Project We Love
071f37c25f75d5cabc139d9e17de74d3 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Protect a uniquely biodiverse wilderness threatened by climate change by helping complete a 24-hour-long landscape film.

MFA Fine Arts chair Mark Tribe presents Deep Green: Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, a 24-hour-long landscape film that will highlight the bio-diverse wilderness threatened by climate change.

Project We Love
Fdeecddd0177643dc7625562c4a0b2fc original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A collection of works by 68 artists challenging notions of gender and identity studies, published by New York's Gnomic Book.

BFA Photography alumnus Efrem Zelony-Mindell presents newflesh: queerness beyond the body, a collection of works by 68 artists challenging notions of gender and identity studies.

"Ithaqa" is a Lovecraftian horror story, set during the roaring 20's, in Ithaca, New York.

BFA Cartooning alumnus Theresa Chiechi presents "Ithaqa" a Lovecraftian horror comic set in the 1920s Ithaca, New York.

Project We Love
Ba5c6d45ca470a87424f0ee199e432ec original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A video art piece about how we relate to ourselves and the world after trauma.

MFA Fine Arts alumnus Alicia Smith presents I Believe You, a new video piece which examines how people process themselves and the world after trauma.

The Power Suit may be the official uniform of Washington, but the humble t-shirt is where you'll see the wearer's true colors fly high.

BFA Fine Arts alumnus Andrew Davis presents Trump Noir III: Alternative Fashion, the third and final book in his on-going series. The book leaks the "alternative facts" on the minds of America's political celebrities.

An original animated fairy tale that tells the story of how The Moon got its light.

A team of current BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects students present A Moonlight's Tale, an animated fairy tale which tells the story of how the Moon got its light.

Project We Love
A4bb259c30444e64247f8213d0d49065 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Missed out on preordering the book? Pick up Vol. 1 and Vol 2 by clicking the link below--thank you! A gang of bawdy burlesque girls seek retribution against the crime syndicates as a turf war rages on in 1928 San Francisco.

BFA Cartooning alumnus Dan Cooney presents The Tommy Gun Dolls Vol. 2, a deluxe hardcover edition of this graphic novel featuring a gang of burlesque girls seeking retribution against a crime syndicate.

Project We Love
1860c342c8aa2ac92631988342e1bcae original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Help me create a residency and contemporary exhibition space in Puglia, Italy.

MFA Fine Arts alumnus Jamie Sneider is working on creating an artist residency space in Puglia, Italy. The space will have an advisory committee and lend itself to contemporary practices, research, publications and exhibitions.

A moving portrait featuring conversations, recipes, and moments with my Abuelita, Hilda Ochoa.

BFA Photography and Video alumnus Sinjun Strom presents MOMGRANDMA, documenting the life and adventures of her grandmother.

Second installment in the Trump Noir series, this book looks at twenty major departures of the Trump White House - Year One.

BFA Fine Arts alumnus Andrew Davis presents Trump Noir II: The Departed, the second book in his on-going series. This book highlights the 20 major departures of the Trump White House during the first year of this administration's presidency.

Project We Love
473c50fe7148fd1c7fd253d813ad1ca9 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

25 years of careful, loving seeing: Carl Martin's photos of both the ordinary people and places in GA. August Sander meets Paul Graham.

BFA Photography alumnus Carl Martin presents Carl Martin: The Book, a monograph highlighting 25 years of documenting the people and places of Georgia.

I am exhibiting a series of artwork based on Superheroes, history and mythology at Project 1628 in Baltimore, MD from April - May.

MFA Illustration as Visual Essay alumnus Matthew Freel presents American Olympus, an exhibition of works based on mythology, history and superheroes.

Project We Love
7719f6c684e75399ca0db57a2d76dda1 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

BUSY INSIDE is a feature length documentary film that follows 5 women in group therapy living with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

MFA Social Documentary Film alumni Olga Lvoff and Victor Ilyuhkin present Busy Inside, a feature length documentary that follows five women living with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Project We Love
48536d1ac0a3a4faf19335becd81f439 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A feature-length documentary exploring how social movements and acts of resistance shape America's past and are essential to its future.

MFA Social Documentary Film faculty member Micah Fink presents The Power of Protest, a feature-length documentary that explores how social movements and acts of resistance shape America's past and its future.

