• X Swimwear

    A compassionate, technology-driven approach to delivering custom, made-to-order bathing suits that fit women's unique bodies and style.

    How can you not love the amazing and thoughtful work of Pratt Alumna Sarah Krasley (BFA 2001)? She explores the daunting task of women's swimwear in her latest entrepreneurial endeavor and now we can't wait to hit the beach!

  • Join Swoon in transforming a building into a work of art, a center for creativity, and a place for new beginnings.

    Support the amazing and transformative work of Alumna Caledonia Curry (aka Swoon) in this beautiful project in Braddock, PA.

  • FLEKS3D makes your 3D printer BETTER


    Support this amazing product by Pratt alumnus and faculty member Peter Ragonetti with his partner Viktor Jondal. Whether you need this build plate
    for your 3d printing needs or just want to support the work of a Pratt entrepreneur, this is definitely a product worth watching!

  • A surreal and metaphysical storytelling of how love is so much simpler for the young, blinded by what exists inside us all.

    Please share and support this poetic-narrative short film, Days of Dust. This is a film entirely written, directed, produced, designed, and shot by current Pratt students and Alumni. See the full Kickstarter page for more details!

  • Insecurity burdens Ashleigh as she deals with blemished integrity and her desire for love, intimacy and fame in New York's art world.

    Help support a film featuring Matt Carlson (student) as Writer/Director, Mika Altskan (student) as Director of Photography, Amanda Barker ('11) as Producer/Actor, and Anthony Cudahy ('11) as Art Director. Other crew members include Ian Lewandowski ('14) and Adam Warner ('11).

  • This book is about how design brings people together. That’s where you come in.

    We love design and we love people. Check out this gorgeous book and take note of the brilliant campaign put together by Scott Stowell and his team.

  • Creative visualization meditations that mix modern day mythology with fierce femininity! #women #yoga #chakra #health passionlives.com

    Christina Pearce, a Professor in Yoga studies at Pratt Institute, needs your help funding her project Conjuring Visionista - meditations that mix modern day mythology with fierce femininity.

  • A documentary film about MIGRAINE - the complex neurological disease - and the consequences for millions living in its grip.

    Support OUT OF MY HEAD, a project by filmmaker Jacki Ochs, professor in Film/Video at Pratt. Jacki is producing this documentary which will reframe our ideas about migraine - the complex and mysterious neurological disease.

  • A dark comedy about two struggling film grads who cut corners to produce their slasher, but at what cost?

    Help fund film senior Sydney Clara Brafman who writes/directs a short dark comedy about the high production costs of filmmaking.

  • The largest collection of stories of gay men around the world.

    Support photographer alumnus Kevin Truong in his effort to document life and love around the globe. You will be moved.

  • Hatch replaces the traditional egg-cup with an elegant hand cast pewter ribbon that adds style to your morning routine.

    Kudos to Michael Schaffer and Mads Hansen - with your help they will ELEVATE the soft boiled egg to its rightful and elegant place on the plate, on the counter, on the table.

  • Tipsy is a wine tasting glass that is designed to help you experience wine with all your senses.

    Industrial design professor and Pratt alumnus, Alvaro Uribe can now share his tilted wine glass with you. The glass gets tipsy and you enjoy a more intense experience of the elixir. What could be better?

  • We're making our first feature film... an independent comedy about growing up, figuring yourself out and getting lost along the way.

    Wander no more! Pratt architecture student Nicola Scandiffo and Abigail Schwarz, his high school classmate, now creative collaborator are making that movie about growing up. Thanks for helping to make the vision come true.

  • A creative, sustainable building project sharing knowledge and resources through the creation of homes and community spaces in Haiti.

    Konbit Shelter is moving forward to build a house for Avila Louis in Haiti. thanks to the efforts of Swoon, and all of you who supported this project.

  • Naturally Textured Wooden Stickers for Apple Keyboards. Individually unique and handcrafted in in Brooklyn NY.

