• Cry Cry Cry / Demolition Derby

    It is time to send a 1986 Caprice to the automobile afterlife. Let's do it with a bang by entering it in a demolition derby.

    Help Brian Kaspr '06 (General Sculptural Studies) send this Caprice to the automobile afterlife!

  • Help CORPUS RESEARCH INSTITUTE into Festivals!

    A short Funding Campaign to enter CORPUS RESEARCH INSTITUTE, a horrific animated short, into a variety of film festivals.

    Help Tynesha Foreman '15 Animation enter her film into animation festivals!

  • Kaitlyn Malloy- Artist Residency at the Pantocrator Gallery

    An amazing opportunity for an emerging artist to create a new body of work.

    Support Kaitlyn Malloy '15 as she tries to fund a summer residency to China.

  • Brazen Magazine

    Brazen Magazine is a feminist arts and culture magazine that celebrates and embraces the impact of women on today's culture.

    Support Jen Doyle '15 in her thesis project Brazen, a Feminist Arts & Culture Magazine

  • TerraToys: Ceramic Art Toys by "Mudmonkey" Simon Boses

    What clay has wanted to be all along: TerraToys, the coolest thing ever to come from dirt.

    Support Simon Boses '97 in his venture to create Terra Toys!

  • Charm City Chinese

    Charm City Chinese is a beautiful magazine about the form, culture, and taste of Chinese take-out in Baltimore and America.

    Support Zak Bickel '15 in his mission to help you find better Chinese take-out with his magazine Charm City Chinese!

  • Loop of the Loom- Saori Weaving Collaboration

    A collaboration event between Saori weavers with autism in Japan and local designers in NYC!

    Support Brandy Godsil '10 Fiber alumnus in her weaving collaboration Loop of the Loom!

  • Darcie Book - Artist Residency at the Vermont Studio Center

    I'm eager to make some exciting new painting ideas become reality. Please help me take advantage of this great opportunity to do so!

    Support Darcie Book '04 Painting in funding her trip to Vermont Studio Center, and get some great rewards!

  • INTRICACIES Book of Collaborative Illustrations

    Help us print a beautiful hardcover book of full-page illustrations that blend lovingly rendered natural imagery with hints of story.

    Support Zoe Keller '11 Graphic Design in the creation of a hard cover book of collaborative illustrations!

  • Bogtinkers: A 7-Week Storefront Gallery and Shop

    Utilize a retail space that is currently empty to create an 7-week pop up shop that will sell the work of local and regional artists.

    Support Cathy Evans '81 Graphic Design as she opens a pop up shop for local Baltimore artists!

  • tonlé: zero-waste fair fashion

    A zero-waste fashion label producing in Cambodia. We design comfortable, wearable clothes that are as unique as their makers.

    Support Rachel Faller '08 Fiber as she expands her zero-waste fair fashion brand tonle!

  • Sway.Shift - Geomorphic Tank @ SCA Contemporary

    Geomorphic Tank -Debbie, Shola & Rashmi- take their installation and workshop- Sway.Shift to SCA Contemporary in New Mexico

    Support Shola Cole '15 Mount Royal in her upcoming installation Sway.Shift to SCA Contemporary in New Mexico

  • Megan Chin- Artist Residency at The Vermont Studio Center

    An exciting opportunity for an emerging artist to create a new body of work.

    Support Megan Chin '10 Painting as she journeys to Vermont Studio Center for a month-long residency.

  • Iphone-Responsive Oil Paintings

    Help bring Artist Jaclyn Santos and her series of iPhone-responsive oil paintings to the ArtPrize 2014 international Art competition!

    Help bring MICA Painting alum Jaclyn Santos '07 and her series of iPhone-responsive oil paintings to the ArtPrize 2014 international Art competition!

  • LabBodies | Over Under Limbo Lab

    Baltimore's Labbodies Performance Laboratory will produce our most ambitious performance lab ever!

    Help Ada Pinkston '13 (MFACA) produce Over Under Limbo Lab, a performance piece for this year's Transmodern Festival!

