• HOLOSCENES / an epic public art + performance project

    Performance installation that viscerally connects the long-term patterns behind climate change to our everyday behaviors.

    Ambitious and beautiful public art project.

  • Recipes by People

    A £1 cookbook compiling the crowd's recipes. Each backer submits 1 recipe. The more backers there are, the bigger the cookbook gets!

    I am always delighted when people find fun ways to play with Kickstarter --- what it is, and what it can be.

    In this project anyone can pledge £1 to share a recipe in what is sure to be the biggest cookbook ever made (over 1200 recipes so far!)

  • Danube Revisited: The Inge Morath Truck Project

    An epic journey along the Danube River by nine female documentary photographers retracing the footsteps of an industry pioneer.

    Insanely excited for the story of these nine women to unfold here on Kickstarter, and eventually on an epic 35-day road trip following the Danube River.

  • MOLDOVER: waaaaay more than an album! - "FOUR TRACK"

    Musician, artist, and inventor MOLDOVER presents a new original album packaged in a playable circuit board instrument!

    Always talking with musicians these days about they can collab with other creative folks to make and share their work.

    This album-as-instrument created in mentorship with someone from noisebridge in SF is so cool.

  • Nelvana of the Northern Lights: Canada's First Superheroine

    In 1941, Adrian Dingle created one of the first superheroines. Nelvana, Inuit goddess of the North has never been reprinted since.

    Nelvana is my new heroine. What about you?

  • Kitsch Encyclopedia by Sara Cwynar

    A book project by Sara Cwynar of original and appropriated images and text, co-published with Blonde Art Books.

    I haven't curated this project yet because I couldn't think of anything pithy to say. So here goes:



  • Dithyrambalina-Musical Architecture for New Orleans

    Dithyrambalina will be a sonic playground, performance venue and laboratory for musical architecture in New Orleans.

    Second project from this incredible NoLA-based collaboration. Musicians and artists come together to bring this public art experiment to life.


    An artist's book of altered mass consumption exploring eroticism, anxiety, fear, war, protest and the cosmos.

    It's almost time for the New York Art Book Fair, which means tons of sweet artist book projects on the site. Very excited about this one!

  • Naima: Light in the Desert

    My sculpture project, Naima, is a jeweled chamber of purple light and glass hidden inside a rusted 5th-wheel trailer in the desert.

    If it is good enough for David Hickey and Andrea Zittel, it is good enough for me. (Totally beautiful) art for art's sake y'all. Not to mention a *solid* Kickstarter project.

  • Marina Abramovic Institute: The Founders

    KICKSTART MAI: Performance and education center, home to long durational work and the Abramovic Method

    A proposal for an artist-run center, operating wholly in a creative space and free of the demands art market. Powered by the people, in exchange for creative experiences.

  • OFF Pocket

    A privacy accessory for mobile phones to block all signals.

    Lovely model for sharing a design process and for bringing an idea to life that sits somewhere between art / tech / design / product.

  • OMNIVORE SALT—A family recipe that makes food taste better

    Omnivore salt makes great food even better. A family recipe that makes your food burst with flavor and your mouth water.

    Alice Waters carries it in her purse, Michael Pollan wrote about it, Werner Herzog steals it.

    (and the project video is narrated and edited by Werner Herzog.)

  • Touching Strangers: Photographs by Richard Renaldi

    A Special-Edition Book of Photographs by Richard Renaldi

    The widely respected Aperture Foundation brings us a limited edition photo-series and book of fine-art photographs featuring portraits of strangers in intimate poses.

  • W.A.N.T: Weaponized Adorables Negotiation Team book project

    The art of digital living in the PRISM era. An illustrated limited edition Kickstarter-only book for art, tech & theory fans.

    Kickstarter is a home for creating limited edition art works. This project is how its done.

  • + POOL, Tile by Tile

    Like a giant strainer dropped into the river, + POOL makes it possible for everybody to swim in clean river water right here in NYC.

    We the people can help to build this free public swimming pool in NYC's east river....But first the designers behind this project need to test their idea.

  • First Zine Across the Moon: Take Imaginary Windows to Canada

    Zine Residency Magic! Help me travel the circumference of the moon to create Imaginary Windows #6 at the Roberts St Social Centre.

    Sweet (feminist / art ) 'zine project from a New Zealand artist traveling to a residency in Halifax. Nice rewards if you are looking for ideas.