    A dream and a vision conceived during his thesis at Pratt, alumnus Michael Roopenian is making the concept concrete and YOU helped. Happy keyboarding to follow.

  • Everything. EVERYTHING has a story. Here are a few of them.

    Communication Design Alumnus Cary Polkovitz takes the time to notice and record the things we often overlook. His work is an invitation to slow down and notice. You took the time to support and now the project has launched.

  • Just a student trying to create a beautiful vision for my senior finale.

    Congratulations to Elle; best of luck completing your collection this spring.

  • "Life is so short. You're a teenager and then you die." Ariella Von

    Bravo to Pratt professor Marianna Ellenberg and filmmaker David Zuckerman who can now complete their film about the escapades of Areilla Von.

  • Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life…

    He did it! Alumnus Cesar Kuriyama and his app will help you keep track of your life - it WILL change how you understand where all the time goes.

  • 10 darkly comic musical fables illustrated by 10 different artists from Los Angeles to Texas to North Carolina to Philadelphia.

    Kudos to Pratt professor and illustrator, Andrew DeGraff, one of ten artists bring life to Roberto Cofresi's tales.

  • Cabiria Plus Size is looking for help funding the production of our SS13 collection. NOW WE WANT TO MEET STRETCH GOALS!

    Congratulations to Cabiria High End Plus and Eden Miller, BFA in Fashion Design for breaking conventions, addressing needs and challenging the norm, for a successful campaign and a fantastic collection.

  • A new webseries featuring Dale Seever doing amazing things with Chris Gethard, Sasheer Zamata, Kelli Scarr, and Cory McAbee.

    Never afraid to follow her insights, BFA in creative writing alumna, Julie Miler, joined forces with the charismatic and quirky Dale Seever to produce a webseries of video interviews with local New York celebrities. Who knows what they will be doing? Congratulations and Watch!

  • Forty planners, activists, artists, and scholars take a hard look at public space freedoms and democracy in the wake of Occupy.

    The venerable Ron Shiffman joined forces with some of the best activists, planners, designers, and movers and shakers to create a laudable resource for our fundamental right to free speech. AND Master's student, City and Regional Planning, Anatassia Fisyak also made it happen!

  • Girl Model a lyrical exploration of a world defined by glass surfaces, camera lenses, reflecting back differing versions of reality.

    BA in art history alumna, now challenging and talented documentary filmmaker, Ashely Sabin, in tandem with her partner, David Redmon, look at the complicated and captivating world of modeling. SCREEN it at your alma mater!

  • Alder New York has made practical pieces with subtle details our signature since launching in September 2011

    You did it! Thanks to all who helped Alder New York reach their goal. We cant wait to see the rest of the collection this spring.

  • 4th Annual Clinton Hill Block Party: Let's make it happen!

    Because we love our neighborhood and all its citizens, we applaud the effort to make the annual block party a local success. If you need us next year, we will be there!

  • HERD IN ICELAND, a documentary film that follows Iceland’s semi-wild horses across the country’s majestic landscape.

    Support photography alumnus, Lindsey Blatt with her documentary film, Herd in Iceland. What more could you want - wild horses, austere, dramatic landscape, and rewards that support manufacturing in Iceland!

  • The Shana Luther collection is an emerging line of leather handbags that is designed & produced locally in Brooklyn, NY.

    How could we not applause the perseverance and talent of fashion design alumna, Shanon Luther, whose education, designs and production are local to our beloved borough? Keep going strong, Shana.

  • Artists Cait Oppermann & Yael Malka want to create a photography book of photographs shot on their two-month long trip across Europe.

    They did i! With your help Cait and Yael can now begin their adventures. We look forward to seeing the results of these fresh photography alumni as they document their post graduation travels abroad.

  • "House Show" unites sixteen local curators and artists working to organize simultaneous exhibitions in a home in West Oakland, CA.

    Alumnus, Jonah Susskind is now an artist and curator living and working in Oakland, CA. He is also co-founder of S.H.E.D. Projects. Their successful campaign allowed 16 artists to work together and showcase their efforts. We celebrate he collaborative collective!


