• Adam Purple and The Garden of Eden

    An exhibition to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the destruction of The Garden of Eden, an earthwork created by Adam Purple in NYC.

    This exhibition documents an extraordinary earthwork by Adam Purple that once spanned five city lots in our neighborhood, Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

    The Garden of Eden was featured in "Come Closer: Art Around the Bowery 1969-1989." http://bit.ly/RosXnA

  • Made in the Lower East Side: miLES Storefront Transformer

    Transform an underused storefront this winter into a pop-up neighborhood hub with 7 themes: SHOW, PLAY, LEARN, SHARE, MAKE, SHOP & EAT!

    We got to know the great folks at miLES during the 2013 IDEAS CITY Festival.

    Help them bring new life to vacant storefronts around our neighborhood!

  • + POOL, Tile by Tile

    Like a giant strainer dropped into the river, + POOL makes it possible for everybody to swim in clean river water right here in NYC.

    The amazing team behind +POOL (and the IDEAS CITY Worms tents!) are getting closer and closer to making this crazy, beautiful dream a reality. Buy a tile and get ready to go swimming in the East River!!

  • Hot Bread Kitchen: Women Bake Bread

    The Women Bake Bread Scholarship creates long-term economic impact for immigrant women through a year of artisanal bakery training.

    We love Hot Bread Kitchen's baked goods almost as much as their mission! It was a treat working with them around our last two IDEAS CITY Festivals and we're excited to see them reaching new women through these scholarship opportunities.

  • Electric Objects: A Computer Made for Art

    A framed high-definition screen and integrated computer that hangs on your wall and brings art from the Internet into your home.

    There's more art on the Internet than in every gallery and museum on Earth. EO offers a new way to bring art from the Internet into your home.

  • ADVANCED STYLE: the documentary

    a colorful documentary about fashionable old ladies

    New Museum Store alumnus Ari Seth Cohen is the man behind Advanced Style. We find these ladies so inspiring, and can't wait to see them on the big screen!

  • Painting an entire favela in Rio de Janeiro

    With your help, we will paint an entire favela in Rio de Janeiro!

    IDEAS CITY participants Haas & Hahn are back in Rio de Janeiro. This time, they propose to plaster and paint an entire favela.

  • Graffiti Rock 30th Anniversary

    30th Anniv. release of the first ever Hip Hop TV Show, "Graffiti Rock", & new Hip Hop documentary "Graffiti Rock: The Untold Story"

    In 2011 we hosted a rare performance by Bowery Artist Michael Holman's band Gray:

    With your support, Holman will re-master the broadcast video tape of his legendary show Graffiti Rock onto DVD and produce a new film called Graffiti Rock: The Untold Story.

  • Raise a Stage for the FAB! Festival

    Help us raise a stage for a group of incredible artists to present their work at the 10th Annual FAB! Festival on September 28th.

    We are lucky to call FAB! our neighbors and friends, and we're looking forward to participating in their annual festival on September 28. Please consider supporting them...and if you're in the neighborhood, we hope to see you at the event!

  • RUBBLE KINGS - A feature length documentary

    The story of NYC's 1970s gang subculture and how it influenced the cultural phenomenon that is hip hop.

    Rubble Kings is a documentary about the NYC city street gangs of the late ‘60s / ‘70s and their influence on hip-hop culture.

    Filmmaker Shan Nicholson's previous documentary, Downtown Calling, explored NYC’s music and art scene in the late 70s.

  • Brooklyn Soda Works: hand-crafted sodas & sparkling juices

    We want to bottle our delicious & popular draft sodas. Help us purchase bottling equipment & be the first to bring home a bottle!

    Our IDEAS CITY partners make some incredibly tasty soda. This project will help make their product more portable, so you can enjoy their delicious, natural sodas at home.


    DOIN' IT IN THE PARK, a film by Bobbito Garcia & Kevin Couliau, explores the culture and social impact of New York's basketball scene.

    DOIN’ IT IN THE PARK explores and celebrates pick-up basketball in NYC.

    Filmmaker Bobbito Garcia lead a discussion with Stretch Armstrong as part of our recent exhibition "NYC 1993" http://bit.ly/Y8h5XK

  • Wednesdays at A's

    Wednesdays at A's traces the life of influential underground artist Arleen Schloss during the height of the New York City art scene.

    This project supports a feature-length documentary about artist Arleen Schloss, who has been at the forefront of downtown performance for three decades.

    Her work was featured in "Come Closer: Art Around the Bowery 1969-1989." http://bit.ly/RosXnA

  • Elastic City: 2012 Season of Artist-Led Walks

    Elastic City commissions artists to lead conceptual and poetic walks throughout and outside of NYC. Please support our 2012 season.

