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We're launching the second season of podcast One with Farai, diverse voices including Gloria Steinem, Joi Ito, and Melissa Harris-Perry

Fantastic journalist Farai Chideya brings audiences engaging conversations with diverse, brilliant visionaries. Back Season 2 of her podcast today!

Project We Love

The Public Radio is a single station pre-tuned FM radio in a Mason jar. Your station. Always there.

It's adorable, crafty, and just a smidge bizarre.

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A storytelling film featuring legendary character actor Stephen Tobolowsky.

He made "Bing!" famous before Google ever did. Stephen Tobolowsky, a captivating storyteller (as heard from PRI), needs your support to get a movie off the ground. Cool backer incentives... too because it's a MOVIE!

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A podcast and public radio program that investigates the Business of Doing Good.

Amy Costello is regularly featured on The World. Her investigations look deeply into whether organizations that purport to do good in the world, esp in the developing world, actually do. She wants to do this more, so go and be a backer!

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Season 4 of the award-winning radio show about design, architecture and the 99% Invisible activity that shapes our world.

A terrific public radio podcast/show that is looking to spiff up and go weekly. Roman Mars does amazing work. And there are way cool incentives, too!

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To make government accountable, people have to know the facts. But prying secrets out of Washington is hard. FOIA Machine can help.

Very cool techno-journalism project from one of the leading investigative reporting outfits in the country.

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The Stage at KDHX will be a beacon for artistic independence in the heart of the country, showcasing new artists and old favorites.

Community radio in St Louis needs a new home! Help support them!

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Get the inside edge on the stories that connect Americans to the world -- in your ear every week.

Local? Global? Podcasts? From award-winning journalists? We love these kinds of projects. Help Latitude turn from a monthly podcast to a weekly one.

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The Best Science Media on the Web

Know a great science radio or audio podcast story from the past year? This highly accomplished team of science writers and journalists want to put it into a podcast.

Della Mae, an all-girl bluegrass supergroup, is FINALLY recording their debut full-length album "I Built This Heart".

This awesome all-female bluegrass is on a "Stan" tour, performing in Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. More about their music and tour at

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Monica Bill Barnes & Company joins forces with special host Ira Glass for follow-up dance performances after This American Life Live!

Dancing? Public radio? Really. If you watched This American Life Live in May, you had a chance to see this awesome dance company. They are planning an encore live performance in NYC in two weeks and need your backing to put on a fabulous show.

Washington is broken. You are not. Help DecodeDC report stories that really matter.

Andrea Seabrook is one of the nation's finest political journalists and she wants to give you important , in depth Beltway news without the clutter and noise of horserace reporting. With Kickstarter support, she'll produce 30 podcast episodes.

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Imagine the novel, updated. We're a new literary studio creating compelling, serialized stories for the future of reading.

Serialized fiction meets digital devices. Cool. This project is headed by Jenny 8 Lee, friend of PRI and a profoundly smart and savvy journalist.

Radio conversations with the liveliest minds inside an ongoing revolution

Veteran journalist and public radio host Christopher Lydon and his team want to bring you unique first-hand voices of and from the Arab Spring. Kickstarter funding will help him and his team travel to North Africa to converse with amazing artists of the Arab World.

KHOI is community radio being built for Central Iowa. $12,000 completes the broadcast studio for programming created by local talent.

KHOI seeks to build community through communication in Ames, Iowa. Kickstarter funding will help them finish their studio for live programming and get on the air.

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Narratively is an online publication devoted to untold human stories.

We admire efforts to bring more in-depth, original journalism to the public. This Kickstarter campaign will enable Narratively to create six months of compelling stories about New York.

Have your cake and eat it too... microSD for Raspberry Pi!

Raspberry Pi is a $35 computer (minus the monitor, keyboard, and mouse), and this campaign wants to offer nifty Raspberry Pi microSD adapters. The World's weekly Tech Podcast features cool low-cost tech like this at

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JANKA NABAY AND THE BUBU GANG go on tour to South by South West in Texas and to Sierra Leone diaspora communities on the east coast.

Recently, PRI's weekly arts and culture program Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen had Janka Nabay and his fusion of Sierra Leonese and American indie music on the air.

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A comic book exploring consciousness

Kudos to one of our distributed shows, To The Best of Our Knowledge, which successfully raised funds via Kickstarter to create a comic book about consciousness.

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Hard, earthy afro-brazilian rhythms collide with and absorb the futuristic blips and bass of sound system culture.

On every broadcast of The World, co-anchor Marco Werman brings you the Global Hit, a segment highlighting international music. This band from Brazil was just on The World. You can hear more wonderful global music at

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A compilation of ultra-rare Roma Gypsy music from the golden age of Yugoslav pop, 1960-1980.

This project is very Global Hit like. Gypsy Pop from Yugoslavia, plus with liner notes, rare photographs and restored audio

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Human beings who are addicted to Blood. Funny, Sexy and Bloody. A new kind of love story (and not a remake of "Blacula").

Who wouldn't like to support a Spike Lee Joint? This one sounds amazing!

A radio documentary asking big questions about America's decision to lock up millions of people, often for non-violent drug crimes.

Upstate NY's public radio network wants to create a doc that takes a close look at our nation's prison system. They need $ for the reporting, as it will air on public radio stations across the country if funded.