• Brooklyn Vinyl Works: A Superior Record Pressing Plant

    Committed to pressing high-quality vinyl, restoring record manufacturing equipment, and sharing the process with music enthusiasts.

    Brooklyn Vinyl Works, a new record pressing plant in Brooklyn dedicated to helping indie labels so they don't get squeezed by major label reissues and RSD exclusives clogging up the other plants. Lots of good labels involved in this

  • WAX TRAX! RECORDS: Monumentary

    The true story of how two men took a family of queers, punks & criminals on a ride, accidentally changing music along the way.

    Documentary on the rise (and fall) of the influential label Wax Trax

  • These C*cksucking Tears

    A documentary about Patrick Haggerty, who wrote, sang, and released the first gay-themed country music album in 1973.

    A documentary about the man who wrote the first gay-themed country music album

  • THE EARTH MOVES. A documentary about Einstein on the Beach.

    New film about Philip Glass, Robert Wilson, Einstein on the Beach, and the connection between physics, opera, and human imagination.

    This is incredible.

  • Cultural Museum of African Art Eric Edwards Collection

    Museum to share African Culture

    If funded, this museum would be the only museum dedicated to African art in NYC

  • Meow The Jewels

    We are raising $40k so our two favorite artists, Killer Mike and El-P, will remix "Run The Jewels 2" with all cat sounds for the music.