We're introducing "Naked Biltong". Meat, salt and vinegar. For anyone struggling with an autoimmune disease or who wants only meat!

We're fans of a stripped-down approach to flavors and letting essential ingredients shine on their own- so this "naked" take on biltong gets a thumbs-up from us. We've liked this maker from the get-go & have even featured their South African-style dried meats @ the Daily Show.

Project We Love
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Get first access to our new cricket protein flours and world-class cookbook, so you can cook with crickets like our award-winning chefs

The cricket cartel's been gaining ground recently, and we've featured Seek's tasty cricket protein granola + snack bites in some of our green room projects. They've got beautiful packaging and a solid fanbase, so they might just be the ones to take cricket flour mainstream.

Project We Love
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STAGG is changing names to BRINS and we need your help to transition over! Help us grow and relaunch the company we love.

We've been singing the praises of Candice & featuring her tasty jams since the early days of Stagg, so we're excited for this next chapter under the new name. Throw some support behind this relaunch, then reward yourself with some of her criminally good banana jam!

100% Natural Hawaiian Fusion BBQ Sauce. It's so ‘ONO (delicious) your friends and family will ask for it again and again.

We're big fans of the hot sauces Tim + Co produce and have featured them backstage at music festivals and at events for TV clients like Late Show with Stephen Colbert. So we're excited by their entry into the BBQ sauce space, And doing it all-natural, non-GMO style, no less.

Project We Love
4c0ef0363efd865165f512f445aa3d04 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Power Plant is a delicious, savory plant-based snack made with organic eggplants. 100% vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free.

We love interesting, plant-based, healthy snacks for all the obvious reasons. And since eggplant is inarguably one of the most divisive nightshades around-folks either dig it or hate it- our hats are off to Power Plant for giving people a new way to enjoy it.

Project We Love
Cbd51e6abf0e89df6ababedb1e7b68a7 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Black Jet Baking Co., a tiny (but mighty) wholesale bakery, has found its DREAM home! Help us move into this space and GROW!

We work with a lot of tasty independent bakers, but few knock it out of the park like Gillian and her merry band of bakers. Always charming, enthusiastic, and professional, these fine folks are ready for- and deserving of- a space of their own and the growth it'll surely bring.

Project We Love
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We deliver a wide variety of freshly cut gourmet herbs sourced from small-scale US farms directly to your doorstep each month.

The subscription model has proven successful for a giant array of things- everything from razors to ice cream. So why not fresh herbs, too? We could definitely get behind this concept- especially if it encouraged folks to be more adventurous in the kitchen. Sign us up.

Project We Love
8bf4d2ed2c619d5dc11a689e1a01676b original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Fix Hot Sauce's Lemongrass Sriracha has an insane depth and spice profile, made possible by artful in-house crafting in small batches.

We're always excited to hear about fresh twists on the classic Sriracha and this small batch lemongrass variety out of the Pacific Northwest has us especially intrigued.

Artisanal Small-Batch Brisket Jerky

Truly great jerky is hard to come by, so we get excited when a new name pops up promising top-shelf dried meat. These TX boys are using brisket, which is a nice indication of their commitment to taste. But what we really love about them is that they've backed 187 other projects!

Project We Love
589ac3966f1a99b92b6c22f788150134 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Join Fungi Ally in making mushroom cultivation more accessible and productive in the Northeast U.S.

These folks aren't messing around- they're legitimate fungi freaks on a mission to spread their mushroom message. They recently received a matching grant from the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, so they're obviously doing good work.

confituras is building a community kitchen and jam & biscuit shop with the focus on community - help us make our dream come true!

Not only has Stephanie won more Good Food Awards than anyone else we know, she's a true leader & advocate in the handcrafted, sustainable food movement. We can't imagine anyone better suited or qualified to operate a community kitchen. Another reason to relocate to ATX, y'all!

National & International Cider Awards. We have a plan, hard-working, very creative, and ask for your help to bring our ciders to YOU!

This project has a lot going for it: a pair of likable, seasoned creatives, an award-winning cider recipe, access to Michigan's apple bounty, and a very cool vintage trailer to name just a few. Help these two anti-upstarts take their cider biz to the next level, alright?

We did it! Thank you all for supporting our project!

Like many Brooklynites, we daydream about a move upstate. New Paltz is sounding extra appealing no with the planned addition of a Yard Owl tasting room. With high demand for their brews & solid branding in place, it seems like these guys are poised for seriosu Next Level success.

Project We Love
Ae29375fbbb9c11413c8f5938960634e original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

High quality jerky that's inventive + sustainably produced is hard to come by- so this project grabbed our attention. Their commitment to a "no chemicals" product and their interesting chef collaborations make us think they're on to something real good.

