• Support the next wave of projects from Know Your City: tours, comics, youth programs and more! Keep us going strong!

    Fantastic local non-profit that does great work (including lots of fantastic printed matter) on a shoestring!

  • We're gathering the best comics we've published in one giant 300 page hardcover.

    Portland comic artist (one of our faves!) Matt Bors is editing an anthology of the best comics from The Nib!

  • Documentary about the complexities and contradictions of gentrification as one woman grapples with life after "the Ghetto."

    The second documentary about gentrification and displacement in Portland, Oregon by Cornelius Swart. Can't wait to see it!

  • Sun Cedar manufactures hand made, all-natural aromatic ornaments and gifts in a green shop staffed by ex-offenders and the homeless.

    Fantastic non-profit and cool products!

  • One Flaming Arrow is a 12-day festival bringing together radical Indigenous voices from Native america. Join us as we introduce this critical festival in the Indigenous lands of the Chinook (Portland, OR).  June 2nd - 14th, 2015.

    We're proud to be hosting an art show in conjunction with One Flaming Arrow this June! Check it out!

  • A Hmong-American 5th grader learning to accept her culture as part of her identity.

    More comics like this, please!

  • Support artists directly with costs associated with making work for exhibition, and produce a catalogue for every exhibition.

    Every exhibit deserves a catalogue!

  • A documentary about the survival of letterpress and the remarkable printers who preserve the history and knowledge of the craft.

    We <3 Letterpress!

  • Facsimile reprint of an iconic 1961 book by modernist graphic designer and pioneer of information design Ladislav Sutnar

    Help bring a mid-century icon to a new generation of designers!

  • Lookie House, a house with a face, is a temporary art destination with photo opportunities made from used wood, paint, screws and love.

    This is going to be installed 1 block from the shop! Go Tripper!

  • CHAINMAIL BIKINI is a comics anthology celebrating female gamers! Video games, RPGs, LARPing, and more.

    Great anthology edited by former Reading Frenzy staffer Hazel Newlevant!

  • It’s the worst case of the munchies EVERRRR! Help create a new, extended edition of Katie’s sold-out indie comic hit!

    Great! Now I'm hungry...

  • Illuminating the Stars Vol. 1 will feature 33 stunning pen & ink drawings of bygone Hollywood stars by Alicia Justus for you to color!

    The latest project from our sister venture Show & Tell Press!

  • A feature-length documentary film on isolation, art, and transformation after brain injury made from within the brain injury community.

    More of this please! Go Cheryl!

  • This documentary explores Portland's unique history of policing, race relations and community resistance from the 1960s to present.

    Really looking forward to seeing this documentary on my home town!

  • An all-ages alphabet and activity book by the creator of Crap Hound and LiarTownUSA, published by Show & Tell Press.

    Our first book!

  • The most interesting writers we know, all asking and answering the same question: why can't we stop watching cat videos?

    Reading Frenzy approved!

  • Modern, irreverent, and inclusive, Golly represents a new approach to women's magazines.


  • A spectacular new site-specific work combining sculpture, costumes, music, sound, and theater. On a boat.

    OMG. This looks amazing!

  • Just a few hours away from the finale of C21 Seat Yourself! We have new incentives! If you haven't pledged yet, now is the time!

    Not technically publishing related but a treasured Portland institution and one of your faithful proprietresses first jobs!

  • Since 2002, Stolen Sharpie Revolution has been the go-to guide for zines and zine culture. Help bring the 5th edition to print!

    Help bring this handy tool and resource for self-publishers back into print!

  • Sparkplug Books needs your help to publish our next two books: Reich #12 by Elijah Brubaker and Vortex by William Cardini!

    We <3 Sparkplug! Let's help them roll out their fall titles!

  • The IPRC's prison-writing program empowers incarcerated men with creative writing, self-publishing, and communication skills.

    Another fantastic project from the IPRC!

  • GOOD AND CHEAP is a gorgeous cookbook for tight budgets. The PDF is free—and the print version is the #1 cookbook ever on Kickstarter. The bigger, better, cheaper 2nd edition is in bookstores now! For every copy sold, we donate one to someone in need.

    This is awesome! More projects like this please! A buy one give one cookbook for people using SNAP to make ends meet!

  • This book introduces you to the famous artist, Claude Monet. Let's make friends and art together!


  • Short essays about libraries, written in & published back into libraries on 6x9 cards, collected in this Limited Edition book in a box.


  • Comics and noncomics about smalltalk, pigeonmail, Henry Fielding, realtalk and yes, dogs and smalltalk and anyway, how was your day?

    This looks lovely!

