Cloud-enabled controller for existing garage doors: monitor and operate your garage doors from smartphones, wearables and other devices

An easy way to monitor and control your garage door - close it from far away, grant access to friends and more.

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Customize the aroma of any space from a smartphone + a multi-colored smart nightlight that you control.

A smart air freshener that allows you to control and customize the fragrances in your life from anywhere.

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A thumb-sized, Particle-powered, Cloud-connected IoT board with Wi-Fi + BLE that supports Arduino, JavaScript and Python too!

A new Particle compound, the Duo brings Wi-Fi + BLE together in a super small form factor. All the benefits of the Particle Cloud from the awesome RedBear team.

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The Ecosystem is a fun, beautiful way for you to grow fresh food in your home, all year long. Designed and built by engineers from MIT.

A new way to grow fresh, healthy food in your own home in style.

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Ario learns about you, syncs your body clock, and keeps you healthy through natural lighting patterns.

A lamp that uses research to help keep you happy and healthy all year long.

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A beautiful device to inspire passion projects despite everyday life. Learn to harness your creative rhythm.

Track the time you spend on projects and work beautifully and intuitively.

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Build Bluetooth LE devices for the Internet of Things with a REST API and Web IDE that run on coin cell batteries.

The first Particle Compound - a cool Bluetooth LE dev kit that connects to the Particle Cloud.

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music + internet + 3D LEDS = L3D Cube.  Create and share in 3D.   Join the future!

A mesmerizing LED cube that is programmable, interactive and beautiful.

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FishBit is an app and connected device to monitor and control your aquarium’s water composition to help your tank thrive.

The beta release of a new device to monitor and control your aquarium.

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CleverPet is a connected platform that lets you provide the mental stimulation your dog craves, even when you can't be there.

Train, entertain and educate your dog even when you're not at home.

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GoGlove is a wearable wireless remote to control your phone. Music makes the moment and GoGlove helps you live it without distraction.

A wireless glove that allows you to control you music as you explore and experience the outdoors.

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Platform with iOs and Android apps to control Arduino, Raspberry Pi and similar microcontroller boards over Internet.

An easy to use app for controlling Particle, Raspberry Pi and more board over the Internet.

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The world’s first smartphone-controlled plant growing system that enables you to grow the freshest, healthiest food on Earth.

A connected home growing system for creating a healthy, happy home food system.

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A simple, modular solution for building powerful electronic devices.

Small modular circuit boards that take the hassle out of building electronics. Easy to use with Particle products.

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The Choosatron is a Choose Your Own Adventure® inspired story printer. Wi-Fi connected and fully hackable!

The one that started it all - the first ever Built on the Particle Platform project. A Choose Your Own Adventure wireless writing platform and game.

With Zerynth you can design embedded applications and IoT connected devices using any 32 bit microcontrollers and connecting to any cloud infrastructure. All in Python & hybrid C/Python language!

A tool that let's you design and build your IoT projects using Python.

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Get insight into your water use like never before. Conserve water, save money and detect leaks by monitoring usage in real time.

A learning water meter to help you both conserve and save on your water usage.

Hook lets you control remote controlled outlets and bulb sockets with your phone, IFTTT and Amazon Echo! Shipping in May 2016

Created by active members of the Particle community, Hook lets you remotely control outlets and bulb sockets.

Project We Love
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Wakē is a modern alarm clock that wakes you up with a personal sunrise and focused sounds - waking up each person in bed individually.

A new way to wake up with a personal sunrise and focused sounds.

A simple and easy way to gain TV viewing insights through your smart device or online.

Built using the Photon, MediaBit