Project We Love
25602a688a334b09eca42f0e15dfe63a original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Roni & Dawn Henning, Brooklyn Artists and Printmakers create a Tee shirt company to raise awareness about the natural world at risk

BFA Fine Arts alumnus Dawn Henning presents Brooklyn Tee Time, a line of t-shirts that highlight endangered species around the world.

An interactive thought in print form about personal worlds, reality, and finding your people.

MFA Interaction Design alumnus Nikki Sylianteng presents A Mini Multiverse, an interactive silkscreen print allowing the viewer to remind themselves of their personal worlds and their connection with others.

A campaign to commission jewelry designers to develop pieces of jewelry that can instill us with a feeling of safety.

MFA Interaction Design students Amra Kalra is working on a design project creating self-defense jewelry for women around the world.

Gadget saves you time by making it easy to add 3D drawing, world scaling, pointer menus, and object palettes to your Unity VR project.

MFA Interaction Design student Mischa Fierer has designed a set of digital gadgets for VR developers to use and enhance their projects.

An community art project that encourages connection and transformation through sharing thoughts around death.

MFA Interaction Design student Azucena Romá presents Recuerdos, a participatory project that celebrates life and death through sharing and listening.

Project We Love
0195bf306c5039a1ba6f959f173b1a24 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Workbooks and workshops designed to empower the next generation of girls of color to become leaders in their communities.

MFA interaction Design student Amy Ashida presents Girl Represent, a series of workbooks and workshops designed to empower the next generation of girls of color to become leaders in their communities.

A community simulation game for LGBT gamers. Make friends. Eat funnel cake. (For Windows)

MFA Interaction Design student Christine Lawton presents Cape Luna: A Beach Town RPG, built for LGBT gamers who want more games where they see characters who are like them.

NetViews Episodes 1 & 2 featuring WosX, R23X, Broken Reality & Simon Chandler

MFA Interaction Design student Tyler Gumb presents NetViews, a series of streaming concerts and live AMAs with Vaporwave artists.

Project We Love
8b2413cf481c121a5df1608cf23f8882 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

A journal designed for travelers to record their experiences in a unique and creative way!

MFA Interaction Design student Sejal Kotak presents Outside the Bubble: An Illustrated Travel Journal which allows travelers a creative way to document their journey.

MFA Interaction Design student Alex Frankel presents the McKinLeash, a customizable utility dog leash, that allows dog walkers a new way to bring all their dog necessities.

Project We Love
5d5ca4e74335f380aacdafdf2fe53e02 original.gif?ixlib=rb 2.1

A two day wonderland where virtual reality meets physical reality.

MFA Interaction Design students Janel Wong and Nour Malaeb present AVRA, a two-day virtual reality event that allows users a virtual reality playroom within a physical space.

Project We Love
1cb1dc4ff82a5f8de88cdec156fa4396 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Celebrating biking, diversity, and local businesses.

MFA Interaction Design student Katarina Yee presents Bicycle Bites, a bike tour of international dumplings around Brooklyn, celebrating local businesses and the diversity of the food.

Project We Love
40f749acff787b1ad4ff3ef16667049b original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

An event that unfolds the unique story of Chinese dumplings by serving them in the order in which they were invented.

MFA Interaction Design student Yue (Lilian) Yuan presents Origins of the Chinese Dumpling, an event that will allow visitors the opportunity to learn the origins and styles of Chinese dumplings.

Doxie-shaped cheeseboard. A product for animals lovers. Handcrafted with love in NYC ❤︎

MFA Interaction Design student Ashley Jang presents Doobi Cheeseboard, the ultimate gift for dog lovers.

Project We Love
1f8828a27c2ca3dc3c63f284e31e7cc0 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Never lost your charger anymore, Keep the memory in a personalized way, and explore the playful use case.

MFA interaction Design student Wei Ting Kuo presents Faceticker, a personalized way to identify and keep track of your computer charger.

Project We Love
25cb999deb4b33ec28374de3dc6f2945 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A ruler for the modern world created to bridge the gap between physical and digital.

Current BFA Design students Alex Lindmarker and Jens Marklund present the Lindlund, a ruler that allows it user to create work for both physical and digital applications.

Project We Love
28dcd6fd0652ec5c91fd887909d982b5 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

This documentary film is an intimate portrait of love and loss that observes family and nature undergoing the cycle of birth to death.

MFA Photography alumna Amy Jenkins' documentary film explores family relationships, love, and loss, from conception, to birth, to death.

