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A photography magazine about modern exploration

Some great photographers involved in this project!

Project We Love
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10 Years - 15 Grant Winners - 39 Finalists - One Conversation - War Is Only Half The Story.

For 10 years The Aftermath Project has funded photography projects that examine what happens after important and often forgotten part of the story.

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An intriguing photo book with stunning portraits, capturing the beauty of the hard working flower sellers of Malik Ghat Market, India.

Beautiful portraits from one of Kolkata's flower markets. We featured it in National Geographic magazine this year!

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The photo book “Gaza Girls: Growing up in the Gaza Strip” recounts the stories of young women coming of age in a difficult place. The book is available to pre-order at the below link.

A nuanced look at the girls' lives in Gaza - beyond the images of war we so often see.

A photobook of Everyday Africa, the Instagram project transforming the way people view daily life on the continent.

A book by many photographers contributing to the great Instagram feed. Their very worthy mission is to change how Africa is pictured through imagery of daily life.

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A Photobook about one of the most fascinating places on earth - the sacred Mount Kailash in Tibet.

Beautiful portraits and landscapes from Mount Kailash in Tibet.

Photography exhibition of platinum prints by 31 Studio. The first prestigious exhibition run by PhotoBath, hosted at BRLSI Bath.

Support PhotoBath's campaign to exhibit the great Sebastião Salgado's work in Bath.

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A photo exhibit about Syrian war wounded and destroyed Syrian cities on the Berlin Wall to help and raise awareness for refugees.

With the recent influx of refugees in Germany, this project uses the Berlin wall to show how war has devastated Syria. This is a great use of public space to provide context for this wave of migration.

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Mario Cruz's stunning black and white photographs document the plight of children exploited in Koranic schools in Senegal

A sobering look at the mis-treatment of children at Koranic schools in Senegal.

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Stunning abstract pictures reveal the hidden costs of our consumption: the impacts on our environment.

Henry Fair examines how human consumption has impacted the environment. The beautiful images belie the damage we've inflicted.

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La Batea is a carefully crafted book that documents gold in Colombia. / La Batea mira de cerca el tema complejo del oro en Colombia.

Siblings Elizabeth and Stephen Ferry team up to document Colombia's recent gold rush and it's impact on the country.

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Please support my road trip across Native America making a record of the strong & resilient people we are today.

Camille Seaman's project documenting Native communities across the United States. Really interesting and beautiful rewards, including her incredible book, "Melting Away".

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Stronger Shines the Light Inside is a photography exhibition that illuminates the lives of refugees in the US, starting in Boise, ID.

Angie Smith's captivating and beautiful project on refugees resettling in the United States.

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Omar Havana felt the Nepal earthquake first hand and his images, published worldwide, capture the cataclysm from the first moments.

Spanish photographer Omar Havana's long-term project on the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Nepal.

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A photographic journey into the curious world of the former Soviet Union's sanatoriums

A comprehensive look at Soviet-era sanatoriums.

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The final journey of our Arrivals and Departures photo project: Through Siberia from Yakutsk to Magadan, along the "Road of Bones." By Jacob Aue Sobol, Natnada Marchal, Iskander Ivanov, Vladimir Popov.

Magnum photographer Jacob Aue Sobol's fascinating and personal journey through Siberia.

Project We Love
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Fabio Bucciarelli has documented the plight of refugees fleeing the revolutions of the "Arab Spring" since working in Libya in 2011.

Robert Capa Gold Medal Award winner, Fabio Bucciarelli, has been documenting the refugee crisis since 2011. This Kickstarter will fund publication of his book, "The Dream".