• A wearable light that works with your wardrobe.

    A versatile, fashionable, wearable light that can clip to the edge of any piece of clothing--great for cycling, running, or walking at night. How have you lived without it?

  • Reinvent learning: make science fun and invent the next generation of inventors!

    Kits for young inventors. These toys let kids invent, design, and sell their technology toys and products.

  • ROBOTS, ARTISANS & YOU collaborate to create custom-fit, vegan, eco-friendly sandals that express your personal style.

    Help these Makers go big, and get a four-headed CNC machine and more lasers to amp up their Vegas manufacturing facility. Because, well, shoes (and robots and lasers).

  • Touchscreen LCD desktop 3D printer starting <$2k using LASER based tech for high speed prints, 7"x7"x9" build area, and detail.

    3D printing gets better & cheaper. Plus, lasers.

  • An investigative documentary from director Brian Knappenberger about the life of the internet pioneer and activist Aaron Swartz.

    Aaron was a hacker, a deep thinker, a freedom fighter, and a Friend of O'Reilly. It's important to remember his story, and build on his amazing body of work.

  • With the Othermill, custom circuits, product prototypes, and other 3D objects are at your fingertips.

    Awesome mini-milling machine, perfected for making custom circuit boards, but can cut almost everything. You know you want one.

  • Help ensure that "THE TANK," an acoustical wonder and world class reverberant space, remains a valued musical resource for all to share

    Here's an endangered sonic space worth saving--a 60’ tall, 30’ wide rusted steel water tank. Listen to what it does to sound!

  • Five professional music videos. Made by middle schoolers. Covering debates in science history. Rosalind Franklin wants her Nobel Prize.

    How to get kids excited about science in those distracting "tween" years? Have 'em make videos of their own science rap, of course. "Now I'm gonna kick it, gonna kick it like Crick."

  • A full-featured alarm dock that intelligently screens your calls and quiets notifications to help you get more sleep.

    Take control of the beeps and flashes, and sleeep.

  • Bartendro is a modular and open-source cocktail dispensing robot!

    A robot that mixes drinks? Yes, please.

  • A bright new way to take better photos. Carry this slim, wireless flash in your wallet and transform your photos with great light.

    An answer to the built-in problems with flashes on mobiles. Plus, cute.

  • An anthology of feminist science fiction about bicycling. A few copies are left in print!

    Because the world absolutely needs "an anthology of feminist science fiction about bicycling."

  • Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, without copyright: a new recording adn digital score, now available at http://welltemperedclavier.org.

    Open source meets classical music.

  • It's time to update my 2005 book "Producing Open Source Software: How to Run a Successful Free Software Project". Help me do it right.

    A great author, a useful book, and a good cause.

  • Scan objects and rooms in 3D, play augmented reality games, and develop mobile apps with 3D vision. For iPad, yet hackable.

    And the consumer 3D sensing wave begins!

  • The Ffestiniog Englands are the world's oldest working narrow gauge engines. We're laser scanning them to make the most accurate kits.

    Build incredibly accurate (yay, laser scanning!) plastic models of 150-year-old train engines. Once you do that, learn how to pronounce Ffestiniog.

  • Learn what you need to make just about anything - a product, an invention you've been dreaming about, or even a maker business.

    You, too, can be a Maker. David Lang lays out what he learned in his journey from unemployed office worker to co-founder of OpenROV, a DIY underwater robotics community startup.

  • CLOUDS is a documentary exploring creativity through the lens of code

    Many FOOs are featured in this beautifully filmed documentary about code as art.

  • A great app for kids! It's a physics based musical app, full of colorful shapes and fun multitouch gestures.

    Making music with physics? We'd think this was awesome even if it wasn't by our former intern (and the son of O'Reilly developer Tim Allwine).

  • LA Makerspace needs 3D Printers, a Laser Cutter, and Open Project Time for Members to Innovate.

    Awesome project to bring DIY community to LA

  • Washington is broken. You are not. Help DecodeDC report stories that really matter.

    In this new podcast, NPR vet Andrea Seabrook sets out to explain how the sausage of policy is made.

  • An interactive electronic story and activity book about the amazing Brain, for kids ages 7-11.

    A great way to teach kids about how their brain works.

  • Imagine the novel, updated. We're a new literary studio creating compelling, serialized stories for the future of reading.

    Stories, new forms for authors and readers, and the joy of old-fashioned anticipation--what's not to love?

