HAVEABABY is a documentary that follows couples struggling with infertility and a controversial IVF contest that offers them hope.

    Rooftop Alum Amanda Micheli's new project HAVEABABY explores the emotional, financial, and physical challenges of infertility

  • Help us bring Cambodia's original rock and roll musicians to NYC for a concert at City Winery in Manhattan on April 24th.

    Help the team from Don't Think I've Forgotten bring Cambodian musicians in the film to NYC for the theatrical premiere!

  • A SXSW autobiographical documentary about how a 16 year old evolves into a bank robber. Bring it to a theater near you!

    Darius Clark Monroe turns the lens on himself (as a teenage bank robber) in this amazing documentary. Help him show it to the world!

  • Before Viagra there were goat testicle transplants, men w/ dreams & one unlikely hero. The stranger-than-fiction tale of John Brinkley!

    Penny's 'Our Nixon' screened at Rooftop in 2012. What she's doing next is going to be.. NUTS!!

  • A new stop-motion food film from the director of 'Fresh Guacamole' — the shortest film ever nominated for an Oscar.

    We screened Pes's first film Roof Sex back in the day. Then they went and got nominated for an Oscar! This new film is sure to be extra fresh to give it some yummy lovin!

  • A feature film expanded from the award-winning short film.

    KRISHA the short is screening at Rooftop Films this summer.
    Can't wait to see it adapted into a feature. Congrats Trey!

  • Teen Stories for Reel: Reel Works in Brooklyn, NY producing debut FEATURE FILM this summer.

    Reel Works is one of the finest youth media training programs in the country. Having worked in youth media, I can say hands down that their intensive Lab programs create some of the best films made by teenagers you’ll ever see–we’ve shown a few at Rooftop.

  • A trucker tries to save the life of a girl who is being sex-trafficked at his local truck stop.

    Rooftop alumna Pearl Gluck is Kickstarting her latest film, a powerful indie social drama called THE TURN OUT.

  • ...a road trip through the stunning and complex landscape of troubled young love. Feature film opening at IFC Center in NY on May 29th 2015

    Time's running out to Kickstart I Believe In Unicorns festival tour!

  • The filmmakers who brought you the indie hit CODEPENDENT LESBIAN SPACE ALIEN SEEKS SAME are making a new comedy about lesbian hookers!

    We're looking forward to this buddy-comedy with a twist, the latest from the very funny team that brought you "Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same".

  • Thanks to your participation, this campaign is a success! You can still help get the film out. Please join us: www.citizenkoch.com

    Please support and make sure this important film is not silenced!

  • A documentary about the best soul singer you’ve ever heard–even if you've never heard of him.

    Please support!

  • A man gets into a terrible traffic accident in the middle of nowhere.... And two religious zealots try their best to "save" him.

    Support our alum John Bryant with his latest project John 3:16.

  • 40 deserving NYC youth will be given the chance to make 5 films this summer for FREE. You can support their creative journey.

    Support our friends at DCTV!

  • Six Teens. Three Continents. A World Cup to Save Lives.

    Please support!

  • An Afro-community in Ecuador is transformed by its famous World Cup Soccer players,who are helping to rebuild their hometown

    Please Support!

  • This Summer, we plan to take teen filmmakers from Brooklyn on tour to share their stories and empower youth to inspire positive action.

    Please support ReelWorks. They do great work with young filmmakers!

  • The leading Romanian film fest returns this December to the Film Society of Lincoln Center and expands to the Jacob Burns Film Center.

    Please Support!

  • For 16 years Rooftop Films has screened thousands of new indie films in cool outdoor spaces but we can't continue without your support.

    Help the Rooftop family stay warm in the winter months, as we busy getting ready for next summer.

  • Uncovering Helen Levitt: a camera-shy photographer hits the NYC streets for 70 years, transforming American street photography forever.

    Support our Rooftop Alum!

  • A revenge film equally suited for art house cinephiles and die-hard genre fans.

    The badass Rooftop alum Jeremy Saulnier ("Goldfarb" & "Murder Party") is seeking revenge...

  • A comedy about bitterness, abandonment, and the great healing power of stupid ideas.

    Make "Accidents" happen! Support Rooftop Films alum Zack Raines ("Freeloader") with his new feature film.

  • Indie comedy about undocumented immigration, set on a hilariously catastrophic, very unusual family roadtrip across the Mexican border.

    Long-time Rooftop friend Iyabo Boyd is producing what looks like a fun film on a serious subject. Help it get across the finish line (or the border, as the case may be).

  • A group of determined American teenagers have Olympic aspirations in the unlikeliest of sports: table tennis.

    Rooftop Alum needs your support!

  • A feature-length documentary-in-progress about the life and legacy of Olympic champion diver Greg Louganis.

    Rooftop Alum Cheryl Furjanic ("A Good Uplift" and "Sync or Swim") returns to the pool, with a splash...

  • two big projects all rolled into one. from the creators of robot elephant.

    Rooftop Alum needs your support!

  • DETROPIA features Detroiters who refuse to leave the building, even as the flames rise. An engrossing and essential cinematic tapestry.

