I'll be working with Body and Soul Tattoo in NY to complete their A.R.T. Apprenticeship Program and become a professional tattoo artist

Help an SMFA alum transition her art practice into the competitive world of tattoo artistry!

Project We Love
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Keep the art of papermaking alive! We are turning a food truck into a mobile studio to teach & sell our wares all around Portland.

A mobile paper studio, you say?! SMFA alum Jenn Woodward is bringing paper to the people in a completely innovative way - part shop, part mobile classroom. Help Pulp & Deckle buy the truck of their dreams!

A calendar featuring TV star and performance artist Coorain pictured by 15 different artists.

At long last! Coorain Devin has brought together 15 fantastic artists (including SMFA art stars Robert Chamberlin, Sandrine Schaefer, Laura Beth Reese, Dayna Rochell, Matthew Gamber and Nabeela Vega) in one easy to carry package! Digital and print formats available!

Project We Love
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Help a fine art photographer continue her project about space exploration, Mars, and the scientists who are going to make it possible!

SMFA alumni Cassie Kloss has been named 2015-2016 Artist-in-Residence at the Mars Desert Research Station in Hanksville, Utah. Through fine art photography, Cassie is examines human efforts to leave the place that created us.

These days it seems like I am moving if only for the sake of motion.

For SMFA student Brian Green, being on the road feels more like home than anything else. Now he's working to publish a book from the content he's created from a road trip that had no destination.

Project We Love
95625354d8b77222d3a6337578d73d80 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A Wandering Sukkah is a public art installation and mobile sukkah truck that will tour New York City in the fall of 2015.

SMFA alumn Danielle Durchslag is co-founder of Assembly Required, an art collective that explores contemporary ritual through dynamic, visual and interactive installations. Her current project, A Wandering Sukkah, is a roaming public art installation that will tour NYC.

A set of 30 trading cards depicting contemporary artists within a world of mutant powers, secret identities, and epic confrontations.

SMFA alumni partners in crime Cody Justus & Sam Pearlstein have produced a set of 30 trading cards! The set has 30 cards: 12 heroes, 12 villains, 5 legends, and one attribute definition - checklist card. Help them get these crazy cards to explode into the world!

Project We Love
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52 weeks was the perfect number to draw a deck of cards, so each week last year I drew a new card & now we're ready to print them all!

SMFA alumni Kimberly Hall of Studio Nottene (pronounced [nuh-ten-uh]) has produced a unique deck of cards corresponding to the number of weeks in a year. Drawing inspiration from the artist Maira Kalman, Kimberly started this project to jumpstart a sustained drawing practice.

Project We Love
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Tuesday; An Art Project is a biannual, letterpress-printed journal of Poetry, Photography, and Prints.

SMFA alumJennifer Flescher and her collaborator Dan Wood present a biannual, unbound, letterpress-printed journal of poetry, photos and prints dedicated to publishing a diversity of voice and vision - made for you to hold, save, mail to a friend, frame, or leave in an elevator!

Project We Love
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A surrealist reality talk show digital fantasy art television web show reporting live from the art world.

Coorain Devin creates an experimental TV show/video diary - by, for, and about contemporary art and artists. Focused on real people in Boston talking about issues that have social impact, Devin wants to expand everything you ever wanted on television, but were afraid to ask for.

Creating a presence for Rate My Artist Residency on a worldwide level.

Katrina Neumann seeks to broaden her company's programming for artists everywhere to engage around the residency experience and to support free listing services for artists to connect to professional opportunities worldwide.

Project We Love
13e56ae051f891a3bce4cc5d66d15721 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

An expanded cinema collaboration, taking a magical approach, divining visions for all who participate…

Brittany Gravely & Ken Linehan are producing a series of psychically expanded cinematic experiments shaped by remote viewing, drawing, co-meditation and other telepathic messaging while living in their respective cities of Boston and Providence.

A collaborative photographic mail art project to create an adventure story photo book via correspondence.

Journey with Robert Duddy, son of a US diplomat, via his snail mail diary as the artist returns to the continent where he lived in youth. This is not the standard backpacker story; but an exploration of well-known hubs, big cities, and a venture into "blank spaces" on the map.

Traveling via public transit for a month to create a zine documenting my interactions with the people I meet along the way

Attention zine lovers: SMFA student Brian Green plans to spend his winter break exploring interactions with strangers via public transit around the US, examining their relationships to their environment. When he returns to Boston he'll create a zine based on his travel adventure.

An interactive documentary project that uses technology to engage people with natural spaces in an urban environment.