Project We Love
092bc3f560dfdb9f01a5ba5a1e39111a original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A card game of lumberjacks, grizzly bears, and competitive hairstyling! Missed the Kickstarter? Click the button below to pre-order, Coming November 2017.

BFA Illustration alumnus David Fooden presents Yukon Salon, a card game where you compete to give the best hairstyle to lumberjacks and grizzly bears.

Project We Love
Ede61b8aa40910c60b847be93ca9fd1d original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Minimalist sketchbook / notebook for journalists and creatives. It is a must-have tool for Designers, Journalists, and Artists!

BFA Graphic Design alumnus Tim Tu presents the SketchyNotebook, a minimalist notebook made for creatives.

The Box is a fine art book of Ron Amato's innovative and seductive photography project.

BFA Photography alumnus Ron Amato presents The Box, a color monograph highlighting the human experiences of self-discovery, sexuality and community building.

Project We Love
476a1fbb2ba8fa210d5a9baa3c06243f original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A sci-fi adventure about fathers & sons, and the invisible wounds of war.

BFA Animation alumnus Mike Pappa presents A Crimson Man, a live-action sci-fi adventure about a war-torn land of man versus machine.

Project We Love
7aa62740b8abd49977fae7734604a8eb original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

SHOT is a book of 101 shooting survivors from across the USA of all races, many ethnicities, ages 8-80 from high/low profile shootings.

BFA Photography alumnus Kathy Shorr presents SHOT, a monograph of survivors of gun violence.

Project We Love
879a1565a44d82372f8e8a866f9d6cf7 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

I am publishing the first hardcover, full-color monograph of my 8-year photography project on the post-utopian sites of World's Fairs.

MFA Photography, Video and Related Media alumnus Jade Doskow presents Lost Utopias, a hardcover monograph documenting her 8-year photography project documenting the sites of the World's Fairs.

Project We Love
7e9b5c7724a5343caa81b3bf0350174e original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

In collaboration with Charlotte Cotton and the International Center of Photography, our new book explores public & private portraiture.

BFA Visual and Critical Studies alumnus Romke Hoogwaerts presents Mossless 4, a book that explores the shifting lines of public and private portraiture.

Project We Love
1f14d1d8841737a131a19f05e758404f original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A cross-country meetup series to bring people who are designing for autism together to share their knowledge and build a community.

Current MFA Interactive Design students David Mahmarian and Kohzy Koh present a series of cross-country meetups that bring together people who are designing for autism.

Completely redesigned cutting board and dish drying rack to utilize space effectively in a small kitchen.

Current MFA Interaction Design students Keith Tseng and Uijun Park present Cut & Dry, a compact redesign on the cutting board and dish drying rack which utilizes space effectively in a small kitchen.

Turn your memorable travel experience into high-quality prints.

Current MFA Interaction Design student Andrew Hua presents Path, a personalized service that turns your travel memories into high-quality prints of your favorite photos and a visualized travel route.

Expand your thinking, explore new possibilities, and see things differently.

Current MFA Interaction Design students Ruth Tupe and Elushika Weerakoon present Perspective Cards, a fun game that prompts you to think about your ideas and problems from another persons point of view.

Project We Love
74bba4fe5f8d3224c9b9a48b24abcb8b original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

A Collection of My Favorite Memories is a journal for anyone who wants to preserve their favorite memories throughout their life.

Current MFA Interaction Design student Min Lee presents A Lifelong Journal, a Collection of My Favorite Memories. This journal will help its user collect favorite memories over time and help them understand themselves better.

Project We Love
F0a06cef8c5b950c3809aceb6265d895 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

There is a lot of people that make it possible for you to drink that great cup of Colombian Coffee, help us tell their stories

Current MFA Interaction Design students Paola Rangel and Julian Gonzalez present Tinto, a special edition of Colombian coffee beans that aims to educate the consumer of the quality and origins of the product.

Project We Love
1013cfbb7f47232b008f03011d6fb540 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Capturing the world’s endangered landscapes in 360 video for the public domain. First stop: The Columbia Glacier, Alaska.

Current MFA Interaction Design students David Al-Ibrahim and Saba Singh present Catalog.Earth, a 360 video that would preserve the world's most endangered landscapes, that then the public can access the footage for free.

Project We Love
Dde43e4a4015a20fa23675280494fd47 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

The inaugural class of the MA Curatorial Practice at the School of Visual Arts is preparing 3 weeks of amazing art in April/May in NYC!

Help the inaugural class of the MA Curatorial Practice open seven new exhibitions throughout New York City in April and May.