    Please support Detropia self-distribute their film. It will screen with Rooftop Films on Saturday, August 11 at the Old American Can Factory in Brooklyn.

  • Photojournalist Liz Gilbert sets out on a journey through remote Africa to find the vanishing cultures of a rapidly changing continent.

    Long-time Rooftop alum (2003!) Matt Goldman makes his feature film debut with this stirring documentary--which includes outdoor screenings in Africa! We're jealous and we can't wait to see this film. You can help!

  • A portrait of Oceana, WV, an old coal mining town that has become the epicenter of the Oxycontin epidemic, earning the nickname Oxyana.

    Sean Dunne has created some of the most memorable short docs ever screened at Rooftop, and this project promises to be even more deeply fascinating than those fantastic films.

  • Aurora's new home will expand the creative opportunities for all ages. Create a media arts center by funding equipment & furnishings.

    Our good friends, collaborators, and kindred spirits at the Aurora Picture Show are getting a permanent home in Houston. We're jealous, but they need your help!

  • Support Rooftop Films and sign up for a membership and get in free to all 45 Summer Series screenings!

    Rooftop Films 2012 Summer Series will be our best in 16 years, and we want you to be a part of it. Pledge to our Kickstarter campaign and become a member of our exciting community!

  • "Children are the gods of this city."

    A wonderful film that will be playing at Rooftop in 2012!

  • KICK ME is a nightmare comedy about a guidance counselor who reaches out to a troubled kid and ends up running for his life.

    Alum Gary Huggin's new film KICK ME looks like quite a wild ride. Watch his hilarious and enigmatic video and help him make KICK ME!

  • A suspense-filled documentary that investigates the alleged con artist and former film festival director Marie Castaldo.

    In 2007, Marie Castaldo didn't pay her bill for a rental from Rooftop Films. Turns out it wasn't an isolated incident. Four years later she's been arrested, convicted of fraud, and deported. Our Program Director Dan Nuxoll is making a film about the whole crazy affair.

  • Playing himself, Shannon Harper journeys from Brooklyn to the Catskill Mountains. Now it's time to journey to our Park City premiere!

    Rooftop Alum Keith Miller’s first feature film will make its world premiere at the 2012 Slamdance Film Festival! But before they can head to Utah they need your help to make a few finishing touches. It looks to be a touching and honest film, so please help out if you can.

  • Executive produced by Jay-Z, Terence Nance’s dazzling, delightful and explosively creative debut, tells the story of a relationship between Terence and a lovely young woman as it teeters between the platonic and romantic.

    Rooftop Alum Terence Nance is a fresh new filmmaker creating bold, exciting work. His debut feature looks fantastic. The rough cut got into Sundance, and now he needs your help to get the film finished and delivered to Park City. Check out his video and help him out.

  • Award-winning filmmaker Byron Hurt shares his personal journey to explore the African-American cuisine known as soul food.

    Soul Food Junkies, the new documentary from award-winning director and Rooftop Films alum Byron Hurt, addresses the consequences of the beloved comfort food cuisine known as soul food – both good and bad. Kickstart this important project

  • DELTA BOYS tells the untold stories of the militancy in the oil-rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

    Andy Berends is a daring and very smart filmmaker, as well as a Rooftop alum. His latest project looks fantastic, so take a look at his trailer and help him finish his film!

  • On the night before he could lose everything everything, Elliot finds Chloe. Bring festival favorite Falling Overnight to theatres.

    We hosted both the NY and LA premieres of this charming film. Help them make it to theaters!

  • Brooklyn Castle looks at the challenges and triumphs of a champion junior high chess team hit hard by public school budget cuts.

    This dynamic project, local to Rooftop's Brooklyn home, was featured in the first Rooftop / Kickstarter Film Festival. We're excited to see it finished!

  • Five accomplished, politically progressive filmmakers come together to raise the collective consciousness on the Afghanistan War.

    Rooftop alum Travis Wilkerson, cinema legend Jon Jost, activist filmmaker John Gianvito and others. Fascinating project, vital subject.

  • UnionDocs Center for Documentary Art has just secured it's space for 10 years. It is time now to make important renovations & changes.

    We love UnionDocs and all that they do to support and cultivate daring, innovative filmmaking. Help them make their space an even better place to watch, create, and talk about documentaries, and they'll reward you with parties, editing space, private screenings and so much more!

  • Help launch a solar system of short films by an all-star cast of independent artists.

    A new Rooftop Films Production! An astonishing array of alumni filmmakers tour the galaxy. Join the club!

  • The Devil is Due In Dreary is a western thriller comic book that will be published in four issues beginning the fall of 2011.

    Our friend, independent film producer Daryl Freimark's latest creative project is a rockabilly romp meets Western thriller comic book series. Prizes include being drawn into the last book as a character!

  • Top Spin offers an intimate look into the lives of two teenaged table tennis titans who have sights set on the 2012 London Olympics.

    Help Rooftop Alum Sara Newens complete TOP SPIN, a table tennis documentary following U.S.
    national champions Ariel Hsing and Michael Landers as they train and attempt to qualify for the 2012 Olympics. C'mon, don't YOU want to make sure a doc about table tennis gets made?