    Very excited to watch this project unfold.

  • Short Stack Editions (Vol. 1 - 3)

    Short Stack is a small-format publication about inspiring ingredients and recipes, created by the food world's brightest talents.

    A delightful little food project. Love the way they have integrated cooking, learning, eating, crafting, and art --- all the elements of their project --- into their rewards.

  • NeoLucida - A Portable Camera Lucida for the 21st Century

    The NeoLucida is a 19th-century optical drawing tool updated for the 21st century.

    Democratizing the fine art of drawing from life. Love this project.

  • Save the Coney Island Mermaid from Extinction!

    The nation's largest art parade may have been flooded, but it's not washed away!

    Mermaids and art and Brooklyn at its old-school finest. If you don't know the Mermaid Parade, now's your chance to get acquainted.

  • The Pocket Theater - No one should have to pay to perform!

    A new performance space in Seattle. A place for artists, comedians, and audiences to meet and collaborate!

    Excellent example of how to do a project for a creative space on Kickstarter. Considering how quickly they hit and doubled their goal, I am sure the social media tells a story as well.

  • Jeffrey Cheung Solo Show at Terra Gallery

    I am having a solo show at Terra Gallery in San Francisco and need help funding materials!

    This Bay Area artist is making a giant painting for an upcoming gallery show. Lots of art (prints, drawings, paintings) in exchange for your support!

  • Arctic Circle Expedition

    An ocean voyage to the Svalbard archipelago in summer 2013, researching the Northwest Passage & the history of humanity’s hubris.

    Banish your unmentionables and preserve your treasures through this conceptual art adventure to the arctic.

  • Cook[ειν] - cooking to share

    A Greek cookbook honoring family, uncompromised tradition, cooking & life.

    Delightful cookbook project, delightful Kickstarter video. Enjoy!

  • Last Days of Coney Island

    It's an animated cop, mafia, horror movie set in the 1960s in Coney Island, with political overtones both realistic and outrageous.

    Sweet project, and for my $10 pledge I have access to an online pre-release screening. YES.

  • Important Portraits

    I am creating a series of augmented reality portraits of KickStarter contributors for a solo exhibition at Pari Nadimi Gallery

    Famous new media artist Jeremy Bailey wants recognize Kickstarter backers as the patrons they are. Back Jeremy's project, and he might just honor you with your own augmented reality portrait.

  • SOILED No.4 – A Dirty Architecture Magazine

    Making a mess of the built environment and the politics of space, one issue at a time.

    The first professionally printed issue of a biannual magazine.

  • A House To Call Our House

    The newest performance collaboration between Julia Calabrese and Layla Marcelle Mrozowski

    Dancers and choreographers interested in using Kickstarter, this is a great model project you should check out.

  • The Kitchen: a space for participatory cooking & dining

    The Kitchen hosts events that use communal cooking and food as the focal point of a creative, immersive dining experience.

    Nice way to handle reward descriptions...start with great copy, end with brackets calling out what the tier includes. Very readable!

    (and totally great community food project too!)

  • CLOUDS Interactive Documentary

    CLOUDS is a documentary exploring creativity through the lens of code

    Art, tech, invention, new frontiers. Its all here. Not just a film, but a new way of making and experiencing film.

  • Middlewest: A new food magazine from Chicago

    Middlewest is a food magazine in the form of modern recipe cards.

    Its times like these that I wish I was an omnivore. This magazine-as-recipe-card is a beautiful concept, and with award-winning chefs, designers and photographers on board, will likely be a beautiful publication!

  • Verse Kraken: the magazine of hybrid art

    A new electronic magazine for experimental and interstitial art, writing and more, celebrating work that doesn't fit easily into boxes.

    Straight-forward, small publishing project from two friends living in London.

    Check out their sweet & simple video: pictures from a phone + music.

  • ▌▀▐▐GLI.TC/H 2112!?▐▐▀▌▌▐▀▀▄▄▀DIT.a▀▀▀Do▄it2gatherAGAI▀NN▀▀▀

    GLI.TC/H is a free & open event celebrating g͟͏l̨í̵͠t̸̕͡c̸͞h̴̨͜e͏͏͏͏̛͟s̛͟͠! Artists, educators and tinkerers gather ه҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉

    At Kickstarter HQ we often talk about "Kickstarter as a medium." The GLI.TC/H crew has taken this idea an run with it....check out their project to see their hack of the Kickstarter project page.