    Elastic City lead a series of "solar alignment" walks with artist Neil Freeman as part of the Festival of Ideas for the New City.

    Help support another wonderful season of conceptual and poetic walks!

  • +Pool: A Floating Pool in the River For Everyone

    An initiative to build a floating pool that filters river water off the shores of New York City.

    Family and Playlab are the superstars behind the Festival of Ideas' beautiful/functional/fun "Worms" tents (check them out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/festivalofideasnyc/5791393740/in/photostream) Their new project is killer. We want to swim in the +Pool!

  • ArtUp: Growing Public Art in the LES

    Support the expansion of FABnyc's ArtUp program, which animates underutilized spaces in the LES through art and community partnerships.

    Our amazing neighbors (and Festival of Ideas collaborators) at FAB are expanding their ArtUp program, and bringing art to underutilized spaces around the East Village / Lower East Side.

  • Jews, a People's History of the Lower East Side

    JEWS, A PEOPLE’S HISTORY OF THE LOWER EAST SIDE is a three volume anthology edited by Clayton Patterson and Dr. Mareleyn Schneider.

    Clayton Patterson is an artist, activist, and Lower East Side historian.

    This ambitious project brings together 160 contributors over 3 volumes and 1,000 pages.

  • Expanding Eyebeam's Public Presence in Chelsea

    Eyebeam = open source & open content; to make what we do open to all, we are creating a new public space for books, exhibits & coffee.

    We loved partnering with Eyebeam to bring artists Kaho Abe and Maria Michails to the Bowery during the Festival of Ideas: http://www.festivalofideasnyc.com/program#event-1203

    Help them transform their public space in Chelsea!

  • The La MaMa Cantata-On Tour!

    La MaMa Cantata is the origin story of La MaMa told through song. Written, composed and directed by Elizabeth Swados.

    This performance celebrates the life and vision of La MaMa founder and Lower East Side hero Ellen Stewart.

  • Electric Literature's Recommended Reading

    Recommended Reading is a free, weekly, digital magazine that introduces you to new fiction while supporting indie publishers.

    We got to work with the lovely folks at Electric Literature during the Festival of Ideas last May (http://bit.ly/Hv3NP1). Their new project sounds like a terrific way to discover new fiction!

  • Locating the Sacred

    Help us raise $6,000 to launch a festival showcasing Asian American artists as agents of change and exploring the meaning of “sacred.”

    We sure do love festivals. Help make this one happen!

    The Asian American Arts Alliance is matching artists with spaces to help explore what sacredness means to all of us through dance, music, film, visual arts, and lots more.

  • Got The Power: Boomboxes as Community Soundtracks, Minnesota

    "Got the Power" is an interactive public sculpture made out of boom boxes. It broadcasts local peoples' favorite music and memories.

    Bayete Ross Smith and The Laundromat Project brought this incredible boombox tower to the Bowery during the Festival of Ideas for the New City: http://on.fb.me/pOUN91

    This project supports the creation of a huge, new tower in rural Minnesota.

  • Bring Psychic TV & The Ballad of Genesis & LadyJaye to SXSW!

    Help Psychic TV and The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye get from New York to Austin, Texas for SXSW!

    Genesis Breyer P-Orridge was a friend and an acolyte of Brion Gysin. S/he met Gysin in the 1970s, and was deeply influenced by him (particularly his Cut-Up Method), and gave a talk in conjunction with Gysin's exhibit last year: http://www.newmuseum.org/exhibitions/422

  • Towards ENIAIOS and the Temenos

    10 hours of one of the longest films ever made will premiere at a free festival that draws hundreds to a field in Arcadia, Greece.

    Gregory Markopoulos was a central filmmaker in the New American Cinema scene in Downtown NY in the 1960s. Jack Smith, Andy Warhol, and living LES legend Taylor Mead are all in his films.

  • Documenting ABC No Rio Before Demolition

    I will be photographing the architecture and art of ABC No Rio before the original building is demolished and reconstructed.

    ABC No Rio supports an incredible community of artists in the Lower East Side. This project documents their original building before it's demolished to make way for their new facility.

  • 155 Freeman: Triple Canopy, Light Industry, Public School

    This fall, Triple Canopy, Light Industry, and The Public School will launch 155 Freeman, a new arts-and-culture center in Brooklyn.

    Congrats to Triple Canopy on their new space! Can't wait to check it out.

  • Rebuilding The Silent Barn

    The Silent Barn was an all-ages music venue in NYC, home to experiments in music and social culture for 7 years, and hopefully more.

    Help get The Silent Barn back on its feet!

    Following a recent and massive theft, Silent Barn organizers need your support to ensure the viability of a permanent all-ages venue for independent and experimental music, games, and art.

