• Coalition Snow: Skis and snowboards by women, for women

    We're the ones we've been waiting for. High-performance skis and snowboards designed by women, for women.

    Inspired by women who push the limits both on and off the hill, Coalition Snow is a ski and snowboard company created by women, for women. Support Lauren Bello '04 MArch and the other ladies of the coalition in their goal to produce high-performance skis and snowboards.

  • 'Please Like Me' An Exhibition exposing social media culture

    RISD Graphic Design Senior Thesis - 'Please Like Me' Exhibition designed to raise awareness of social media culture & the digital age.

    Help Allisan Salazar '15 GD realize her exhibition concept 'Please Like Me'. The exhibit is designed to raise awareness of social media culture & the digital age. The show will include photography, creative print work, interactive media, life size installation, & more.

  • A Mini Art Center for All Artists

    In the heart of New Orleans, a creative hub for kids to explore the visual arts.

    The Mini Art Center (MAC) is a studio and gallery for children and their families to have fun making art. Traditionally, MAC has operated as a pop up workshop. With the community growing they want to find a more permanent home. Help Prescott Trudeau '07 FAV & team make it happen!

  • The 2015 Arctic Circle Residency

    Help a sculptor to join a community of artists and scientists working together aboard a tall ship in the arctic territory of Svalbard.

    The mission of The Arctic Circle Residency is to foster collaboration between artists, scientists, educators and activists. Artist Maggie Casey '14 SC creates work that explores the interaction between science and art. Help Maggie to further develop these concepts in her work!

  • The WCD Project

    Performance in which a hand-painted classic sports car rebuilt by the artist executes donuts in front of a related large-scale painting

    Help Francisco Moreno '12 PT create an artistic performance in which a hand-painted classic sports car rebuilt by the artist executes donuts in front of a related large-scale painting. This reinterprets a depiction of a symbolic American story, Washington Crossing the Deleware.

  • Meow Wolf Art Complex ft. The House of Eternal Return

    Meow Wolf and George RR Martin join forces to produce an art complex featuring the most insane art experience imaginable.

    Help Caity Kennedy '06 PT, Sean Di Ianni '07 SC, and George RR Martin produce an art complex featuring an unprecedented, 20,000 sq. ft. art attraction constructed by over 75 artists! The complex will also have affordable artist studios, two gallery spaces, and a learning center!


    Help us fund an exhibition catalogue for TROPHIES // IN THE REIGN OF COYOTE at the Deutsches Jagd- Fischereimuseum in Munich, Germany!

    Help RISD CE faculty member Steven Gordon Holman and alum Mallory Weston '13 J+M fund an exhibition catalogue for TROPHIES // IN THE REIGN OF COYOTE at the Deutsches Jagd- Fischereimuseum in Munich, Germany!

  • Transcendence: an installation

    An installation to introduce the viewer to historically marginalized women in order to challenge their modern day representations.

    Help Rachel Deane '16 PT create an installation to introduce the viewer to historically marginalized women in order to challenge their modern day representations. Rachel hopes to complete this piece while participating in the RISD European Honors Program this semester.

  • Arctic Circle Expedition: Svalbard

    Support an artist on The Arctic Circle Residency! A collaborative sailing voyage into the Norwegian Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

    Support artist Hilary Wang '14 GL as a participant in the incredible Arctic Circle Residency! This experience is a collaborative sailing voyage into the Norwegian Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, bringing together artists, scientists, educators, and a highly skilled crew.

  • Sons and Daughters of the Incarcerated

    A woman convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison devotes her life to helping the children of incarcerated parents.

    "Sons and Daughters" tells the true story of a woman convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison, who has since devoted her life to helping the children of incarcerated parents. Director Denali Tiller '15 FAV needs your help to bring this amazing story to film.

  • Senior Thesis Collection, "Real Gone"

    Apparel design student at the Rhode Island School of Design producing a senior thesis collection.

    For the past five months Noah Berch '15 AP has been hard at work developing and producing his Senior Thesis Collection, debuting in Providence/New York City in May 2015. He needs your help to produce his design, which is inspired by American heritage and culture.

  • • Rooftop •

    A short film about a young boy and his infatuation with the old, faded GoGo dancer who lives next door.

    Rooftop is a short film about a young boy and his infatuation with the old, faded GoGo dancer who lives next door. Help Amanda Hanna-Mcleer '15 FAV make this vision a reality as her senior film project.

  • Help Keep Pizza Foundation in Marfa, Texas.

    After almost 12 years, Pizza Foundation must move! We have lots in a great location. Now we need YOUR help putting up our building!!

    RISD grads Saarin Keck '91 SC and Ronnie O'Donnell '91 FAV founded a pizzeria in Marfa, TX called Pizza Foundation. After 12 years of success, Pizza Foundation must move! Now they need your help putting up the new building!

  • 3D Printed Travel Soap Jewelry

    Feel fabulous in the bath and turn showering into an event! Join us on exploring this concept with customizable jewelry starting at $80

    YoursInSoap, founded by Lily Su '11/SC, is a luxury fine art soap company selling unique handcrafted art soaps. Help Lily take her soap business to the next level of production by pairing amazing aromas with customizable 3D printed jewelry.

  • Spink

    A bonehead, his butler, and his coffee.

    Spink is a short comedy by Elliot Worth '15/FAV about a young man who decides to build a telepathic machine, inspired by a television show about "higher intelligence" in the universe. However, life seems to steer Spink inward, toward the realization of his true passion: coffee.

  • Design for People

    This book is about how design brings people together. That’s where you come in.

    Design for People is a unique book full of the real people behind the work by Open, owned by Scott Stowell '90/GD. Open has clients like Etsy, Google, & Patagonia. The book tells the stories of Open's biggest projects through interviews with clients, designers, interns, & more.

  • KUMA - A Reusable Spork for Modern Life

    Kuma™ is a compact spork that fits in your pocket or the palm of your hand -- a utensil fit for the modern lifestyle.

    Kuma™ is a compact spork that fits in your pocket or the palm of your hand -- a utensil fit for the modern lifestyle. Kuma is the culmination of the degree project of Micah Baclig '14/ID while at RISD. Help Micah produce this innovative utensil!

  • Ezra Masch at the Icebox

    Lights in a 3-dimensional grid map live audio produced by a drum set, translating the volume of sound to the volume of space.

    Help Ezra Masch '04 / SC to create an installation piece with lights in a 3-dimensional grid map and live audio produced by a drum set, translating the volume of sound to the volume of space. With your help, he'll produce a series of performances that will be open to the public!

  • Henry Horenstein, HISTORIES: TALES FROM THE 70's, a book.

    A collection of work from the 1970's by noted photographer Henry Horenstein.

    This project is a collection of work from the 1970's by noted photographer, and RISD Photography Professor, Henry Horenstein. Help Henry publish a book showcasing some of his favorite work taken from 1970-79.

  • To Be Continued #1: Cartoons by Lila Ash

    Help me create the first book of my original hand-painted cartoons!

    Lila Ash '11/PT wants to take dozens of small, hand-drawn and painted cartoons and put together the first of a series of books titled "To Be Continued." The subject matter ranges from love to hate, music to fashion, drugs to sex, boys to girls, New York to Los Angeles.

  • The Alora Infinity Scarf

    A chunky handmade scarf designed in the finest Italian merino wool. It'll keep you warm and cozy through the winter!

    Help Maria Ficalora '76 / PR launch her new knitwear line, Alora, which includes a sweater charm, an infinity scarf and a cardigan. They're made completely from fine Italian Merino Wool. Maria is a knitwear designer working in New York City for the past 25 years.

  • Roots: A Game of Inventing Words

    The pen is the sword in this casual tabletop experience for 3-5 players

    Help Genah Kim '13/AP and team create Roots©, a game of inventing words. Players combine cards to create new words, competing for the best connection to a Subject card. The result is narrative warfare in which the most creative, best spoken, and craftiest thrive.

  • Daughters of Mercury

    Full-length oil portraits of a dozen or more trans women, as they want to be seen

    Daughters of Mercury is A series of full-length oil portraits of trans women by Janet Bruesselbach '06 / IL. Help her to depict the diversity of women and expand what society considers a female body.

  • Central Falls' Floating Garden

    Community art installation aimed to bring awareness to community gardens and create new ties between the youth and elderly.

    Central Falls’ Floating Garden is a collaborative public art installation between RISD students Nicole Cheng '16 / IntAr and Lyza Baum '16 / TX, and the city of Central Falls, RI. Help them work with Central Falls to create the city's first community garden!

  • ∴PHANTOMS∴ Salt Circle Metals

    A collection of lost-wax cast, metal jewelry inspired by echoes and ghosts. Presented in parallel with written works.

    ∴Phantoms∴ will be Salt Circle Metals’ first official collection created by Daylnn Lambi '12/TLAD. The pieces are inspired by things that echo; phantom limbs, ghosts, memories, doppelgängers, haunted houses, created in connection with a collection of written works.

  • New Nomiku Sous Vide - WiFi-Connected and Made in the USA!

