• Project We Love
    3cc00cbec504952adafec2cf7643c14b original

    Would you confess to a crime you did not commit? A documentary on the many false confessions in the U.S.

    Pitched at Doc/Fest's MeetMarket in 2016, this is a David and Goliath battle against the whole conservative justice system in the USA.

  • Project We Love
    9304ef354f54177715bdcd352633e25a original

    Even When I Fall tells the story of 3 incredible women, survivors of child trafficking, who set up Nepal's first circus.

    From MeetMarket pitch to near-completion - get behind Even When I Fall & support a powerful story.

  • Project We Love
    3af44dab858373a1dfbf4c4a1fe955a5 original

    Help bring the inspiring story of the founders of Greenpeace to an international audience in time for the UN Climate Summit

    Help bring the BFI backed and Doc/Fest Environmental Award winner to a theatre near you.

  • Project We Love

    Recipes and stories from grandmas around the world, filmed by their grandchildren.

    A MeetMarket project from Doc/Fest 2013 call for filmmakers and projects

  • Project We Love
    F9adef5964726bd76757d9dbf47ffe54 original

    Scottish factory workers discover that their forgotten gesture of solidarity for Chile 40 years ago had incredible consequences.

    An SDI produced doc telling the story of a forgotten gesture of Scottish factory workers standing against Chile's Pinochet Regime.

  • Project We Love
    8d6e0a997f0885f4463825055491962d original

    A short documentary exploring personal identities and multiculturalism in present day Britain.

    A short doc from a previous Doc/Fest Youth Juror focusing on the exploration of British identity

  • Live video art performance with original electronic music, exploring the relationship between man, machine & landscape

    Multi award winning digital artist Sisi Lu's latest project exploring the relationship between man, machine and landscape.

  • Project We Love
    B33c72135a3b9a17ab50ae19a4eefacc original

    Sequel to the multi award-winning film which helped kick oil companies out of the Amazon. 20 years later Big Oil is back!

    Sequel to the multi award-winning film which helped kick oil companies out of the Amazon.

  • Project We Love
    15c7ad9ec9bb4e139aebf20af259c3f4 original

    Karen is a life coach and she is friendly. Too friendly. This groundbreaking app by Blast Theory mixes gaming and storytelling.

    A new app combining gaming and storytelling by our interactive friends at Blast Theory

  • Project We Love
    205f56beca6cd07a1d795ac5f721ed26 original

    The Girl, The Wave, The Point - An island changed by surfing, told through the eyes of a local girl, BONNE GEA , now on the ASC Tour...

    One of our Fast Track to Features trainees making a beautiful surfing doc

  • Project We Love
    9bc1163f26dc6338a8e266cf8ed1a54e original

    Before Viagra there were goat testicle transplants, men w/ dreams & one unlikely hero. The stranger-than-fiction tale of John Brinkley!

    Mad tale of a pioneer and goat testicles from Our Nixon filmmaker

  • Project We Love
    0b4a869e73ce281b42c86ce8e3b704f2 original

    A documentary film weaving together a tapestry of contemporary male stories of identity set in post conflict Northern Ireland in 2014.

    An important exploration into post-conflict identity and society in Northern Ireland through storytelling

  • Project We Love
    F1f90f978737ebffbd31b2805a0a2751 original

    After the loss of their record deal, we document three years in the lives of I Like Trains as five artists navigate a brave new world.

    Local story, beautifully shot from top young UK doc-makers!

  • A community-based not-for-profit cinema in Lewisham, South-East London, needs your help to acquire a digital projector.

    A plucky set of youngsters are building a new cinema for the community in South East London, can you help?

  • STARCROSS is a story of doomed love in the 21st Century.

    Innovative fact-fiction hybrid from a new UK talent. Real DIY grassroots filmmaking.

  • Project We Love
    D43ac1ac5e9a4ae993f9943f8d307ead original

    An inspiring new documentary to help the Penan tribe of Borneo protect their rainforest home.