  • A new interdisciplinary experiment in art education, co-directed by Zak Sally of La Mano and Dan Ibarra of Aesthetic Apparatus.

    Yay! Zak Sally!

  • Comedy. And journalism. And design. Combining our passions in a beautifully written, illustrated and designed magazine about stand-up.

    This looks fantastic!

  • Women writers are not getting published—or paid—at nearly the same rate as men. We’re going to change that this year.

    We're looking forward to the day when projects like this are unnecessary, in the meantime let's keep leveling the playing field for women writers.

  • Launched in 2003 and "sunsetted" a decade later, Upcoming.org was the original art and tech events community. We're bringing it back.

    Hooray! Wishing Andy Baio the best with his new/old venture!

  • Funding for printing the seven-book fisherpoet anthology of original poetry, prose and songs of commercial fishermen and women.

    Great poetry! Beautiful artwork!

  • Thrilling new stories of adventure, dystopia, badassery, and pedal power in classic pulp paperback format. Now available from Microcosm!

    Who doesn't love feminist bicycle science fiction?

  • Grimoire presents "SYMBOLOGY: an A to Z of Archetypes and Epiphanies" by Annie Murphy. A 32 page largeish minicomic from Grimoire Press

    We love Annie Murphy and her art! The project has reached their minimum goal but why stop now?!

  • Help fund Study Group Comics' upcoming slate of super awesome print editions by pre-ordering your copies today!

    Yes! We love Study Group Comics!

  • Suspect Device 4. Anthology of collage based comics dedicated to linking comics history with its future. Cover by Raymond Pettibon.

    Very cool. Hope to carry this...

  • We love trains. Writing too. Trainwreck is a mobile residency for writers by writers, no strings attached.

    Forget Amtrak! Let's have a Trainwreck!

  • A hardcover book of doodles from the intertwined imaginations of our 4-year old daughter and me, and the story behind them.

    Lovely mother daughter collaboration that made the rounds on the internet recently. Now coming to you in print!

  • Pre-order World War 3 Illustrated 1979–2014, a 320-page, full-color anthology by a passionate collective of artists and activists.

    Help WWIII publish an anthology!

  • A book about the 2001-2005 projet MOBILIVRE BOOKMOBILE project, a touring exhibition of artist books and zines.

    Viva La Bookmobile!

  • a zine devoted to Wes Anderson *fiction//nonfiction//poetry//art*

    Yes, please!

  • XRAY.FM: A new radio station with a progressive blend of talk, music, and culture. Help us launch a station as distinctive as Portland.

    We're so excited about XRAY.FM! They've made their goal but we still want to toot their horn!

  • A live documentary loosely inspired by the Guinness Book of Records. Help us get to our world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival!

    We love Sam Green and everything he does! This is going to be good!

  • Season 4 of the award-winning radio show about design, architecture and the 99% Invisible activity that shapes our world.

    Awesome show and phenomenal Kickstarter project!

  • A lecture + research tour designed to explore history, geography and ecology in the illustrated narrative, with the WILD MAN project.

    Let's help T Edward Bak take this show on the road!

  • 4 days of workshops, exhibitions and collaborative art happening at the IPRC and other locations in Portland, OR, August 22-25, 2013.

    We can't wait for The Projects II!

  • An offbeat documentary about humor, art and the genius of the New Yorker cartoon

    Worth it just for the footage of the comics scrapbooks in The New Yorker archives!

  • The first durable and simple to use pinhole camera that can be passed on for generations!

    Beautiful handmade wooden pinhole cameras from Slovenia!

  • The first publicly accessible space telescope! Take amazing photos of space or have your photo displayed above the Earth.

    Calling occupants of interplanetary craft: Say Cheese!

  • Short Stack is a small-format publication about inspiring ingredients and recipes, created by the food world's brightest talents.

    These look fantastic!

  • A semi-retired mobster and his family face down a sexy villain on a quaint Maine island in this 28-page full-color comic by Carol Lay.

    This is gonna be great!

  • Zine Residency Magic! Help me travel the circumference of the moon to create Imaginary Windows #6 at the Roberts St Social Centre.

    Sweet zine and modest goal -- let's help Erin get from Aukland, New Zealand to Halifax, Canada!

  • A visual journal and campaign on our need to connect with nature based on time with Signal Fire: www.signalfirearts.org

    We love nature, zines, and Signal Fire!

  • Ariel Gore returns as full-time editor for Hip Mama's 20th-anniversary relaunch.

    Hip Mama has been an incredible resource and even life-changing publications for thousands of parents! We can't wait for the relaunch with Ariel Gore back at the helm!