    The new Nomiku – The world's 1st WiFi-connected sous vide immersion circulator brings top chefs & community into your home kitchen.

    Wipop Bam Suppipat '09/ID and the Nomiku team are heating things up and immersing themselves in a brand new kitchen necessity, the 1st WiFi connected sous vide immersion circulator. This is the Top tool for the Top Chef in your life! See what all the bubble is about!

  • Massive Collaborative Drawing

    Add your art to a collaborative drawing for $1!

    Ray Sumser'90 PT/FAV is no stranger to Kickstarter! Ray is back again, with a new project that includes you in more than one way! By supporting this project you will have your drawing included in what Ray hopes is a world record massive collaborative drawing. Join him!

  • ACTON RocketSkates: World's First Smart Wearable Mobility

    The ACTON Rocketskates™ are Wearable Mobility. Remote-free, Strap-in, Smart electric skates.

    ACTON, the leader in Wearable Mobility, is excited to launch R RocketSkates. RocketSkates are electric, motorized skates. Simply strap them over your shoes and off you go. This is another very cool product developed by Peter Treadway '96/ID.

  • The Linkmount System Smartphone Enhancement

    Linkmount© is a multifunctional system that attaches to any phone or case giving you unprecedented options in one simple, elegant tool.

    Lukas Scheurer & Toshi Sakaguch, both 2013 ID grads have designed Linkmount©, a multifunctional system that attaches to any phone or case giving you unprecedented options in one simple, elegant tool. They need your help to get this amazing tool manufactured here in the US!

  • Kozmo-Knot

    Kozmo-Knot: The never-Ending Comic Strip: sci-fi noir / graphic novelty / elliptical space opera in 32 panels

    Kozmo-Knot, is a kinetic pantomime that takes a reader on a far away journey, and back again ... to begin again. Erik T. Johnson, '90/PM, needs your help to begin this journey, so consider supporting his project today!

  • Tink's House

    A site-specific, immersive dining experience where food, art, and design come together.

    Kelsey Isaacs '16|PT is cooking up an amazing site-specific, immersive dining experience, where food, art and design come together. Don't "Think" about it, support Tink's House today! Here's to good eatin!

  • BS: The Benefits of Slavery Artists' Book

    Limited edition artists' book on Rhode Island's role in Atlantic slave trade including letterpress, engravings and photogravures.

    Tia Blassingame's '15/MFA|PM, artist book,The Benefits of Slavery, is the culmination of a year of research, writing, and image making. Help Tia tell the story of Providence, RI's role in the Atlantic slave trade by supporting this project.

  • Communion: An animated short film

    A vibrant animation following ordinary people whose everyday urban lives become the ultimate religious spectacle.

    Communion is a 5 minute hand drawn animation that follows ordinary people in a modern-day city trying to find & preserve their spiritual identity. As the journey unfolds, their everyday urban life becomes the ultimate religious spectacle. Support Bianca Gonzalez Marra '12/FAV!

  • Mother, What is the Moon?

    David Griswold and Eliza Reisfeld are proud to present their very first children's book, Mother, What is the Moon?

    Eliza Reisfeld '11/IL launching their very first children's book and need your help to make it a reality! The book is based on the belief that poetry & art can teach our children about the mysteries of life, & the sorts of questions that we never stop asking. Support them today!

  • RUMSPRINGA // A Traveling Artist Residency and Photo Book

    A photographic chronicle of the desire to know ourselves through the journeys we take.

    Kimberly Sikora '07/PH needs your assistance in launching RUMSPRINGA // A Traveling Artist Residency and Photo Book. Rumspringas are journeys, taken to help better understand the outside world, and our interior emotional worlds as well. Help Kim move forward by donating today!

  • NH Panorama Covered Bridges

    Showing the structure, place and space of NH covered bridges through 360° HDR panoramas

    You have never seen photographs like these before. An artistic and technical challenge to show every beam inside in relationship to the landscape outside. John Anderson '90/PH of New Hampshire is turning his camera on the new, and historic covered bridges through out the state.

  • Polymakr: Entirely New Materials for Desktop 3D Printing

    Polymakr brings to you 3 entirely new printing materials that greatly extend what you can do with your desktop 3D printer.

    Ryan Mather '15/ID a member of the Polymakr team has both polymer science and industrial design. Ryan has done most of the design and branding work & is also responsible for developing geometries and methods to test the printability of all the materials Polymakr develops.

  • RA Reflective: 360 Reflective Performance for Men and Women

    We saw the options for affordable area-reflective clothing, and knew we could do better, so we did.

    Kisa Shiga '14/AP and her colleagues have developed a collection of super bright and affordable personal reflective clothing. RA Reflective combines safety and affordability. This is where fashion meets function!

  • RISD Senior Thesis Glass Show

    11 seniors, 1 dream. Help support the glass seniors raise money for their final thesis show at the Rhode Island School of Design!

    The 11 Seniors (Emmett, Hunter, Mack, Cait, Ruby, Jes, Gayle, Anna, Megan, Hilary & Eliza) of the RISD Glass department need your help to show the world what they've got. Give to this Kickstarter campaign while it’s hot! Don’t “blow” a chance to be part of this project.

  • Iron and Blood

    A new line of men's accessories inspired by an industrial aesthetic and designed with the goal of making a guy stand out.

    The Endo brothers, Zen and Miles '11/ID are launching a new line of men's accessories, Iron and Blood. The line is inspired by an industrial aesthetic and designed with the goal of making a guy stand out. Miles is currently running Studio Endo. Give till it hurts!!

  • Model Citizen: Merino basics for the modern lifestyle.

    Model Citizen makes clothes for more than just the journey. Hot or rainy bike rides, lecture or concert halls, we've got you covered.

    Model Citizen makes clothes for more than just the journey. Hot or rainy bike rides, lecture or concert halls, we've got you covered. Model Citizen, founded by Joshua Weinberg '09/BFA Architecture, with a focus on uncompromising fit & finish, and a desire to offer quality goods.

  • CL81 - an 8X10 sheet film processing reel

    The CatLABS CL81 is a simple, easy to use, low-cost alternative for processing 8X10 sheet film in daylight tanks.

    Coming off one successful Kickstarter Project, Omer Hecht '11/MFA PH is seeking your support for the production of the CL81. With your support CatLABS is committed to creating something new and exciting for an amazing community of film photographers worldwide. Snap to it!

  • Angkor's Children

    Angkor’s Children is a film about Cambodia’s cultural and artistic renaissance told through the voices of three young Cambodian women.

    Angkor’s Children by Lauren Shaw '72, MFA/Photo is a film about Cambodia’s cultural and artistic renaissance told through the voices of three young Cambodian women.Do you part in helping heal the wounds left by a genocide of artists.

  • Tangram States Posters

    Love maps? Love geometry? Great! We want to send our colorful Tangram States posters off to the presses!

    Love maps? Love geometry? Great! Ryan Arruda '10/MFA GD wants to send his colorful Tangram States posters off to the presses but needs your assistance. Ryan hopes you'll join him on this poster adventure extravaganza!

  • La Maison Royale - Thesis Film

    My RISD Thesis Live-Action Film

    Brandon Tyson '14/FAV needs your help to bring his RISD Senior Thesis live action film to the screen! The film is an emotional and surreal story of a bribery that quickly turns to uncertainty, all taking place at a motel right before dawn's gray-blue arrival. Support it now!

  • The Skinny Fries Left Over

    A young woman’s contentment with her life is challenged by the short visit of a childhood friend.

    Esther Hayes '14/FAV, thinks that trying to accept the discomfort inherent in the uncertainty of life is a feeling that is relevant to many ages and situations. The Skinny Fries Left Over is a story of how we all feel about life. Help Esther bring this film to fruition!

  • Sunflower

    "Sunflower" is a short film about an old man named Charles, who reminisces life through memories at a hospital.

    Edward Choi's ’14/FAV, film, “Sunflower" is inspired by a simple conversation between his grandparents who suffered Alzheimer's. This film project got him thinking, what if Alzheimer's is not an illness, but a last gift before passing away? Support Edward's campaign today!

  • Papersafe: #01 'Sage'

    A new independent publication, published 3 times a year, dedicated to analog photography. Edited by Trevor Powers published by CatLABS

    Papersafe, a new independent publication, published 3 times a year, dedicated to analog photography is a creation by Omer Hecht '11/MFA PH. With your support CatLABS is committed to creating something new and exciting for an amazing community of film photographers worldwide.

  • After Ella

    After Ella is a short fiction film exploring love, loss and art. INVITED TO THE BERLINALE TALENTS 2014!

    Nick Fuhr '98/SC,
    Rebecca Walsh '99/IL and Landscape Architecture Faculty member, Andrew Hartness are members of the team who is producing After Ella. After Ella is a journey, an experience, and one that the team hopes you will be a part of. Support this project today!

  • "BROOKLYN illustrated MAP " 24" x 36" by Aaron Meshon

    A 24" x 36" poster tribute to my home: BROOKLYN!