  • An Etching Press for IS Projects

    Please help Ingrid to acquire an etching press for IS Projects, a communal book arts and printmaking studio in Fort Laurderdale, FL

    Help printmaking alumnus Ingrid Shindall '12 open a communal book arts and printmaking studio in Fort Lauderdale, FL!

  • v/ essay vol. 1-2

    v/ ( visual ) essay is a study of type and image, broadly applying semiotic ideas to capture moments/ideas through visual experience.

    Support Rahul Subhash Shinde '16 Graphic Design in his new zine v/ essay vol.1-2!

  • OYLER: a documentary film

    A Cincinnati public school fights to break the cycle of poverty in its Urban Appalachian neighborhood.

    Support Patrick Wright (Editor & MICA Faculty) and Madeline Becker '15 (Video and Film Intern) as they works to complete OYLER, a documentary film by Amy Scott of Marketplace.

  • C is for Cthulhu: The Lovecraft Alphabet Board Book

    A high-quality board book featuring gorgeous Lovecraft-themed illustrations for every letter of the alphabet.

    Support Greg Murphy '12 Illustration and Jason Ciaramella in the publishing of C is for Cthulhu, an alphabet board book.

  • Jon Marshalik - Skowhegan 2014

    I've been accepted into the prestigious Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and need some money for painting materials

    Support Jon Marshalik '14 in his trip to Skowhegan Residency this summer!

  • Artist Residency at the Vermont Studio Center

    An exciting opportunity for an emerging artist to create a new body of work.

    Support Tommy Dahlberg '15 Hoffberger on his residency to Vermont Studio Center by buying some of his fantastic paintings.

  • Echoes of Eridu: Co-optional Roguelike Megaman-style action

    Take one part Mega Man X and one part roguelike goodness. Add multiplayer. Stir generously.

    Support Zach Urtes '12 and his team from Batterystaple Games in the creation of Echoes of Eridu.

  • Biomorphic Pointillist Drawing Series

    I'm making a series of giant biomorphic drawings & I need funding to pay artist assistants to help me draw to complete this project.

    Support junior Mick Barkanic '15 in the creation of his large-scale biomorphic drawings.

  • Maker's Alphabet

    A book that celebrates old and new ways of making. For kids from 1 to 100.

    Help "make" this incredible book by Sneha Pai '07 Animation come to life!

  • The Nunchuk: Evolved Magnetic Tech Strap For Wearables

    Increase Access and Decrease Clutter for your wearable tech with a mindlessly simple and versatile clip that attaches to clothing.

    Support Steven Yu '98 GFA in his production of The Nunchuk: Evolved Magnetic Tech Strap for Wearables

  • MFA Thesis: Luciatypes

    An MFA Thesis focused on transcending the boundary between image and the physical materials within which it exists.

    Support Pat Galluzzo '14 Photographic & Electronic Media MFA student with his Luciatype project.

  • American Medium Gallery: Breaking Ground

    After two years of exhibitions, American Medium is opening a permanent Gallery and Production House in Brooklyn, NY

    Support Dan Wallace '08 Painting as he's opening American Medium's permanent Gallery and Production House in Brooklyn, NY

  • Tell Me More and Then Some

    A film about the history of Jazz in Baltimore. From the days of Billie Holiday and Pennsylvania Ave all the way through to the present.

    Support Jon Bevers, staff member at MICA fund his film about the history of Jazz in Baltimore.

  • Pakka Pets

    A new pet game adventure for your phone. Discover rare evolutions, decorate, explore different worlds & fulfill your pet's destiny!

    Support Willem Rosenthal '10 Illustration in the creation of his new game Pakka Pets!

  • Hannah Hill | 'Apeiron' at Anderson Ranch

    A 3 month painting project at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass Village, Colorado.

    Support Hannah Hill '12 GFA on her journey to Anderson Ranch!

  • UNTIL NOW: A Magazine about Coming of Age

    UNTIL NOW is a print magazine centered around Coming of Age, with essays, comics, and illustrations by rising and established talent.

    Support Alexandra Citrin '14 fund her print magazine UNTIL NOW!

  • Myth as Object

    Fantasy, reality and the objectification that happens in between...