    2014 Doc/Fest Videotheque film helping the Penan tribe of Borneo protect their rainforest home.

  • Andrew Kötting's film By Our Selves retraces John Clare's journey from Epping Forest to Northamptonshire accompanied by a straw bear.

    One of the UK's top artist-filmmakers goes into the woods with a loosely factual story of straw bears and traveling

  • Project We Love
    920945377b0c514f029685cfc632d7dd original

    In the search for the origin of Vodoun in Ouidah, Benin, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge is serendipitously initiated into the 'Twin Fetish'.

    Superstar of the avant garde punk scene Genesis Breyer P-Orridge in a tale of voodoo and mystery. What could go wrong?

  • Project We Love
    00c1e1b4a515484c9b4e1e5c0050624a original

    Between 1959 & 1980 Shirley Collins changed the course of folk music in England & America. Thirty years after disappearing, she's back.

    Legendary folk singer getting a legendary doc made about her. We love Shirley.

  • Project We Love
    3b3fc0e9e7e5cc5b5c88217e37a07850 original

    The inspirational true story of Moondog, the legendary musician and New York icon whose life was an unexpected, outrageous adventure.

    We've been involved with this epic doc about an epic music legend for years. Moondog deserves this beautiful doc being made about him.

  • Project We Love
    6ce988a6dac321bea1bfb7ae023c4ad7 original

    ALMOST SUNRISE tells the story of two friends, Tom and Anthony, who embark on an epic journey to heal from their time in combat.

    MeetMarkt 2014 project in search of your support. We love these guys.

  • Project We Love
    D0ef8453b9a960005f24108e0c201583 original

    Follows attorney Steve Wise’s fight to give animals personhood rights and break down the legal wall separating them from humans.

    Heroes of documentary, Penny and Hegedus, funding their new doc about a remarkable lawyer advocating for animals. We're so behind this.

  • Project We Love
    E23bb8722f119cce394b32eb9e47431f original

    Help London's East End Film Festival keep creating free and accessible film events for everyone from the local to the global community.

    Friends and kindred spirits, EEFF deliver a brilliant festival dedicated to the community. Help them out.

  • Project We Love
    760a9cee1ffdc830fe4da773607f5d17 original

    A documentary on Gertrude Bell, the most powerful woman in the British Empire, who drew Iraq's borders before disappearing from history

    Sweeping historical take on a very Victorian woman whose political contribution has been ignored

  • Project We Love
    728069d8dea55cf9d610b2f9db080ccd original

    A documentary about changing a violent and corrupt country. From the producers behind the 2014 Oscar® Nominated The Act of Killing.

    The team behind Act of Killing are back with another political awareness-raising film, this time in Colombia

  • Seven amazing individuals with amazing stories to tell are part of this documentary about London's exciting new drag sub-culture.

    A big story of British alt-drag with access to faces and places you've never seen before.

  • Project We Love
    5a4d594609e4fe4fdd5c13a488aee460 original

    Islamic extremists have banned music in Mali, but its world-famous musicians won't give up without a fight! A Feature Documentary.

    A tale of inspirational African musicians working in hard conditions.
    A doc with an awesome soundtrack!

  • Legendary stand-up Arnold Brown creates a surreal comedy adventure set in Glasgow about the key turning point in his life.

    One of my favourite filmmakers with a hilarious tale of Glaswegian self-discovery by a legendary comedian

  • Project We Love
    00fd5028477bb1a53bec8abb6313e932 original

    Help Tomer Heymann complete a documentary about Ohad Naharin and Batsheva Dance Company!

    One of our favourite Israeli docmakers with a lovely dance doc

  • Project We Love
    1af984a96cfad9c5ab3a5f2dc58d93d0 original

    A film following award-winning performance artist Bryony Kimmings and her niece Taylor as they launch their own alternative tween popstar.

    Creating a feminist palaeontologist pasta eating hero for young girls - AMAZING!

  • Project We Love
    31bc07dcec3b2c9d56e98d118969f1b0 original

    Music, madness and metamorphosis. Finding Frank explores the dark side of the mind through true stories, song and live animation.

