Project We Love
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Alongside the planned skatepark in Kingston we shall build a youth-led, multi-purpose platform for creative events and entrepreneurship

The crowdfunded youth centre will be a multi-purpose creative platform for youth-led entrepreneurship activities, including teaching skate workshops, hosting music events or curating arts/crafts exhibitions. Project led by Flipping Youth, a Brixton-based NGO run by volunteers.

Prevention through Education

Educational infographics around hot topics in social care. The resources aim to promote human rights, dignity and challenge oppression.

Educational infographics around hot topics in social care. The resources aim to promote human rights, dignity and challenge oppression.

Distributing a picture book that celebrates the heroes of Children's hospices and the children with life limiting conditions.

This book is designed especially for children living in hospices, a beautiful tale taking them into a dream world. Help Alexander Mackenzie FRSA to translate his book to bring his story around the world to more children.

Project We Love
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A programme of performances and workshops for people of every walk of life, celebrating the universal language of the body.

Be inspired, in this digital age, to learn the power of your own body with Tokyo Fugue. Support their work with young people, or join their open workshop, to experience the value of 'physical intelligence'.

Ethical Entrepreneur an online values app and E-Book, offering a values based approach to business for entrepreneurs and small business

Find out how Paul Palmarozza FRSA is sharing skills online in a values-based business course for young entrepreneurs.

A teenage mental help handbook with a unique support directory for schools. Created by teenagers, for teenagers.

A creative and empowering way to encourage teenagers dealing with mental health to share their experiences and support each other. See how our FRSAs a giving them a platform.

The first health and beauty brand donating 100% of profits to provide life-changing education for girls in need.

The RSA mission is to drive positive social change and is proud to support this OneSqin doing just that. 100% of profits from OneSqin sales go to projects that empower girls in need and help them out of poverty.

Project We Love
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Join us and be a part of the only festival dedicated to showcasing contemporary Arab cinema in the UK!

Established in 2012 the bi-annual SAFAR Film Festival celebrates the achievements of Arab cinema. Providing audiences the opportunity to access films rarely seen in the UK and that are defiant of stereotypes, social taboos and self-censorship.

Project We Love
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Satnav in a bicycle bell: it navigates your every turn and learns from the cycling community to find the safest routes

RSA Kickstarter supports #FRSA led project @blubelco. A bicycle bell that not only helps you navigate your journey but learns from you and the cycling community to find the safest routes. The RSA aims to bring together, support, and help create communities.

Project We Love
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A feature-documentary about a maverick Spanish psychiatrist and his patients who broke out of the asylum and into big business.

Psychiatrist Cristobal Colon persuaded the Spanish health board to release 15 people from an asylum to work in a yoghurt factory. His aim: shed light on mental health issues and the need for rehabilitation. Help get this film made and raise awareness of mental health issues.

Project We Love
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A children's book that starts in English and ends in a different language to help kids learn in the most enjoyable way possible.

The RSA wants to improve creativity within education. Finding ways to encourage creative learners, educators, institutions and systems. @OneThirdStories wants to do that using bedtime stories to help children learn languages in the most enjoyable way possible.

Project We Love
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We are a collaborative makerspace offering access to tools, technology, & business support for innovators in Ghana.

RSA Kickstarter is proud to feature @kumasiHive, a Fellow led campaign to grow the Kumasi Hive makerspace and business hub, that supports local innovation and entrepreneurs making a difference to communities in Ghana.

Project We Love
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We need £8,000 to help buy new screen printing equipment so we can create an open access School of Print in the Centre of Nottingham.

The RSA supports @CobdenPlace #FRSA campaign to launch #SchoolOfPrint, which will offer open resources and training in printmaking. This creative hub has regenerated a former lace factory in Nottingham, and is an inspiring example of how communities can transform their locality.

Project We Love
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We did it! Follow here to see how we will be working to help cities around the world take up a Massive Small form of urban development.Together we can harness the collective power of many small ideas and actions by people who care about cities

The Massive Small Compendium is harnessing the collective power of many small ideas and actions by people who want to change their world. Mirroring its own approach to making real world change RSA Kickstarter supports this project.

Cool it Art is for kids with no access to creative learning. We've helped 70 families and need your support to run our classes in 2016!