  • Love bicycles and eating well? Anna Brones has a cookbook for you. Classy gluten-free meals to fuel your ride without breaking the bank. Second edition is now in print and available from Microcosm!

    Bikes and food -- two of my favorite things in one cookbook!

  • Tell It Like It Tiz is a comic zine about the seniors at the Marie Smith Center in Portland, Oregon. We'd like to make it into a book!

    Senior Citizens+Oral History+Zines = One awesome zine!

  • To celebrate the Center's 15th birthday, we're creating a Superzine filled with IPRC memories, writing and artwork by 30+ contributors.

    The IPRC needs another shoestring! Seriously, what these people can do on a budget is impressive!

  • Woo hoo! A high quality (USPCC) playing card deck you can also use for storytelling or predicting the future!

    We love Hilary Pfeifer -- I mean Bunny with a Toolbelt!

  • We are a team of multimedia reporters covering the global economy. We are going to make a t-shirt and tell the story of its creation.

    We love Planet Money AND this is an ingenious Kickstarter project.

  • Kelli Refer's charming, purple book is still in print and available from Microcosm!

    We loved this issue of Taking the Lane and can't wait to see the book!

  • An anthology of feminist science fiction about bicycling. A few copies are left in print!

    Taking the Lane #10 is taking it to outer space!

  • A 64 pg graphic novel for teens & adults on the wondrous life of Nikola Tesla: Inventor, visionary, & unsung scientific genius.

    This looks fantastic! So great to see the renewed interest in Tesla!

  • If you only join one whimsical Secret Society this year, make it the Secret Order of the Black Diamond.

    I'm confused yet intrigued!

  • A photography and creative advice book from fifty of the world's best documentary filmmakers.

    Reading Frenzy pal Sam Green is featured in this art project, creative manual, and inspiration generator!

  • Man and Woman is the new issue of the magazine row, "Lieschen Montag."

    Sixteen different Munich based graphic design student create work around a given theme and produce a small art magazine which becomes part of a larger edition. Neat project and interesting work!

  • BLACK EYE 2 - the follow-up to the Ignatz-nominated anthology of comics, art, fiction, poetry and essays.

    This is going to be fantastic! Amazing contributors, great video, modest goal. Let's fund it!

  • A 200+ page full color illustrated hardcover art book about the life & designs of one of the greatest minds of our times.

    We're so excited about this project that comes with the blessings of the Fuller estate!

  • Help us RELAUNCH & EXPAND a Portland institution and a rare outlet for indie media, small press, zines, and D.I.Y. culture!

    We need a new home!

  • Two artists create a new body of work at Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris, France. Help support their 2-month residency!

    Glass. A medium with so much potential... to go wrong. Lucky for us Joanna and Zac are doing it up right. I am seriously coveting one of these paperweights. Beautiful!

  • A film about personal memory, amateur cinematography, and visions of the future at the 1939 New York World's Fair.

    The next best thing to getting to go the 1939 World Fair is getting to see this documentary! I can't wait!

  • Let's put a kid-friendly, weirdo-friendly float in the sad, boring annual parade in my hometown!

    We love Cassie and this project!

  • UNDERNEATH is an evening-length performance that tells a tale of the subconscious mind with the fluid timing of a dream.

    We <3 Wobbly!

  • Help! We need your support to replace our crumbling, leaking marquee with a new beautiful marquee based on the original 1926 design!

    We LOVE The Hollywood Theater!

  • A collection of political cartoons and essays on everything that's cray cray about 'Merica from 2012 Pulitzer Prize finalist Matt Bors.

    Yes! Let's fund a collection of political cartoons and essays by Matt Bors!

  • Deep Girl is back! Ariel Bordeaux's ground-breaking minicomic is being collected in a single 100+ page volume.

    Yes! Ariel Bordeaux!

  • From Charlie Kaufman, writer of Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, comes Anomalisa his first animated film

    We can't wait to see it!

  • A lushly-orchestrated epic medley featuring psychedelic spoken-word and the phantasmagoric pretty songs of glam rock fairy Jobriath!

    Ann Magnuson on Kickstarter!

  • Free community exhibition and event space for those who want to enjoy art and positive energy in a fun and educational environment.


  • Tomorrow is a magazine about (and for) the people who are working out what’s next.

    Former GOOD Magazine staffers gang up to make something new!

  • We are moving to a long-term home, so that New Orleans will always have public access to a beautiful screenprint shop and darkroom!

    Volunteer run community printshop!

  • All Together Now is a book of photographs and narratives from select women in music. It's pop cultural anthropology and art book.

