Project We Love
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A digital approach to clothing design and construction: Introducing the T-Shirt in 3D technology.

If you've ever dreamt of cutting up your favorite T-shirt and sewing it back together incorrectly but in such a way that looked awesome, this project's for you.

Project We Love
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This shirt is for everyone who is fighting against uninformed and dangerous regulation of the Internet

█ ██████ ███ ███ █ ███ ███ ████

Project We Love
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Screen-printed and hand-painted t-shirts and more with a taste of The Motherland (kind of like this

Do you have a screen-printed T? Probably. Do you have a screen-printed T of Ukrainian fairy tales? Exactly.

Project We Love
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I really want to make fun/humorous/simple/cool shirts and see people on the streets wearing them. That's why I'm on kickstarter.

Whoever doesn't want a T-shirt that says "Ninja Birthday Party" on it, well, there are others here too.

Project We Love
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Three t shirt designs featuring mollusks and hearts. There is even a sperm whale in the mix.

Everything you need to know is in the photo, my friends.

Project We Love
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Wear You Live is a civic-minded design and apparel line focused on creating unique ways for anyone to talk about their city.

If you're not wearing a map of the city you live in on a T-shirt by now, you're way behind a lot of people.

Project We Love
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We Flashy is a line of reflective clothing that's great for use on busy streets – but barely noticed in normal indoor environments.

No T-shirt should put your life at risk. Thus the We Flashy T, which sports stylin' reflective detailing to make you visible to passing cars at night.

Project We Love

Get a shirt featuring the final stats of this project! Why? Why not?

The meta-ist of meta projects, this project slapped its own stats onto a T-shirt to create: a T-shirt with this project's stats on it.