Discover new bands through a curated feed of tastemaker blog content, create playlists and dig through new and old albums/EPs.

Newhouse Magazine Journalism graduate (class of 2010) Jett Wells looks to bridge Spotify with music blog content in the form of

An idealistic barista sets up her customers based on their coffee orders in this quirky, comedic web series.

Newhouse TRF seniors Alyson Roseman and Kathryn Isaac are producing this new comedy web series as a thesis. Funds will be used for a better wardrobe and travel costs.

A young man loses himself in his apartment as he is haunted by his memories.

Newhouse student Nate Hapke is working on a film about a young man suffering from depression who relives the day when his life changed forever.

Project We Love
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For his Newhouse capstone, Television-Radio-Film student Joseph Barglowski is writing and directing a short film that explores two townies' dependence on one another. The film will premiere this May during Commencement Week at Syracuse University.

Project We Love
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Juiced is a magazine for freshmen, by freshmen—acting as a voice for those previously unheard.

Newhouse magazine major Kate Beckman started this online magazine that's intended to be for freshmen, by freshmen. Your donations helped them create a print version of the magazine, and our match is helping them create a student organization for future freshmen.

Project We Love
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A series of short documentary-style films on American artisans whose jobs are full of hard work, struggle, passion and reward.

Newhouse sophomore Luke Rafferty launched this in the spring semester of 2013 when he was a freshman and spent the summer with his colleague from NYU making it happen. Check out the result at

We're driving from Rochester, NY to Austin, TX, telling stories of people pursuing American dreams.

This immersive multimedia storytelling project was launched by Newhouse grads Leah Stacy and Pete Wayner in the fall of 2012. See the result at