    Corin Tucker, Exene Cervenka, Peaches, Toody Cole and more featured in All Together Now: Women in Music!

  • Analog meets digital with this textile printing process. Our new kits make it easy to do it yourself.

    So cool!

  • Arfabet is an alphabet book for dog lovers and foodies, giving a handmade insight to the 26 letters we all know and love.

    Yay! A new book by Hillary Pfeifer!

  • This is the best record i ever made. Please pledge to help me make it.

    We love TJO!

  • Chickpea Magazine is a vegan quarterly with submissions from around the world! Help us print our 4th issue & expand to mobile devices!

    I'm not vegan but I'm looking forward to the new issue of Chickpea!

  • In this video series, Feminist Frequency will explore five common and recurring stereotypes of female characters in video games

    Not that it needs more backers but we think as many people as possible should know about this awesome project!

  • Two issues of a zine about feminist writers' relationships to the artists whose misogynist work we love.

    What your take on Cassavetes?

  • Now in its fourth year, XOXO started here on Kickstarter—selling every ticket to the inaugural event in two days.

    See you there!

  • The toy where every young girl is an artist, engineer, architect and visionary!

    I would have killed for this as a kid! Now I can just pledge to the project!

  • "Portraits Volume One" a book of art by DWITT, collecting 4 years of strange, experimental, fun, and odd drawings of faces.

    I met DWITT in Minot, North Dakota of all places! Cool stuff!

  • Help us fund the Collective Tarot, a collaboratively created, radically-politicked, queerly-revisioned Tarot deck in its third edition.

    We love this project!

  • An anthology of comics dealing with the theme of food & eating. Featuring over 50 indie comic artists in over 250 pages!

    This looks promising! A lot of shop favorites -- Marc Bell, Jeffrey Brown, Renee French -- and our very own former volunteer, Hazel Newlevant!

  • Mannequins, mystery, and mysticism, oh my! A unique look into the fantastical and enigmatic work of this Polish-Jewish author.

    I wouldn't usually back a thesis project but the subject is so worthy and so overlooked that I'm making an exception.

  • We're taking our iconic independent print magazine into the digital future. In the right way. In the beautiful way.

    We're fans of Dumbo Feather Magazine! We can't wait to see the new directions they're able to go with their app!

  • A simple, interactive beginners guide to studying Koine Greek, the language used to write the New Testament.

    It's all Greek to me!

  • A fancy stylish ring with interchangeable faces that double as stamps.

    I want one!!!

  • Summer School will turn an artist-run-centre into a temporary, free community education center and art studio.

    Sweet! I wanna go to Summer School!

  • We just moved the Center into a dynamic new 4,000 sq. ft. space. Now we need new members & support to get us up and running!

    The IPRC was started on a shoe string and has done phenomenal things with a tiny budget. Give 'em a little love in order to start things out right in their new space!

  • Memoir project about 25 broken bones, alcoholism, a new school every year, hoarding cheese in my sock drawer and redemption.

    A modest goal to create a decade-in-the-works self-published memoir!

  • DAY JOB is a print magazine that explores modern work culture through the personal pursuits and values of people around the world.


  • Shrink to the size of an atom. Teleport to Mars. Bowl with John Lennon & Liz Lemon. Free your dreams!

    Love this!

  • Start your own modern homestead! Learn to grow, store, pickle, and can your own food with our book and organic/non-gmo seed sets.

    Fund Robin Jasko's Amtrak book tour!

  • Bay Area artists reflect on the USPS as analogy for decaying public institutions in the Digital Era.

    Post office! Office Supplies! Hand written letters! What more do you want?

  • This is a print project of images from over a dozen artists. We will create a portfolio on reproductive rights and gender justice.

    Meredith Stern, print artist and Just Seeds collective member has launched a project about reproductive rights and gender justice. This is an Emergency!

  • Seeking funds to help with the post-production and promotion of a motion picture.

    Give buoy a boost and the director will impersonate Karl Kassel on your home answering machine for $75! Really, this is a great project!

  • P.M.A.F.T.W. my upcoming solo show June 2012 at Land Gallery.

    One of our favorite local artists, Ryan Jacob Smith, has launched a modest project to help fun and upcoming art show. Sweet deals on sweet art!

  • Everybody's favorite picture book for discussion & activity! Crap Hound 6: Death, Telephones & Scissors reprint is ready to go!

    The latest project from Show & Tell Press!

  • Country western comedy band, Reformed Whores, are recording their first album y'all!

    Aw, cute! Reformed Whores!

