• Bird Trouble Bag + Goods goes to New York City

    Travel + Sustainability inspired line, Bird Trouble, needs help funding a trip to NYC to appear in an event advocating ethical fashion.

    Support Bird Trouble Bag, a local artisan out of Humboldt Park!

  • Tall is Beautiful-Introducing Alyssa Vermell Apparel

    Alyssa Vermell is the answer to every tall woman's fashion question...where can I buy fashionable apparel that will fit my frame?

    Congratulations, Ashley!

  • 100% Natural & Handmade in Chicago

    Real. Soaps is expanding into a studio to increase production and begin teaching classes on soap making and natural products!

    Congratulations, Shamus!

  • Vignette Vignette

    A community art space for the Edgewater/Andersonville neighborhood. Classes, workshops, and community programming.

    Congrats to our friends at Vignette Vignette!

    Funded April 2015

  • HPCP Does The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!)

    Thank you for the support that covers our royalties. Please check the updates to see our continued goals and rewards!

    Congrats to the Hyde Park Community Players.

    Funded March 2015

  • Andersonville...You Are Beautiful

    eco-Andersonville is teaming up with artist Matthew Hoffman to share his ultimate message of positivity with our community.

    Congrats to ecoAndersonville!

    Funded March 2015

  • The Message Is: Local!

    Local First Chicago is all about supporting locally owned independent business. Help us get the message out - local matters!

    Congrats to Mark and Local First Chicago!

    Funded November 2014

  • Building An Earthworm Factory

    Building a Hi-Tech Earthworm Factory, turning Chicago organic trash into black gold.

    Congratulations, NLR!!

    Funded September 2014

  • Indian As Apple Pie TV

    The Indian cooking show you crave: complete with cooking, travel to India, and loads of spicy inspiration with Anupy.

    Congratulations, Anupy!

    Funded September 2014

  • Justice of the Pies

    Justice of the Pies is committed to delivering delectable baked goods while transforming the lives of those who work with us.

    Congratulations, Maya-Camille!

    Funded September 2014

  • Back of the Yards Mural: Unlocking Heritage and Potential

    The mural will pay homage to the diversity and history of the Back of the Yards community by engaging local artists and youth.

    Congratulations, Claire and Christina!

    Funded July 2014

  • Alli "The Hair Assistant"

    Alli "The Hair Assistant" is a hair drawing apparatus used for managing hair extensions.

    Congratulations, Nadra!

    Funded July 2014

  • LEVEL: Bringing internet cafes to underserved communities

    $10,000 will help us purchase the latest computers and equipment for our new internet cafe in Chicago's Back of the Yards neighborhood.

    Congratulations, Alexa and Level Cybercafe!

    Funded July 2014

  • Good Glass Chicago

    Good Glass Chicago is the candle rental business of Bright Endeavors, a non-profit job-training program for at-risk adolescent mothers.

    Congratulations, Good Glass Chicago!

    Funded July 2014

  • Microfiber Pocket Squares - Made in America

    Peter Field is launching it's newest product, designed to look good while cleaning your phones, glasses, cameras, and all other glass.

    Congratulations, Peter Field!

    Funded July 2014

  • BREAKWATER CHICAGO: luxury yacht meets island resort

    This is your chance to be part of the next iconic feature to come, not only to Chicago, but also the United States! #iBackedBreakwater

    Congratulations, Breakwater Chicago!

    Funded July 2014

  • Ultimate Bike Share Bag

    A bag designed to securely fit onto bike share bikes and then be taken with you throughout your day.

    Congratulations, Po Campo!

    Funded May 2014

  • Fearless Food- A Teaching Kitchen for Everyone

    Learn to make your own Fearless Food, using what you’ve grown, fresh produce from the local market, and economical grocery staples

    Congratulations, Peterson Garden Project!

    Funded April 2014

  • Re-Launch - Handmade Clutches by MamAfrica & Modahnik

    Help us help women of the Congo! These clutches are hand-sewn by the women of MamAfrica from scraps of MODAHNIK designs.

    Congratulations, Kahindo!

    Funded April 2014

  • My Block, My Hood, MY CITY

    A local author is traveling to all 77 Chicago neighbohoods and capturing their distinct characteristics in his web series and book.

    Congratulations, Jahmal!

    Funded August 2013

  • Pet Project - A Sign of What's to Come

    A whimsical micro-business producing signs on "green" material, warning people about entirely harmless pets.

    Congratulations, Mark!

    Funded August 2013

  • YoLo's QUEST to bring a new "CONCEPT" to fast food

    Expect the Unexpected when it comes to YoLo's Healthier Selection Menu !

    Congratulations, Yolanda!

    Funded August 2013.

  • South Chicago Arts & Crafts Fair

    South Chicago is a diverse low-to-moderate-income community on Chicago's far southeast side, and we're planning an art & craft fair!

    Congratulations, Mark!

    Funded August 2013

  • ONE-P | Revitalize your life and motivate others.

    ONE-P is a new and innovative sportswear that promotes wellness and lifelong activity.

    Congratulations, Roy!

    Funded August 2013

  • Geek Out Geek Bar!!

    Help us open Chicago's first bar and grill catering to our burgeoning geek community! We want to geek out the bar and make it our own!

    Congratulations, Geek Bar!

    Funded August 2013

  • GROW-Food: Create a multilingual incubator for food artisans

    GROW-Food will create a multilingual business incubator for artisanal food businesses that source locally & work sustainably

    Congratulations, Rogers Park Business Alliance!

    Funded August 2013

  • The Book of FACES..."The Eyes Tell All" Book One

    "The Eyes Tell All" - Detailed Pencil Portraits, The BACKERS Book of Portraits - "A Chance To Let Your Eyes Tell The World Your Story"

    Congratulations, Robert!

    Funded August 2013

  • Englewood Codes

    A 10-week summer project where teens from Chicago's Englewood neighborhood will learn how to build their own websites from scratch.

    Congratulations, Teamwork Englewood!

    Funded May 2013

  • Harvesting Hope

    A new hoop greenhouse in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood will provide fresh organic produce and job training to local residents

    Congratulations, Growing Home Inc.!

  • A Fresh Food Market with a Mission

    The Garfield Park Fresh Food Market will create a safe place for residents to shop while strengthening community connections.

    Congratulations, Garfield Park Fresh Food Market!

    Funded May 2013

  • Unísono en el Zócalo

    Unisono is a public arts festival that features painters, artists and music from Chicago to celebrate the historic Pilsen neighborhood.

    Congratulations, Resurrection Project!

    Funded May 2013

  • Global Gardens Bees 'n Seeds

    We build community by growing food! Our refugee urban farmers and community gardeners wish for bee hives and a seed saving garden.

    Congratulations, Albany Park Global Gardens!

    Funded May 2013