    What's Up Brooklyn? Have you always wanted a super cool illustrated map repping the best borough in NYC? If the answer is yes, you are going to want to support Aaron Meshon '95/IL and get your hands on this one of kind Brooklyn poster and show your love of Brooklyn to the world

  • The Palladium Gun: Rubber Band Gun

    A redesigned rubber band gun for use in the office, at home or on the playground. Hours of fun!

    Nikolas Bentel '17 a Brown RISD dual degree student studying ID at RISD is hoping you band together to help him raise the funds needed to produce his take on the classic rubber band gun! Snap to it and support Nik and The Palladium Gun project!

  • Pocketful of Posies

    Pocketful of Posies is a short horror anthology with tales from a quiet ghost story dealing with loss, to a trippy creature fest.

    LauraBeth Rodzniak '14/FAV wants you to think of her senior film, Pocketful of Posies, as an adult bedtime story.... full of supernatural figures, monsters, and even some lessons to be learned! Laura needs your help to raise the funds necessary to complete this amazing film!

  • Daguerreotype & Ambrotype Inspired Mirror & Glass iPrints

    19th-century photographic processes re-imagined for the 21st century.

    Daria Polichetti Park '98/PT wants to make things like they used to! Working with digital artists, she discovered an interesting combination of new technology with an older, more traditional aesthetic. In essence, 19th-century photographic processes updated for the 21st century.

  • ACTON M Scooter

    An innovative, folding sit/stand scooter. Easy to ride for leisure, commuting, or at work. Super compact; fits in your closet or trunk.

    ACTON, makers of the SPNKiX “Rocket Skates”, has launched its latest innovation in personal mobility, the M Scooter. The ACTON M Scooter is a stylish and captivating 3 wheel electric scooter that can be ridden standing up or sitting down developed by Peter Treadway '96/ID.

  • SEED: The Untold Story - The Final Push

    Inspiring documentary unearths the dramatic story of seeds. From creators of QUEEN OF THE SUN & REAL DIRT ON FARMER JOHN.

    SEED will reveal the awe, wonder and hidden beauty of seeds. Jon Betz '08/FAV, Director/Producer and his team have spent the last year filming an extraordinary cast of characters passionately dedicated to saving our planet’s seed diversity. Help get the story told!!

  • Noble Savages: An Artist Book on Hemp Sculptures

    A unique artist book documenting the context, process and craft behind a series of hemp sculptures called Noble Savages.

    Marguerite Kahrl '95/MFA SC is creating a unique artist book which documents the context, process and craft behind a series of hemp sculptures called Noble Savages. She hopes you will be able to contribute to the project or simply pass along the link.

  • DYSCOURSE: Survivors, Choose Wisely.

    A PC survival game like you’ve never seen. Emergent story, group psychology, and the struggle to endure, in the absurd Owlchemy style.

    Carrie Witt '12/IL and Owlchemy Labs has created Dyscourse, a PC survival game like we've never seen. Dyscourse focuses on the interactions, tough decisions, bonds, and betrayals of a small group of survivors. Help Rita endure!

  • Nest Homeware: A cast iron collection for the kitchen

    Beautiful, smooth surfaced, cast iron cookware. Made in the USA.

    This is the first kitchen and dining collection from Matt Cavallaro's '10/ID company, Nest Homeware. He is so excited to launch, but needs your help to be able to do his first production run. Nest is about building a "home" and more than just eating, but eating together!

  • Cut/Once™ – Heirloom Ruler

    The wooden ruler re-imagined. More function, beauty, & meaning. Carpenter-inspired. Eco-sensitive. Made in USA. (Pat. Pend.)

    Stephanie '00/MID and Bruce Tharp are award-winning, Chicago-based product designers and educators who are re-imagining the wood ruler. A carpenter inspired, eco-sensitive piece with more function, beauty and meaning. Please support Cut/Once, the Heirloom Ruler.

  • Makeshift Society: Coworking and Community in Brooklyn

    We're building a clubhouse for creative freelancers. Help us make shi(f)t happen in New York – LAST DAY!

    Bryan Boyer '04/INTAR and the team from Makeshift Society is building a clubhouse in Brooklyn for creative freelancers to learn, work, play and think together. This innovative workspace creates an environment of collaboration for all involved! Help make shi(f)t happen in NYC!

  • Through the Trees: An Interactive, Public Art Installation

    Public art installation in conjunction with ArtSpace Gallery; a platform to discuss, unify and react to gun violence in our community.

    Through the Trees, developed by Hannah Plotke '11/PT, is a public, interactive art installation in New Haven, CT. The site functions as a place for remembrance & memorialization & creates a platform to engage & react to gun violence in the community. Hannah needs your support!

  • babyDEGEN knitwear for babies

    Help support Lindsay Degen's first collection of American made knitwear for cool & funky babies!

    With the recent launch of the babyDEGEN website, Lindsay Degen '10/TX found that there are certain materials and finishing touches that need to be integrated into their process. This Kickstarter will give babyDEGEN the extra funding to create an efficient online store & company.

  • I See. You See. We ALL See! Board Book for Little Four Eyes

    Board book geared toward babies and toddlers to encourage little ones to wear glasses. A challenging concept at this young age!

    Amanda Beard '12/IL has teamed up with Allison Joyce to illustrate a board book geared toward babies and toddlers to encourage little ones to wear glasses. A challenging concept at this young age but one that they are tackling with this Kickstarter campaign.

  • Ocean Driven

    An ocean pioneer comes of age while braving huge waves and redefining "possible".

    Ocean Driven is a gripping and unforgettable true story about perseverance that guides viewers of all ages to believe in & follow their dreams. Nadia Tarlow '95/PT wants to share the coming of age story about a champion South African big wave surfer who redefines possible.

  • SEW GOOD: A Textile Arts Residency

    Help Amanda attend a 9-month textile artists residency at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, New York!

    Help Amanda Hu '13 MFA in Printmaking attend a 9-month textile artists residency at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, New York!

    Amanda wants to explore the interesting relationship and dialogue that occurs between print media and textile arts.

  • Books: A Documentary - Take 2

    This past August over 300,000 antiquarian books from Larry McMurtry's Booked Up were sold at auction: This is the story of those Books.

    In August 2012, Larry McMurtry’s Booked Up Inc. auctioned over 300,000 antiquarian books shelved within the bookstore's four large buildings in the small oil patch town of Archer City, Texas. Sara Osana '05/MIA wants to tell the story of those books through Books: a documentary.

  • The Moth and the Sun

    The Moth and the Sun, is a book in English, French and Spanish about a moth’s flight around Paris. It makes dreams come true...

    The Moth and the Sun, is a story about a moth’s flight around Paris. As it flies, it struggles to realize its dream, while questioning and doubting itself. Gary Bernard '90/IL wants to the blank last pages of the book to life with your support. Let the magic abound!

  • Bring Artists to Bottle Rocket Gallery

    BRG is a non-profit gallery in Arkansas that shows artists from outside the state whose work would otherwise have no venue in the area

    We are Arkansas artists Kat Wilson and Sarah Leflar '88/MFS SC who are opening Bottle Rocket Gallery. A non-profit gallery, Bottle Rocket will show artists from outside AR whose work can be described as controversial, confrontational or in some way challenging for the viewer.

  • Zombabiez

    Zombabiez: The disgustingly adorable torso-only-zombie Halloween costume for babies.

    Support Zombabiez: The disgustingly adorable torso-only-zombie Halloween costume for babies. All of the money that is raised on Kickstarter will go into the manufacturing, distribution, marketing and development of the Zombabiez costume created by Stephanie Davidson '10/IL.

  • Lords & Ladies - a game of Legacy, Gossip and Intrigue

    Build an aristocratic family's legacy through marriage,hiring servants,having children while crushing rivals with gossip and betrayal.

    Lords & Ladies is a new card game where you control a turn-of-the-20th-century noble family & their servants. The game is inspired Jen Corace '96/IL & her brother Jason's love of period dramas like Upstairs Downstairs & of course Downton Abbey.

    Create your own drama!

  • The Domestic Menagerie

    A collection of illustrated works on paper that combines animals and vintage household ephemera.

    The Domestic Menagerie is a collection of illustrated works on paper that combines animals and vintage household ephemera by RISD Illustration (2007) grad Michael Lauritano. Don't miss out on an opportunity to support this project.

  • Henrietta Bulkowski

    A new stopmotion short about a young woman's journey to overcome her limitations and see her dreams take flight.

    Rachel Johnson '99/PH just launched Lift Animation, in LA. Lift is a women-run animation company that aims to make unique & unconventional female protagonists the heroes their work. Help them complete their 1st short film, Henrietta Bulkowski & launch Lift to new horizons!

  • Maresca Textiles to Sample Fabric Yardage in the US!

    Maresca Textiles is ready to grow and offer yardage to designers, a market that's been requesting yardage since our first publication.

    Maresca Textiles (Kathryn Maresca '07/TX) is ready to grow and offer yardage to designers, a market that's been requesting it since their 1st publication.The money pledged to Kickstarter will go toward the initial setup and sampling costs required by the mill to get started.

  • "In Their Own Words" A painting exhibition event by N. Bond

    A show of my new series of large, oil painted portraits "In Their Own Words", exhibited with an emphasis on accessibility to the art .