  • PHỞ 99

    Minh thường làm mỗi ngày

    Video video video. Watch this video. (and...Pho fans this project goes out to you.)

  • Public Functionary: A Responsive Art Space

    Public Functionary is an innovative new exhibition and community art space in Minneapolis, MN. This Kickstarter campaign helps fund it.

    Engaging community in contemporary art "that responds to current technology, communication and culture." Based in a favorite city, and offering up some lovely new work. All plusses in my book!

  • The Roxie Theater is Keeping Our Mission Reel!

    Support America's OLDEST Continuously Running Theater - Second Oldest In The World - San Francisco’s ROXIE THEATER

    People are always asking me how a non-profit can run a good Kickstarter project. Do it like this.

  • Saturn V Relaunch

    A photography, design and video project documenting the restaging of a 40 year-old memory and a shot at dad redemption.

    A project interrogating personal memory manifesting in photography, design, video and print media. Great model for taking an abstract concept and making it physical. Nice t-shirt too. :)

  • Printing Leipzig

    A series of lithographs exploring a city and its printers.

    A mapping + lithography project after my own heart.

  • Acceptable Reasons to Cry in Public

    A public spectacle essay. Multi-city letterpress poster installation—curated by project supporters.

    To the point. A great example of a straight-forward way that a public art project can engage a community through a Kickstarter project, and fund itself. Check it out.

  • Matchbox Me: Personalized Box Art On Demand, by Sherry Mills

    Get a whimsical, affordable, highly personal landscape inside of a vintage box in response to your life situation, dreams, or goals!

    For all you miniature art aficionados out there, check this one out. Like a Cornell Box, but tiny. Start your a collection for just $20.

  • Western Editions: A Letterpress Printshop

    It's time our love, errr... obsession, for letterpress takes the next step by raising the funds to open a printshop and offer workshops

    This is how its done ladies and gents; Help us make our printshop, we'll make you sweet hand-printed treats.

  • Music from Saharan Cellphones Volume 2 LP

    The Music from Saharan Cellphones Volume 2 is coming to vinyl.

    Volume 1 of this project was a favorite Kickstarter of mine, happy to see it return for more.

    If you are at all curious about contemporary music from outside your everyday, this is so worth checking out.

  • TD's Hand Bound Book of Posters

    A project to collect the posters of TD Sidell in a run of fifty hand bound limited edition books.

    A totally special collection of prints of hand-collaged posters bound-up just for us Kickstarter backers. Love it.

  • THE PROJECTS: experimental art + comics festival in Portland

    A new era for comics art: 3 days of workshops, exhibitions, screenings and collaborative projects with artists from around the world

    "The Projects is modeled on a new breed of European comics festivals that put creativity and connection at the forefront."

    LIKE. Not to mention the $20 reward is a very cool anthology featuring comics from around the world.

  • Habit

    "The Real World" meets "No Exit." Habit is a cross between installation, performance, and theater, and it's never the same thing twice.

    Check out this collaboration between artists, designers, writers, and mixologists. Free to the public this fall as part of FIAF's always great NYC Crossing the Line Festival, with PS 122.

    This piece has shown at Watermill and MASS MoCA; I think it is going to be pretty great.


    Key players in the unique and burgeoning Seattle hip-hop scene prepare to release their highly anticipated album, 'Tomorrow People'

    Really loving this Seattle-based group and their music. I wonder if I can make it out for their BBQ? Do you think they would make something vegan for me?

    In the meantime enjoying their music, and totally looking forward to more.

  • MARCELO GOMES: Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer

    Four continents. Two filmmakers. One dancer. A documentary portrait of ballet star Marcelo Gomes.

    SO exciting. This doc follows the true life story of an ABT principal at the height of his career and as he thinks about what's next.

    Through this project you can follow his story as it develops, meet Marcelo in person, and see him do what he does best, IRL. !

  • A Thousand Natural Shocks by Sharp & Fine and Kat Howard

    An evening-length dance and text collaboration that explores life and death and the stories we are and tell in between.

    More dance, more love. This project from a San Francisco-based trio of very legit dancers and writers.

    See it live during July if you live in SF, or pledge to this project to collect sweet ephemera from the making of this transmedia dance work.

  • Wondering Around Wandering

    Free community exhibition and event space for those who want to enjoy art and positive energy in a fun and educational environment.