  • A quarterly collection of beautifully hand-painted comics sold in a good old fashioned mail subscription. Color / 36 pages per issue

    Aw, we miss having Melinda's comics at the shop since she moved away to Austin! Help her put out her quarterly comics collection and you'll see why we miss her!

  • Basil Twist's abstract journey of images from ancient and modern Japan, a part of the 100th National Cherry Blossom Festival, 2012.

    Anyone who created a puppet show featuring Joey Arias gets my vote!

  • Koshka Zine's focus is on presenting diverse viewpoints on Central and Eastern European culture in well-designed packages!

    Neat! A zine about Eastern European culture!

  • We've collected 100s of Occupy images. Now we're going to print & distribute thousands of posters, to help this movement stay visible!

    Go Occuprint!

  • Help me print the latest issue of Slurricane in all the glory it deserves!

    Neat stuff from a young upstart!

  • The Food & Drink issue of Gypsé Eyes magazine promises to be mouth-wateringly tasty (if not always tasteful... wink wink nod nod)!

    I don't pop my cork for every zine I see but this one looks pretty hott!

  • A t-shirt artist defies Chick-fil-a, a multi-billion dollar fast food chain, when they lay claim to his art and website. Documentary.

    Multinational conglomerates gone wild! Chick-Fil-A apparently thinks no one but them can have a slogan that begins with the words "eat more". Sound ridiculous? Watch the video.

  • By Hand Magazine is a quarterly magazine that celebrates cooking, gardening, knitting, sewing, DIY and do-gooding.

    Give By Hand a hand!

  • The world is full of big stories. We don't want them to go missing.

    More Matter, please.

  • Incandescent is a bi-annual color film zine showcasing emerging photographers.

    I met the publishers upstairs at the IPRC recently and we had a chat about printing methods and costs. Glad to see they're moving forward and excited to see their debut issue!

  • Great stories for K-4th grade that also feature gender-independent and trans-identified kids.

    What is going on in Canada?! First, I find What Makes A Baby and now this!

  • We're building a totally free platform of tools for artists and labels to sell, share, and promote music directly to their fans.

    So glad to see this fantastic project is already successfully funded with 4 days to go! CASH Music Platform is "a totally free platform of tools for artists and labels to sell, share, and promote music directly to their fans."

  • A modern picture book about where babies come that it fits for every kind of family and every kind of kid.

    Wow! They're at more than 5x their goal but I had to post this because it's such a great project and I love Fiona Smyth!

  • Little Heart is a 160+ page comic anthology created with the subject of Marriage Equality in mind.

    Sweet! Comics for marriage equality featuring some Reading Frenzy favorites ~ Maurice Vellekoop, Zak Sally, and Noah Van Sciver!

  • 13 unique offset prints by 13 artists, each depicting a heretical person or movement, all put together in a nice silk-screened case!

    We <3 heretics!

  • An emotionally powerful new documentary about thinker, activist, mystic, Simone Weil––a young woman willing to die for her convictions.

    "Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity." I suggest you pay attention to this project!

  • Eyes & Ears is the widest circulated monthly newsletter created by and for persons with a diagnosis of mental illness.

    Help bring this great publication to print!

  • Drowned: several paintings of young people taking the world apart down by the river.

    A modest proposal from Gabriel Liston, one of our favorite artists and all around fine chap!

  • The performance work of Sins Invalid serves as an entryway into the absurdly taboo topic of sexuality and disability.

    Nomy Lamm and Leroy F. Moore and many others are involved in this cool project documenting Sins Invalid a performance project exploring and celebrating disability and sexuality.

  • A how-to guide for independent learning, with concrete strategies plus stories of people who learn on their own and how they do it.

    Love this!

  • What is home? And how do we find it? In this 2014 feature documentary, one couple's attempt to build a 'tiny house' with no construction experience raises questions about sustainability, good design and the changing American Dream.

    Tiny houses!

  • A series of six darkly intimate comics: stories woven together with the thick fibers of dreams, powerfully real, yet entirely imagined.

    Cool comics project!

  • A memoir about sex, plaster and rock'n'roll in the swinging 60's. Not the typical groupie story…

    All I want to know is if it's going to be a pop-up book?

  • I just got some beautiful land with an old barn on it that I'd like to convert into artist’s studio spaces and an exhibition gallery.

    World renowned pop-up book artist, Robert Sabuda, is turning an old horse barn into artists' studios and an exhibit space!

  • The fifth volume of feminist bike zine Taking the Lane is out of print; the book-length version is now out through Microcosm!

    This should be a cinch! Only $300 needed to publish their next issue!