    We're waiting to see the results of fashion faculty professor, Lora Nova and the ambitious Clothe New World project that aims to change the production and look of that cloth on your back (and front).

  • Empires explores the impact of networks on histories and philosophies of political thought.

    Congratulations to former Pratt Professor Marc Lafia whose film traces the impact of our ubiquitous networks that define and our current political constructs.

  • CMYK is a practical and sustainable mobility solution for urban commuters. Crafted with love & passion to provide comfort and style.

    We applaud all efforts to keep our city green.

  • Thanks to our loyal fans, we reprinted the entire back catalog of The Order of the Stick—and funded a bunch of new stories, too!

    Kudos to the AMAZINlG success of illustration alumnus, Rich Burlew whose million dollar plus kickstarter campaign will introduce a new audience to the ever popular The Order or the Stick webcomics. Even better, this projects is evidence that printed matter matters!

  • A weeklong student workshop to produce a new reactive architectural installation for NYC Design Week 2012

    Support this dynamic and engaging project that will be built NEXT month during NYC 2012 Design Week led by the fantastic team of ID alumunus Charles Constantine and Architecture alumnus Drew Seskunas. It should be an event and installation not to be missed!

  • The Wallabout Film Festival is an all student film festival, run by students in Brookyn, NY since 2009.

    Another successful Walllabout Film Festival brought to you by Pratt students and YOUR generosity through their kickstarter campaign

  • Combat Paper is a community of veterans communicating our experiences by cutting up our uniforms and making paper out of them.

    Pratt applauds the efforts of Combat Paper to transform, heal and communicate through the powerful act of transforming uniforms into paper and then art.

  • Tarp: Architecture Manual is an annual publication of the Graduate Architecture and Urban Design program at Pratt Institute.

    Your support was critical to the success of last year's publication of TARP, the thought provoking journal brought to you by the graduate students in Architecture and Urban Design. Thanks for your support this year!

  • We are shooting a short film emulating the comedy of the late Fatty Arbuckle and are in need of funds to make it a success!

    Congrats to film students Will, Miguel and Owen whose upcoming film will channel the spirit and energy of Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle

  • Everything is Dolphins is an RPG hovering somewhere between side scroller video game, talking animal fairy tale, and triptastic fun.

    Former visiting professor in printmaking at Pratt, Tim Hutchings, successfully parlayed his skills and obsessions into a beautiful fascination with our bottle nosed mammalian friends.

  • A deck of illustrated symbolic cards to be used for inspiration, advice, and reflection.

    Bravo to alumnus Aijung Kim for her illumination deck - part tarot, part i ching, part runes, this unique deck with allow to tell stories about your future lives!

  • Montana ranch families that have for generations shown their respect and love for the land and livestock for a growing consumer market.

    Looking forward to seeing more of MFA alumnus Stephanie Alton with her insightful and romantic exploration of the ranches of Montana.

  • Sport to trash to sustainable fashion: LifeCycle Bracelets come full circle. A young artist's quest for a diamond in the rough.

    All you who pedal from here to there can now wear your affection for the bicycle with the link bracelets of industrial design alumnus Ben Gould

  • Elastic City commissions artists to lead conceptual and poetic walks throughout and outside of NYC. Please support our 2012 season.

    Make sure to book one of these unique tours in 2012. Professor Todd Shalom and his colleagues at Elastic City turn the familiar strange and wonderful. Discover your city all over again.

  • Cardboard Sculptor James Grashow will be a 2week resident artist, creating a fantastical garden installation with community involvement

    It's that time. Spring is here and the cardboard artistry of alumnus Jimmy Grashow, will soon be evident at the Sharon Arts Center in Redding, CT.

  • The Miskatonic School for Girls is the first deck building game where you get to build your opponent's deck! Plus, it has Cthulhu!

    A Peterschmidt team extravaganza of success and power play of fun for girls and their associates. The deck was drawing by Pratt STUDENT, Betsey Peterschmidt. Her illustrations are KEY.