    Help Rinehart Graduate Student Cameron Stalheim '14 construct his monumental thesis work.

  • Singles Club - Record Club & Music Journal

    A subscription record club and music journal published quarterly. Four Stories. Four Singles. One Year.

    Pledge $65 or more and you too could join the Singles Club hosted by Chris Muccioli '11 Graphic Design. I mean look at that type! Nice work Chris!

  • Residency at The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts

    Christina Barrera will spend one month creating a new body of work at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Residency.

    Support Christina Barrera '11 General Fine Art on her Residency to The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts!


    Our mission is to empower people to make their own creative projects!

    Support Carlos Florez '07 Graphic Design in his latest documentary that will empower people to make their own films with limited funds.

  • The Gods and Demons Collection: T-Shirts, Phonewear & Prints

    Introducing a set of unique hand-drawn designs inspired by myths, masks, and tribal tattoos. Are they gods or demons? That's up to you.

    Support Sage Trail '12 Painting in the development of the Gods and Demons Collection: T-shirts, Phonewear & Prints!

  • The Shield: Tech Jacket with Super Powers (ID protection)

    Tech Jacket with RFID blocking pocket, shell with carbon fiber properties, detachable hood with discreet storage pouch, and more...

    Support Steven Yu '98 GFA in his production of The Sheild: Tech Jacket with ID protection!

  • Art Review of 3rd Ghetto Biennale in Haiti

    I am publishing an article about collaborative art projects based on interviews with artists at the Ghetto Biennale in Haiti.

    Support Sam Fein '13 Mt. Royal on her journey to the Ghetto Biennale in Haiti.

  • Augmented Asbury Park

    This project will reconstruct historical landmarks on the Asbury Park boardwalk in augmented reality.

    Support MICA Alumnus Ed Johnston, Post-bac '05 reconstruct historical landmarks on the Asbury Park boardwalk in New Jersey using augmented reality.

  • RELAUNCH: a New Animation Installation for November 2013

    An all-new animation installation by artist Matthew Fishel in Arlington Art Center's Tiffany Gallery for AAC's 2013 Solos Program.

    Help Matthew Fishel '10 Mount Royal alumnus create his latest animation exhibition ReLaunch at Arlington Arts Center.

  • Kronos at the Pino Family Ranch

    A sculpture and collaborative project set within 2000 acres of the beautiful Chihuahuan desert.

    Fund travel and installation of a collaborative sculpture by alumnus Tyson Skross '01 Painting.

  • Lords & Ladies - a game of Legacy, Gossip and Intrigue

    Build an aristocratic family's legacy through marriage,hiring servants,having children while crushing rivals with gossip and betrayal.

    Support MICA faculty member Jason Corace in developing Lords and Ladies, a new card game where you control a turn of the 20th century noble family and their servants. The game is inspired by our love of period dramas like Upstairs Downstairs and of course Downton Abbey.

  • Through the Trees: An Interactive, Public Art Installation

    Public art installation in conjunction with ArtSpace Gallery; a platform to discuss, unify and react to gun violence in our community.

    Support Nick Pfaff '12 GFA alumnus as he creates a platform to discuss and react to gun violence.

  • History of Place : Artist Resident --> Germany + Spain

    Painter Jordan Pemberton travels as artist-in-residence to Germany (the Leipzig International Art Programme) and Spain (La Fragua)

    Support painter Jordan Pemberton '13 as she travels as artist-in-residence to Germany (the Leipzig International Art Programme) and Spain (La Fragua).

  • CONGREGATE art + faith + community

    “CONGREGATE” is a community based exhibition that establishes artist residencies within five houses of worship in Baltimore, MD.

    Support MICA's Curatorial Practice MFA students as they develop the exhibition "Congregate"

  • SPAGHETTI KISS: Unique Apparel Design for Kids of ALL ages

    Monsters, robots and other fun designs adorning hand screened apparel for kids big and small!

    Support alumnus Michael Bracco with Spaghetti Kiss!

  • The Wood Kiln Project

    Build a Wood-Fired Kiln and Shed to support a sustainable model of ceramics and continue a living tradition of craft and community.