Former SMFA faculty Paul Turano leads a dedicated team to create an interactive documentary project using technology to engage people with the urban wilds and parks of Greater Boston - celebrating the importance of nature-based experiences in an increasingly technological world.

Project We Love
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UPDATE: We hit our goal! But the awesomeness isn't over - we have a stretch goal of $48,000- WAIT, MAKE THAT $55,000!

Yannick Monteiro, SMFA student and alumni of The Possible Project (TPP), has designed the rewards to Cambridge Makerspace donors. He'll be teaching high school students at TPP how to create the rewards using the laser cutter they're hoping to acquire through your support!

Project We Love
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A collection of lost-wax cast, metal jewelry inspired by echoes and ghosts. Presented in parallel with written works.

Daylynn Lambi creates a collection of lost-wax cast, metal jewelry inspired by echoes and ghosts. They'll be presented alongside writing by Naomi Washer, a Nonfiction MFA candidate at Columbia College Chicago and the editor-in-chief of the online journal Ghost Proposal.

Project We Love
6b6a2c277c97514cf67b012a364cee58 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Artist + Community working together to help revive the once nearly extinct Marshall, "the tastiest strawberry in America".

Leah Gauthier, with collaborative ties to Kind Aesthetic, an SMFA-affiliated artist consultancy in New York City, is promoting an Artist + Community partnership to help revive the once nearly extinct Marshall, "the tastiest strawberry in America."

The CatLABS CL81 is a simple, easy to use, low-cost alternative for processing 8X10 sheet film in daylight tanks.

Get ready for the 8X10 revolution! The Omer Omer Hecht of CatLABS is rolling out the CL81 reel, a tool that allows you to process perfect, professional-quality 8X10 sheet films, anywhere, anytime, up to three sheets at a time.

Project We Love
54c8f8b3ea2e8d2de1358108ee9f4c84 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A new independent publication, published 3 times a year, dedicated to analog photography. Edited by Trevor Powers published by CatLABS

Edited by Trevor Powers and published by CatLABS, 'Papersafe' is a new independent publication dedicated to analog photography and the community surrounding it - a platform for current, critical and thought provoking reviews of photography and art through images (and some words).

"Street Wall" showcases several prolific and boldly talented street artists, opening March 6-9, 2014

SMFA alumni William Edward Stitt endeavors to host a March 2014 exhibition in Aether Gallery in NYC of exciting, engaging street art. Stitt wants to showcase artists making work that tells a story.

Project We Love
Ce90f653e747edb1fd7d0bca158025dc original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

danger!awesome is an open-access laser cutting, laser engraving, and 3D printing workshop in the heart of Central Square, Cambridge.

Former faculty Nadeem Mazen announces this awesome campaign to expand hands-on educational outreach in Greater Boston with kids, adults, creatives, artists, engineers—anyone excited about learning to use laser cutters and 3D printers for their own personal projects.

Project We Love
E699d3334295515f9779c275c98d230c original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Emerging design duo PLANTE will be showing a collection of 8- 12 looks at Charleston Fashion Week.

Becky Plante and her sister Leah recently made a pact to embark on a lifelong dream of creating their own clothing line. The launch of PLANTE Clothing has begun.

MAKE YOUR MARK and DRAW with me, artist Deb Putnoi, and support the production of a video series based on my book, "The Drawing Mind."

Deborah Putnoi seeks to create an instructional video series to help people of all ages unlock and explore an underutilized part of the brain that she calls the "Drawing Mind," a piece of ourselves that can make sense of the world through drawing.

Learn to craft hand-made basketball nets for empty hoops in your neighborhood.

Taylor McVay, Andrea Sherrill Evans, Samantha Fields, and others have developed a vision and purpose for an instructional book that will empower people everywhere to crochet unique, colorful basketball nets and strengthen community engagement vis a vis a project called Net Works.

Project We Love
Ea872076d894e8af5db16d5ac81e8d8f original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A set of 5 beautifully illustrated books, silkscreen printed and hand-bound in San Francisco by Lena Gustafson and Peter Calderwood

Heavens + Humans is a set of 5 books illustrated, designed, screen-printed, and hand-bound by Peter Calderwood's Night Diver Press, specializing in small-run screenprints, t-shirts, books, and other creative projects.

A filmmaker’s lifelong obsession with the divided ghost city of Famagusta, Cyprus and her struggle to turn this forbidden zone into a thriving eco-city.

Vasia Markides is collaborating on a documentary film about an effort in Cyprus to turn an occupied ghost city and its surrounding region into Europe's model ecocity.

