• Thanks to you, our campaign has been successful! You can still donate & support collecting non-violent protest-forms on everydayrebellion.net

    The world's agitators gathered in one place for cross-media change in this interactive documentary project

  • A five year examination of the Philadelphia Inquirer newsroom reveals the challenges and harsh realities facing the newspaper industry

    Intriguing photo-journalism project charting the changing world of newspapers through an in-depth look at the Philadelphia Inquirer

  • bellingcat.com will unite citizen investigative journalists to use open source information to report on issues that are being ignored.

    Throughout the Syria conflict Eliot Higgins aka Brown Moses has set the gold standard of citizen journalism, and has often collaborated with Guardian journalists on our Middle East live blog. This would help him expand his work.

  • Between 1959 & 1980 Shirley Collins changed the course of folk music in England & America. Thirty years after disappearing, she's back.

    Help realise a documentary about the quintessential English folk singer.

  • Observational documentary short. A cinematic voyage through the factories, refineries, shipyards, and mines of Chinese production.

    Interesting attempt to reframe our view of heavy industry in China.

  • How a Montreal community took on a corporate land developer and created one of the largest housing co-operatives in Canadian history.

    Started as a group project for a multimedia journalism course at Concordia University, looks really interesting.

  • Journalist and National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek is retracing the defining journey of our species on the Out of Eden Walk.

    Fans of Bruce Chatwin, look here!

  • We write for magazines. Now we’d like to write for you.

    An attempt to deliver ambitious and serious long-form journalism direct to your phone.

  • What are factory farms hiding with "ag-gag" laws? I'll combine drone photography with investigative reporting to find out.

    Independent journalist Will Potter is looking for backers to help him investigate whether big agriculture is hiding instances of animal cruelty. The tool he'd like to use? Aerial drone photography

  • Using bikes to bring a local investigative newspaper to readers all over San Francisco. Super efficient. Shamelessly retro.

    How to expand the distribution network of a local investigative newspaper? Even (or especially?) in San Francisco, the solution might not be digital but, as here, involve ... bicycles

  • To make government accountable, people have to know the facts. But prying secrets out of Washington is hard. FOIA Machine can help.

    Think the government is holding something back –hiding behind the Freedom of Information Act? Here's an attempt to make life so much easier for journalists intent on getting at information they know is out there but often can't access because of obfuscating bureaucracy

  • A media collective affiliated with Occupy Wall Street producing free printed material about the movement for the general public.

    We love the online world at the Guardian, but there'll always be a special place in our hearts for any journalistic endeavour like this broadsheet paper that is based in print!

  • Cover travel costs for independent cartoonist/war correspondent to travel and live with Afghans. He report from Afghanistan and write a book.

    This was one of the first journalistic projects on Kickstarter to pique our interest. Congratulations to Ted for getting it funded