The RSA seeks to close the creativity gap so everyone can unlock their power to create. Cool it Art shows how to do a lot with very little, providing arts access in London’s poorest boroughs. RSA Kickstarter is proud to support their campaign for a Cool it Art programme in 2016.

For Those Who Carry Less: We've designed a slim minimalist wallet which protects your cards from RFID fraud and prevents card clash.

The RSA supports innovative entrepreneurial design, and is proud to feature Imossi's Fellow-led campaign on RSA Kickstarter.

A campaign that challenges the status quo on international training opportunities in health and development. Thank you all for your support!

WHO estimate 2%
of global health expenditure is on health professional education but how is that distributed? RSA Kickstarter supports this campaign to advocate for fairer access to opportunities providing public health professional development for countries that need it most.

Project We Love
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Thank you for helping us to raise funds to build a basic application to give children access to the 'Feel Brave' characters and their stories and poems!

The Feel Brave! storytelling series helps children identify with role model characters to work through challenging issues. The RSA proudly supports the Feel Brave! Kickstarter to launch a digital platform so that more families can access this early personal development resource.

Project We Love
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We empower tomorrow's entrepreneurs with business & barista skills. We invest our profits & coach our employees to be their own boss.

RSA Kickstarter is proud to feature Coffee with a Conscience! Back the campaign to earn great rewards and grow their social enterprise, which gives unemployed people the start they need to launch their own artisanal coffee businesses. Whatever your brew, let it do more for you.

Project We Love
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Documentary about how people can become convinced they're right, even when they're wrong.

A documentary following people who came to believe in the end of the world, exploring the nature of convictions and the science behind it. Help to get it released so society can benefit from greater understanding of how to work through polarisation & radicalisation.

We did it!  Thank you to all our incredible backers and those who shared our project.  We are so grateful.  Look forward to seeing you all in the Forest - we open at 6pm on 15 May (and are open from 10 am to 6pm the following days).  See you there!

The RSA values creative learning and development and is proud to support Forest of Imagination 2015 on RSA Kickstarter; help us bring an engaging arts festival to Bath for its second year to inspire creativite development in our communities.

Help us publish a Dearest Scotland book of letters where the profits will reach new and existing Scottish literacy projects

Dearest Scotland is an eloquent platform for sharing reflections on identity and nationhood in Scotland. RSA Catalyst supports the campaign to publish the first 'Dearest Scotland' book to benefit literacy programmes in Scotland.

Bad Idea? There's No. Such. Thing. Crowdfund us and help digitise our enterprise course materials into a state of the art mobile app

Young people can offer the best ideas for social innovation but not know how to go further. Bad runs an accreddited course, giving schoolchildren the skills to become entrepreneurs. The RSA backs this campaign to grow creative education and enterprise for young people.

Project We Love
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Romeo & Juliet - the third & final part of our Shakespeare trilogy tours Wales in Spring 2017. Continuing to empower, inform and entertain new audiences, shake stuff up and inspire change thanks to 172 backers.

The RSA supports innovative solutions to social inequalities. The Omidaze all-female production of Richard III promotes access and opportunities for women through Shakespeare's great tale of power and intrigue.

Project We Love
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Hand printed sustainable textiles that don't cost the earth!

The RSA aims to support creativity and grow environmentally sustainable enterprises; the Fable & Base studio creates ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable, beautiful handmade textiles.

Project We Love
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Transform lives by inspiring young people, teachers and communities with an innovative model for hands-on science education in Africa

The RSA aim to contribute to educational change that meets everyone’s developmental needs and inspires a lifelong love of learning. This collaboration between Fellows aims to increase access to science education that students can direct and own

Project We Love
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Banbury Literary Live, a community and family event igniting a passion for literature, returns on 4 and 5 October 2014

The RSA helps to cultivate everyone's creative capacities throughout life, focussing in particular on those people and communities who might lack power and resources. Banbury Literary Live seeks to bring literature to life for the whole community in the town so get's our support!

A free sustainability leadership course for passionate young people unable to afford higher education and unpaid internships.

Help support a course in sustainability leadership for young people outside higher education

A unique blend of opera and biomedics, performed by young people from Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama to other teenagers.

A unique blend of opera and science which transports the myth of Pandora's Box into a contemporary high school setting in order to confront issues about gender and identity

Project We Love
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A theatre project that connects and gives a voice to young women from South Africa and the UK.