    Often feel like most art is out of reach? Not really accessible to the masses? If so this Kickstarter project is right for you. Support Nathan Bond's '95/IL quest to host an exhibition of his latest work, "In Their Own Words". Share in his experience and passion!


    Help me attend a glass artist residency at the Gorilla Glass Studio to create new work in OAXACA MEXICO!!!!

    Help Doreen Garner'14, MFA in Glass attend a glass artist residency at the Gorilla Glass studio and exhibit the work she creates during the residency at the Gorilla Gallery this August! The Gorilla is an alternative space that focuses on artists working with glass and ceramics.

  • TECHSTYLE HAUS - Solar Decathlon Europe 2014

    TECHSTYLE HAUS is the first Solar Decathlon entry to use high performance textiles that insulate and capture solar energy.

    Your support will help to fund student workshops & building costs as the Solar Decathlon Team from RISD (18 students), Brown and the University for Applied Sciences in Erfurt, Germany design and build TECHSTYLE HAUS, a joint entry to the Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 competition.

  • Couture collection shown in SAN FRANCISCO gallery

    I am a fashion designer based in Atlanta, GA working on a collaborative collection with an amazing San Francisco based painter!

    Abbey Glass'12/AP is now working on a collaborative couture dress collection with an inspiring San Francisco based painter. After 6 months of hard work & concept building, she landed a show at a famed SF gallery. What a dream! Your contributions will make the dream a reality!

  • STEAM Carnival

    The carnival reimagined with robots, fire, and lasers to inspire young inventors in science, technology, engineering, art, and math

    Hector Alvarez '02/ID, Creative Director of Two Bit Circus brings you, The STEAM Carnival. A modern traveling carnival unlike any you've ever seen. STEAM Carnival re-imagines amusement with things like lasers, robots & electricity to inspire young inventors in STEAM!

  • Outpost Journal 3: Kansas City, MO

    Outpost is an annual, non-profit print publication on art and arts-based activism from traditionally underexposed cities.

    Co-editor, Pete Oyler '09 MFA, FD & Design Diretcor, Jay Peter Salvas'02 MFA/GD bring you another addition of Outpost. Outpost is an annual, non-profit print publication on art and arts-based activism from traditionally underexposed cities, like Kansas City, MO.

  • Photographing the White Mountain National Forest

    Art created in the White Mountain National Forest by the Artist in Residence.

    The Majestic Beauty of the White Mountain National Forest will be explored by John Anderson '90 PH through an Artist in Residency program through the US Forest Service and the Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire.

  • Chug-A-Lug

    The Chug-A-Lug is a leather cozy that slides snuggly onto a mason jar. It's purpose: replace disposable to go cups and plastic bottles.

    Now a days it is super hard to find both fashion & function in anything we buy. Freyja Thayer (BFA, FD) and Gibb Brownlie (MFA, Sculpture) are about to change that! The Chug-A-Lug is a series of leather cozys w/ a purpose: replace disposable to go cups & plastic bottles.

  • The Observatory Project

    19th Century Space Observatory taken over by Artists, Musicians and Scientists for an Exhibition Exploring Observation and Imagination

    A diverse group of collaborators (many of whom are affiliated with RISD) led by Mikhail Mansion'11, D+M & RISD faculty member, are building a site-specific exhibit at the Ladd Observatory. The goal is to use multiple mediums to highlight multiple notions of observation.

  • "Had I been Raised in the Village..." L.A. Exhibition

    Taking my work from New York to Los Angeles to exhibit in my first one-woman show on the West Coast!

    Duhirwe Rushemeza "11/MFA PM has been invited to have her first one-woman show with Reginald Ingraham gallery in LA. IThe exhibition is titled, "Had I Been Raised In the Village. In order to share her work with the West Coast, she needs your help getting it there!

  • HIGH HEAVENS, the board game where gods battle in the skies!

    Pit the ancient Norse, Greek and Egyptian deities and demigods against each other in grid-based battle. A tactical card and board game.

    Created by award-winning video game industry veteran Ryan Lesser '93/FAV (Guitar Hero, Rock Band,Dance Central...), HIGH HEAVENS is a 2-player, expandable board game that utilizes lessons learned from 15 years of video game creation and a lifetime of playing board games.

  • LYK and Bear #1

    A hungry kitten and teddy bear search for their lost lizard lady-friend in this all-ages adventure. Download the debut comic for $1.

    He's back! Ray Sumser '07/PT/FAV returns to Kickstarter with his first full-length original comic book intended for all-ages, this comic world was built out around accessable characters in the hopes that fans could play out adventures with readily available props.

  • The Storytime Toys Fairytale House Collection

    Toy houses and storybooks based on classic fairytales. Reading and playing under one roof!

    RISD graduate Sara Argue is art director of Storytime Toys. Argue, who graduated from RISD with a BFA in illustration in 2005, teamed up with friend and MIT-trained engineer Kara Meredith Dyer to conceive and create the line of dollhouses. A Toy House that's just right!

  • Aluminum & Bamboo Bicycle

    A bamboo do-anything bike with unsurpassed ride quality.

    Join Drew Haugen, Nick Frey and James Wolf '91/ID on this unsurpassed ride with Boo Bikes! These custom made Bamboo bikes are super green, super strong and super cool. This Kickstarter project is like "Whoa". Check it out and join the ride!

  • Desk Rail - A fresh take on desk organization

    Desk Rail is a stylish and functional desk accessory designed to keep everything organized right at your fingertips.

    Cluttered desk, kitchen table, or dresser? Adrian Taylor '00/GD & business partner Aaron vom Eigen'00/ID have created the perfect solution to your nagging disorganization, Desk Rail. Desk Rail provides both Fashion & Function!

  • Why We Ride

    "Why We Ride" is a collection of my best writing on cycling and the cycling life.

    Norman Clayton '90/GD fondly recalls the RISD type shop as the place where his passions came to life: paper, printing, typograhphy, etc. All of those amazing talents come to life in "Why We Ride", the ultimate book about cycling.

  • The ‘Binah’ Comics & Solilians 7-Inch Vinyl

    A super-powers tale sans violence, about a woman sick of all the insanity and nuclear posturing surrounding her homeland.

    The comic book ‘Binah’ is a collaboration between the illustrator Ian Densford'06/FAV and the writer Ben Malkin. The book touches on topics of civil unrest and pending nuclear war, issues which bear significance these days. Topics we all should support!

  • ‘Material Evidence’ Production Residency

    Help me make the most of a printmaking residency to create new work for my first solo show in a British public gallery this summer.

    Melissa Gordon '03 PT & PM is requesting your help to make the most of a printmaking residency she has completed. Her goal is to create new work for her first solo show in a British public gallery this summer. "Evidence" of your support of Melissa is through supporting this!

  • Drunks and Dragons Podcast

    Support The Drunks & Dragons podcast and we will create 50 episodes in 2013. Get some cool loot or even play a session with us.

    Now is your chance to raise a glass in support of Michael DiMauro '96/IL by giving to his Drunks & Dragons Kickstarter Project. Your participation comes with some amazing loot as well! Don't miss out...

  • Paradesi

    An Indian-American girl who struggles to connect with her culture and finds clarity through her strange cousin from India

    PARADESI: The moving story of n Indian-American girl who struggles to connect with her culture and finds clarity through her strange cousin from India. You too can connect with this story by supporting Namrata Desai '13/GD &FAV in her quest to fund her Senior Degree Project!

  • The Cable Car Cinema and Cafe: Digital Transition

    The Cable Car Cinema needs to upgrade to a DCI compliant digital projection system for its film programming to remain relevant.

    Emily Steffian'10 /MID co-owner of the popular, Cable Car Cinema & Cafe is seeking your support to upgrade to a DCI compliant digital projection system. Your support will allow this RI Cultural landmark to continue offering a diversity of films. Don't let the screen go dark!


    Discover Kim Stanley, unforgettable actress, extraordinary teacher, fearless explorer of the human soul.

    Discover Kim Stanley, unforgettable actress, extraordinary teacher, and fearless explorer of what it means to be human in "The Needs of Kim Stanley". The film is edited and co-directed by Alessandro Zezza '89/ID. Take the leap of faith and share the passion behind this film!

  • touch : the vista sans wood type project book

    Limited edition art book of experimental typography & printmaking techniques by 21 emerging international letterpress artists & studios

    Don't miss out! By not supporting this kickstarter project by Ashley John Pigford '06/MFA GD, you might be considered out of "touch". Touch: a limited edition art book of experimental typography & printmaking techniques by 21 emerging international letterpress artists/studios

  • RISD "Cabaret"

    Life is a Cabaret, Old Chum! Lets make Theater happen at RISD!

    "Don't Tell Mama" that the RISD Exhibitionists are currently fundraising for their up coming production of "Cabaret" the musical. "It Couldn't Please Me More" than to know you are supporting this Kickstarter project. We all know that Life is a Cabaret!

  • A Savory Story

    A short film about a Hotdog Man who is expiring. On his last day, he finally puts aside his fears of discovery, and asks a girl out.