    Support Carla Padvoiskis '12 build a kiln!

  • The Monument Quilt by FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture

    FORCE is an art and activist effort. We are making a monument to survivors of rape & abuse- a GIANT picnic blanket on the National Mall

    Support Rebecca Nagle '08 & Hannah Brancato '07 in their latest project! FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture is a creative activist effort to upset the culture of rape and promote a culture of consent.

  • The Kickback: Debut Album 'Sorry All Over The Place'

    After two EPs and a handful of singles, The Kickback is ready to record their debut album!

    Support Eamonn Donnelly '08 Illustration get their debut album recorded.

  • Let's get the Taharka Brothers' ice cream truck on the road!

    Help the TAHARKA BROTHERS get activism onto wheels with a new ice cream truck! Let's bring the cold good stuff directly to the people.

    Devon Brown '12 is working on getting his Taharka Brothers' ice cream truck on the road.

  • Mark This Town

    Collaborative street art that sparks conversation. Make your own statement using sustainable materials.

    Support Meghana Khandekar '07 Graphic Design alum in her New York endeavor, Mark This Town.

  • Baltimore Satellite Reef!

    Obviously, crocheting reefs is cooler than ice cold! So, help us make it happen in Baltimore City!

    Help Deana Haggag '13 Curatorial Practice student bring the Baltimore Satellite Reef to Gallery CA.

  • Slight—Magazine

    A collaborative fashion magazine focusing on emerging artistic talents and designers.

    A collaborative fashion magazine by current MICA students focusing on emerging artistic talents and designers.

  • "SEOL DE MUUN" a short film by Clayton Lee

    Onan's longing for Yoon in Korea fails to exist in any reality beyond his own dark fictional creation: a film he struggles to finish.

    Help Clayton Lee '13 finish his film Seol De Muun by backing his project!

  • In the Mouth of the Wolf

    An Experimental Spagetti Western: Southern Italy becomes the "Wild West" in a battle between reason, myth and chance.

    Help fund alumnus Misha Capecchi's Spaghetti Western. Misha was a 2012 graduate of the Mt. Royal School of Art MFA Program.

  • The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes

    a horror/comedy/animation musical feature film!

    Support Nancy Andrews '83 Photography in making her horror/comedy/animation feature film!

  • Nicole Mueller: Artist in Argentina

    An Artist Residency opportunity with Proyecto 'ace in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Support Nicole Mueller '11 in an artist residency opportunity in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

  • "MILE HIGH," a Hilarious, New Animated Web Series

    An animated web series about two friends struggling to get things right at a time in their lives when everything can go wrong

    Ben Hock '11 Animation has started a new web series with Unsinkable Studio, show him your support!

  • Retraction

    Retraction is a short film created by students of the Maryland Institute College of Art and Johns Hopkins University.

    Support this film which is a combined effort of MICA and Johns Hopkins students!

  • Artist Residency @ Vermont Studio Center

    In an attempt to answer what I consider to be unanswered progress, I investigate my understanding of solidarity.

    Help Kyle Hackett '13 Hoffberger get to Vermont Studio Center post graduation.

  • "ANNIVERSARY" A Short Film

    Anniversary is a dramatic short film about an elderly gentleman who deals with the loss of his deceased wife on their anniversary.

    Help these MICA and Johns Hopkins students bring their film "Anniversary" to life.


    Pug, a young boy growing up in West Baltimore, finds solace in a gang of illegal dirt bike riders known as The 12 O’Clock Boys

    Lotfy Nathan '09 and the film "12 O'Clock Boys" will have its World Premiere at SXSW 2013 Competition! They are one of eight films selected for the competition out of 905 submissions!

  • Kickstart the Apocalypse

    Help design, create, and produce a set of 4 skateboards and 4 longboards. All imagery is inspired by the Book of Revelations.

    Help design, create, and produce a set of 4 skateboards and 4 longboards created by Senior Daney Rivera '13.

  • Damaged - An Animated Web Series

    Monthly animated web series about two damaged teenage robots adopted by humans.

    Rock on Robots! MICA's own Ben Luce '11 and Grant Lindahl '13 are working on an animated web series with comedian Liz Miele. Help this series come to life with your support!

