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Explore a luxurious penthouse apartment against the backdrop of violent revolution in a fictional South American metropolis.

Amazing artists and game makers Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn. Support their newest game and stretch goal.

Project We Love
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Northern Spark is an all-night arts festival that will light up Mpls on June 14, 2014. Help us transform our city!

Help reach 400 contributors.

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We love trains. Writing too. Trainwreck is a mobile residency for writers by writers, no strings attached.

A new public art project - from rails to pages.

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Leav is a mobile platform for placing, viewing, and sharing digital art that is both shaped by, and linked to, the world around it.

Very cool app for digital art launching with Holly Hansen, Kate Casanova and Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater. Help support more commissions.

Artist Randy Walker & Forecast Public Art collaborate with Roosevelt High School in high-quality public art learning!

High school students working with amazing artist to create public artwork.

Project We Love
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The Choosatron is a Choose Your Own Adventure® inspired story printer. Wi-Fi connected and fully hackable!

Help meet the stretch goals for this fun storytelling project.

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Creating a community hub for beekeepers and a space for our bicycle-powered honey production, delivery and education program.

Bees are critical to the ecology of "everything" - so much - and this project is a really cool cultural-community-cycling approach. It's just, well, the beez knees (

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Thanks to our wonderful backers for helping ensure that "THE TANK," an acoustical wonder and world class reverberant space, remains a valued musical resource for all to share

Save The Tank. It's magical.

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Public Functionary is an innovative new exhibition and community art space in Minneapolis, MN. This Kickstarter campaign helps fund it.

support this new space.

A narrative film following a woman’s journey from her home in San Francisco into her family’s past at the shores of the Salton Sea.

Check it out.

It's All About the Hand!

This is one of those projects that will be a not-to-be-missed highlights of ISEA this year, but they need some help - a helping hand - to make it happen.

A universal story of courage and compassion as a Vietnam veteran, a peace advocate, and a community struggle to find common ground.

It's inspiring to have a conversation that doesn't ignore politics without descending into mindless argumentation. Every politician should watch this. Help support it so they can.

Project We Love
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The worlds first public festival of communal "drifting", a 72 hour multi- gallery based inter-connective, nocturnal art investigation

Drift on over to this event.

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A chef and a bookhound - bringing families, friends and neighbors together for a delicious meal.

Great new restaurant with a great poster designed by Northern Spark participant Jenny Schmid.

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We're melting down ice sculptures of the words "Middle Class" at the Republican and Democratic Conventions in Tampa and Charlotte.

This was a great project in Saint Paul during the Republican National Convention (and UnConvention - Help bring it back again.

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Permanent installation "Are You Down?" by FSP/Jerome Fellowship Artist, Michael Richards, who perished on September 11, 2001.

Franconia is one of the most dynamic art centers in the Midwest.

Project We Love
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We do the grubby stuff and you stake your claim in PLAND's 2012 Residency Season, helping us build, bear, and buy what isn't bartered.

"Own" a bit of the West with this exciting residency/art program.

public engagement with quick easy tips that help shift our habits to better benefit local food producers + consumers!

Food and art, art and food.

Michael will project massive surprising images collected through ice on the historic Pillsbury A Mill on Main Street Minneapolis.

This projection will be visible across the Mississippi and includes a performance by Kevin Kling. Can't wait to see it. Would be cool to run the control board!

Project We Love
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Up to 1000 cyclists at Northern Spark 2012 will receive blinking red bike lights that synchronize with each other.

Ready. Set. Synchronize. Be part of one of Northern Spark at 11:59 pm, June 10.

Great project with a long life and limited quantities available.

Project We Love
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Empires explores the impact of networks on histories and philosophies of political thought.

It's not just a Who's Who of everyone you want to hear, but it's an invitation to a filmic dinner party. I'd like to see this made.

Project We Love
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Northern Spark is a free, dusk-to-dawn arts festival. "Explore a constellation of urban arts and discover the city in a new light."

We may be biased, but we think this is a great project.

Project We Love
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This Dr. Seuss quotation will be displayed as large, illuminated letters between the spans on both sides of the Stone Arch Bridge.

Robin's project for Northern Spark will be a beacon for miles around for the 2012 edition of the Twin Cities nuit blanche.

Project We Love
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Kulturpark is a collaborative investigation and public opening in an abandoned amusement park in East Berlin

This is an awesome project! I'm heading directly there after Northern Spark.

Project We Love
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If you buy our completed mockumentary now, we can go to different cities to start discussions about the future. And giant spiders.

By the creator of the classic My Trip to Liberty City. Looks to be another gem.

Project We Love
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A dance in an electronic music & video environment that explores the collectively learned habits we practice in our everyday lives.

In Habit is a 9-hour performance on the street about the patterns conscious and unconscious of our everyday lives.

Perfect match of site and art and event.

Project We Love
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Salon Saloon is preparing for a new round of shows & we need your support. Help us fund the next four shows & put the old shows online!

A Twin Cities institution.

Project We Love
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Two-Faced Beauty is a film about 1950s Broadway showgirl Rosemary Williams – a statuesque beauty who shared the same name as me.

The premise of this film is hilarioius and intriguing. Rosemary will also have a remarkable project at Northern Spark this year.

Our project is to build a set of CNC components that can easily be assembled in many different ways to create one incredible machine.

Great Open Hardware project.

Mississippi Megalops is an all-night floating Chautauqua! Performances, presentations, art & science all aboard an authentic riverboat!

Mississippi Megalops was one of the biggest hits of the 2011 Northern Spark. Look to see it come back in 2012.

Project We Love
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"Got the Power" is an interactive public sculpture made out of boom boxes. It broadcasts local peoples' favorite music and memories.

Haven't heard this yet but a great reason to head out to Shafer.