  • VIA DEL POPOLO ǀ San Gennaro NYC ǀ 2012

    In Fall of 2012 we will launch an inaugural public art exhibition to be conducted in conjunction with the popular Feast of San Gennaro.

    We'll be at the Festival Saturday, 9/22! Join us for free, hands-on art workshops and an outdoor reading room. 1-5 PM, Mulberry Street between Houston and Prince.

  • Would You Like Some Coffee with Your Culture?

    Help re-open the café on E. 4th St. that serves as a vital community gathering space for artists, audiences, and the community.

    Big ups to the FAB ladies from Fourth Arts Block, who helped to organize the Festival of Ideas' StreetFest on Saturday, May 7 2011. Their artist-run cafe offered MUD coffee, snacks, and limited edition art objects. http://www.festivalofideasnyc.com/


    Me at the Zoo is a feature documentary about Chris Crocker and the phenomenon of Internet celebrity.

    A documentary (and Rhizome commission!) about Chris Crocker, a video blogger from a small town in Tennessee.

    The film traces a line through a tapestry of web comments, response videos, fans, and haters to map the controversial rise of an internet folk hero.

  • Neighbors Helping NeighborGoods

    Save money, live more sustainably and strengthen your local community by sharing goods and skills with your neighbors.

    Loving this LA-based project - it really mirrors the Festival of Ideas' belief in the power of collaboration. (http://www.festivalofideasnyc.com)

  • Bring to Light: Nuit Blanche New York

    "Bring to Light" is NYC's first ever all night festival of lights themed installations and performance art on October 2nd.

    We loved working with DoTank:Brooklyn to bring LIGHT to the Festival of Ideas! 20+ artists invited the public to discover, drift and linger along re-configured public spaces, installations and performances: http://www.festivalofideasnyc.com/program

  • Lower Eastside Girls Club Needs Cameras---NOW!

    The LES Girls Club provides free photography classes to girls in the Community. The money raised will go towards buying cameras for the classes.

    The Lower Eastside Girls Club brought their girl-made robot pets to the Festival of Ideas' StreetFest on Saturday, May 7 2011. http://www.festivalofideasnyc.com/

  • TRUCK FARM! a wicked delicate film and food project

    Help the co-creators of King Corn finish their new documentary about an old pickup, a big city, and America's urban farming revolution. Click here.

    Truck Farm took part in the Festival of Ideas' StreetFest on Saturday, May 7 2011. http://www.festivalofideasnyc.com/

  • Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm

    Brooklyn Grange will be a 1 acre rooftop farm in New York City.

    Brooklyn Grange took part in the Festival of Ideas' StreetFest on Saturday, May 7 2011. http://www.festivalofideasnyc.com/

  • Contrail - Bicycle Community Tool

    Contrail celebrates the street as a shared space. Participants attach the contrail device to their bike and leave colorful lines on the road.

    Contrail took part in the Festival of Ideas' StreetFest on Saturday, May 7 2011. http://www.festivalofideasnyc.com/

  • FEAST - Keep Food on the Table

    FEAST is Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics. Over a locally-sourced organic supper, FEAST democratically curates and funds local artists.

    FEAST took part in the Festival of Ideas' StreetFest on Saturday, May 7 2011. http://www.festivalofideasnyc.com/



    Sam Hillmer is a Get Weird alumnus (http://www.newmuseum.org/events/297) who creates life-sized mazes featuring installations and live music.

  • Trade School

    At Trade School, students barter with teachers for instruction. Classes range from butter making to ghost hunting. Help us run Trade School again!

    OurGoods took part in the Festival of Ideas' StreetFest on Saturday, May 7 2011. http://www.festivalofideasnyc.com/

  • LowLine: An Underground Park on NYC's Lower East Side

    We plan to transform an abandoned New York City trolley terminal into a vibrant community green space using new solar technology.

    Help bring the world’s first underground park to our neighborhood!

  • StoryCorps' Animation Special

    StoryCorps' first animation special will feature stories told by everyday people, brought to life by Rauch Brothers Animation.

    We've been lucky to work with the lovely and talented folks at StoryCorps on a number of projects, from the Festival of Ideas to the exhibition "The Last Newspaper." We can't wait to see their animation special in 2013!

  • Little Free Library Project: Winston Salem, NC

    Stephen King said that "Books are a uniquely portable magic." Let's spread magic through a Little Free Library in Winston Salem, NC.

    During the 2013 IDEAS CITY Festival, PEN World Voices and The Architectural League partnered to rethink the design of Little Free Libraries as architectural and community-building opportunities for cities: http://bit.ly/12JpV3z

    Help bring the project to NC!