    Stretching the definition of 'documentary' here's some doc theatre/animation/live music.

    A true one off, and they don't need much money to do it.

  • Project We Love
    B4035b32193b81555b48dfe76995385c original

    Paa Joe & The Lion is a feature length documentary about the 'Grandfather of Ghana's Fantasy Coffin trade'

    We love this film about a Ghanian artisan coffin-maker. So will you!

  • Project We Love
    E689db57a503bab8871930eaa30c6381 original

    A campaign to unlock an award winning film that exposes for the first time the modern British Empire ... and it's terrible cost.

    Get distribution for a hit doc from the East End Film Festival about the City of London's tax-avoiding tentacles

  • Follow The Money is a feature length documentary about a month in the life of a Ten Dollar bill.

    Where does money go? Find out in this clever little doc!

  • Project We Love
    F5f3f93bdaa6caf8c5164035dea238a7 original

    The bicycle, an amazing tool for change. People all over the world are moving towards a new system. Will the economic power allow it?

    Bike power for all! One of the world's finest doc makers is rattling cages again, documenting the battle for ideological and social supremacy between the mighty bike and the dreaded car.

  • Help us collect the stories and retrace the history behind Women & Film, the first ever feminist film magazine, founded in 1972.

    A feminist film mag being retraced by story collectors. Excellent cross-genre possibilities, and they don't need a lot of money, so support them.

  • Project We Love
    Ed51e178b4acb9a68a89d93e4824ea74 original

    Gray House is an exploration of domestic space that frames a conversation about nature, identity, consumerism and progress.

    Intriguing doc-fiction hybrid about nature and space from Son of Lynch

  • Project We Love
    66efe01193fdd6228c2c57679daec5fd original

    This past August over 300,000 antiquarian books from Larry McMurtry's Booked Up were sold at auction: This is the story of those Books.

    The joy of old books, with excellent antiquarian book and other literary prizes.

    Take a journey through the heaving shelves.

  • Project We Love
    Ca79d8ab09fd4a752440428ae9842412 original

    A film about the ‘Cradle of British Rock’, the venue that saw the birth of The Rolling Stones and launched The Who and so many others.

    Legendary venue, legendary bands. Long live the UK music scene.

  • Project We Love
    E1c3f3ddc206132b741b523575f206a9 original

    A Celebration of Cinema in all its forms, throughout September, across the UK.

    An awesome festival of wild and wonderful cross-UK screenings run by people devoted to the outer edges of film culture.
    The world needs more spirit of Scala.

  • Project We Love
    Bbaf6ba5df38b8033c2c62103ced4ead original

    Jon Reiss' global graffiti documentary follow-up takes audiences to previously unexplored areas of the Middle East, Europe, Asia & more

    Graffiti goes global in our friend and super-advisor Jon's follow up to his excellent Bomb It doc

  • A documentary on The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain's first coast-to-coast US tour.

    The ukulele craze goes worldwide as a motley crew of accidental heroes try to keep it together whilst strumming away

  • An inspiring journey from the heartbreak of stillbirth to acceptance, love and joy.

    Vital issue from local filmmakers we love

  • Project We Love
    44b0e8acbd8149edf094aeae5e0ae853 original

    The story of a man reunited with his family after they discover him in a mental asylum run by its own patients in Juárez, Mexico.

    MeetMarket project about an incredible community. Strange and wonderful.

  • Our film joins the fight to allow the 300+ Russian children who have met their American families to complete their adoptions.

    They did it once, and now they're doing it again - a 2nd crowdfunding campaign about a brilliant doc and impact project to provide safe homes for Russain children.

  • Project We Love
    E46b623d30eaead61e18858d9f14bf29 original

    A feature length documentary about Manchester's strangest comedian Frank Sidebottom and his creator, Chris Sievey. ADD ON REWARDS!

    We love Frank Sidebottom - it's a requirement of being from Northern England. The king of fun Mancunian humour and pop music is having the definitive doc made about him. Join Frank's gang.