Project We Love
97ac74634481621892f8b3df43539c80 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

Award-winning film about Ryan & Amy Green, who created an unusual and poetic video game about their son with cancer.

Help MFA Social Documentary alumnus David Osit bring the award-winning film Thank You For Playing to theaters. The film follows the creation of a unusual video game that tackles one family's diagnoses with cancer.

Project We Love
5f6f22a5ca5912b1e210782dc683377c original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

Alexa Karolinski's next feature documentary looks at her Jewish German identity through history, politics, art and culture.

MFA Social Documentary Film alumnus Alexa Karolinski presents Alles in Allem (All Things Considered), a feature film exploring the filmmakers own Jewish German identity through history, politics art and culture.

Project We Love
06bca7b5a635bae6c015b364a86aa340 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A book about the journey of veterans who have to reconcile the pride of their service with the outcome of the war in which they fought.

MFA Photography, Video and Related Media student William Chan presents Ten Years After Iraq, an examination of pride and reconciliation of the veterans who fought overseas.

Project We Love
C89accf92ba738c7c8dde7505d4033b6 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

The Squire pen is designed with an underlying philosophy of simplicity, usefulness, and community.

BFA Graphic Design alumnus Joey Cofone presents the Squire, an innovative newly designed pen.

Li’l Stories is a literacy framework for 1st - 3rd graders that helps them create, collaborate and express themselves through stories.

MFA Interaction Design alumnus presents Li'l Stories: Learning Through Storytelling, a literacy framework that engages 1st to 3rd grade students to create, collaborate and express themselves through storytelling.

Project We Love
7cb425b43340082ef8fd6cb4ad298d6b original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Drinking cocktails won't save the world, but eating insects might. Critter Bitters take the 'ick' factor out of eating insects.

MFA Products of Design alumni Julia Plevin and Lucy Knops present Critter Bitters, a cocktail bitters made from toasted crickets which add a sweet nutty note to drinks while taking out the 'ick' factor of eating insects.

Project We Love
35de680ea12aa86ed3725c88514cd9c7 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A glimpse into the enchanting world of homeschooled children living in the Catskill mountains of New York. Published by Kehrer Verlag

MFA Photography, Video and Related Media alumnus Rachel Papo presents Homeschooled, a monograph that looks at children from the Catskill Mountains who are all homeschooled.

Project We Love
D561b82da37e7e8c632e7868bdef96ab original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A coming-of-age film about two incompatible siblings and a dead goat.

BFA Film and Video alumnus Samir Oliveros presents When The Well Runs Dry, a coming-of-age feature film exploring two siblings journey as the deal with a dead goat, a broken truck and tourists on the horizon.

Life-size, hyper-realistic animal models in high detail, using ZBrush sculpting, 3D printing and hand painting techniques.

Current BFA Fine Arts students Lian Lian and Xinhai Zhao present Frogs; life-size hyper-realistic 3D printed frogs.

Project We Love
C21cb1ea8b3e63673885db184ae2ba5b original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Award-winning filmmaker Deborah Dickson seeks finishing funds for her playful documentary about the mysteries of romantic love.

MFA Social Documentary Film faculty member Deborah Dickson presents Eccentric Orbit, a documentary about the mysteries of falling in love.

Project We Love
441a7125700cc9a370500f6b27608a89 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

A man haunted by the death of his 4-year-old sister brings her back to life 30 years later as an adult woman. The consequences are dire.

BFA Film and Video alumnus presents Ayla, a feature film about a man who brings his dead sister back to life 30 years after her death with dire consequences.

Project We Love
7a87739340bf869f11b9bf9ddd5c8f80 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A credit card-sized cell phone designed to be used as little as possible. The Light Phone is your phone away from phone.

BFA Graphic Design alumnus Joe Hollier presents The Light Phone, a credit card-size cell phone, that works with your preexisting phone that strips away all the digital noise.

A cinematic essay about Pete the Dog's enduring journey in dealing with behavioral issues.

Media Arts alumnus Benita Raphan presents Pete the Dog, a short film that chronicles the three-year journey of her rescued shelter dog as they overcome his behavioral issues and adjusts to his new life.

Project We Love
F9bca80a58624a8638b512a56f70d7a0 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

A photography book exploring the muddy Floridian motor sport of Swamp Buggy Racing and its surrounding culture.