  • BBOX is a volunteer-run, freeform, internet radio station that calls a recycled shipping container in Downtown Brooklyn, home.

    Thanks to your support, BBOX radio is still live and kicking. Cheers to recent alumnus Helene Kenny and her colleagues with their innovative use of shipping container as radio station, a very Pratt, very Brooklyn, very fabulous enterprise.

  • I just got some beautiful land with an old barn on it that I'd like to convert into artist’s studio spaces and an exhibition gallery.

    Congratulations to alumnus and professor, Robert Sabuda for a successful kickstarter project that will convert a barn in studios and gallery space.

  • Untitled Sukkah, is one of eight winning designs chosen to be built as part of Washington University’s Sukkah City this October.

    Congratulations to former Professor in Architecture, Filip Tejchman for a successful pledge that resulted in a beautiful sukkah in October

  • Sofie, a timid young photographer, finds her inner strength after connecting with an eclectic chick who runs a vintage camera shop.

    Kudos to senior film student April Maxey for her successful kickstarter campaign for her thesis film.

  • An initiative to build a floating pool that filters river water off the shores of New York City.

    Optimism and possibility are in abundance in this proposal for a public pool for all.

  • +FARM is an architecture student design program that uses direct learning through hands on experience.

    Congratulations to Professor Gia Wolff and her colleagues at +Farm for the successful funding of their design build program for architecture students.

  • Swoon and a growing group of musicians and kinetic sound artists are turning a house into an instrument in the city of New Orleans.

    One more reason to head to New Orleans- Swoon and other artists raised the funds to turn a house into a musical instrument. Got to hear it; got to see it.

  • MY BROOKLYN follows the filmmaker’s journey, as a Brooklyn “gentrifier,” to understand the forces dramatically reshaping New York City.

    All about our borough!
    Together with Kelly Anderson, Allison Lurie Dean developed the ethnographic research on the Fulton Mall - part of a study led by the Pratt Center for Community Development- into a successful kickstarter project and documentary.

  • I will explore Mexico City to draw and photograph the way people live in the bustling city that has over 20 million people in it.

    Congratulations Tiffany Navarro! May a bounty of drawing and photographs of the fantastic urban scape that is Mexico City.

  • "Tourist-In-Chief" is an installation designed by Leon Reid IV to be placed on a statue of George Washington located in New York City.

    Alumnus Leon Reid IV is following the very successful redressing of Abraham Lincoln, "True Yank," with a an embellishment of George Washington. Follow the story!

  • We're two Brooklyn-based painters who have planned a six-week road trip from NYC to LA where we will document the nation's landscape.

    The plein air, look see paint road trip is ON. Thanks to generous support, alumni Erick Diehl and Jackson Hunt are following their bliss. Follow their progress at Auto-Paint, USA.

  • A year-long research project that will measure the stormwater management potential of two urban farms; Brooklyn Grange & Added Value.

    Kudos to Tyler Caruso and Erik Facteau for bringing the work of their thesis work in environmental systems management to Kickstarter. We are eager to hear about the results of their efforts.

  • A provocative and profoundly funny new play makes its world premiere, wondering: "Sure, we CAN. But WHO the hell are WE?"

    Congratulations to graduate student in Arts and Cultural Management, Ally Paz and her team at Down Payment Productions. We look forward to the staging of Yes We Can.

  • The Itching is a short claymation about a wolf's attempt to confront her neurotic obsessions. A joyful and creepy adult fairy-tale.

    Congratulations to alumnus Adam Davies and Dianee Bellino for their upcoming claymation that will bring a new twist to the familiar form, the fairytale.

  • I'm building a 15' opaque white, floating paper bridge.The sculpture's dimensions skew over the length and it hangs 5' off the floor.

    Congratulations to Pratt MFA Alum Judith Hoffman, love her beautiful, haunting work!

  • Timothy is a contemporary jeweler; he has never left the country. Chosen for Talente 2011 in Munich, he wants to go. Help send him off!