  • HAPPINESS is a biannual comic anthology aimed at spreading new artistic talent across the US and overseas.

    Neat stuff!

  • Genderfantasy is queer glamour. Dance, sound collage, and installation at the crossroads of identity, sexuality and power.

    Kaj-anne is such a promising young talent ~ we can't wait to see the culmination this huge effort!

  • “Pareidolia” will be a 5-7 minute animation film and an art show/installation.

    I'm not familiar with this artist but this project looks super promising and pareidolia is one of my favorite phenomenons!

  • Preparing for a massive graphic novel project is hard work. Especially when you're six years out of practice.

    Art Babe creator, Jessica Abel's project is already fully funded with 23 days still left but there are still some highly covetable rewards left!

  • Harvey steps off an AMERICAN SPLENDOR page & onto a public library desk to celebrate making words and pictures... COMICS!

    Yes! Help erect a Harvey Pekar statue in his home state of Ohio!

  • Future Tense Books is an independent publisher of innovative writing that is readying itself for publishing in a new era.

    Another Reading Frenzy favorite!

  • A unique hand-crafted object to give to loved ones. Inspired by a fun and forgotten vintage toy. Filled with whimsical words.

    Leafcutter Designs is already home to the world's smallest post office and now this!

  • I am photographing a collection of suitcases left behind by residents of the Willard Psychiatric Center in Willard, NY


  • It's a ruler and a pencil. It's a brilliant idea, and it's the brainchild of an eleven-year-old named Nathan. You can make it happen.

    Love this kid created project!

  • The Strumpet is a brand-new comic from the creators of Whores of Mensa, uniting small-press stars from the US and UK.

    Two Reading Frenzy faves, Megan Kelso and Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg will appear in this transatlantic anthology!

  • Autobiographical comic about mall shootings, ageism, employment, fighting traffic, and alcohol dependence. 112 page book.

    Let's help Aron publish the next issue of Big Plans No. 5!

  • A book. Expressions of lust and wanting for it. Whatever it may be. Written by orphan, turned bad ass, turned writer, Ducky DooLittle.

    We're very excited to get our mitts on Ducky's wares after here decade (or more) long hiatus from self-publishing! Guaranteed to please!

  • "CircOddyssey," is the culmination of the Circus Project's yearlong performance workshop in circus arts for homeless and at-risk youth.

    Wow! What a feat!

  • Leaf Litter is a full-color catalog, featuring the 2011 Signal Fire artists-in-residence.

    Another awesome Portland based project -- Leaf Litter by Signal Fire!

  • Help us complete the remaining pages of our full color graphic novel biography of the first family of country music, The Carter Family.

    Two good things that go great together -- David Lasky & The Carter Family!

  • Makeshift is a quarterly magazine and multimedia website about grassroots creativity and invention around the world.

    Support the global maker revolution!

  • Street Books is a bicycle-powered mobile library in Portland, Oregon, lending books to people who live outside.

    Love, love, love this! Go Laura!

  • Cinema Project works to promote public awareness of avant-garde cinema from the past and present.

    High quality experimental film on a shoestring. Pony up, Portland!

  • MY BROOKLYN follows the filmmaker’s journey, as a Brooklyn “gentrifier,” to understand the forces dramatically reshaping New York City.

    One person's urban renewal is another person's gentrification. What is sometimes dismissed as a natural process is often aided and abetted by public policy with little to no consideration of the people left behind in its wake. Important conversations to have!

  • Elephabet will be a book for kids, big kids, and even bigger kids, giving a handmade insight into the alphabet we all know and love.

    I love Hilary's critters and I love this project!

  • In collaboration with Arts Network Asia and Anne Elizabeth Moore, I will be traveling to Phnom Phen to teach comics to lady drawers.

    Awesomely worthwhile and innovative project! I can't wait to see the work that comes out of it!

  • New York/Mumbai photographer Manjari Sharma re-imagines Indian deities in a new medium with detail and emotion. A series of 9 photos.

    The museum as temple! A huge and gorgeous project to depict Hindu gods through photography!

  • I've spent 17 years photographing public libraries throughout the US. I will finish the work this summer photographing in 22 states.

    A project after my own heart!

  • The Wisconsin uprising in the words of the activists, writers, and everyday Wisconsinites who made it happen.

    What happened in Wisconsin was pretty amazing even if Scott Walker is still screwing with the state. First person accounts from people who were on the ground!

  • Help us publish the all new Crap Hound No. 8: Superstitions! An amazing resources for artists, crafters, and designers!

    Our 5th and biggest Kickstarter project to date!

  • I Am Secretly An Important Man is a documentary film about Seattle writer, Jesse Bernstein.