BFA Photography faculty member Malcolm Lightner presents Mile O' Mud, a photographic monograph exploring the muddy Floridian motor sport of Swamp Buggy Racing and its surrounding culture.

Project We Love
5039974b9a9975dec90c5d0100267037 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Knoll struggles to come to terms with a loss. People watching and music are his escapes from the reality of bland odd jobs.

Current MFA Photography, Video and Related Media student Forrest Davis presents A Watched Pot, a short film dealing with one man's struggle to find happiness and a way to come to terms with loss.

Project We Love
6f535c31f4a0fbbc26879575cd2b0394 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A 196-page comics anthology celebrating the boys' love genre through six original stories.

BFA Cartooning alumni Eric Alexander Arroyo, Emily Forster, and Kou Chen present Boy, I Love You, a comics anthology that celebrates the boy's love genre of comics in six original stories.

Follow a devious career criminal as he begins his bloody rise to power through the ranks of a dark syndicate.

Current BFA Cartooning student Eli Powell presents Butcher, a gritty noir comic that follows the protagonist as he rises to power in a blood-soaked NYC.

Project We Love
Dc9f83ffeef282b84edc86278dc0a70b original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

CHAINMAIL BIKINI is a comics anthology celebrating female gamers! Video games, RPGs, LARPing, and more.

BFA Illustration alumnus Hazel Newlevant presents Chainmail Bikini, an comic anthology celebrating female gamers.

'Life', a short film based on a young boy's choice between his future and his family.

Current BFA Film student Crystal Loyola presents Life, a short film about one boy's choice between his future and his family.

Project We Love
3c7859dce515c21c1e0961f39e8259ee original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

It's the 1930s, Grace finds out she's adopted. She journeys away from home to find her birth parents but discovers her true family.

BFA Film and Video alumnus Jennifer Kachler presents Kennedy Hill, a short film set in the 1930s that addresses one woman's journey to find her birth family.

Project We Love
F5892734c89bd94baa68d709c081d725 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

“The Lams of Ludlow Street” is an exploration into the life of one Chinese family living in New York City’s Chinatown neighborhood.

MFA Photography, Video and Related Media alumnus Thomas Holton presents The Lams of Ludlow Street, a 12-year photographic exploration of one Chinese family living in New York City's Chinatown neighborhood.

A web-based app to taking notes on craft beer. It’s personal and private, so you don’t have to share with anyone. Works on any mobile device.

Current MFA Interaction Design student Nic Barajas presents Beerio, an app for mobile devices that allows you to take notes on craft beer.

Project We Love
1401838eb0d9a41dc3457d9305f120c3 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

I'm hand-drawing and writing 100 letters in a celebration of snail mail -- and to put a smile on someone's face.

Current MFA Interaction Design student Rachel Hsiung presents 100 Letters: A Celebration of Snail Mail, a fun personalize tongue-and-cheek handcrafted letter to help brighten someone's day.

Project We Love
Ebb21a39ff54e9df464f064c88c0757e original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

An illustrated collection of animals eating ice cream

Current MFA Interaction Design student Carrie Tsang presents Animals Eating Ice Cream, an illustrated collection of animals eating ice cream.

Project We Love
Fc6fb8bdc7f51c90672d23e8d43b6895 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

LINE x LINE is a project that explores and abstracts colors in NYC's subways stations.

Current MFA Interaction Design student Karen Ng, presents Line X Line a project that explores and abstracts the colors from the NYC subway stations.

Project We Love
8ae9b19684febab3072b80a8c8722976 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

The Folding Drawing Table is a table for artists that can be folded and easily stored under your bed to save space!

Current MFA Interaction Design student Marcelo Mejia Cobo presents The Folding Drawing Table; a table for artists which can be folded and stored when not in use.

Project We Love
80046545397530bfff3b32e9b492383f original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

This book is about how design brings people together. That’s where you come in.

MFA Design faculty member Scott Stowell presents Design for People, a book full of real people behind innovative design work telling the stories behind that work.

Project We Love
F09902b7bb519ebf4b3f73565c3634d7 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

The Keyboard Waffle Iron IS HERE! By popular demand, the internet's dream of keyboard-shaped waffles is now a reality.

BFA Graphic Design alumnus Chris Dimino presents the Keyboard Waffle Iron, which makes a delicious, crispy, perfectly keyboard-shaped waffle.

Project We Love
B371f8c76a21c13f51acae93cc1e86be original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

A short film about a young woman trying to find a way out of an abusive relationship.