    Brooklyn-based artist Mike Perry makes beautiful things. He wants to bring his work to his Crown Heights neighborhood where he will create an artistic wonderland for play & exploration. It will be free to visit with many free workshops.

    Buy Mike's art, make this idea a reality.

  • Expanding Eyebeam's Public Presence in Chelsea

    Eyebeam = open source & open content; to make what we do open to all, we are creating a new public space for books, exhibits & coffee.

    An NYC treasure, Eyebeam has been funding new explorations into art and technology for over 15 years. This Kickstarter is to engage designers and artists in remaking their bookstore lobby into an interactive gallery, social space and much needed coffee shop in West Chelsea.

  • the AOMC is SO CLOSE + SO FULL!

    barrish wants to put it's mouth on your desire. Help the AOMC raise the final $2,000 they need to premiere it at HERE this July!

    Kissing will ensue.

    A new favorite dance project from a new favorite collective of NYC dancers.

  • Forage Kitchen

    Forage Kitchen is the first Co-working space for food. A hub for the Bay Area food community, and a home for artisan food makers.

    Coooooool. and: Yum! If only I lived in SF.

    If you are lucky enough to be in the Bay Area, check this out: A plethora of parties with tasty food await you.

  • ACRE Kitchen Program

    The ACRE Artist Residency's Kitchen Program explores the many political, environmental, and creative aspects of food and dining.

    This is ACRE's >THIRD< Kickstarter project, and every time it just gets better and better.

    Recipes, art and tea towels await you when you get involved with this vital artist residency.

  • Ghost line

    A 16mm experimental dance film collaboration that invokes the spaces of Vaudeville through a Dada/Surrealist eye.

    This is what happens when a dancer and a film-maker—both working at the leading and most experimental edges of their craft—come together for a true collaboration.

  • The Kuramoto Model (1000 Fireflies)

    Up to 1000 cyclists at Northern Spark 2012 will receive blinking red bike lights that synchronize with each other.

    Fun little public art meets technology meets flash mob on wheels project!

  • POSTICK - Adhesive labels that convert things into postcards

    Adhesive postcard-back labels that transform photographs, drawings, notes & all sorts of things into real, physical postcards.

    Such a ridiculously simple idea, and so many fun opportunities!


    To study concepts of the future, an artist travels to the Arctic Circle aboard a tall ship to collaborate with emerging scientists.

    What is it like to be an artist aboard a ship bound for the North Pole? What if there are scientists aboard your ship? The dinner conversations must be remarkable.

  • Jane Jensen's Moebius and Pinkerton Road Studio

    Moebius -- A new adventure game from the creator of Gabriel Knight and Gray Matter.

    Community Supported GAMING. Brill.

  • The Pedal Inn Cookbook for all bike, food + adventure lovers

    A one-of-a-kind cookbook for camping + eating well by bike. Quality original recipes, food writing, art, photos + touring tips.

    These two just may be living my fantasy life. Fingers crossed the guides they are writing will get me that much closer to being just like them.

  • Cooking in Heels: A Memoir Cookbook

    Ceyenne Doroshow stirs a pot of love, acceptance, and good eats in her book, shaped by her life experiences as a black trans woman.

    Pour yourself a glass of prosecco, and enjoy a great 5 minute Kickstarter video.

  • Electric Tide - Illustrated Music for Artsy People

    Johanna writes songs, Denise draws them. Limited edition prints and music made especially for people just like you.

    A sweet collaboration between an artist and musician.

  • Kulturpark

    Kulturpark is a collaborative investigation and public opening in an abandoned amusement park in East Berlin

    Woot! A group of artists are taking over an abandoned amusement park in Berlin this summer for play and adventure.

  • The American Drive-in Movie Theater

    Photographic road trip to capture Drive-in Movie Theaters before the cost of digital conversion darkens their screens forever.

    I love these photos. The images of each site are just the premise for sharing something bigger.

  • Version Festival 12: Bridgeport The Community of the Future

    This is what happens when you invite cultural workers, artists and dreamers to transform a neighborhood for one month.

    This festival is what made part of my time in Chicago so totally wonderful. If you care about local artists, and artisans, local beer, art and fun, check it out!

  • Atheist Shoes

    Now atheists have soles too! Inspired by the Bauhaus & begotten of the finest materials, here's a dollop of godless love, in a shoe.

    $1 = Nothing. Finally, someone 'fesses up. Beautiful fashion project with rewarding rewards that are almost as fun to read as they are to back!