  • Project We Love
    63442f5c2c7cb7e9357c61f5845865c5 original

    The surprise hit of Sundance Film Festival 2013. The story of a farmer and his favourite cow Ida. Bring it to a UK cinema near you!

    We're showing this at this year's festival and we know UK audiences need to see this tale of the jolly life of looking after cows

  • 93-year-old super hero proposes to save the world... again! But the clock is ticking...

    The definitive doc about the original definitive environmentalist and inventor of Gaia Theory. The world needs this doc.

  • Project We Love
    49d5a81257e836d890263d79dbef8864 original

    Independent feature film about the energy crisis and the struggle to generate green, sustainable energy while still reducing carbon emissions.

    Science and amazing filmmaking come together in a brill doc about a little-known element

  • An underwater documentary about the last days of the Borneo Sea Nomads and their unique bond with the ocean.

    Beautiful underwater story from great European team

  • One For Ten is a series of ten short documentary films telling the stories of innocent people who were on death row in the US.

    Innovation in releasing docs as a road trip and a serious doc combine in ten important online videos about those on death row.
    We love this team, and we think you should help them to revolutionise doc releasing and raise awareness of injustice.

  • Project We Love
    D600750e79fb77b87e7d2130960aa559 original

    At Rooftop Films, we’ll give you more. We’re building something bigger this year and here's your chance to be a part of it.

    The loveliest independent screenings on roofs in the world need you.

  • Project We Love
    D71cdc2f6de0c826c69a8cc0b11825d6 original

    Two-time Sundance-winning director tells the riveting stories of the tech revolution to feed the innovator in you.

    Celebrating the innovators and early adopters with one of our favourite doc makers turning her hand to a web portal

  • Project We Love
    052fddfbbe4693c7dc64fcecc2fecbf1 original

    An investigative documentary from director Brian Knappenberger about the life of the internet pioneer and activist Aaron Swartz.

    Investigating the truth about a much-missed free internet pioneer, from a director whose last film we showed in 2012.
    We're glad Aaron is getting the serious doc treatment he deserves - important cause.

  • Project We Love
    49285ea541796f98e9f52fa15953433e original

    Wind up your projectors! “UNDER THE SMOGBERRY TREES” is the first ever feature length documentary about legendary deejay Dr. Demento!

    It's Dr Demento! How can you not support?

  • MANA is a film about six girls who ran away from home to become single mothers!

    Greek nuns save lives. Powerful women in trying circumstances in a chaotic place in the world.

  • Project We Love
    1a7e31388dbf0e3397e6a4624de596e3 original

    An animated documentary - a Jewish girl travels alone from Poland to Israel on the eve of WW2 never to see her family again

    Lovely animation, excellent story. Knitted Satchels too.

  • Project We Love
    28258caf6855ba387a60cc2fed9aa5e4 original

    An app that gets you playing the perfect game with your friends: wherever you are, whoever you're with, whatever you're doing.

    Lots of little games take over your phone, made by brilliant people. This is wonderful fun!

  • 1 Barber, 1 Camera, 5 Continents,12 months Discovering the history and secrets of barbering worldwide. Trading haircuts for Everything

    Traveling the world and trading ace haircuts for chat.

    Beautiful idea.

  • Project We Love
    A83599bf318d0cf9e4a077c6a526655a original

    Penny Woolcock followed the peace process between two of the biggest gangs in Birmingham. This film can change lives.

    Our friends at Britdoc are releasing a brilliant doc which is already reducing crime, and can do so much more if it gets seen by young people at risk.

  • Project We Love
    6271da4be12a1f6929915e0ee7e875b3 original

    COME ON!!! We made a great documentary about Arrested Development. Help us release the movie this spring!

    Brilliant show with obsessive fans - you're one too right?

    Then join the fun.

  • The unlikely story of how Dwayne's Photo in Parsons, Kansas, became the last lab on earth to process Kodachrome.