  • Rural Route returns to screen films from the fields, mountains, deserts & beyond! After a temporary hiatus we are back & ready to go!

    With Rural Route, Rooftop is hosting two shows on a new green roof--an actual farm in Queens. But we need your support to make it happen!

  • A funny new documentary about kids, turtles, small town tradition, and big world problems - shown from the perspective of kids!

    Rooftop alum Todd Bieber, who was last seen trekking through Europe to track down the owners of a roll of film he found while skiing in Prospect Park during the 2010 blizzard, is working on a new project about turtle racing! C'mon how can you not support this?

  • Hide Your Smiling Faces combines drama, mystery, and fantasy in an atmospheric exploration of what it means to grow up in rural America

    Our friend Dan Carbone's debut feature looks like it will be beautiful and haunting, two adjectives that describe a lot of films we love. He's shooting the whole thing in just two weeks on a shoestring budget so help him get it done!

  • Help us bring aliens, wrestlers, robots and filmmakers to the rooftops of NYC and get free entry to every Rooftop show all summer long.

    Rooftop's own campaign to bring the Filmmakers, Wrestlers, Lesbian Space Aliens, and Robots from our films to a Rooftop near you. Rewards include Rooftop season passes at a 20% discount.

  • A story of a man, of a people, and of the fate of one of our planet’s most valuable natural resources, the Amazon Rainforest.

    A stunningly beautiful documentary on an important and inspiring story, supported previously by the Rooftop Filmmakers' Fund (and the Sundance Institute, among others). ... http://rooftopfilms.com/blog/2008/02/rooftop-films-grant-awardees.html

  • Join Kickstarter and Rooftop Films on July 9, 2011, for the 2nd Annual Kickstarter Film Festival!

    Don't miss your chance to get tickets for the 2nd annual Kickstarter Film Fest, hosted by Rooftop and available exclusively on Kickstarter!

  • The journey of a man as he discovers the moon.

    A possible addition to the next edition of Orbit(Film)"? Make it happen, Kickstarter. ... www.orbitfilm.com

  • PRISM index is a limited edition, handmade, mixed-media art book that compiles the work of a wide spectrum of artists into one place.

    This gorgeously designed and curated multi-media book will feature tons of Rooftop Alums, incl: Phosphorescent, Macolm Sutherland, Sam Green, Tony Gault, Safdie Brothers, Bill PLympton, Duplass Brothers, Zallner Brothers, Michael Langan, Jay Rosenblatt, and many others.

  • OUR NIXON, a feature length documentary based on newly discovered Super 8 home movies filmed by Nixon's closest aides.

    Rooftop alum Penny Lane is cutting one of Rooftop's all-time favorite genres, a home movie . . . only in this one "home" is in the White House.

  • We're collecting rare historical letterpress wood type to convert into Opentype fonts. Check out our free beta font download!

    For all you typeface nerds out there (several of us at Rooftop are card carrying members), a cool project to digitize letterpress wood type fonts. Rewards include free fonts, and for $5K, they'll name a font after you!

  • Post-Vietnam, Paul bought a trailer for his family to live in. He has been building a house around the trailer ever since.

    Rooftop worked w/ Mike Plante to create "Orbit(Film)," an omnibus about the solar system. Mike is a programmer at Sundance & CineVegas (R.I.P.), and the man behind CineMad, a magazine, website & distributor. His debut feature is a fascinating portrait worth seeing & supporting.

  • Modine's limited edition hardcover book transforms into an interactive iPad App with audio, sound effects, music, new photos, and more!

    Rooftop's A.D. Mark Elijah Rosenberg hosted a conversation with Modine at the Tribeca Film Festival, organized by Adam Rackoff—both great folks. This project seems to me about as excellent and creative a use of an iPad as I can imagine. Love it, Private Joker!

  • In Jay Duplass' documentary debut, he searches for his hero Kevin Gant, a wildly inspired musician who disappeared in 1995.

    From the makers of "Baghead" and "The Puffy Chair" comes a charming short about an inspiring musician. Support the film and the come back tour!

  • The journey and transformation of a decommissioned American school bus into aGuatemalan camioneta becomes a poetic meditation on movement and exchange between the Americas.

    Rooftop Alum Mark Kendall's fascinating doc about an American Schoolbus' life story!

  • Wallabout Film Festival is for students, by students.

    A film festival-for students, by students-organized by our good friend Basil Tsiokos and his students at Pratt who are organizing and curating their own film festival as a part of a class. The event takes place TONIGHT (April 20th) http://www.wallabout.org

  • This improvised Spanish language feature film will follow an aging hipster DJ who produces an underground radio show in Montevideo UR.

    Rooftop Alum Mark Street's film about aging hipster DJ who produces a radio show in which he invites listeners to call in and share their most intimate secrets.

  • Three gay seniors navigate the adventures, challenges and surprises of life and love in their golden years.

    Please support Rooftop alum PJ Ravel!

  • Lo-fi Space Adventure. Stars PAUL SOILEAU & IVA GUEORGUIEVA. Original Score by QUINTRON.

    Please support Rooftop alum Brent Joseph!