Project We Love
Bcddcf3e7b7624cefa9f5ffaa4d491a5 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Collection of original art combining fashion, sculpture & performance to empower youth of all sexualities, gender, class, and color.

Sophia Rose empowers youth to flaunt their uniqueness and express themselves without limitation through her haute couture collection geared towards oddballs, individualists and self-identified eccentrics.

Unstoppable, a revenge comic.

Graham Moore is raising funds for a revenge comic series following Nikolai Nosova, a man looking to settle a score in 1980's New York City. What brought Nikolai to New York and why he seeks revenge is the focus of the initial storyline in UNSTOPPABLE.

Photography and drawing that examine environmental, social and economic consequences of current mechanized mining practices in El Chocó

Mary Kelsey and Steve Cagan, Cleveland area artist and photographer, are developing a project to look at the effects of gold mining in the northwest El Chocó department of Colombia.

A bike GPS tracker that automatically reports a crash to contacts, alerts you if tampered with, iOS/Android/Web friendly with open API.

Clay Neigher collaborates on BikeSpike, the world's smallest GPS designed to track the whereabouts of your bike. Beyond anti-theft features this GPS alerts your contacts in case of an emergency, can monitor your mileage, and report on your workout benefits.

An independent screening series that brings experimental, marginalized and undiscovered films and their makers to Boston audiences!

Jeff Silva, with interns Corrin Barnes & Elizabeth Garcia + volunteers Nick Bunch, Steve Decky, Coorain Devin, Meaghan Mahoney and others, celebrate an independent screening series bringing experimental, marginalized and undiscovered films and their makers to Boston audiences!

Project We Love
Df4d6ac47804a459e7a9f599097f4194 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

LIFE is as much part of NEAR DEATH as is DEATH itself.

NEAR DEATH performance art experience will uncover the infinitely small territory we claim between life and death. A two-day event in Boston will feature performances by Jeff Huckleberry, Faith Johnson, Gustavo Alvarez, Travis McCoy Fuller, Marilyn Arsem, and Jamie McMurray.

Artist turning into mermaid, then performing in realistic tail, to be cast in silicone rubber.

Witness Belle Casale's transformation from human to mermaid in this hybrid project bridging sculpture and performance.

Visitors will dance with paint on their feet to live music at this pop-up art show! Three Museum School students will show work.

Dylan Hurwitz, Sam Moberg and Klementina Budnik are three SMFA students planning to stage a one-day pop-up exhibition in New Hope, PA. The event will feature live music, dance, painting, animation, and installation in an unfolding collaborative creation of sounds and images.

Project We Love
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You're invited to explore apiculture & architecture inside our skep-inspired structure where 10-15 human beeings may gather & share.

Collette Aliman's collaborative project fuses art, science, community engagement - and the life of bees!

Project We Love
3b578abde249fd6ca2f3c598f2644883 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

My project is to create a suite of 91 paintings and drawings featuring The Man of La Mancha, aka Don Quixote, in 3 months, or 91 days.

Just as Picasso, Honoré Daumier and the musical Man of La Mancha found inspiration in Don Quixote - an artist who pursued uncompromised personal vision - so does painter Michael Wilson in an ambitious suite of paintings.

"TESTIMONIES" is a photo and research exhibit documenting stories of Jewish refugee children rescued to safety in Switzerland.

SMFA alumni photographer Laura Bernier and historian Samantha Lakin are two former Fulbright scholars teamed up to create a documentary representation of the stories of Jewish children rescued and brought to safety in Switzerland during World War II.

Project We Love
919e085df12a7eb5c7eb787b9123d78c original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

An illuminated Journey through the Alphabet

Carol Way Wood takes us on an illuminated journey through the alphabet in A Fine Book of Letters.

We did it! We made this artist's dream come true at 100% funded!! Keep it going! Support Berlin Calling Today!

Berlin Calling is Katrina Neumann's dream of having an international exhibition with the WYE Residency in Berlin, Germany.

The Present Tense (Boston) & Defibrillator Gallery (Chicago) have joined forces to produce an artist exchange between their 2 cities!

The Present Tense, a Boston-based live art initiative, has re-joined forces with Chicago area Artist and Curator, Joseph Ravens and Defibrillator Gallery in Chicago to produce an artist exchange between their two cities.

Pulp & Deckle is a community handmade papermaking studio located in the St. Johns neighborhood of Portland, OR.

Pulp & Deckle in Portland, OR is transforming an empty space into a community handmade papermaking studio where anyone from beginners to experienced paper-makers can utilize specialized facilities and equipment .

A series of stained glass panels illustrating a children's book.