    Can't wait to see this film!

  • We're building a structure that will allow us to quickly deploy and operate temporary reading rooms in almost any urban setting.

    Neat! Love this idea! I've been thinking about a mobile book kiosk myself lately...

  • Huge Comic Anthology created entirely by over 140 women, made to showcase everything we have accomplished and what we are capable of!

    They've more than doubled their original goal but are trying to quadruple it!

  • Grow a New Eye - 1. Engineering an eye-camera. After Tanya lost her eye in a car accident in 2005, she began imagining a bionic one.

    Holy bionic eyeballs!

  • Swoon and a growing group of musicians and kinetic sound artists are turning a house into an instrument in the city of New Orleans.

    Beautiful! An interactive sculpture by Swoon in New Orleans!

  • FIELD LAB and FIELD GUIDE make research about the power of plants to clean our environment more visible and accessible to people.

    Phytoremediation is the word of the day! This project will eventually empower people to cheaply remove toxins from their soil.

  • For 50 years, alt-weeklies have defined what's “cool” in American cities; a dox about their scrappy history and struggle to stay alive

    Help Phil Busse make a documentary about the often-taken-for-granted-but-vital-to-their-communities alt-weeklies!

  • Retrofit comics will print 17 issues of small, cheap, alternative floppy comics by the best established and emerging comic artists.

    I'm not sure where the term "floppy comics" came from and I'm not too crazy about it, but I'm still excited about this project!

  • "Where the Sky is Born" is a short fantasy film that follows Hugo, 11, as he journeys into the Mayan underworld to save his family.

    Action! Adventure! Science! Mayan mythology!

  • Independent animator Bill Plympton restores & updates Winsor McCay's 1921 classic, THE FLYING HOUSE by cleaning & coloring each frame.

    So exciting! Thank you Bill Plympton!

  • The Doris Encyclopedia! Boating down the Mississippi! Coming Out! Farming! Death! Girl Gangs! Overcoming Shyness! Survival! Love!

    THE! DORIS! ENCYCLOPEDIA! Imagine! All the wit and wisdom of Doris in one place!

  • A tiny Vintage Travel Trailer will find a new life as a Mobile Studio and Darkroom for the practice of Antique Photographic Processes


  • 120 chapters, 161 creatures, 197 masks. Re-imagined beasts based entirely on Borges' 1967 text, “The Book of Imaginary Beings”.

    Inspired by Borges' The Book of Imaginary Beings, the artist is bringing the beasts to life by creating 197 forged copper masks!

  • Heritage Seed Co. is an organic farm collective designed to reintroduce lost varieties of plants in both soil and online. Start Saving!

    Save the seeds!

  • Help to expose A Somewhat Secret Place: a gallery exhibition of art literature and performance, a project of OWCA, a 501c3 non-profit.

    If at first you don't succeed, moderate your ambitions! A Somewhat Secret Place's first Kickstarter project was really ambitious and they fell short of their goal. Instead of giving up they revised and succeeded with three days to spare!

  • The Urban Farm Collective's mission is to transform vacant land into productive food gardens in inner NE Portland Oregon.

    Portland! Let's grow our food together! Support Urban Farm Collective -- coming to a vacant lot near you!

  • Preserve the architectural archive of famed mid-century modern architect Andrew Geller and help make a documentary film in the process.

    Help Andrew Geller's grandson Jonah preserve Geller's archive and begin making his documentary film.

  • I am seeking funds to begin filming SEED IN THE SAND, the second in my animated trilogy, which began with BLOOD TEA AND RED STRING.

    Oh how I love Christiane Cegavske's work! This is good old fashioned stop motion animation, people. Painstaking. Exquisite. Magic.

  • New Herring Press is a micropress publishing chapbooks of fiction, nonfiction, and neither/both.

    A cool micropress publishing short-form prose. They met their first goal in less than 24-hours and are now trying to double it in order to get a head start on their upcoming titles. Anyone publishing Lynne Tillman is tops in my book!

  • Furever is a study of post-death pet preservation. This curious practice offers a unique perspective on mortality, grief and mourning.

    This stuffed animal is not intended to be used as a toy.

  • Print's not dead! Innovative magazine of art, design, & culture, with David Lynch, Bruce Sterling, Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney, more

    Help finance the publication of Plazm's 20th anniversary issue! Crowdfunding print publications is the wave of the future and we think this is a particularly worthy venture!

  • Destination DIY is a radio show & podcast showcasing all kinds of creativity. Please help us make a new season of shows for your ears!