  • A bold mission to save species on the brink, from the Oscar-winning filmmakers of The Cove.

    A film on eco hacking to save the planet, from the Oceanic Preservation Society.

  • A documentary exploring what we can learn from the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan about living happier, more meaningful lives.

    An exploration of what matters most, and a call for considered, responsible progress. Music by our favorite avant cellist, Friend (and neighbor) of O'Reilly Zoe Keating, plus the amazing Imogene Heap.

  • Fire up your creativity! Come to NYC this fall to meet and get inspired by today's most exciting cutting-edge tech artists.

    Art + Technology = Awesome.

  • This DIY kit helps analyze materials and contaminants. We need your help to build a library of open-source spectral data.

    Anyone with a smartphone can be an environmental detective--investigate chemical spills, diagnose crop diseases, identify contaminants in household products, even analyze homebrew beer.

  • The world's first portable STANDING DESK. Perfect for travelers, contractors, or those tight on space!

    Sitting kills. Stand wherever you're working.

  • blink(1) is a small USB light to give you glanceable notice of anything on your computer or the internet.

    The great team behind the BlinkM is now creating a very simple ambient device. It's just an LED on a USB stick.

  • A long graphic novel about robots in a religious war with angels; at the center a half-breed girl who must save them all.

    Robots, angels, Kevin Kelly and crew. Who wouldn't want to read this?

  • We love mechanical pencils, fountain & rollerball pens, and stylus nibs so we pulled them all together in the ultimate creators set.

    If you need a pen & a stylus then the beautiful TAGTOOL might be the perfect choice.

  • Sierra Zulu is a dark political sci-fi action comedy about the grotesque world we live in. And it has a frickin' creature!

    A feature film by art tech theory group monochrom, produced by the Vienna-based film production company Golden Girls.

  • Revolutionary posture sensor and mobile app. Your mom will never nag you again!

    Wearable posture sensor--you probably need it!

  • Eyebeam = open source & open content; to make what we do open to all, we are creating a new public space for books, exhibits & coffee.

    Eyebeam does an amazing job providing artists with technology support. Their events do a great job of showcasing the resulting work. Help them build out their space.

  • We've launched another campaign for a new underwater drone...

    Making underwater exploration possible for everyone!

  • Nursery rhymes that address specific children's issues and also encourage them to independently discover the world of Shakespeare.

    This interactive app engages young children with beautiful music and uses language immersion techniques to introduce them to the world of Shakespeare. Daeshin is obsessed with Shakespeare (travels the world to Shakespeare festivals) and making the stories accessible to kids.

  • Cyberculture pioneer Gareth Branwyn (Boing Boing, Mondo 2000, Wired, MAKE) presents a compelling collection of his work.

    Great stuff from a guy who always has a smart (and entertaining) take on tech, the future, and everything.

  • Modkit Micro is the easiest way to program a growing list of open hardware platforms from Arduino to Wiring.

    Scratch is a great way to learn to program. Modkit extends that model to hardware. Now go build a laser!

  • Safecast launched a year ago thanks in part to Kickstarter. We're making an awesome limited edition geiger counter to say thanks!

    Help the Safecast team build an open hardware geiger counter. The project was originally started to collect data about Fukushima.

  • Now in its fourth year, XOXO started here on Kickstarter—selling every ticket to the inaugural event in two days.

    Andy has been chronicling and creating indie internet culture for years. This should be a great event.

  • Fully articulating, open source robotic Hexapod kit with 19 servos, powered by Arduino. Explore advanced robotics, kinematics, and programming.

    We love watching this toy walk. Seems like a great way to learn about robotics.

  • Ever played Mario on Play-Doh or Piano on Bananas? Alligator clip the Internet to your world and start inventing the future.

    Another engineering toy for kids (and adults). I've personally seen this one in action at MIT's Media Lab.

  • The toy where every young girl is an artist, engineer, architect and visionary!

    Great idea for getting girls involved in technology at a young age.

  • The easiest way to get Ruby on OSX

    Rails is coming back to OS X by core team member Yehuda Katz. Sounds awesome.

  • Galileo is an iOS-controlled, robotic motion platform for iPhones and iPod Touches.

    Really smart way to make any recent iOS device a remote sensing device.

  • A big red truck filled with cutting-edge maker tools that goes from school to school, bringing the joy of building back to kids.

    Because schools need more making (and less sitting & listening).