BFA Fine and Video alumnus Francesca Coppola presents Jonny Come Lately, a short film about a young woman trying to find a way out of an abusive relationship.

Project We Love
650aed6a8e8d08e95b679cf614be3569 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

STEADFAST is a NY arts magazine seeking to raise funds to print issue N.1 which will celebrate over 40 artists from around the world.

Current MFA Photography, Video and Related Media student Christina Arza presents Steadfast, a magazine that highlights art, culture, and worldwide creatives.

Photographs exploring the intersection of nature, imagination, and myth in the American Forest. A Daylight hardbound.

MFA Photography, Video and Related Media alumnus presents Sylvania, a photo book exploring the intersection of nature, imagination and myth surrounding the American forest.

Project We Love
4fefb6495657c598a0f8816c7588c9d6 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

FSA is the preservation of Flawless Sabrina's historical lifework as an educational resource for artists, activists and scholars.

BFA Photography alumnus Zackary Drucker presents the Flawless Sabrina Archive which will help preserve the legacy of this trailblazer's lifelong work and serve as an education resource for artists, activists and scholars.

NY artist Martin Wittfooth and designer Mark Murphy are working hard to raise funds for the printing and packaging of BABEL.

MFA Illustration as Visual Essay alumnus presents Babel, a monograph featuring 65 paintings that span five years of his work.

Project We Love
5302c245684a14f33af716cba2d842da original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

An animated comedy about humans and animals coexisting in New York City.

BFA Fine Arts alumnus Steven Cartoccio presents Concrete Jungle, an animated comedy series that focuses on the relationships of man and animals as they coexist in New York City.

Project We Love
5dcb527ecb4f551065e05789c44fc207 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

TRMTAB introduces limited edition, refined leather goods for your tech devices created from production offcuts

MFA Product of Design alumni Mansi Gupta and Cassandra Michel (TRMTAB) present a limited edition leather collection of products created from production offcuts.

Project We Love
278cca2d5c0022a943d3835b3e89e4d5 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Let's turn Strong Female Protagonist, the ongoing webcomic about superheroes and social justice, into a graphic novel!

BFA Cartooning alumnus Molly Ostertag and BFA Film and Video alumnus Brennan Lee Mulligan present Strong Female Protagonist, an online web comic which they hope to move into a graphic novel series.

The Most Versatile Notebook & Sketchbook Ever! No matter you're drawing, writing or sketching. One Book to Rule Them All!

BFA Graphic Design alumnus Tim Tu, presents the SketchyNotebook, a multi-use notebook that enables its user multiple functions and layouts.

PICTURES FROM "AMERICA" is a multi-media art project: a handmade photo book, an online e-book, and an exhibition.

BFA Fine Arts alumnus Wayne Salazar presents Pictures From "America", a multimedia art project that will contemplate the people and places throughout the US in 2014.

Project We Love
A0980d5e25dc7d7162d968e6ca3fb57e original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

Blank page anxiety be gone! Prompt your best creative observation and capture your memories of the beautiful spaces.

Current MFA Interaction Design student Hanna Yoon presents the Experience Journal, a notebook that encourages its user to observe, think and capture the space around them.

Project We Love
Ae7c909b1c7b18265423023db1442dc4 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

This postcard kit allows traveling companions to document their journey together and to share it with their loved ones.

Current MFA Interaction Design student Dami You presents A Memory Between Us, a postcard kit that is shared between two travelers to document their experiences.

A design project dedicated to defining the borough of Queens through its people with interviews, photographs, and a resource directory.

MFA Interaction Design student Amy Wu presents QNSMADE, a website that presents the borough of Queens by the people who know it best, its residents.

Project We Love
C3a722c6b93cdd7e960efc5c964aa6db original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

A book that celebrates old and new ways of making. For kids from 1 to 100.

MFA Interaction Design students Melody Quintana and Sneha Pai present Maker's Alphabet, a book that highlights 26 different creative processes.

Project We Love
Fbec322699ba44196af5c555be9e175c original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A semi-autobio graphic novel anthology about one schmuck's quest for love and the meaning of life in New York City.

BFA Photography alumnus Seth Kushner presents Schmuck; a semi-autobiographical graphic novel anthology about finding love in New York City.

Project We Love
E1c665001b0c3b4adf08dbeaaa75138e original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Turn any desk or table into a standing desk with the adjustable, portable, affordable UpStanding Desk. Think on your feet. Visit

MFA Interaction Design students Sam Carmichael and Mikey Chen present The UpStanding Desk, an adjustable, portable and affordable unit that turns any desk or table into a standing desk.