    Who doesn't love Kodachrome?
    We love 94 Elements too.
    Science meets vivid 8mm colours and devotees of film you can develop, cut and splice with your own hands. Super8 is always DIY, just like Kickstarter

  • Project We Love
    904a925771d7461acc83ed41f803c8ef original

    A photography and creative advice book from fifty of the world's best documentary filmmakers.

    A gorgeously-designed book about documentary makers? YES PLEASE!

  • Project We Love
    E72a6be77fbc0924c2a7cb5087e51bc3 original

    A photobook revealing the present-day culture and idiosyncrasies of the largely unseen sporting world of Subbuteo.

    We all played the world's best flicking game as kids...and adults. Now bathe in the adulation and the tension in this doc photobook of lovely Subbuteo

  • A film about the blackface tradition of Zwarte Piet in the Netherlands. Problematic? Or are the Dutch just having holiday fun?

    We've all seen this strange Dutch tradition whilst over there for IDFA or holidays, and it has needed a doc making about it for a long time. Well done Shantrelle.

  • Project We Love
    D76620365e6acfb7b74296c92c598b88 original

    A documentary about the proposed 1998 "Superman Lives" feature film that would have been the most original and strangest Superman ever.

    We are so sad this Superman film never happened, but at least something brilliant is coming out of it

  • Project We Love
    4529b7ab3ccb18db4510d728d1b14ef7 original

    The unique, poetic, humorous and “prophetic” adventure with the legendary Lee Scratch Perry, the one movie that explains it all...

    We need to get so much more of Scratch on film! Help get this film finished!

  • Project We Love
    B2f81daa7ab01763b9a335d883d84cc7 original

    An award-winning documentary about the famed magician, escape artist, and skeptic James "The Amazing". The film also features Penn & Teller, Adam Savage, Bill Nye, and more!

    This is a real buzz doc. It was pitched here in MeetMarket and we love its debunking of the mystery of magicians, quacks and healers, but also its ambiguous central character.

    Such a great project!

  • Still the Enemy Within is a unique insight into one of history’s most dramatic events: the 1984-85 British Miners’ Strike.

    The Miners' Strike massively affected the culture around these parts. The truth is only just coming out, and it needs your help.

  • Project We Love
    3cbb13531a29ee3a12530f8a3712c117 original

    What does it mean to risk your life for your ideals? How far will five revolutionaries go to fight for the future of their country?

    A MeetMarket project about revolution from the people inside. Ticks all our boxes.

  • Project We Love
    C576cce446e5e7b68bef46d8d71c2e97 original

    A dizzying journey into the mind, body and soul of the teen movie.

    We love Charlie, we love teen films. This is AWESOME.

  • Project We Love
    78f55dc1271bb7553db12696abfd57db original

    In East Los Angeles, the Ovarian Psycos are not only a bike crew, they are a new generation of women of color building a movement.

    Bikes and determined political women. Perfect.

  • Project We Love
    364a827b87e713aa3a9154170e706421 original

    In the mountains where they once fought, Bosnian veterans defend a herd of wild horses and find a new kind of freedom for themselves.

    Bosnian war veterans find redemption through caring for wild horses.

    Tugs at those heartstrings, beautifully shot.

  • Project We Love
    86320f6f3aba60834979124c965664f7 original

    A documentary about a ballet school for the blind in São Paulo, Brazil.

    Some of us here used to do ballet. This is just lovely, and awe-inspiring

  • Project We Love
    69cbbe8c3351434833e119cae7d40e3d original

    The 'UK’s most creatively curated film festival' is looking to fund its 2013 hub - shorts, live music, psychedelic poster show + more.

    A lovely genuinely-unique festival providing joy against the odds every year, creating special screening venues in a city that doesn't really do pretty cinemas. Flatpack has so much imagination running through it, plus programming you won't see anywhere else, it deserves love.

  • "Better a broken bone than a broken spirit." - Lady Allen of Hurtwood, an early advocate of Adventure Play

    Reclaiming and playing in "junk" sites including one amazing one in Wrexham. You can even get your own miniature play site. Good play, good cause.