It all started with a small turtle in the middle of the road in a park. Turtle Magic is a children's book illustrated with a series of stained glass panels scheduled for exhibition at Rhode Island’s Warwick Museum of Art in Spring of 2013.

A film about the life and work of André Gregory, visionary theatre director, storyteller and the My Dinner With Andre guy

Before And After Dinner is an intimate film portrait of the life and work of André Gregory - director, actor, writer, artist and raconteur - directed by filmmaker Cindy Kleine, André’s wife.

Eggs for Donuts is a documentary project focusing on New Town, North Dakota the site where three small towns were flooded in 1953.

K. Tyler's Eggs for Donuts is a documentary short exploring historical and contemporary changes to North Dakota's landscape and inhabitants impacted by the construction of the Garrison Dam, resulting in the flooding of three townships.

Project We Love
559c2c8828bdd319ee05aedd70791089 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

With my photography practice born of pure light & chemistry, I collaborate with storytellers to make oral histories tangible.

This project will indulge Meghan Paxton Sellar's love of history and stories. Here, she explores the link between oral histories and the imagery we use to define ourselves as communities, families, and individuals.

Help me put my new Poison Dart Frog design on T-shirts so people can wear them! I need to raise $900 to cover the screen printing cost.

Ryan Klemenk's apparel line Donkeyshines features designs portraying animals in strange situations or unexpected contexts.

"Nothing Like Ivanhoe" is a new short film by director Bug Davidson, shooting August 2012 in Austin, TX.

Nothing Like Ivanhoe is an experimental film that explores the comedic in everyday life through new and surprising imagery and sounds.

Project We Love
474bf879c74867508cb20ac18fef5be3 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

A visually striking game about flocking birds, time travel, and finding your way home.

Endless Migration 2 is an artful, atmospheric video game about a flock of migratory birds lost in time.

SMFA students take on collaborative art projects and meet contemporary artists in Mexico city!

Los Miembres, an SMFA student artist collective, seeks to travel as a group to Mexico and meet five contemporary artists that inspire and inform their individual art practices.

Project We Love
191b84b19173d76a587427e3c12ccb83 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Photoville is a unique photo village built from shipping containers in the heart of Brooklyn Bridge Park. Help us make it a FREE event!

To paraphrase the old adage, "it takes a photo community to build a photo village". And like an any village, Photoville is about community-building and the ties that bind us together through shared experiences.

Project We Love
D7eebafea3407a0c9a10a669cdb65e94 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A limited-edition photobook by Shane Lavalette, featuring photographs from the High Museum of Art's "Picturing the South" exhibition in Atlanta, GA. Now available.

A poetic expression of the relationship between traditional music and the contemporary landscape through the lens of an American photographer, where stories and themes embodied in music are the carriers of image.

Project We Love
8b55bf5c24c9957e5ce298556b6966f7 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A sci-fi/adventure/comedy story about a couple of nerds consulting on a homicide, who find out the killer might not exactly be human.

Erik Evensen's solo endeavor to modernize Beowulf, tell a character-driven tale about grad school and fold in a story about Sasquatch - all in one graphic novel.

The Constellation Song is an animated film based on characters created in a series of recent paintings.

The Constellation Song is a magical animated film based on characters created in recent paintings by the talented and mercurial Stephen St. Francis Decky.

A collaborative book project created by a group of middle school students and a matching number of local artists.

A beautifully written and illustrated book project developed by the incredibly versatile and whimsical Alaina. "Where All The Problems Start" features amazing stories from nine young writers along with a matching number of illustrations by epically talented artists.

Project We Love
629a34c515a26910428b3731e2a9f118 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Independent screening series that brings experimental, marginalized and undiscovered films and their makers to the Boston audience!

Balagan is an independent screening series dedicated to experimental, marginalized and undiscovered film & video work. It was started over ten years ago by SMFA faculty member Jeff SIlva and Alla Kovgan in a screening room at the Coolidge Corner Theatre.

Project We Love
25fa7c17d72b635b287efb866f63cf11 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

May 1st, 2011: I am walking home. 2000 miles, from Tucson to Grand Rapids, MI. Live-streaming 24/7. Walk with me and share a story.

About community and connections, Walking Home is a 2,000 mile journey that celebrates the gift of stories and an open heart.

Project We Love
0c3de8b581513147dd349ac3edac13db original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A 9ft tall x 20ft long flashing sign and digital scoreboard asking passers by "CAPITALISM works for me!" true or false?

Steve Lambert, who worked with the Yes Men and others to produce a fake copy of The New York Times, surpassed his goal to raise $9,500 to produce a sign on a traveling truck that asks people if capitalism works for them and publish a book about the project.