t-shirt company for the past five years. Just as his business was taking off, all his stuff got stolen! Help him replenish his stock and print some more new tees.

A grande scale doc project chronicling the endeavors of people around the globe who are striving to obtain our sustainable future.

Michael Silberman and his small team of filmmakers are raising funds to make a documentary about a The Plant, an urban sustainability project in Chicago. They hope to expand the project to the Midwest and globally with a web series.

A senior thesis documentary about artist made t-shirts and the impact it makes in culture

Jennifer Sparkman loves artist-designed t-shirts (like Threadless tees!) and wants to make a documentary about the t-shirt culture that surrounds these awesome tees. She wants to interview people across the country, including our own fearless founder, Jake Nickell.

You’re a busy person, and there is so much great [long] content on the web. You need the information now, but don’t have time to read.

Although we’re all looking for information, we don’t always have time to read it. Get the gist of in-depth blog posts, articles and web pages via short summaries submitted by other community members, then read the whole thing when you have time.

Project We Love
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Wear You Live is a civic-minded design and apparel line focused on creating unique ways for anyone to talk about their city.

CityFabric tees and totes feature figure ground maps from cities around the United States. The company believes that the more people talk about their city, the more they’ll get involved in their community.

Project We Love
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Huge Comic Anthology created entirely by over 140 women, made to showcase everything we have accomplished and what we are capable of!

Funds raised from this project will go towards printing the first run of Womanthology, a comic book anthology created by 140+ women.

Baby Wants Candy The Completely Improvised Full Band Musical returns to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Baby Wants Candy, the improvised on-the-spot musical, wants to head to the prestigious 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but they need to raise some money to get there! Help send the troupe to the biggest theater festival in the world.

Project We Love
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The Animals is a short film that explores obsession, nature, and the doppelgänger through dark comedy and magical realism.

Help this team of filmmakers out with their costume, crew and camera budget as they shoot and produce this independent film.

Project We Love
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Physical GIF turns animated GIFs into delightful coffee table toys. With a laser cutter and a strobe we give GIFs life off the screen.

Animated GIFs are an Internet phenomenon that Greg Borenstein and Scott Wayne Indiana transform into physical objects, much like zoetropes, to bring the animated glory of the old-timey web onto your actual desktop or coffee table.

Project We Love
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Help us produce a toy line of community created mini figure characters like old M.U.S.C.L.E. and Monster In My Pocket figures!

October Toys is creating a series of community-submitted and voted-upon (hey, kinda like another company we know...) toys! They need help with the production and manufacturing costs of the five figures they’re creating from the dozens of character ideas submitted on their forum.

Project We Love
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Longshot Magazine is a raucous experiment in harnessing new tools to erase media’s old limits. We create a print magazine in 48 hours.

This project will fund the production and printing of Longshot Issue Two. All of the submissions, selections, and design will take place over a period of 48 hours.

Project We Love
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Make a Bound journal just the way you want it starting at just $15!

What’s your perfect notebook like? Bound Custom Journal can help you make it. Add and organize whatever content you want in whatever order you want it.

Project We Love
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A tiny Vintage Travel Trailer will find a new life as a Mobile Studio and Darkroom for the practice of Antique Photographic Processes

Meghann Gilligan wants to transform a 1961 trailer into a traveling darkroom. She plans to focus on making tintypes (images on metal plates), ambrotypes (images on glass plates), and salted paper and albumen prints (images on paper coated with salts and albumen from egg whites).

Wrangle yourself up the "Original Cowboy Comb" for the finest in personal grooming. Now Available in PINK!

Chad Nelson and Brian Lee couldn’t find a no-nonsense comb that met all their mustache styling needs, so they invented their own! The Original Cowboy Comb has 27 teeth and contours naturally to mustaches.

A grand experiment using social media to reinvent the wrestling storytelling model.

Jeff Katz is tired of the played out characters, story lines and productions of professional wrestling. With Wrestling Revolution, he wants to give wrestling fans a say in the mission, journey and reason for each character to step inside the ring.

Project We Love
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Freaker USA is a NC based company that will change the relationship between you and your beverages… forever!

In theory, koozies are a good idea. But they’re not one-size-fits-all, and they’re typically really ugly. So Zach Crain invented Freaker USA — knitted beverage coolers! Cool! Even more, there are grilled cheese parties involved.

Taposé brings the once hyped Courier to the iPad. The ingenious split interface allows interaction with multiple apps simultaneously

The Taposé app would trasnform the iPad into a virtual sketchpad with features such as font formatting, free draw, eraser, highlighter, sticky notes, image insert, and list creation.

Help a eighteen year old from Chicago, IL write his first novel.

Mylo Reyes wants to write and publish a book by the end of his freshman year of college. He’s only got about a year to do it, so he’s asking for pledges so that he doesn’t have to let the money mumbo jumbo get in the way of his writing.

Project We Love
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We're collecting rare historical letterpress wood type to convert into Opentype fonts. Check out our free beta font download!

Matt Braun and Matt Griffin want to create new digital fronts from wood type faces for designers all over the world to use. The funding from this project will help them purchase 10 rare and prized wood types and create digital versions.

The Flow paintbrush is the perfect companion to the modern touch screen canvas.

Anthony Cerra and Russ Hakimiyan created a prototype for Flow, a paintbrush created especially for touch screens. It’s made with real bristles and so feels just like a real paintbrush, and doesn’t present the same problems with friction as stylus tools do.

Project We Love
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A film exploring the origins of our global crisis and the ingenious adaptations needed to survive a catastrophic transition

A group of filmmakers trekked across the United States to check into the wide range of societal, technological and environmental catastrophes that are amounting to a global crisis. They interviewed people who are finding alternatives to the mainstream industrial lifestyle.

Project We Love
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A high end art book containing 100 personally designed and illustrated interpretations of the greatest sneaker of all time.

Matt Stevens is creating 100 illustrations and personal interpretations of “the greatest sneaker ever made,” Nike's AirMax1. This project is to fund the first edition of a book with all 100 entries.

Project We Love
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With the assistance of a laser cutting machine I am trying to create a series of letterpress blocks, prints and woodcuts

Threadless designer and staffer Speedy Joe wants to get his hands dirty with a laser cutting machine. If he raises his $10,000 goal, he’ll create custom woodcut prints and typefaces for all his backers.

Where the Buffalo Roam is a film about battling the fear of change and leaving the comforting arms of home.

Rubbish is an independent production company based in Chicago. Their film, Where The Buffalo Roam, is about two brothers who live in the suburbs and set out at night on a journey.