    You don't see many radio shows on Kickstarter! Portland based radio show and podcast Destination DIY needs your support to produce their next season!

  • PRISM index is a limited edition, handmade, mixed-media art book that compiles the work of a wide spectrum of artists into one place.

    Let's help Jeffrey roll out the next issue of his multi-media art book!

  • Open-source wearable instruments that allow people to create real music through pantomime.

    Is that an imaginary trumpet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  • A 104 page collection of the first 3 issues of Zak Sally's Sammy The Mouse comic, to be printed by Sally on his own offset press.

    Reading Frenzy loves Zak Sally!

  • Escape Route is a DIY, cut and paste, community driven zine featuring all female skateboarders worldwide and seeks to inspire all.

    This is a first for me ~ a zine devoted to lady skaters! Cool.

  • The Itching is a short claymation about a wolf's attempt to confront her neurotic obsessions. A joyful and creepy adult fairy-tale.

    We've been lucky to have a steady stream of talented staff, volunteers and interns over the years. Self-publisher, artist and animator, Adam Davies, is one of them! Check out his latest animation project!

  • Celebrate reading, Reading Frenzy, and some of some of our favorite artists by pledging to our project and purchasing our prints!

    Well, I resisted adding our own project to our curated page but with 3 days to go and hovering at 30% we can use all the props we can get! Lovely limited edition rewards, proceeds from sales of prints we'll be creating with the funding benefit Reading Frenzy!

  • Our plan is to save a rare printing press from a basement bound meaningless existence or “scrap,” the worst fate by far for any press.

    Keegan and Meegan are a local letterpress printing duo with hearts of gold! Help them save a piece of local history!

  • A comprehensive collection of infographics, maps and charts looking at the history of incomes and occupations in the U.S.

    Economist/designer, Catherine Mulbrandon, is creating a beautiful and accessible book about income in the US. Useful, informative and well designed! I'm in!

  • Mississippi Megalops is an all-night floating Chautauqua! Performances, presentations, art & science all aboard an authentic riverboat!

    Well, it's not local and it's not print related but I am so enamored with this project that I had to give it a plug! Mississippi Megalops will be a one night, multi-disciplinary event aboard a sternwheeler paddle boat. Hey Portland, we have a river or two...

  • M.A.P. will help 1000+ teens creatively confront bullying and poor body image by learning media literacy and making zines!

    The Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) has launched their first Kickstarter project! Help them help 1000+ local teens through media literacy and self-publishing!

  • An idealistic itinerary of wayward roaming across North America, complete with dispatches from the world of indie art and craft.

    I'd rather back a crafter's tour than a band any day! This funding will allow Becky to travel North America for 4-6 months, visiting shops, galleries, and fairs, while crafting, teaching and blogging along the way!

  • Fantastic former foster youth need your help! Donate to help launch their first photography & poetry zine in time for our exhibit.

    A really worthy project from Bay Area based Fostering Art's A Home Within program. Empowering current and former foster youth to express themselves through photography and writing. This project will finance the publication of their first zine!

  • A short graphic novel written by Bucket Siler and illustrated by Frey Anya--inspiring, magical, and visually stunning!

    Everybody needs a list of things that are good and beautiful. This one is extra special because it's illustrated by the talented Frey Anya. Help these ladies meet their modest goal of $1000 to cover their printing costs.

  • The Open Utopia is an open-source, open-access, multi-platform, web-based edition of Thomas More’s Utopia.

    Stephen Duncombe is a historian whose books include Dream: Re-Imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy, and Notes From Underground: Zines and the Politics of Underground Culture, he was also the editor of the Cultural Resistance Reader, among other books.

  • Urban Scout will tour the West Coast with his book Rewild or Die in the summer of 2011.

    We hosted Urban Scout last year at Reading Frenzy. Although I determined that I probably would not survive the downfall of Western civilization, I still love his book and the mindset behind it! Rewild or Die!

  • We're turning up the heat on letterpress! A non-profit restores an Orphan Annie Monotype Sorts Caster to make metal type.

    C.C. Stern Type Foundary is up and running with a variety of projects. Help them restore an Orphan Annie Monotype Sorts Caster and get some hot metal type goodies!

  • You can help us publish the next issue of Crap Hound! A great print resource for artists, crafters & designers! 1000s of images!

    Our 3rd project!

  • Reading Frenzy is a tiny shop with a big mission: to support and promote independent media and artists. Become our friend and help us grow our dream!

    Our 2nd project!

  • Beloved by artists, crafters and designers alike, Crap Hound is a great resource and a work of art in and of itself. Come on pledgers, let's publish!

    Our 1st (and most successful) project!