Project We Love
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An unconventional photographic essay documenting struggles of a single father and his severely disabled daughter.

Congratulations to MFA alumnus Leon Borensztein on his photographic essay about his daughter.

Picture A Change aims to create a platform for marginalized communities to tell their stories and show the resilient spirit they share.

Congratulations to SFAI student-artist Adrian Burrell on his worldwide travels for this project.

Project We Love
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A dynamic weekend of artist programming and activations in LA to conclude LAND’s cross-country billboard art exhibition along I-10.

Congratulations to BFA alumnus Daniel R. Small, who played a major role in this project with LAND.

Project We Love
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A documentary film about MIGRAINE - the complex neurological disease - and the consequences for millions living in its grip.

Congratulations to BFA alumna Jacki Ochs for securing funding for a documentary film about migraine. a two light installation piece to be activated December 1st and 2nd around 2014’s World AIDS Day at SFAI's historic tower.

Congratulations to MFA student Aaron Kissman on his installation connected to World AIDS Day.

Can one young girl break the cycle of poverty and prejudice through surfing - in Bangladesh?

Congratulations to MFA alumna Heather Kessinger, Director/Producer of "The Most Fearless," a documentary in Bangladesh.

Project We Love
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A film project using a boat & imagination to map the underwater streets of Sausalito & the hidden universe of the San Francisco Bay.

Congratulations to MFA alumnus Peter Hickok, the artist involved in the film project exploring underwater streets in the Bay Area.

Mixed Media Installation exploring our psychic relationship with the landscape. Old Man of the Mountain in New Hampshire lives again!

Congratulations to MFA alumna and Chair, Film Department Kerry Laitala on her work created during a residency at the MacDowell Artist Colony.

A world-class opera singer turned self-styled street hustler anchors this portrait of the beaten Tenderloin district of San Francisco.

Congratulations to MFA alumnus Javid Soriano, creator of a powerful documentary in San Francisco.

Project We Love
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Evan DeSpelder wants to collaborate with you!

Congratulations to MFA alumnus Evan DeSpelder on his collaborative painting project.

Project We Love
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The Return is the story of a dramatic and life-changing journey back to Costa Rica.

Congratulations to Film alumnus Hernan Jimenez, the director of feature film "The Return."