    "Hot Dog!!" Join footlong aficionados across the world who are supporting Brett Van Egmond's '13/FAV Senior Film. A Savory Story is a dark comedy about a hotdog man named Jake, living a repressed life, avoiding close relationships for fear of his secret being discovered.

  • Foraging & Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook

    Identify wild edible plants with instructive, botanical illustrations; Harvest & cook them into delicious food with our recipes.

    Feast your eyes on this Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook illustrated by Wendy Hollender '76/TX. This guide helps you identify wild edible plants with instructive, botanical illustrations; Harvest & cook them into delicious food with our recipes. Support this project today!

  • The 13akers Dozen

    A short RISD thesis film that explores repressed memories of childhood trauma through the lens of the fairy tale "Hansel & Gretel."

    Be a part of the process! Support Paul Bertolino '13/FAV in the completion of his RISD Senior Thesis film. With your backing Paul will explore the repressed memories of childhood trauma through the lens of the fairy tale "Hansel & Gretel." Invest in Paul's film & future!

  • Tales of Hot Rod Horror Volume 2

    Our book is successfully funded. Help push us to $5000 to Kickstart Tales of Hot Rod Horror 3!

    Tales of Hot Rod Horror is a graphic novel series that features art by RISD Illustration alumni, Andy Ristaino '97, Jon Ascher '99 and David Settlow '99. Get your motor running and support this project before it's too late!

  • Scrapped Issue 2: Future Dinosaur & Website Redesign

    Scrapped is a limited edition semi-annual art magazine and website focused on emerging & established artists working in all media.

    Scrapped is a limited edition semi-annual art magazine and website focused on emerging & established artists working in all media. Editor/co-founder, Frances Denny '14, MFA Photo is hoping you are in the holiday spirit enough to support her and her colleagues this season!

  • Jennifer Lewis Illustration Limited Edition Frog Robot Print

    Jennifer Lewis, limited edition print

    "Giveit", "Giveit"! In the spirit of the season of giving please consider supporting Jennifer Lewis '00/IL and her project to produce Limited Edition Prints of the Frog Robot. I "toad" you how cool this is, now hop along and donate!


    A short documentary about Phil Collins attempting to redefine his public persona while on tour promoting his new book about the Alamo.

    Ben Powell '08/FAV wants to introduce to to the Separate Life of an 80's pop sensation. "Phil Collins and the Wild Frontier" follows Mr. Collins on a 5-day tour as he answers questions about his obscure collection of Alamo artifacts and his retirement from music. Give Now!

  • SEED: The Untold Story, Documentary Film

    Inspiring film that unearths the dramatic story of seeds. From the creators of QUEEN OF THE SUN & REAL DIRT ON FARMER JOHN.

    SEED: The Untold Story will be the third film in a trilogy. Directed by Jon Betz '08/FAV, the film will investigate the untold story of seeds, the basis of life on earth. SEED will be an inspiring film that will encourage communities to take action and create positive change.

  • Donner Party: The Musical!

    A short film about the infamous Donner Party's struggle westward and eventual cannibalism. Oh...and it's a musical comedy!

    You are going to "eat up" this project launched by Andrew Migliori '13/FAV! Andrew is creating a short film about the infamous Donner Party's struggle westward and eventual cannibalism. Oh...and it's a musical comedy written & composed by 2 Brown students! Don't miss out!

  • The Otherworldly: an exploratory experimental video

    Evan Mann is planning a mysterious experimental video project and is selling his art to raise the funds needed for production

    The world may be a mysterious place, but this experimental video will make it more so as Evan Mann '12/MFA PM embarks on a journey that defies traditional notions of gravity, time and space while exploring the depths of the imagination. Choose this adventure by donating today!

  • Peace & Quiet Dialogue Station

    'Peace & Quiet' is a civic 'dialogue station' in Times Square, where veterans and civilians can engage in poignant conversation.

    Peace & Quiet, created by Alfred Zollinger '90 B'Arch, is a temporary dialogue station where veterans and civilians—two wide ranging demographic groups, whose paths increasingly do not cross—can openly engage each other in meaningful conversation. Please support this project!

  • Dale Radio: Spending Time With...

    A new webseries featuring Dale Seever doing amazing things with Chris Gethard, Sasheer Zamata, Kelli Scarr, and Cory McAbee.

    Dale Radio is a podcast originating from Brooklyn, since 2009 over 100 episodes featuring Dale alone or in conversation with amazing talents from across the country have been aired. Dale (James Bewley '97/SC) wants you to spend some money so he can be Spending Time With... ;)

  • Love MKE. Blow Up a Car.

    On 10/26, join us in showing off Milwaukee's production capabilities with a powerful film featuring a car explosion shot live downtown!

    Katie Pfeiffer '08/IL, co-produced, Until Death and is doing her part to prove to the world that Milwaukee is the new creative powerhouse, with the capabilities, tools and talent for projects of any size, anywhere. Help her get the word out by supporting this project.

  • STUPOR: UNFIXABLE with artist Jessica Frelinghuysen

    A collaboration between zine-writer Steve Hughes and visual artist Jessica Frelinghuysen.

    Get out of your Stupor and support Jessica Frelinghuysen '02/PM in her collaborative zine project. Tools are for fixing things, but only in the right hands. In the wrong hands they can create worse problems. Use the appropriate tool to support this brilliant project!

  • The Migrating Mural

    A series of murals that share the story of endangered migratory animals.

    Support Jane Kim '03/PM and her project the Migrating Mural. The purpose is to expose the public to endangered and transient animals that otherwise go unseen. It highlights animal migration routes and catalyzes both wildlife conservation and public art.

  • Tidal: Occupy Theory, Occupy Strategy

    We believe we can’t have radical action without radical thought. A journal of theory and strategy for Occupy movement.

    Tidal is a magazine and action group created from Occupy Wall Street. In August, Zak Greene '10/GD completed the latest issue, Year II, and are working to distribute it through NYC using mass distribution teams, Tidal is appearing all over and Zak & team need your assistance!

  • Sublime Experiment: Outward Expression of Inner Beauty

    Unique, light-weight, and elegant pieces of wearable art for those who believe that art can change the way we see the world.

    Get Sublime with a new line of unique, light weight, and beautifully handmade jewelry, challenging conventional notions of beauty & value. Yong Joo Kim '09 MFA JM is seeking your support in the launch of her unique, lightweight and handmade jewelry line, the Sublime Experiement

  • Hop in the Saddle

    Hop in the Saddle is a guide to Portland's craft beer scene, by bike.

    Laura Cary '95/GD and her colleagues are creating a guidebook that unites two of Portland’s greatest passions: craft beer and bicycles. Hop in the Saddle links the best PDX beer spots with the city’s first-class cycling boulevards and bike-friendly streets. Cheers!


    As a collaborative effort, MAATI crosses geographical boundaries & interdisciplinary approaches to develop a regional ceramic culture.

    Campos de Gutiérrez is a young international artist residency program located in Medellin, Colombia. The residency is housed in a 19th century coffee plantation in the outskirts of the city and Andres Monzón ‘09/PT & Amara Abdal Figueroa ‘13/ARCH need your help to expand!

  • Mayan 2012 Time Capsule

    What happens when the Mayan Calendar ends Dec. 21, 2012? Your support will preserve your mark in history with a time capsule in Belize.

    Be part of the project created by Michael Esordi '91/GD and get your lasting message sealed in a time capsule. The capsule will be in the form of a crystal skull and hidden on location within Mayan ruins in Central America. This is your chance to be part of this exciting journey

  • The Entire Cartoon Universe

    A drawing of 2,500 characters from Archie to Zorak. Suggest a character and get a print!

    Ray Sumser, Paint/FAV 07 is at it again! This time he is creating a picture of the entire cartoon universe, full of 2500 recognizable characters! Tap into your own "superpower character" of support and help Ray out with this super project! Give early and give often!!!


    Remember lanyard braiding?! Help launch a rad new knit necklace collection based on reinventing this nostalgic craft trend.

    Remember all those amazing arts and crafts projects you did at Summer Camp? Each one telling a different story..Well, textile designer Kayla Mattes '11 is launching a collection of necklaces based on the lanyard braiding craft phenomenon and she needs your support to tie it up!

  • Puma Punku Totems

    In this mobile app, spiritual Shamans return to Puma Punku to battle for balance and harmony on earth. A great game for everyone!!

    In this premier game app, 1987 Illustration & Animation alum Jackie Ross 7, CEO of Doodle Ink LLC, explores the Mayan spiritual world in the style of "tribal punk." Jackie needs your support to create balance and harmony on earth. Do your part today by donating to this project

  • El Poblano Farm

    El Poblano Farm in New York City is bringing you organically grown specialty Mexican herbs and vegetables!

    Experience the flavors of Mexico by supporting this Kickstarter project created by Ken Kinoshita '06 BArch and his team. Your donation will insure that farmer Gudelio Garcia and the El Poblano Farm offer high quality and delicious specialty organic Mexican vegetables.

