Project We Love
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Help celebrate 20 years of empowering the youngest composers by making their NY PHIL BIENNIAL concert go international!

Teaching composers is how we get more new music. This is an amazing program.

Project We Love
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THE COLORADO is a film about the North American West, a musical tribute to land and water, and a cautionary tale about the environment.

A lot of great composers that we've awarded over the years are working on this film.

String Quartets Numbers 6, 7, 8 complete the 10-quartet recorded Johnston cycle, which Kepler Quartet set in motion via CDs 1 & 2.

We awarded this great project, and hope you can help them meet their goal!

New Music Gathering is a 3-day conference of performances, presentations, & discussions by and for our incredible new music community!

The new music community needs more opportunities to come together. This will be a great one.

Project We Love
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New opera experienced through wireless headphones at LA's historic Union Station! Christopher Cerrone, composer; Yuval Sharon, director

Invisible Cities sold out their extended run, and one of our project grants is funding the premiere recording.

Project We Love
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Dithyrambalina will be a sonic playground, performance venue and laboratory for musical architecture in New Orleans.

This unique performance space is amazing, and we're proud it was awarded one of our first project grants.

Project We Love
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The audience becomes the headliner at this musical event featuring a collaborative performance of 4'33" - the classic John Cage score

We love to see new experiments with John Cage, and new takes on such a deceptively simple piece of music.

Project We Love
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Kronos founder’s R&D Fund supports “adventure, the unknown, and unexpected opportunities.” Donate now to fund four new works!

It's always great to see champions of new music trying new things.