Increasing diversity in the arts by connecting the cast and production teams international productions touring the UK with diverse communities of women from to share, collaborate and create performances in their local theatres

Project We Love
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Let's get London talking!

Through stunts, events and badges to encourage conversations between strangers, these RSA Fellows want to reduce isolation and improve mental health in London - a city rated the second most unfriendly city in the world

Media Diversified is raising funds to create an interactive directory that will promote the voices of talented writers and experts.

By publishing and promoting high quality work by writers of colour, this RSA Fellow is diversifying the representation of the UK's media, and the content of media coverage

What if a coffee shop was also a creative space and a pay by the minute co-working space - in the heart of Manchester, UK.

Fed up with reading about the tax arrangements of high street coffee chains, RSA Fellows in Manchester are starting a chain of cooperative cafes that better cater for people using the cafe as an office as well as offering a retail store and performance space to build a community

Young people in Dundee & Angus will be supported to design and run an exhibition sharing their ideas for changing their communities.

The RSA aims to foster more powerful citizens and resilient communities. These RSA Fellows in Scotland are looking to start them young!

Support a new generation of circus tutors! Help the talented members of the Commonwealth Youth Circus learn to pass on their skills.

Using circus training to develop "soft skills" among young people in Glasgow is one way RSA Fellows are working to ensure everyone’s developmental needs are met and to inspire a lifelong love of learning

Secret Pillow Project shares the secrets of entrepreneurism with women worldwide and unfolds their power through making and selling.

Training up women's groups in India to make pillows that turn into blankets, RSA Fellow Fritha Vincent is helping these women use their sewing skills and local fabrics to start up as entrepreneurs in a global marketplace. Do get a pillow and help spread female entrepreneurship!

IF is an innovative project offering free humanities courses to young people priced out of today's higher education market.

With the aim to increase accessibility to higher education, particularly in humanities and social science subjects, these Fellows want to create a free foundation course drawing upon online content and cultural events in urban centres

Help us publish the story of Incredible Edible, the local food movement that's inspiring communities all over the world.

Volunteers have been turning unused land into communal vegetable gardens, starting conversations about healthy and seasonal food as well as the local economy. Incredible Edible has been running in Todmorden since 2008 and now a book seeks to spread it

Help us create a new online hub of knowledge to help Nepalese citizens realize their rights and navigate government!

Blair is building a wiki that allows citizens to find out via facebook how to access public services without needing to pay agents for the necessary papers. He is working with an established organisation in Nepal and now wants to take their technology to the passport office

New Cross Learning has inspired and uplifted thousands of users. This new creative space will provide a platform for the arts.

Catherine and other residents re-opened a recently closed library in New Cross, south London. RSA Catalyst awarded a grant to get local groups to produce art for the front of the library helping them achieve a dramatic increase in visitors and volunteers. Now they look skywards!

Project We Love
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Help us to make creativity visible in Bath by creating a 4 day contemporary arts event for all ages to prove we need a vital new space!

A group of Fellows are working to encourage all ages across Bath to engage with creativity and feed the imagination of the city by setting up a permanent space for contemporary arts. The first step is to hold a four-day arts festival in the heart of the city

Help us reach our stretch goal of £3,000 to support the youngest members of our creative community and tackle youth unemployment

Lisa was funded by Catalyst to help train budding creative entrepreneurs to set up in the market squares of South East England. It's going so well that now Lisa wants to put on a market of her own

Can you help us reach a stretch target of £5,750 for Citizen Science on the high street and on tour? Just few days left to join a crowd

Rick Hall FRSA is on a mission to inspire young people to go into science, technology, engineering & maths careers. He wants to run a pop-up shop to that end having successfully tested out events and activities in Nottingham (with the help of RSA Catalyst) and at music festivals

Project We Love
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When problems find people, amazing things can happen.

Ken Banks FRSA works to bring the tech revolution to tackle social problems, setting up & FrontlineSMS. Now he aims to inspire ordinary individuals to do remarkable things. Ken came across RSA Catalyst after pitching to RSA Fellows at June's East of England conference

Shoreditch is a startup village. But it doesn't have a space you can bring the village into. We need a village hall.

Before we launched this page RSA Fellow Jonathan Lister had successfully funded a village hall space to in East London. He's been advising the Fellows that are currently campaigning. Well done and thanks Jonathan!