  • Laser Made

    Help Pax Modern complete an open source laser cutter build - get first dibs on their designers’ sweet 100% wool felt home accessories.

    This Kickstarter project by Jeff Nordhues '09, MID, is a "cut" above the rest. By supporting the Pax Modern Laser Made project you are actually opening the doors for other designers to deliver their ideas to the public and translated their innovations into reality. Donate now!

  • A Collision: Media and Environmentalism

    A collaborative photography team exploring the interaction between contemporary media culture and the natural environment.

    Jenna & Samantha, current Photo students are in the process of producing their most ambitious project yet, , a series of 25 unique photo prints, all taken in different National Parks. Without your support they will not be able to fulfill their vision for this amazing project!

  • Sweets & Bitters Quarterly

    A seasonal mini-cookbook, illustrated with photo essays & top-notch design, mailed to your door four times a year.

    Got a sweet tooth? Just love amazing cookbooks? Sweets & Bitters, a seasonal mini-cookbook illustrated with photo essays & top-notch design, mailed to your door four times a year is brought to you by Hannah Kirshner BFA PT '06 & Isaac Gertman, MFA GD '07. Be sweet and donate!

  • Meet Miss Subways: New York's Beauty Queens 1941-1976

    A book that combines compelling stories and visuals, examining the lives of the women who reigned over the NYC Subways.

    Next St0p, Doors Open On The...Fiona Gardner '99/PT hopes you don't "miss" your chance to support, "Meet Miss Subways". Miss Subways was a beauty contest run by the Subways Advertising committee from 1941–1976. This project will bring a new "platform" to share these stories.

  • Six Letterpress Printed Artist Editions by Smokey Road Press

    Print shop needs funding for equipment. The prizes are awesome prints by well-known artists!

    This Kickstarter Project is "smoking"! Margot Ecke '02/MFA PM is seeking your support in securing a platemaker that will allow Smoke Road Press to create more amazing work and promoting the stunning work of other artists. Please consider supporting Margot and this campaign!

  • Külakiik - The Village Swing

    In July 2012 we will be constructing a traditional Estonian style Village Swing while attending the ACRE Residency Program.

    Kristina Paabus '00/IL has a mission to create a Village Swing in Gay Mills, WI. The goal in building this Külakiik (Village Swing) is to create a gathering spot that bridges activity, conversation, and sculpture in a developing sculpture garden. Swing on over today and donate

  • Nomiku: bring sous vide into your kitchen.

    Don't salivate in vain at the delicious food your favorite chefs make. Nomiku cooks sous vide at a very precise temperature.

    Every foodie will want a Nomiku! Please support Wipop Bam Suppipat '09/ID and his colleagues Lisa and Abe Fetterman who have designed the most compact and user-friendly immersion circulator. Good enough for a classically trained Chef but made for the home cook. Bon Appetit!

  • Pretty Snake's "Kitty Garden Party" Leggings

    Help fashion brand, Pretty Snake, produce "Kitty Garden Party" leggings and receive your very own pair!

    Joseph Segal '09/MFA TX needs YOUR help to manufacture his new crazy colorful "Kitty Garden Party" leggings! To make the custom fabric & sew the leggings in the USA he needs to make a minimum order, a big number for an emerging brand! This means that they need YOUR SUPPORT!

  • Steelhead Studio is Going Full Time

    After 20 years of being a tiny business, I'm ready to expand and go full time. Let's put Steelhead Studio into production mode!

    Won't you be a "gem" and support RISD J+M grad Robin Dahlberg '93 and Steelhead Studio? By backing this project you will help Robin continue to do her life's work and shatter the myth of the starving artist. And for $50 or more you could score some of her amazing jewelery.

  • TransJourney

    TransJourney is a quest of discovery of family, acceptance, and identity.

    TransJourney explores three women’s personal journeys and the ways that their lives have become intertwined, and made stronger, because of each other. By supporting this project produced by Alexia Kosmider, Sr. Lecturer in Liberal Arts you will allow this story to be told.

  • OpenUrban

    An open crowd sourced map and forum focused on urban development. We are mapping the future of cities!

    Reed Duecy-Gibbs'11/MArch., Irene Guzman '11/BArch, Jesse Honsa '08/BArch, and Ali Onat Turker '08/MArch need your collective energy to launch,Open Urban, an open crowd sourced map and forum on urban development. Be part of the crowd that makes this a tool of change!

  • 24/7: A dialogue in photography and writing

    A special edition art book of portraits set in 24 hour establishments across the United States.

    Midge Wattles '12/PH and her best friend Eliza are setting out on a journey to create a collection of photographic and written portraits set in, or otherwise linked to, 24-hour diners around the US. They need your support to shed some light on the original all-nighter culture.

  • Nails In The Key Of Life: A Mobile Nail Salon

    I want to meet you! And do your nails––in a canned ham trailer! NAILS ACROSS AMERICA will launch Summer of '13!

    Your donation will help Breanne Trammell / MFA Printmaking '08 nail her goal on Kickstarter! Nails in the Key of Life is an experiential art project is more than simply Nail Art. Breanne aims to create an intimate platform to exchange ideas and conversation while doing nails!

  • GO Roadshow

    A free street spectacle on a monster truck, "GO Roadshow" will be a joyous pop-up musical celebration.

    A dozen Pittsburgh musicians, artists and engineers squonk together, led by composer Jackie Dempsey and artist and RISD alumnus Steve O’Hearn '88/ID. Your support will help the Squonk Opera make a public American art that is poetic and brazen, funny and inclusive. Give today!

  • The Fortieth Parallel

    Photographs from the intersection of the N 40° latitude with each degree of longitude across the United States. From New Jersey to California.

    Bruce Myren, Critic, RISD Dept of Photography seeks your support is combining his fascination with the idea of location, and the interplay between GPS coordinates and human's understanding of where we are. With your help, “The Fortieth Parallel” can finally be completed!

  • All About Poop

    This engaging book teaches kids about the science of digestion and poop. Help us take it to science classrooms all over the country!

    Nicole Gsell '10/IL and Sylvia Westphal want you to give more than two "sh*ts" about their new book project at Pinwheel Books, "All About Poop". Help them go big on this new book project by getting behind this kickstarter project!

  • AnimRings- Animated Rings

    Wearable ring designs that animate when they spin!

    Help Peter Athos '03/IL Put A Ring On It, by supporting his AnimRings project. AnimRings combines his love of illustration, crafts and animation and the result is a really cool ring that provides you with hours of entertainment!

  • Birds of Finland - Arteles Center Summer Artist Residency

    I am launching a project called 'Finland's Birds' while on-site at the Arteles Center as an artist in residence this July.

    This project is "for the birds", the birds of Finland that is! Your support will allow Stephanie Chambers '03/IL to take flight to Finland and participate in the Arteles Center Summer residency. For this Kickstarter project, "bird, bird, bird is the word."

  • Light and Dust

    A Narrative Short film about a young woman who seeks refuge from towards the stars because of an abusive relationship.

    Your support can insure that Max Covill's thesis project for his certificate in Digital Film Production sees the light of day! This film explores the struggles of a young woman who seeks refuge in the stars because of an abusive relationship. Don't leave Max in the dust!

  • Help Celadour Release Their First Album and Tour!

    Celadour is a three piece alternative folk band hailing from Providence, Rhode Island that needs your help to go on tour!

    Meet Celadour (Melanie Steinway '12/IL, Erica Ehrenbard, '12/SC and Sarah Louise Neal '13/SC) a three-piece alternative-folk band hailing from Providence. Spread their unique and captivating sound that comes from a mysterious world of its own by supporting this Kickstarter!

  • Arctic Architecture: Svalbard

    First in a series of books exploring the past, present, and future of architecture in the Far North

    Help Wes Milholen '03 set sail on a journey to the Arctic by supporting his Kickstarter project. Wes will join a small group of artists, architects, and scientists as a participant in The Arctic Circle residency and with your support create a book Arctic Architecture: Svalbard

  • "Clearly"

    "Clearly" is a publication that will coincide with a show

    "Clearly" you don't want to miss out on supporting this Kickstarter project launched by Matthew Day Perez '10 MFA Glass. Clearly is a solo show that is the culmination of Matthew's Fulbright Fellowship which will be held in Australia in June.

  • OBEY THE GIANT - The First Narrative Film About OBEY

    OBEY THE GIANT is the first narrative film about the early life of Shepard Fairey and the origin of his OBEY GIANT street art campaign.

    "TO AFFECT THE QUALITY OF THE DAY IS NO SMALL ACHIEVEMENT!" You can have a profound effect on Julian Marshall '12/FAV by supporting his narrative film project Obey The Giant, a story about the early years of Shepard Fairey. Obey the call to fund this Kickstarter project!

  • gokey: keeping your keys safe on the go

    A minimalist silicone bracelet with a function. Gokey securely conceals your key while you are on the go.

    The "key" to the success of this Kickstarter project is your support! Cristina Cook '08/ID is about to solve the age old question for runners, "where do I put my key?" with gokey, a sleek and stylish wristband that conceals your key! Run, don't walk to support this project!