Project We Love
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Biltong is the South African version of beef jerky. It's dried by air, keeping it more tender than traditional jerky.

It's no secret we're jerky lovers, so we were excited to discover these guys and their unique South African style jerky about a year ago. After a short hiatus, they're ready to gear up production + take their operation to the proverbial next level. We're behind them all the way.

After two years of strong growth, Shark Mountain seeks to expand production of their single-origin, small-batch chocolate and coffee.

The deeper we looked into Shark Mountain, the more we liked what they're all about. Many bean-to-bar chocolatiers partner with coffee cos to do bespoke bars (Mast Brothers + Stumptown, etc), so it's cool to see both goods coming from the same small batch independent maker.

Project We Love
3a8c5f78a26cdccd40d73a82e6a05693 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Naturally delicious, low sugar, low carb, paleo granola - full of nuts, free of oats & grains. sweetened with organic honey & spices

A tasty-sounding grain-free take on granola from our homebase of NYC. The toasted coconut variety sweetened with organic honey + spices has us eager to get our hands on some!

Project We Love
6d12b5b62c485e590b8122a83a302081 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

We are following our dream of building a creamery and will be offering handcrafted, Italian-style cheeses.

A Culinary Institute of America grad and his cheesemaking sister want to build on the success of their family farm and food truck by adding a fully realized creamery to their North Carolina red clay homestead. Yes, please.

Project We Love
57528a58aef6f413bd42cdde2bb2afed original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

A company founded by a local bartender that stumbled across an idea to create a one-of-a-kind product to bring the bar with you.

One of the minds behind this project- Craig Krueger- tended an all-indie bar at our Small Batch Wedding last year. We're not surprised to see he's come up with such a cool, functional product- his love of the industry & dedication to his craft was super evident to us.

Project We Love
8bf9c441510e24eed4dd01ac7a4e263a original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

For Velo, growth means improving quality while increasing output. A new roaster will allow us to accomplish both.

Our love of Nashville is no secret- some of our favorite makers call Music City home. But there's a lot going on elsewhere in TN, too. These guys not only have a solid brand identity, their campaign has some of the best backer awards we've seen yet. Go, Volunteer State, Go!

Project We Love
48785b8f39afbaaede4907f8c8a75536 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

The best hot sauce you'll ever have.

Sure, Brooklyn is still synonymous with artisanal making, but it's not the only NYC borough launching indie food and drink products. These native New Yorkers are out to put Astoria on the hot sauce map with Chi-Cho.
Too bad they don't bother to tell us the origin of the name.

Project We Love
19023a7050011ef10020a67fdcaddf17 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Xocolatl (chock-oh-LAH-tul) Small Batch Chocolate makes bars straight from the bean. We're ready for a commercial-sized grinder.

We like our Cacao Atlanta, but Georgia's biggest towncan surely use a new small batch bean to bar chocolate maker. We love Xocolatl's design AND the clever / subtle nod to their hometown in their logotype- XocolATL.

Project We Love
4d22994a296f0a8140eb315b03a4baf3 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Fox Point Pickling Company creates small, hand-crafted batches of pickles that offer HUGE flavor from our beloved tiny state.

Rhode Island enters the pickle game with Fox Point Pickling! We're featuring these pickles in our Newport Folk Fest hospitality program and are super excited to help Ziggy get his business off to a great start.

Project We Love
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The Craft Your Own Bitters kit brings the satisfaction of making delicious bitters into the homes of cocktail lovers everywhere.

Considering the success of other maker kits- like Brooklyn Brew Shop's mega popular Beer Making kits- this bitters making kit from our pals at Hella Bitter seems like a slam dunk, right? We certainly think so.

Project We Love
Ae4a615d6cea56406d8c0d7839f7f45d original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

We make small batch, locally sourced bitters and shrubs for cocktails and cooking.

Hudson, NY is one of those little places upstate where special things happen (and special people move to from the City)- so we're betting that this shrubs and bitters line from a pair of ex-Brooklynite wine merchants is special, too.

A neighborhood coffee shop opening in Fox Point, Providence focusing on well-sourced ingredients and a ton of hospitality.

We're headed to Newport Folk Festival next month to curate backstage hospitality, so we've been looking into regional indie food & drink makers to check out. This coffee shop project from NYC transplants is definitely on our To Do list. Oh, and it's in a 175 year old building...

Project We Love
Fbb3d0fd6818aa9cfae323af1912db8f original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

'Chups Fruit Ketchups are starting a ketchup revolution by adding variety to a tomato-dominated market. Let fruitdom ring!