  • Occuprint

    We've collected 100s of Occupy images. Now we're going to print & distribute thousands of posters, to help this movement stay visible!

    A pledge to this project comes with a limited edition poster (see that one with the bull? thats it!). Art meets Occupy meets Kickstarter. <3


    The world is full of big stories. We don't want them to go missing.

    "We’re going to build MATTER, the new home for the best journalism about the future."

  • Ad Hoc

    Bring music back to the community.

    Love all the faces and places in this project. A global movement coming to life with our participation!

  • Drawing of the Day Exhibition

    I draw something unique everyday. After 365 drawings I will exhibit the entire series at The Invisible Dog with your Help :)

    Totally, thoroughly in love with this dude's drawings. Check out his website or Tumblr for the complete set (to-date) and join me in my campaign for global admiration.

  • Benign Kingdom

    A series of 4 art books by webcomics artists Yuko Ota, Becky Dreistadt, Evan Dahm, and KC Green.

    4 friends who draw comics have combined their magical powers to produce 4 art books containing previously unpublished work. Collect them all. Charmed!

  • Balloon Mapping Kits

    Make your own aerial photos and maps with our flight kit and MapKnitter browser app. Add a camera to our reusable 5.5' balloon & kit.

    Lovely project for tinkerers, photographers, citizen scientists, activists, artists, and I am sure many many others. Check it out.

  • A Thought in Three Parts

    FRANK, a newborn company, presents Wallace Shawn's famously unproduced,"A Thought in Three Parts." Be FRANK with us!

    Sweet and adventurous theater project with rewards that make sense (like tix for $20 and invites to play with the performers or even your own private performance.) Do it like this.

  • Swoon VI--The Techno/logy Issue

    Swoon Magazine is a NY/LA-based independent music, fashion, philosophy, art & culture media project.

    It's the Tech+ Art/Music/Fashion/History/Culture/Love issue of this beautiful periodical. $8 gets you a special copy, $23 gets you this copy, the next issue, exclusive access to digital content and a CD. Can't beat it.

  • 1000 Days of Drawing

    I have posted 1000 daily drawings on my website. I am going to produce a book showcasing all of them.

    An irresistible book project from a talented and prolific illustrator. You can visit his website to get a sneak-peak of the book he wants to publish, wipe up your drool, and come back to this project to get the book for yourself.

  • STUPOR: WASHED IN DIRT with artist Matthew Barney

    A collaboration between zine-writer Steve Hughes and artist Matthew Barney.

    Four stories from Detroit about "cars and the human body and dirt and blood and skin and oil and gas fumes" illustrated by Matthew Barney, and bound up in a full-color zine. Beautiful.

  • Bring Donuts by the Dozen to Brooklyn's 606 R&D

    Fund a donut dream! We need a donut machine, tuition for donut college, a mixer & ingredients so we can sell cake donuts.

    $100 for the donut party pack and every $1 gets you a donut. Yum.

  • iheart poetics : a visual poetry app for iPhone

    An application enabling the creation and sharing of interactive visual poems that merge moveable text with photographs and imagery

    This is a participatory art project. This is an iPhone app that will be something like Instagram meets fridge poetry. This is a really cool project by an artist and poet you would like. Check his project out, and fall in love.

  • SNOWBIRD: a graphic novel

    A hauntingly honest graphic novel depicting the winter of 2010 in the radical artist and musician community of New Orleans.

    "It's not that I wasn't living, it's that I wasn't paying attention." A real story about a small corner of life in New Orleans, told through images and words.

  • Open Source my Great Uncle Harry's Glögg Recipe

    My great uncle was a convivial soul who believed in the healing properties of glögg. I want to share his recipe with the world.

    My coworker Justin came up with this totally lovely Kickstarter project. Glögg for all!

  • "The Ruined Cast," an animated feature by Dash Shaw

    An original sci-fi hand-drawn animated feature from graphic novelist Dash Shaw and producer John Cameron Mitchell.

    A Kickstarter project video that is a trailer that is a short film....that I love. Prepare for heartbreak and wonder.

  • ASHES: A graphic novel by Alex de Campi & Jimmy Broxton

    A 250pg bullet ride from the rotting brain of a future London into the psychic heart of America. Sequel to the Eisner-nominated SMOKE.

    A special opportunity for Kickstarters: An exclusive digital pre-release and/or a limited edition hardback of this graphic novel written by the talented Alex de Campi (Eisner nominated "Smoke").