Project We Love
Eafc7bb50848805759180c2d139348d6 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

This documentary is the story of an artist, Marshall Arisman, whose creative life was highly influenced by his psychic grandmother.

MFA Illustration as Visual Essay chair Marshall Arisman presents A Postcard from Lily Dale, a documentary exploring how his creative life was influenced by his psychic grandmother.

Project We Love
B7a48eb92eecdbb36bbcccc996cca6d1 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Follow the antics of my two mischievous cats, Fidget and Moe, in this 180 page, hardcover comic edition.

BFA Animation alumnus Alisa Harris presents The Collected Counter Attack!, a hardcover comic edition based on the artist's two mischievous cats.

An unsustainable precedent. A city at odds. A creative capital. A documentary examining Beijing's rampant development.

MFA Art Practice alumnus Matthew Niederhauser presentts Kapital Creation, a documentary examininng Beijing's rampant development.

Project We Love
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A collaborative site-specific art exhibition to take place in abandoned war-era prisons throughout Eastern Europe.

BFA Fine Arts alumnus Marina Andrijčić-Ojeda presents The Penitentiary, a site-specific art exhibition that will be shown in abandoned war-era prisons throughout Eastern Europe.

A start-up fashion brand with a new take on sustainable design and textiles.

BFA Fine Arts alumnus Laura Parlato presents Indigo Apparel, a start-up fashion brand that's using sustainable designs and textiles.

ARGENT is a fledgeling t-shirt company that delivers handprinted designs by Brooklyn based Illustrator, Adrien Dacquel.

BFA Illustration alumnus Adrien Dacquel presents ARGENT, a handprinted t-shirt company.

NYC-based painter raising money to attend a five month international artist residence in Leipzig, Germany.

BFA Visual and Critical Studies alumnus Angela Miskis is raising money for her 5 month residency in Leipzig, Germany.

Project We Love
Main 16x9

BFA Film alumnus Rachel Puchkoff presents Wildcats, a web-series following a group of cheerleaders.

Project We Love
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10 yr-old Elsa takes matters into her own hands when Child Services plans a visit that could separate her from her 5 yr-old brother

BFA Film, Video and Animation faculty member James Grimaldi presents Before the Bomb, a short film that explores the length that 10-year old Elsa will go to protect her brother.

Project We Love
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What if you could re-live a nuance of a special moment in the past? A sensory artwork about memory recall invites you to do just that.

MFA Photography, Video and Related Media alumnus Anita Giraldo presents Steel Ice & Stone, a sensory installation that helps its viewer recall memories and moments from their lives.

7 sex workers take the stage at Joe’s Pub for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to share their stories-a doc by Emmy Award winning filmmakers

BFA Film and Video alumnus David Kornfield presents The Red Umbrella Diaries, a documentary film about 7 LGBTQ sex worker storytellers as they prepare for the biggest performance of their lives.

Creating a permanent document of modern life in a fishing village and making works on paper to transmit the art to remote audiences

MFA Fine Arts alumnus Kevin Sudeith presents new works on paper from his series of modern petroglypphs.

Project We Love
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Sketchbooks & notebooks designed with an underlying philosophy of simplicity, usefulness & community.

BFA Design alumnus Joey Cofone presents Baron Fig, a series of sketchbooks and notebooks who's design keeps you the user in mind.

Project We Love
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Handcrafted collage art in the form of a protective hardcase for your treasured iPhone (for 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 & 5S).

MFA Illustration as Visual Essay alumnus Lauren Simkin Berke presents iPhone cases based on her handcrafted collage work.

Project We Love
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Woody's years with Huntington's seen through his letters, family snapshots, rare interviews and photos of the abandoned hospital today.

MFA Photography, Video and Related Media alumnus Phillip Buehler presents Woody Guthrie's Wardy Forty, a book of Woody's years at the Greystone Park State Hospital.

Project We Love
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A book about modern-day gold prospectors in California with photos by Sarina Finkelstein, designed and published by Kehrer Verlag.

MFA Photography, Video and Related Media alumnus Sarina Finkelstein presents The New Forty-Niners, a book highlighting modern-day gold prospectors in California.

Project We Love
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A short animation about a woman who finds her twenty-year-old diary, and goes back in time to talk some sense into her teenage self.