It's kind of strange that fruit-based ketchups aren't a bigger thing here in the U.S. This campaign raises funds to get production space in DC's Union Kitchen- so backing this project also supports an awesome food incubator.

Building community via bike-powered composting and inspiring Traverse City to grow neighborhood food with neighborhood compost.

We generally fill this page with projects involving the making of small batch food & drink- not services like composting. But we're making an exception for this one by a precocious, eco-minded 8 year old entrepreneur named Carter. Help him keep Traverse City, MI composting!

Project We Love
01eebaa023d80a57aad81744969b4b09 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Taking you and your cocktails back to the roaring 20s with handmade bitters, tinctures, shrubs, syrups, tonics, ginger beer and mixers.

Handmade bitters, shrubs, and syrups from two cocktail-loving women in Atlanta, GA. We dig their clever name, too!

A traditional herbal tea known to Navajo people for generations - Help us introduce it to the world!

It's not too often that we come across a product that's completely new to us- this Navajo tea is one of them. Not only is their product unique, this family business is keeping a tradition alive. And that's something we can feel great about getting behind.

Project We Love
5b32982631c726f70cd8e785668e044a original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Try our small batch, organic, fair trade coffee, shipped direct from roast in recyclable & collectible tins, designed by Stef Mitchell.

We like a lot of things about the model the Rocks & Gravel crew are working with- recycled/refillable tins, home delivery, limited edition art, & fair trade practices. Oh, and a pour over bar built into their coffee cart!

Project We Love
06daace79d5df71d54d95ab2793d1f4b original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

The Honeysuckle Tea House will be an apothecary cafe that sells herbs, teas, kombucha, mushrooms, and smoothies for community health.

It's no secret that some of us at Small Batch America have a definite thing for the area known as the Triangle in NC- Raleigh, Durham, & Chapel Hill. This project will make the region even more special. They had us at "recycled shipping containers and used telephone poles"!

Project We Love
001bcb6c116bd1473d5004382a3f7283 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

We make crispy roasted chickpeas. Our snacks are better tasting and better for you.

Chickpeas, garbanzo beans, sanagalu- whatever you call them, we say they they are tasty. Especially when roasted as a snack food.
We've said it before, but we think this underdog legume's time in the snack food spotlight is overdue.

Project We Love
5b5d7fdace4f529fd1d6e15886cd257c original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

We want to bottle our delicious & popular draft sodas. Help us purchase bottling equipment & be the first to bring home a bottle!

These draft sodas have made us mighty happy on many a Saturday at the Brooklyn Flea near our headquarters in Clinton Hill. Help these folks take their business to the proverbial next level AND enable us to take a bottle or two of their soda home!

Project We Love
8deff3a1855c0b7a5703d830029334b8 original.png?ixlib=rb 2.1

We’re creating a community space for local farmers & food entrepreneurs to launch and sell artisan products. You'll want to shop here.

California's fertile Fresno valley has long supplied much of the nation's produce, but there's a growing community of local small batch food artisans, too. This project hits several sweet spots for us- community, indie entrepreneurship, and urban renewal.

America's heirloom cider apples are in danger of being lost. Help us bring these apples back into production and into your cider glass.

Two guys with a serious love of apples set out to plant an orchard, make cider, and save heritage apple varieties in Vermont.

100% All-natural Hawaiian BBQ sauce based on the recipe made famous on Maui, Hawaii by the Azeka family.

We're big fans of projects that keep family traditions alive- especially ones centered around tasty things we love, like Hawaiian BBQ. So our hats are off to the youngin behind this one. We secretly wish he was making this in Hawaii and not on the mainland, though...

Help make snacking a healthy choice for kids!

Turns out this lowly legume makes a tasty, healthy snack and we think its time in the snack spotlight is overdue. Could these guys be the ones to take garbanzo beans to the next level?

Project We Love
6989205765367d5a010a06132dd34acd original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

We are building Connecticut's first, and only, community and workshop space for fermentation & DIY Food creation of all kinds.

A great social enterprise that builds on the success and community already created by the Luck & Levity Brewshop.

Project We Love
Cf92ca7702bf4c46780bde4504c0b1c6 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1

Braven plans on being the first brewery in Bushwick in over 30 years. Help us revive a great tradition that made Bushwick famous.

Bushwick Brooklyn was once known as the "beer capital of the Northeast" and we think it's about time Bushwick got back in the beer making game. Also, check out the Brewed in Brooklyn documentary if you want more info on Bushwick's beer-brewing history.