  • A celebration of the LA nightclub that, for 20 years, offered a subversive collision of performance art, music, fashion, masquerade, community, and fun!

    Dress-up parties, the 90s and VHS tapes - 3 of our favourites. This looks lovely, and it's genuinely participatory.

  • Project We Love
    5a4837f3cfa7ebfc43f0094cec46c7a7 original

    Bringing the first map of Dhaka’s bus network to life for its millions of daily riders.

    A brilliant urban data mapping project to bring order to confusion

  • Project We Love
    6e436b7ade1a0d9fd9b08f471332bed5 original

    Explores the life and music of James Booker, "the best black, gay, one-eyed junkie piano genius New Orleans has ever produced".

    An outrageous flamboyant character! How more Doc/Fest could a person be?

  • Project We Love
    3a4becac407cfa8787893d3b382ae5bb original

    Restoration of the only documentary made about and with William S. Burroughs. Now available as Bluray/DVD by Criterion Collection.

    Exclusive access to Burroughs! We're too excited.

  • Every child deserves a future. An uplifting Moroccan morality tale...an illiterate woman takes on tradition, her own family and an Islamic justice system for the sake of her illegitimate child.

    The fate of single mothers in Morocoo, on the frontline of feminism. We want these stories to get told.

  • Project We Love
    9aa5f678e92eadf15440af4cfa860e68 original

    Cocteau Twins, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and My Bloody Valentine, their unique sounds inspired generations of bands.

    We love this music, it blows your mind, and it sounds like the future even though lots of it was made 20 or more years ago. No-one has made a definitive film about "Shoegaze" before and as it enjoys a critical revival, this is the time to help get it made.

  • Project We Love
    E9cb9711938e9f0632331653bcc3599f original

    A documentary film about the tragedy of Alzheimer's disease, the power of art and the meaning of family.

    For anyone ever touched by Alzheimer's, this will be an important moving doc for you. For anyone not touched by it, this might make you understand the real human impact a little better. This is important.

  • Project We Love
    22ef076ec59fd2e47428a7033a9ace7b original

    Kūpuna documents the small Hawaiian town of La'ie through the experiences and collective memories of its elderly, indigenous residents.

    We're very much into our interactive docs here in Doc/Fest Towers, and this uses the form excellently to keep the memory of disappearing cultures and a slower pace of life alive. This is lovely in forma and content.

  • Project We Love
    252cd354b32bfe1b563955237a6c8f6c original

    For 16 years Rooftop Films has screened thousands of new indie films in cool outdoor spaces but we can't continue without your support.

    Rooftop do outdoor shows and special curated events that rise above the glut of outdoor screenings by furnishing them with real love and cinephilia. They're super-special people.

  • Project We Love
    0edc18996f3b74a7f6854a1965360288 original

    Help us share Pierre Dulaine's journey, as he bridges the gap between Jewish and Palestinian-Israeli children through dance.

    If you want to help a new generation actually insist on peace in the Middle East then you need to get behind reconciliation initiatives like this.

  • Project We Love
    Ab519e00bff4c7464a39f0f655db1b30 original

    INEQUALITY FOR ALL examines the crisis of widening income inequality in the US through the eyes & the influential work of Robert Reich.

    Can a healthy capitalist economy co-exist with equality? This doc, and the man it profiles, say yes. The first step to economic equality and more democracy can be to crowdfund together so if you support this, you're making a political gesture.

  • Project We Love
    91755aa51e65bc3ffdc8ceda9991bbf1 original

    A retro styled beat-em-up of truly epic proportions.

    A beautifully silly beat-em-up game with a wry voiceover, a lot of angry bears, tinkly music, and some ace rewards. This is fun.

  • Project We Love
    B9217d335f997aa4806fe9f623efe3bc original

    Eleven-year-old Masha is learning to love her adoptive family through a scientific programme.

    This was pitched in MeetMarket a couple of years back. We think Sarah is great, and this is such an ambitious and daring piece of work bringing science and human interest slapbang together.