  • CUBBY : Award-winning Coat-hook + Storage Unit

    An innovative, collar-friendly coat hook that stores your cell-phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, and more.

    Always wondering where you left your keys or wallet? Desperately searching for your shades on a stellar day? Then Stephanie Tharp's '00/MID Kickstarter project is right up your alley. Your support can help absent minded folks all over the world find what they are looking for!

  • Occupy Sanhedrin

    A participatory art installation located at Brandeis University that explores the intersections of Judaism, Justice and the body.

    Sarah Young '10/SC needs your help to occupy the Kniznick Gallery. Her exhibit examines religious and secular roles of Jewish women from the time of the Second Temple to the present. Your backing will help her secure the necessary tools to create an interactive installation.


    Strep Throat is a zine that will be published every 4 months. It contains illustrations, comics, interviews, playlists, and movies.

    Support the Young Publishing Dream by throwing your support (and $$ of course) behind the second issue of Strep Throat, a triannual zine created by RISD Grad Laura Perez-Harris '10/PH. Your support can score you her gratitude and some pretty awesome swag!


    A project to make one of a kind tracksuits inspired by a dream I had of Missy Elliott as the President of the United States of America.

    Sakura Bready '12/TX had a dream....that Missy Elliot was President of the USA! In that dream Missy sported an official track suit designed by Sakura....Hollah' at Sakura by supporting her "baller" Kickstarter project today!

  • Angel Food...Bakers from Hell

    Angel Food, a "watch us in action" bakery, promises to be another one-of-a-kind locally owned jewel from the founders of Hell's Kitchen

    "Hey Cupcake, won't you be an angel and support this sweet Kickstarter Project?" Katy Gerdes '03 AP is expanding her Hell's Kitchen establishment to include a separate open kitchen bakery and coffee bar. So be a sugar daddy or momma and while some amazing rewards!

  • TRASHION: Marine Debris Makes a Splash on the World Stage

    A Tour of Live Trashion* Shows from Marina DeBris' Collection "Beach Couture" *trashion: fashions made from washed up beach trash

    Marina DeBris ( Anne Shackman) '82/GD needs your help to make splash with her Trashion Fashion Show. Her "beach couture" fashion delivers a message about sustainability and plastic pollution. Marina needs your support to take the message international!

  • Project Pinwheel

    Gathering Pinwheels to display at Burning Man 2012! Join Project Pinwheel Art Car on on their mission to spread creativity!

    RISD Freshmen: Genevieve Marsh ‘15, Denali Schmidt ’15, Joshua Shiau ’15, Caitlyn Au ‘15 are burning to get your support for their crowd-sourced, self-sustainable vehicle, the Art Car. Get their project rolling towards Burning Man by donating to their Kickstarter project today!

  • Eight Extraordinary Greens

    A participatory exhibition to support urban agriculture and explore the value placed on food and society.

    Jenna Spevack, '96 MFA Painting/Printmaking aims to provide healthy greens to extraordinary people with ordinary incomes. Help "grow" her movement by supporting this Kickstarter projects. Being a backer will leave others "green with envy".

  • Radish Food Truck

    Radish is a seasonal food truck started by JWU and RISD students that aims to serve meals made from local, organic ingredients.

    There's soon to be a new Truck on the block with your help! The Rad-ish team of current RISD sophomores Alec Babala and Otis Gray and JWU students Tim Silva and Danny Do are looking for you to ripen their project to create an organic food truck and roving promoter in PVD!

  • the Earths Inside Us - a RISD junior film

    Nature & Humanity are lovers united in death.

    Fascinated by stories where humans overcome loss, and the idea that nature and humanity are interchangeable, this cinematic story is one that is very close to Jess X Chen '13/FAV heart. Your support will help Jess successfully complete her Junior film project.

  • FLASH + CUBE (1965-1975), Image and Text, 160 pages, color.

    A book about the Sylvania flashcube—the space-aged, flash photography device, revolutionary in 1965 and nearly obsolete by 1975.

    Make a donation, even a small one, you and play a critical part in getting this important photographic archive out into the world. Marget Long '02, MFA, Photography conceived this book as an artwork. It is an archive of pictures and texts intended for the printed page.

  • Once Upon a Time: A Photographer's Fairytales

    An 'illustrated' photo storybook bringing three famous fairytales to life.

    Fairy tales are an excellent metaphor for life and you can help Liz Mooney '12 IL make her senior project a reality by supporting her Kickstarter proposal. Your assistance will help her celebrate all that makes these tales beautiful without stripping them of their magic.

  • Folk Told ME: Audio/Visual G

    "Folk Told Me: Audio/Visual G" is the Album Soundtrack to an Original Musical Sci-Fi Afro-Futurist Graphic Novel

    We hope you get "Jazzed" about this this really unique project. Your support will go to help Jazzmen Johnson '06 FAV and her band Folk Told Me create a musical album and afro-futurist scientific graphic novel.

  • Vonnegut Kraft

    Vonnegut Kraft, a design partnership from NYC, is working with wood, fiber, metal, etc, to develop a line of furniture and textiles.

    Support Katrina Vonnegut '09/FD in achieving her goal to present this bed, along with these new pieces as well as a line of machine knit bedding and printed textiles in the Spring 2012 International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City!

  • I Want To Be Metropolitan

    ''I Want to be METROPOLITAN'' is a research on mini-metropolises, using Boston as a case study.

    Help RISD Architecture instructor Dongwoo Yim create a dialogue that addresses the missing topics in urbanism for smaller, slower, and much more stable cities around the world in his book "I Want To Be Metropolitan"


    Revolution is a line of sculptural tableware and a shit-show series of videos dissecting the ceramic process in the 21st century.

    A gap, ripe for exploration, currently exists between hand-made objects and the content of the images that are expressed through video and web-based media, join Lee Johnson '11, MFA Ceramics on a quest to close that gap.

  • Realizing Empathy: An Inquiry into the Meaning of Making

    An ambitious book of stories, dialogues, projects, and reflections revolving around the question of what it means to make something.

    Seung Chan "Slim" Lim MFA GD '11 is seeking your support is sharing his story, and those of others in the meaning of making. Will you realize the empathy of art through allowing Slim to realize his goal?

  • Phasmophobia

    A short narrative film exploring Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in the form of a ghost story.

    What happens when we are haunted by not only ghosts, but also our own mind? Help Paul Bertolino '13 FAV explore OCD and shed a cinematographic lens on control and the lack of control. Paul's film will provide a creative look at this often misunderstood disorder.

  • Help Boo City go to South by Southwest in Austin TX!!

    We are going to Austin! Boo City is all set to travel to SXSW this year. We just need a little help from our friends!

    Andrew Bain '98, SC needs a little help from his friends to get his band to deep in the heart of Texas for SXSW. Help them keep on 'rockin by supporting their Kickstarter project!

  • Taste of You

    Taste of You is revenge/horror story about a pregnant woman named Viv, who gets back at her husband after she finds him cheating.

    Matty McNamara '12 FAV needs "you" to complete his Senior Film Project "Taste of You".
    Make his final scene at RISD a thriller by supporting this project.

  • The SunFlower Project

    Help the beautification of Providence RI & New York City urban environments through sunflower plantings and gardens!

    Mackenzie Younger '12/PA wants to bring sunshine to the Creative Capital and the Big Apple by planting sunflowers in the concrete jungle. By supporting his kickstarter project you will be bringing sunshine to so many!

  • On Repeat

    4/3π r3 : The volume for a sphere; The equation is simple enough, yet it has a firm grip on many facets of our life. Experience it.

    Support Marissa Goldman '15 in her desire to transform warehouse space into a pop-up gallery exploring the sphere.

  • Vernacular Typography

    Vernacular Typography is a design and photography project that documents and maps disappearing examples of found lettering.

    Consider "sign"ing on to Molly Woodward '08 GD, project to document the character and culture of regions through the use of environmental lettering. Do you part to preserve this important history by donating to this project!

  • Slow down and focus- stitching to relax and decompress

    A line of cross stitch patterns from my daily paintings. A tool for creating a quiet space to decompress and single task- focus, create

    Kimberly Becker, '90 TX is in "stitches" about her project to bring a fresh approach to an old art.

  • Abyss

    A fantastical, psychological journey of a girl who can see an alternate plane of existence after a near-death experience.

    Help Darian Brenner '12 FAV keep the memory of her Mom alive by supporting her degree project. "Abyss" is a story of adapting to drastic changes, one that many of us can relate to.

  • spnKiX - Wearable Mobility

    Battery powered, motorized skates that strap right on to your shoes. Hand controlled by a wireless remote. Get your spnKiX on!

    You will totally get a KiX out of this wearable mobility designed by Peter Treadway '96, ID. Consider helping Peter keeping "rolling" toward his goal!

  • Fresh Artists' Memory Game

    Fresh Artists’ Memory Game - a family game for kids, by kids, presenting the artistic talent & generosity of America’s inner-city youth

    Show kids you care by supporting Fresh Artists desire to use children's artwork as a tool to enhance the memory of underprivileged children. Fresh Artists includes Gardner Allen FAV'02 and his mom, Barbara Allen.