  • GROWING SMALL (our final campaign!)

    A community of educators, students & parents set out to re-invent urban education & learn they must first re-invent themselves.

    I was lucky enough to work in some Brooklyn public schools a few years ago. The teaser video for this doc is funny and true and a little painful. Watch it to get a taste of this inspiring story.

  • Kennedy Space Center Sunrises- a photo book

    I photograph the sunrise each morning on my way to work. This book will pair those photos with snippets of history of the structures in the area.

    Such a perfect project, love the story, love the images, love that it is a photo book from a person with a camera and an idea. More reasons to wake-up early!

  • STYLE WARS ... the Outtakes

    What’s in the outtakes? Save never before seen scenes from Style Wars. Trains. Battles. Interviews. More about the artists we love.

    This NYC docu-treasure was funded by the NEA last time around. This time, never before seen archival footage can be brought to life by us. Let's do it.

  • Brand New Windowfarms- Vertical Food Gardens

    Grow fresh food in your windows even during the winter without dirt! Hitting $200K goal gets them sustainably produced in the USA!

    Perfect timing for the winter doldrums! Fresh, living greens in your window to brighten your day and add that fresh spring flavor to your meals. Seriously though, I love this project.

  • Ladies Work: An Exploration of Gender and Labor

    'Ladies Work' will be a series of textile paintings inspired by the history of women and their occupations.

    A lovely homage to women and our work by an emerging artist. Rewards include your own embroidery kit, and original artwork.

  • Day-After-Day in NOD

    Bring the dream-like universe NOD into the real world by helping me screen-print 260 of its characters!

    A delightful world of imaginary creatures come to life with these beautifully crafted silk-screened prints.

  • The Apocalypse Calendar

    A wall calendar celebrating our impending doom with scenes of life before, during, and after 12/21/2012 from 12 artists.

    The four horsemen will herald the apocalypse just for you. This oversized calendar, each month featuring an apocalyptic vision depicted by a talented artist. Dates are annotated with our human accomplishments, trumpeting our successes, even as we rush to meet our doom. Yay.

  • Nick Demeris + Bobby Mcferrin = Thinkin' About You Bobby

    Thinkin About You Bobby- A once in a lifetime opportunity to study with Bobby Mcferrin & produce a concert based on that experience!

    I think this is what it is all about.

  • The Present

    Own The Present.

    (I am supposed to write my own blurb, but Scott's is so good! "Own the Present.")

  • "The New America" Short Film & Engraved Art

    "The New America" is a short film where each frame will be laser engraved on a wood block, which backers can decorate their walls with.

    This project is SO COOL.

  • The Punk Singer: The Documentary about Kathleen Hanna

    The Punk Singer is a feature length documentary about Kathleen Hanna, lead singer of Bikini Kill, Julie Ruin, Le Tigre; punk feminist.

    As a grrl who grew up in the latter 2 decades of the 20th century, how could I not love this project. Not to mention that Sini totally nails her project video and rewards and updates and everything. Go!


    Oma and Bella is an intimate film about two elderly Jewish women in Berlin with humor, stories, and a deep fondness for good food!

    These ladies have won my heart in just minutes, can't wait to see the full feature. And taste their cookies!

  • UnionDocs has a 10 year lease. Now we need the basics.

    UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art has just secured it's space for 10 years. It is time now to make important renovations & changes.

    These people have been bringing it to the NYC scene for years; support their vision and support your happiness!

  • From ATP - four short films by Vincent Moon

    A series of four short films by Vincent Moon shot at the legendary All Tomorrow’s Parties music festival in the UK.

    Another good thing from Vincent Moon: Some films for the fans.

  • Beautiful Mechanical -- an indie-classical record by yMusic

    Chamber music performed by insanely excellent musicians equally comfy in the overlapping Classical and Pop Music worlds.

    I love that this crew of crazy talented musicians spends most of their project video sharing their music with you. The rest is to tell you how to get more.

  • Six Paintings About Water in Sixty Days

    I plan to make 6 new paintings, each 4'x4', exploring the effect of disturbances on the surface of water, and complete them in 60 days.

    After a 20-year hiatus, Jean Nicolazzo has reclaimed her identity as an artist (go Jean!). To jumpstart her career, she has challenged herself to make this series of new paintings. Take a look at her lovely work.