  • Three essays, five thousand words each, every three months. We want to build a better conversation with you.

    Long-form essays on web-design by practitioners. "nuff said.

  • Newsmotion is a civic media, public art and documentary storytelling initiative.

    The OWS movement is launching a site for citizen journalism. It is designed to protect anonymous sources, while still getting their story heard. This platform will be open-sourced for movements around the world.

  • The world is full of big stories. We don't want them to go missing.

    Investigative, in-depth and independent reporting on the sciences and technology

  • A transmedia project engaging audiences of all ages in the story of the technology that has changed humanity.

    Because history matters.

  • A modern LED Clock that is beautiful to own, and beautiful to give. Easily change colors to match your decor.

    This beautiful device is open-source. We love seeing the Arduino used for consumer electronics.

  • Multi-touch keyboards and mice are the next generation in quality computer peripherals.

    It's just two steps away from the Minority Report.

  • Hello, Skater Girl is a photography book of girl skateboarders.

    Mobile researcher Julian Bleecker is sharing his other passion, skateboarding.

  • Traveling exhibition for an ongoing photographic project between two Colombian artists who share a love for cities + language.

    Photography, culture, language--what's not to like?

  • A wireless square with sensors and a simple web app to set rules, Twine tells you what your things are doing by email, text or Twitter.

    Pretty awesome looking project that'll help you connect your house & belongs to the internet in no time.

  • The goal is to donate 1,300 copies of this photo book of Guatemala's civil war to its public schools and universities.

    Get this book, "the visual memory of Guatemala's civil war," published and in the hands of every teacher in Guatemala.

  • Down-to-the-minute weather prediction for your exact location. Accompanied by stunning high-resolution radar animations.

    Using public data to create value for everyone...

  • A how-to guide for independent learning, with concrete strategies plus stories of people who learn on their own and how they do it.

    Self-learning is good for the soul and author Kio Stark is a good person to guide you.

  • Sharing the world's first low-cost, DIY, open-source Tractor, Compressed Earth Brick Press, Power Cube, and Soil Pulverizer.

    Open source hardware powers community development.

  • TouchFire is a thin, feather-weight device that puts the "touch" back into typing - it makes your iPad feel like a normal keyboard!

    Touchscreens only go so far. Sometimes tactile feedback is the way to go.

  • Romo is a highly functional robotic toy that uses your smartphone as its brain.

    I always knew my smartphone was a robot-in-waiting.

  • A movement is changing the way we learn and work. Bring a Maker Space to Cairo, help support DIY culture and entrepreneurship!

    Bring Maker Faire to Africa -- again!

  • A book about applying topics from mathematics, physics, and generative algorithms to computational systems. With Processing!

    Already successful, but this project is so awesome (as is the author) that we had to highlight it.

  • The definitive, best of collection of provocative and inspiring short essays by bestselling author Scott Berkun.

    Berkun always has great ideas. His books are excellent at bringing the reader along for the ride.

  • Celebrate New England D.I.Y. with Rhode Island’s own Mini Maker Faire, held at Waterfire in the Creative Capital—Providence, RI.

    Bring the makers together!

  • Physical GIF turns animated GIFs into delightful coffee table toys. With a laser cutter and a strobe we give GIFs life off the screen.

    Moving something from online to offline is always challenging. I love the novel approach this project took.

  • Teagueduino is an open source electronic board that allows you to realize creative ideas without soldering or knowing how to code.

    Sometimes kits like this are the best way to learn something technical.

  • A well-designed plug-and-play heart-rate sensor for Arduino. Put live heartbeats into your project lickety-split.

    OS Health Hardware FTW!

  • ExtraCore is a 1" x 1" 22 I/O pin Arduino Compatible. It's 1.7 grams and 16mhz of tiny Arduino style coolness.

    Arduino kicked off the OS hardware revolution. Keep it growing.

  • An alt-history Cold War-era spy adventure, told over 8 weeks online, by email, and through the post.

    From one of our Foos.

  • QuNeo is a break-through 3D pad controller for electronic musicians, digital DJs, VJs & DIY hackers providing multi-touch control.

    Mmmm, multi-touch controller....

  • A book series exploring the parts of JavaScript that we all think we understand but don't REALLY know.

    You're using JavaScript--why not grok it all the way? Help Kyle help you, with this "exploration of the mysterious, confusing, complex, and controversial parts of JavaScript."