  • Project We Love
    1b69f68e106b9a32cb1ad7a445cc615a original

    A cinema documentary about nature, evolution and the future of childhood.

    The boys from Erasing David are back with a doc to make you and your family have more fun in nature. Go fund them and then get mucky and play in the woods.

  • Project We Love
    Eb0f274af577d5b168950361c1c8b32a original

    A story about the failure of federal medical marijuana laws and the human consequences of America’s War on Drugs.

    The filmmaker behind War Don Don is back with a new feature doc looking at medicinal marijuana growers caught in the fallout of state vs federal law contradictions in the US. It's a War on Drugs story with a human face

  • Project We Love
    E2fb991067ccc0e484ba0698a82346c8 original

    For two decades, the Yes Men have pulled off hilarious media hoaxes to expose corporate crimes. Now, they are approaching middle age, struggling to stay in the fight against climate change. Can they get it together before the ice caps melt?

    The most daring doc-activists are back and as usual this is a fun anarchic video clip. They know how to persuade people and change things - we love 'em

  • Project We Love
    C8d2e612df93f90baccb8f375b5b23c5 original

    Survival and stealth in a procedurally-generated world! Sir, You Are Being Hunted is tweedpunk robo-horror from Big Robot Games.

    A tweedpunk slice of English eccentric gaming from a top British company. Generate your own countryside and avoid polite killing aristocratic robots. This is so fun.

  • Project We Love
    96cfcc99c5c9785d224d7d8c30fa9445 original

    Shirley Clarke's groundbreaking documentary film is in jeopardy - help us restore the print and release it for everyone to see!

    This is a classic revolutionary moment of LGBT cinema, and it needs to be seen by as many people as possible. Restoring classic doc prints is essential, and we're totally behind this.

  • Project We Love
    2c7dd2b9915149d589f2c08936f6ffc0 original

    A feature-length documentary about avant-garde Los Angeles-based Stones Throw Records, its culture and its enigmatic artists

    What amazing archive of experimental hip-hop performances! Plus excellent handmade perks and lovely posters. We can't resist this.

  • The unbelievable untold saga behind ARGO. The truth is stranger than (science) fiction.

    We geeks at Doc/Fest love a bit of science fiction here, and we love secret stories of film history and conspiracy, so this is looking rather exciting to us. Great team too!

  • Project We Love
    E24c4f2a1768ff6349354a6181991855 original

    Hollywood studios are ending distribution on film. Without digital projection, we will not be able to show new release films in 2013!

    This is a gorgeous cinema, home of True/False Fest and a perfect vision of the community cinema. Brilliant campaign video, brilliant cause. Keep cinema local!

  • Project We Love
    4d8d2e7d2015cd7b1a1597a4052cb75d original

    A journey through the origins and influence of funk music from James Brown to D'Angelo we are FINDING THE FUNK!

    If you've been to Doc/Fest you'll know we love our music, and we especially love our music docs. Arthur Baker is the exec on this one, and that alone makes us desperate to see more of this.

  • Project We Love
    C020b0c0518d24b79b6d096e03bc88c8 original

    A story of a man, of a people, and of the fate of one of our planet’s most valuable natural resources, the Amazon Rainforest.

    This was pitched in our pitching forum, MeetMarket, in 2011, and we can't wait to see this environmental epic.

  • Project We Love
    59ed494bde8ff6ab22487f529821a309 original

    AI WEIWEI: NEVER SORRY is the first feature-length documentary about China's (in)famous artist and activist, Ai Weiwei.

    We showed Alison's brilliant film in Doc/Fest in 2012. She's a daring filmmaker and this is a great portrait of a revolutionary artist.

  • Project We Love
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    This film is about empowerment through urban art & activism, and how the walls of Buenos Aires became the voice of its people.

    Revolution and art come together - our two favourite subjects. This is such an exciting project about the frontline of young rebellion, and a hidden scene that we want to know more about...and think you should too.