Project We Love
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The science, math, literacy, art, and emotion of Genesis -- where "Making" all began!

Seeking to reimagine the teaching of Genesis and the Hebrew language through the integration of hands-on learning experiences with new tools and materials.

Project We Love
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We’re creating a space that supports making, collaboration, and innovation to ignite student interests and encourage lifelong success

Seeking to nurture student makers and entrepreneurs in the local business community with a media lab, fabrication studio and machine shop, and collaborative, hands-on learning.

Project We Love
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We want to remake learning at Pittsburgh Lincoln, taking students into an outdoor space full of STEAMy maker experiences!

Seeking to transform an outdoor space into a maker-centered outdoor learning environment for inner city youth.

Project We Love
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Help us create a makerspace to develop creative independent thinkers in our community.

Seeking to bring making to children in a location rich in the history of the steel industry, by integrating hands-on learning, and new tools and materials, into their science curriculum.

Project We Love
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Together we can transform our learning environment and experiences!

Seeking to bring hands-on learning experiences, tools, and materials to rural students who don’t have access to maker resources.

Project We Love
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With a new makerspace and learning experiences, Kiski Area Upper Elementary is bridging STEM and the humanities with hands-on learning

Seeking to integrate woodworking, fabrication, and interdisciplinary DIY learning between the humanities and STEM for suburban fifth and sixth graders.

Project We Love
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Building the WonderLab, a vibrant, multi-disciplinary space where Falk students will learn by making things with their own hands

Seeking a dramatic transformation of a computer lab into a vibrant makerspace to support student-centered, hands-on learning and train future teachers in making as a learning practice.