  • Makeshift Magazine

    Makeshift is a quarterly magazine and multimedia website about grassroots creativity and invention around the world.

    "Make Makeshift a reality and launch a global maker revolution." Couldn't have said it better myself.

  • Pigeon

    Pigeon is a self portrait comprised of 3 volumes of illustrated cards spanning 10 years of drawings, writings and appropriated images.

    Artist Greg Antrim Kelly's "Pigeon" will take the form of a limited edition 3-volume set of illustrated cards printed on an off-set press. An art book that is actual art. Yes, please!

  • The Yes Men Present: The Yes Lab for Creative Activism

    The Yes Men are launching The Yes Lab so activist groups and individuals can carry out creative, media-getting actions of their own!

    The Yes Men want to share their genius with the world. You can make it happen.

  • The Graflex Project "lucha libre" Mexico

    Photographing the amazing characters of "lucha Libre" (mexican wrestlers) in Mexico City with a vintage Graflex super D camera

    I have always had a soft spot in my hear for Mexican wrestlers (but then again, who hasn't?); add portrait photography and sweet rewards to the mix and I am having a hard time thinking of why not to back this project.

  • Rebuilding The Silent Barn

    The Silent Barn was an all-ages music venue in NYC, home to experiments in music and social culture for 7 years, and hopefully more.

    An essential NYC venue stages its comeback.

  • Con Artist: Art Collective Project

    Con Artist Collective, Creative workspace focused on print making, painting, photography, fashion & more, in the Lower East Side of NYC

    For the love, for the art. This crew is too sweet to resist.

  • the loneliest mix

    imagine roaming the world’s largest ocean year after year alone, calling out with the regularity of a metronome, & hearing no response.

    1 mix tape from 1 lonely blue whale.

  • Beyond Digital: Morocco - what if the DJ were the NGO?

    4 artists explore musical innovation in Morocco via collaboration, teaching, documentation, and digital storytelling.

    Music+Art+Education+Ethnography Creative Collaboration in Morocco. It is September and these people are still in Morocco, making magic. <3

  • The Syntheshredder

    The Syntheshredder is an interactive skate bowl utilizing motion and performance to generate unique sounds and musical compositions.

    I want to hear the music that this thing can make.

  • Alex Menocal: New York City, 2011(and you get original art)

    I will be in a show for emerging artists in New York next spring. When you help me raise $4500 to do it, you'll receive original art

    This project is art art art. As Alex says, his rewards are "actually awesome."

  • Oneironautics - A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming

    Ever heard of lucid dreaming? Our book Oneironautics is a hands-on field guide that teaches you how to wake up within your dreams.

    A beautifully done project. Check it out for ideas on making a nice book project. Really!

  • The Museum Proper: a public puppet performance

    Spectacle Puppetry: a 12-foot tall monster will confront the net of a naturalist in the midst of the crowd of San Jose's summer arts festival.

    I was lucky enough to be in the crowd for this puppet performance. As a certified puppet nerd, I can say with some authority: It was an excellent experience. Excited to see what Dax's next project will be (hopefully in NYC!)

  • PRISM index - Handmade Mixed-Media Art Book

    PRISM index is a limited edition, handmade, mixed-media art book that compiles the work of a wide spectrum of artists into one place.

    A beautiful handmade art book with mixed media content that is actually interesting. Nice.

  • Moviesandbox - an open-source 3D animation tool

    Moviesandbox is an Open-Source, Real-Time 3D Animation tool. It allows you to quickly sketch and animate 3D Characters and Props.

    Open Source Real Time 3D Animation Tool. I really have nothing to add; what more could you want?

  • Grassroots mapping the Gulf oil spill with balloons and kites

    We're hitting the beaches and hitching boat rides to make aerial images of the gulf oil spill's effects using cameras attached to balloons and kites.

    Citizen Journalism + MacGyver like ingenuity.


    An artist book exploring the studio portrait as a site of exchange, at the intersection of creativity, sexuality and friendship.

    Fine Art Photographer Paul Mpagi Sepuya collects and edits a series of 500+ images made during a year-long residency at Studio Museum Harlem.

  • Make Capitalism Work For Me!

    A 9ft tall x 20ft long flashing sign and digital scoreboard asking passers by "CAPITALISM works for me!" true or false?

    Artist and Activist Steve Lambert wants to know if Capitalism Works for You? He sets out to find out with this touring interactive public art installation.