• AUTOMAGIC shows the transformation of an image-archive and text into an extensive book as holistic idea

    Anouk reworks an image-archive to explore the materiality of the photographic medium. A super interesting project from a prolific book artist!

  • An American-based terrorist group deploys their weapon of war: a terminal STD. Drama/ultra-black comedy. Shot & set in NYC. 2014/2015.

    A new work in the no-wave style from the talented art writer, teacher and Printed Matter-enthusiast John Reed

  • ISSUE Project Room inaugurates publishing imprint Distributed Objects with LP releases by Sabisha Friedberg and Sergei Tcherepnin.

    Very excited to see that the always adventurous and fantastic Issue Project Room will be publishing artist projects under their new imprint Distributed Objects.

  • An unfolding landscape of arrow signs drawn with smudgy charcoal. To be published with Printed Matter, a nonprofit in NYC.

    Following her hugely popular artists' book A Field Guide to Weeds artist Kim Beck is working on her new publication A Flock of Signs, featuring unruly clusters of arrow-shaped signs.

  • A book project by Sara Cwynar of original and appropriated images and text, co-published with Blonde Art Books.

    Here's a super interesting and ambitious project from artist Sara Cwynar, in collaboration with the multi-talented Blonde Art Books. Sara's previous book Simulated Landscapes from 2011 is gorgeous and a Printed Matter favorite. Kitsch-start this project!

  • Help seven teams of editors and artists bring a many-headed Birkensnake 6 into the world!

    They had us at "an unholy experiment in trans-dimensional alliances of the stranger kind"

  • A free, beautifully-simple tool to make e-books better.

    Hol Art Books does great work, and even though Printed Matter mostly works with printed materials, we are huge fans of E-Books and are excited to see where artists can take them.

  • A progressive bookshop and art gallery that specializes in new and used hard to find books in the city of Austin, Texas.

    The former staff of Domy Books in Austin is trying to pick up where the store left off after it closed. Help this great team keep the Artist Book community alive in Austin

  • BEAUTY TODAY: SECOND BASE is a printed magazine for the contemporary libertine, presenting nude photography, illustrations and writing.

    Last year we hosted a launch for the first issue of BT and were very excited about it. The magazine is very ambitious, thoughtful, and really there is nothing else like it.

  • DUM DUM's 3rd issue comes in a box featuring experimental literature, essays, photography, and objects, in a perversion of form.

    Get Dum with Dum Dum, an experimental literature and photography publication from LA.

  • Bodega is committed to working with artists to develop and present new projects. We are asking for your support to help us continue!

    Bodega does great work , we enjoy their books and exhibitions!

  • Back for it's second year the Pittsburgh Zine Fair is hoping to be better than ever and create an impression on our local community.

    We love a good zine fair, help this one get off the ground for it's 2nd year!

  • Shifter Magazine seeks your support in publishing its 19th issue, which will be launched this September at The New York Art Book Fair.

    Shifter Magazine seeks your support in publishing its 19th issue, which will be launched this September at The New York Art Book Fair.

  • We want to build an open source software platform to share with local Trade School chapters around the world.

    Great organization, makes us want to teach a class at it!

    Give them a hand!

  • Eyebeam = open source & open content; to make what we do open to all, we are creating a new public space for books, exhibits & coffee.

    Our friends at Eyebeam are have launched a Kickstarter page to raise funds to renovate their space. They do great work, give them a hand!

  • DIYinLAX is a book about how community inspires creativity and why people don't quit their daydreams; a cultural study of L.A.

    Iris Porter is adding another book to her excellent series. This book examines the diverse DIY community of Los Angeles

  • InDigest, an online lit mag, offers podcasts, blogs, digital broadsides, and more. It's outgrown its home, and needs a new one.

    InDigest seems like a great project, all the content is free to the public!

  • Summer Forum is a new text and discussion-based residency program that will take place this summer from July 21-28 in New Harmony, IN.

    This sounds like a great think tank residency that could prove to be very productive!

  • First annual free summer festival presenting established and emerging Harlem-based performing and visual artists.

    This is the first year of this festival and it looks like a fantastic project - completely free to the public, just the way we like it.

  • The New Wilmington Art Association enables artists to work, develop, and think through its creative interventions staged in vacancies.

    Artist Run-Centers need your help, and the The New Wilmington Art Association is looking for your help to keep their organization going.

  • Bring music back to the community.

    From the same editors that brought you Altered Zones comes a brand new independent music journalism project.

  • You want BOOK ARTS? Booklyn is putting it all online.

    Sounds like a great project! Very inline with our own mission, so we have to support it. Non-Profits helping each other!

  • Palestinian women in the occupied West Bank who use video cameras as a means of non violent activism.

    IN THE IMAGE is a documentary about Palestinian women who film human rights abuses throughout the occupied West Bank.

    They are looking for funds to finish the documentary and share this empowering and inspiring story.

  • "Can't Grow Up!" is a zine that showcases a handful of artists that are involved in skate culture. The zine will be FREE!

    Skate or Zine! Skateboarding has cultivated some amazing artists and collectives, including plenty of book artists that we work with regularly.

  • A memoir in pictures and words of the twelve years I spent working as a still photographer on porn movie sets in New York in the 1980's

    A memoir in pictures and words of the twelve years Barbara Nitke spent working as a still photographer on porn movie sets in New York in the 1980's.

  • A festival of independent literature.

    Besides Artists' Books and Publications we support independent literature!

    Help this organization get its' festival up and running.

  • Break out those umbrellas because we are going to make it rain zines, Los Angeles.

    Who doesn't love a Zine Fest! There are plenty of great zine makers in Southern California, let's help this crew get their project off the ground!

  • The Luminary is purchasing a former variety store on Cherokee Street that will become a unique incubator for the arts.

    The Luminary Center for the Arts supports emerging artists and now they are looking for help to purchase a permanent location.

  • Help fund issues 3 & 4 of the Occupied Oakland Tribune!

    The Oakland Tribune has been Occupied, we saw the NY Times get occupied here in NYC and it was a very informative and positive publication to explain the movement to the public who might not be able to attend protests.

  • A woman, a transgendered man, and their cat travel towards a mysterious roadside attraction known as "The Thing".

    Set to premiere in a few weeks at Sundance, Rhys Ernst's The Thing is a short film shot on 16mm film following a woman, a transgendered man and their cat as they make their way toward a mysterious road side attraction.

  • This fall, Triple Canopy, Light Industry, and The Public School will launch 155 Freeman, a new arts-and-culture center in Brooklyn.

    This project has already been funded ... but we love what Triple Canopy does.

  • Starlite is a film about Brooklyn's legendary black-owned non-discriminating and LGBTQ-friendly bar est. in 1959.

    This project has been funded!

  • Primary Information is inaugurating a new artists writings program in 2012 featuring four new publications by contemporary artists.

    This project has already been funded ... but we love what Primary Information produces.

  • Swoon Magazine is a NY/LA-based independent music, fashion, philosophy, art & culture media project.

    This magazine covers a lot of material that we enjoy.

  • A self-published zine and creative platform used to promote the work of female artists.

    This project has already been funded ... but we love this zine.

  • A collaboration between zine-writer Steve Hughes and visual artist Jessica Frelinghuysen.

    We've carried Stupor for ages. Good readin'