  • Pop-Hop Books & Curio

    In early 2012, we will launch Pop-Hop Books & Curio, a creative retail space merging a bookshop & print studio in Northeast Los Angeles

    Robey Clark '01 GD combines his love of print with a insatiable desire to read in the Pop-Hop Books & Curio project. Do you miss the feel of a local bookstore? The Pop-Hop Books & Curio will offer a place that fosters inspiration and action in equal measure.


    In my Percussive Artsuit,THE ARTDUDE,I will be traveling across Costa Rica making percussive music and painting canvas murals with kids

    Make some noise for Max Frieder '12 PT who combines music and painting to bring the Arts to communities. Max's work focuses on community-based public arts founded on inspired participation. Won't you join him on this spirited journey...

  • Primetime

    Brooklyn-based project and event space Primetime is raising funds to make itself available to artists for free in 2012.

    Ryan Waller '03/GD, Scarlett Boulting '06/AP & some friends are hoping you are in the spirit of giving! Primetime is hoping to raise the funds for their third year of lectures, artist visits, shows and receptions.

  • The Outliers - comic

    Adventure story about a speechless 11 year old boy who can communicate nonetheless, with beings on the periphery of human perception.

    This is one project where you don't want to be an "Outlier. Join in on this adventure by supporting Erik Johnson's '90/PM Kickstarter project and let your imagination take you on a new journey.

  • Fourth Grade

    Fourth graders are asked three questions: Who do you live with?, What do you wish for?, and What do you worry about?

    Judy Gelles '91, MFA, Photography is setting out to use word portraits to help teach youth to appreciate how they are similar, how they are different, and where they fit into our global society. Be a part of a project that has been called "a moving experience".

  • Perennials: A Film & Exploration of Sustainability

    The Perennials Project is an exploration of individuals & communities working toward a sustainable future by bridging complex divides.

    Audrey Barnes MID 11 is hoping to make a film about "Perennials" - individuals who realize that a sustainable future relies on building bridges across complex societal divides.

  • The Cartoonuum

    A crowd-sourced painting of over 2,000 recognizable cartoon, comic book and video game characters.

    Ray Sumser, Paint/FAV 07 is not clowning around with his 7' by 11' oil painting that will include over 2,000 recognizable cartoon, comic book and video game characters.

  • BBOX Radio - Turn Up the Beat of Brooklyn

    BBOX is a volunteer-run, freeform, internet radio station that calls a recycled shipping container in Downtown Brooklyn, home.

    Daniel Meredith BArch 01 has helped launch a freeform internet radio station in Brooklyn. BBOX Radio features programs by community partners focused on local culture, education, and news and, with your help, will be broadcast live to the world online.

  • Limited edition artists book, "World of Books"

    Limited edition artists’ book, "World of Books," a memorial to the booksellers in Baghdad, whose street was car bombed in 2007.

    Sas Colby 61 PT is working on a limited edition artists' book "World of Books", a commemoration of and lament for the booksellers of Baghdad.

  • Polaroid Matrix goes to New York Maker Faire

    20 Polaroid Cameras, One Click. Help my project the "Polaroid Matrix Flipbook" make it to NYC for the International Maker Faire.

    Sam Blanchard MFA 04 SC is headed to the International Maker Faire in NYC with his Polaroid Flipbook Camera, and needs to buy lots of film!

  • Expanse: Photography by Sarah Moore

    A photography project largely based on South Dakota will hit the road in September with a 6 week trip around the country.

    Sarah Moore 09 PH wants to hit the road in September with a 6 week trip around the country to continue her photography series "expanse".

  • Survival By Design Cards for the Wicked Smart and Sassy

    Our cards are honestly and irreverently funny. The smart kind of funny that not everybody gets. And colorfully diverse. Cool, right?

    Jennifer Adler 06 CE would like to spread the love, happiness and positivity that greeting cards offer by growing her sassy, quirky stationery business.

  • Reverse Abstraction

    Need minimal funding to create hexadecimal sculptures and paintings.

    Ashley Zelinskie 10 GL is creating sculptures and paintings using the binary and hexadecimal codes which are the basis of a computer's language.

  • Markers of Time

    “Markers of Time”,, a photo and video based project, investigates how climate change is altering natural rhythms in the arctic.

    Christina Seely MFA 03 PH is investigating how climate change is altering natural rhythms in the Arctic through photography and video.

  • To Save the Cheetah: A Documentary

    Documenting the wild cheetah & conservation efforts across Africa in the pursuit to save the fastest cat from extinction.

    Marcy Mendelson '95 SC is traveling to South Africa, Namibia and Botswana to photograph the cheetah in the wild, and document conservation efforts underway to save the cheetah.

  • "Woven Voices: Messages from the Heart"

    “Woven Voices: Messages from the Heart”~interactive global art project~1000 handwoven prayer flags to be dispersed globally on 9/11/11

    Sarah Haskell '76 TX is weaving 1000 prayer flags using positive messages gathered from all over the world, to be used in NY to honor the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and around the globe to honor the International day of Peace on 9/ 21/11.

  • Fertile Underground Grocery

    The Fertile Underground are bringing Real Food to Providence. Farmer/Artists bring a multifaceted approach to Quality of Life.

    Nina Maxwell 06 PR and Andrea Starr 06 BArch are working to build a community through sustainable, real-food lifestyle in Providence. Yes!!

  • Outpost Journal

    A biannual, non-profit print publication on art, design & community action from cities that have been traditionally underexposed.

    Pete Oyler MFA 09 FD and Jay Salvos 02 GD are launching Outpost, a bi-annual print publication that focuses on innovative art, design, and community action in smaller urban areas.

  • Spirare Sustainable Surf Craft

    Spirare: Sustainable surfboards reclaiming debris and transforming trash into art.

    Kevin Cunningham's (BArc + Fine Art '05) surfboard project that emphasizes green design and sustainable construction.

  • { S U P E R P O S I T I O N }

    A juried show of glass and glass-related sculpture in Seattle WA in June, 2011 concurrent with the Glass Art Society Conference.

    Check out this super-innovative contemporary glass/visual media project by our alumni Helen Lee 06 GL, Alexander Rosenberg 06 GL and Matthew Szosz 07 GL!!

  • Niagara Falling

    Niagara Falling celebrates the natural wonder and contrasts it with the nearby city of Niagara Falls, NY, and considers the future of each.

    Congrats to David Hodge 81ID for successfully funded his documentation of the photographic essay on the city of Niagara Falls.

  • Thesis Film: A Rare Portfolio

    My thesis film is a satirical horror film about an art student shows videos of her killing people to be critiqued in class.

    FAV student, Matthew Davies, successfully funded his film project about a girl who decides to go a little too far in her exploration of artistic expression.

  • The Big Hammock

    The idea is to design, build and install a big hammock in the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.

    Professor Hansy Better's awesome project to bring people together through design of public art and objects.

  • Defining "homeland" during a post-socialist transition from the USSR

    I'm traveling through Estonia and Ukraine-using photography/audio as a way to explore the struggle in defining identity in newly independent countries

    Photo studentLeonore McCarthy's project on documenting her cross country trip from Estonia and Ukraine to define her "home".

  • "Not Mother": A Film About Kids, School, and Absurdities

    "Not Mother" is a short narrative film about how a young girl and her brother respond to the absurdities within the school system.

    Kendisan Kusumaatmadja's (FAV '10) degree project on the child education issues in Indonesia through storytelling and image-making.

  • Little City Gardens: An experiment in the economic viability of urban farming

    Brooke and Caitlyn want to expand their urban farm business. They are carving a space in the market economy for urban food production.

    Brooke Budner 04 PT proposes a project to continue building innovative and collaborative local food systems in SF Bay Area!

  • The Story of My Mother

    I am an a Senior Film Student at the Rhode Island School of Design working of my year-long Degree Thesis Project.

    Senior film student, Tiffany Ji Won Yoon, successfully raised the funding for her degree thesis project!

  • Catalog: Soft Sculpture

    Your generosity can help me expose my 'Soft Sculpture' artwork to its ideal audience by funding the printing of a catalog featuring it.

    Kait Rhoads 93 GL raised the funding for the catalogue of her exhibit in Seattle.

  • Tranqui Yanqui: Crazy Cardboard and Latino Flare in Europe

    An outlandishly colorful character hopes to engage people in Europe, harness their creativity, and orchestrate performance art shows.

    Nick Mahshie 07 PT is hoping to create artistic performances with people in Zurich, Paris, and Ibiza that utilize his original hand-painted costumes.

  • Biking 400 Miles to Forever Abstract Librarianship

    A conceptual art project involving 100 librarians, 100 bicycles, 400 miles, and you.

    Katie Herzog 01 PT is raising funds to participate in the first ever Librarian on Wheels conference, cycling from Copenhagen to Berlin!

  • Dale Radio Season 4 Superfund

    The Gowanus' own whiskey-fueled cultural talk-fest, Dale Radio, is gearing up for another season.

    James Bewley 97 SC could use a little help launching season 4 of his arts and culture podcast, Dale Radio.