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Ready-to-assemble furniture should be more interesting. I created my first product, 'This Stool Rocks,' which was available on Kickstarter in 2013.

I love the idea that these stools are made locally with instructions from the designer. Plus, they are customizable and take less than 10 seconds to assemble.
- Kristin, Senior Editor

Project We Love
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The Yield Picnic Bag unfolds from bag to blanket in one zip for the more spontaneous picnic.

We love multitaskers! Check out this tote bag that unzips into a picnic blanket from Yield.

Our stylish, non-stick, silicone baking mats make baking at home easier and more colorful.

The cookies baking mat is a smart way for kids or new bakers to make consistently-sized cookies. (View the project to see the example.)

Project We Love
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Sprout is a pencil that wants to be a plant when it grows up. When it's too short to use, plant Sprout to grow herbs, flowers and more!

What if pencils could grow? This eco project answers that question.

Project We Love
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Liberating Instagram photos from your smart device, Instacube feeds your favorite images wirelessly at 3x the size.

If, like the rest of the world, you're obsessed with Instagram, check out this fun way to display the photos in your feed.

Project We Love
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The Bloombox is an iPhone and iPod docking station with a natural acoustic amplifying design and space for a planter.

An iPhone charging doc that's beautiful and functional (it amplifies your iPhone speaker and serves as a planter)? What more could you want?

CapsulePen is a pill box shaped like a pen. Carry your medication with you all the time, and take it on-time, every time.

Check out this modern take on the pill case. It's designed like a pen so that it blends in with the other belongings in your purse or briefcase. No more taking out a huge pill case when you need to take your medicine.

Hone is a Bluetooth 4.0 device for your iPhone 4S that helps you find your keys - and it's made in the USA.

Now your smartphone can help you keep track of your keys. A Bluetooth keychain and companion app tell you when you're getting closer to your keys. We imagine it would work for other frequently lost items as well.

Twig is an ultra-portable cable for your iPhone. It has a bendable wire "skeleton" and three "legs". Bend it into tripod mode and more.

Talk about a multi-tasker, this iPhone/iPod charger can also be used as a tripod, wall docking station, and an earbud holder. Plus there are no cords to twist and tangle in your bag.

Project We Love
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Say hello to your desk's best friend. A creative solution to desk organization that fits any work space.

This smart, customizable desk organizer allows you to store your pens, cell phone, and charging cables however you want.

Project We Love
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Kinetic Creatures are DIY mechanical cardboard animals.

Have a child that loves to figure out how things work? These DIY kits that create walking animals (with either a turn crank or a gear kit) would make the perfect gift.

Project We Love

Self-adhesive postcard-back labels that transform photographs, drawings, notes, fabric and all kinds of things into real, physical postcards.

Here’s a clever way to turn any rectangular item—a photograph, a flyer—into a postcard. Simply peel off the label and affix to the back your card. It’s a great way to save on postage when sending invitations—if you’re okay with the Post Office knowing the party details, too.