    Congratulations to Pratt instructor Timothy McMahon for the successful funding of his trip to Munich for the exhibition of his jewelry.

  • Non Solo is a collaborative group of artists, committed to an ongoing dialogue and touring their exhibition across America.

    We look forward to seeing the results of the traveling exhibition of MFA alumnus, Margaret Coleman and Bonnie Kay Whitfield and 7 of their fellow artists.

  • Wallabout Film Festival is for students, by students.

    A successful third turn at this annual film festival Wallabout happened in April, 2011. Produced and curated by an interdisciplinary team of students from Pratt Institute, the festival was a great success.

  • An old "piragua" cart is being transformed into an urban tool for a more creative use of public space.

    Congratulations to architecture alumnus Tara Rodriguez Besosa for continuing to work on projects that improve the public sphere.

  • The Sporozoan Cavities Suite is a culmination of 6 years of work. It will produce 800 Intaglio prints and a myriad of peripheral work.

    Alumnus RobRoy Chamber's successful funded project first began in the printmaking studios at Pratt when he was an undergraduate. Kudos to RobRoy and his passionate obsessions.

  • The Spring 2011 issue will take a critical look at urbanism and present design projects that operate in the margins of urban discourse.

    Congratulations to the TARP team for the successful funding of the spring 2011 issue. We look forward to reading it.

  • "WESTERN PLEASURE" will be a spectacular art installation for the exit show of 2011 Pratt Institute MFA Candidate, Amanda Sullivan.

    Alumnus Amanda Sullivan's thesis installation, "Western Pleasure," was a shiny success.

  • A nameless young man, faced with the everyday tragedy of loss, becomes a stranger in his own life. Can the urge to heal prevail?

    Supported! Funded: the drawing habits of alumnus Kate Glasheen (BFA in Fine Arts)!

  • The Show + Tell Show is a film project celebrating the things we all treasure and the unique stories behind them

    We look forward to the tales of Brooklyn that alumnus Veronica Velasquez will feature in her upcoming film, Show +Tell Show.

  • Smarthistory - An Open & Free Art History Textbook

    Congratulations for the successful funding of this smart free educational source for all things art historical co-founded by our own Dr. Steven Zucker

  • The Hip-Hop Word Count is a searchable ethnographic database built from the lyrics of over 40,000 Hip-Hop songs from 1979 to present day.

    Congratulations to alumnus (MS, Communication Design) and professor at Pratt, Tahir Hemphill, for the successful funding of the Searchable R Almanac!

  • Help us launch Timothy K.'s first couture collection, to be shown during NYC's Fashion Week in February 2011.

    Congratulations to recent alumnus, Timothy K. (BFA '10 in fashion), for the successful funding of his 2011 collection: Opus Two!

  • "Too tall, too dense, super-size Domino makes no sense".

    A local figure in our neighborhood landscape, the Domino Sugar factory is a tale of New York City.

  • A solo exhibition. Followed one class for 8 years, from age 7-13 at Scuola-Città Pestalozzi in Florence, Italy.

    We applaud alumnus Susan Duca's patient observation of children at play in Florence.

  • Brooklyn Boheme is a documentary about the black arts community that thrived in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill, Brooklyn from 1970s to 1990s.

    This movie will document the culture in our own backyard, Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

  • Art Nouveau Illustrator Echo Chernik shares 15 years of wisdom & advice to new artists in 100 pages of posters, book covers & more!

    Congratulations to alumni Echo and Lazarus Charnick whose kickstarter campaign so exceeded their original goal that their forthcoming book will be hardcover.

  • We've just finished designing our biggest, baddest, best collection yet - but we need help making it real. Help us make the future shiny!

    Kudos to Liz Kinnmart and Kegan Fisher, who met studying industrial design at Pratt, for the shiny jewelry collection that was successfully funded in November, 2010.

  • Emerging fashion designer Mina Stone has been invited to show her line on a runway for the first time…in Athens! Help her to get there!

    Now that alumnus Mina Stone has gone to Athens we are eager to see how her next collection will be influenced.