MFA Illustration as Visual Essay alumnus Nina Frenkel presents I Was a Teenage Girl, Apparently? a 2-D animated film about a woman who finds her old diary and goes back in time to talk to her teenage self.

UDON Entertainment and Skullkickers artist, Edwin Huang present, "The Rogues Gallery: A Character Study Art Book by Edwin Huang"

BFA Cartooning alumnus Edwin Huang presents The Rogues Gallery: A Character Study Art Book, that will feature his own comic creations for the first time in a book format.

The Bumbly Bears are a group of bear brothers who go on fantastic adventures in search of honey and fun.

A graduate of the BFA Illustration and Cartooning Department, Luther joins a long list of successful SVA alumni authors and illustrators. We like his promise to use a percentage of the funds raised from this campaign to donate copies to libraries.

Project We Love
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A collection of illustrated works on paper that combines animals and vintage household ephemera.

Michael Lauritano will enter the MFA Illustration as Visual Essay program in Fall 2013. Welcome to SVA and the SVA Kickstarter page, Michael and best of luck with both endeavors.

Since 2007, I have undertaken a massive project: photographing all of the remaining iconic sites & structures of world's fairs.

MFA Photography, Video and Related Media alumnus Jade Doskow presents Lost Utopia's: North American Sites - her continuing exploration of capturing the sites at the World's Fairs.

Star of the City is a towering monument honoring NYC's burner community at Burning Man's 2013 Circle of Regional Effigies (C.O.R.E.)

BFA Photography alumnus Adi Azulay presents Star of the City, a 2013 entry to the Burning Man's Circle of Regional Effigies (C.O.R.E.).

Project We Love
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The thrilling team-based airship combat of GoIO expanded with towns, trade, player factions, and a living, breathing, persistent world!

Another thrilling team-based game featuring artwork by alumni and students from the BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects Department at SVA. You helped them before and can do it again!

Project We Love
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All The Queens Men takes a look into the mysterious world of men; a part fact part fictional tale set in the magical and gritty Queens.

BFA Photography alumnus Katie Murray presents All The Queens Men, a decade long photographic exploration of the rites, rituals and relationships of men.

"Dead Lines" is a live-action dark comedy about a guy who lands a job at a call center - only to find out it's haunted!

BFA Film alumnus Marco Ragozzino presents Dead Lines, a live-action dark comedy about a man who gets a job at a call center only to discover it's haunted.

Storytelling tools for designers: storyboarding sticky notes and paper prototyping kits for mobile and tablet.

Current MFA Interaction Design students Rae Milne & Pam Jae present Sticky Jots, storytelling and paper prototyping tools for designers.

Collaborative street art that sparks conversation. Make your own statement using sustainable materials.

Current MFA Interaction Design student Meghana Khandekar presents Mark This Town, a social initiative that brings what inspires you to the city.

Children love stories, but telling captivating stories on demand is hard. Li'l Stories make storytelling easy and fun.

Current MFA Interaction Design student Anke Stohlmann presents Li'l Stories, a series of flash cards you can use to inspire when you need to tell a tale at bedtime, dinner or traveling.

Adapted from the 2010 memoir by Michele Carlo, "Fish Out Of Agua" has been invited to the 20th annual L.A. Women's Theater Festival!

BFA Media Arts alumnus Michele Carlo presents the theatrical version of Fish Out Of Agua, her autobiographical book at the LA Women's Theater Festival.

Project We Love
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A progressive bookshop and art gallery that specializes in new and used hard to find books in the city of Austin, Texas.

BFA Photography alumnus Travis Kent presents Farewell Books - a progressive bookshop and art gallery in Austin, TX.

Project We Love
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A young man's journey of self discovery affects the long distance relationship he keeps with his mother.AVAILABLE NOW on Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook. Click the link below to watch!

BFA Animation alumnus Alex Myung present The Arrival, a traditional 2D animated short film exploring one boy's journey into the big city to follow his dreams and overcome indifference.

Project We Love
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A short science fiction film about an astronauts encounter with a speaking nebula while trapped inside his malfunctioned space pod.

Current MPS Live Action Short student Eric Pennycoff presents The Pod, a sci-fi short film about an astronaut who is confronted by a speaking nebula and his past.

Project We Love
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CHEATIN' is now available to rent and buy exclusively from Vimeo on Demand:!

BFA Cartooning alumnus Bill Plympton presents Cheatin', his latest animated feature film - an adult tale of love, jealousy, revenge, and murder.