  • Current Space Community Darkroom

    Current Space Community Darkroom will include classes, workshops, lectures, photo club, critiques, field trips, and member exhibitions.

    Support Current Space's Community Darkroom

  • Calculated Carelessness: An Inter-Media Installation

    Calculated Carelessness will immerse participants in Kierkegaard’s The Seducer's Diary with music, interactive sculpture and animation.

    Support Hannah Baker '08 Sculpture in this collaboration for Calculated Carelessness.

  • Píccolo Print Project

    We plan to produce petite prints on eco-friendly, natural stock celebrating the small things with the help of 4 wonderful illustrators!

    Support Lisa Perrin '13 and Sarah Barnes '13 from MICA's MFA in Curatorial Practice program in their project Piccolo!

  • EXCHANGE: a home-based artist residency

    EXCHANGE is an experimental Socially Engaged Art project taking art and artists into the very foundation of a society, the HOME.

    Please support Hyejung Jang's '12 MFA Curatorial Practice Thesis Project!

  • 1 W North Avenue: New Station North HQ

    We're transforming 1 W North Avenue, formerly New York Fried Chicken, into office, theater, & gallery space for Station North artists!

    This is an amazing project that will affect all of Station North and MICA! Support!

  • Under Appreciated Animals: ABCs Matching Game & Flash Cards

    Nothing's wrong with A is for Alligator, but what about the Axolotl!? Celebrate the unsung critters of the ABCs with these cards!

    Support Illustration Faculty Member and Alumni Dana Marie Hossler!

  • Weekends - 'New Humans'

    Help us release our third and best record to date. We really need your help to make this happen!

    Brendan Sullivan '08 is a part of the Baltimore band, Weekends. Help them release their third album!


    Grin City Artist Collective's renovation of our brick barn and corn crib into additional studio space to welcome 30 artists a year.

    Support Joe Lacina '08 Painting in his ambitious studio renovations!

  • Second Quest

    Second Quest is a new comic by David Hellman (the artist of Braid) and Tevis Thompson (writer of “Saving Zelda”).

    Support David Hellman '06 GFA in his new comic Second Quest!

  • Maryland My Maryland Illustration T-shirts

    Order a t-shirt featuring a tattoo-inspired illustration celebrating Maryland by Baltimore artist Joanna Barnum.

    Order a T-shirt featuring a tattoo-inspired illustration celebrating Maryland by MICA alumnus Joanna Barnum '06


    I have been invited to represent the U.S. in Nepal at the Kathmandu International Art Festival and I need your support!

    Help Alumni Trevor Wallack Amery '05 (Painting) on his journey to Nepal to represent the US at the Kathmandu International Art Festival.

  • Public Mural Project: Fells Point, Baltimore

    This is a large scale mural project set to take place in the Historic neighborhood of Fells Point in Baltimore, MD.

    Support Kerry Cesen '09 Illustration in his quest to produce a mural in historic Fells Point!

  • Secret Mountains "Rainer"

    Secret Mountains is releasing our first record, Rainer this winter & we'd love your help to put the finishing touches on it.

    Help Chris Muccioli '11 and Kelly Laughlin '13, members of Secret Mountains, release their first record, Rainer.

  • Morning In America Ice Sculpture at the RNC/DNC Conventions

    We're melting down ice sculptures of the words "Middle Class" at the Republican and Democratic Conventions in Tampa and Charlotte.

    Support Nora Ligorano '78 in creating ice sculptures at the RNC/DNC Conventions!

  • Imaging Sustainability

    This photography project will explore the aesthetics of environmental and social sustainability initiatives in Malmö, Sweden.

    Help Sarah Newman '06 (Post Bac Fine Art) do a photography sustainability project in Sweden!

  • The Body Queeries Project

    Anna Showers-Cruser will make a new body of work at Vermont Studio Center this winter. Help bring this project to life!

    Support Anna Showers-Cruser '11 Painting and help her get to Vermont Studio Center this summer!


    AKIMBO is a day of site-specific dance and movement art in Baltimore’s Station North Arts and Entertainment District.

    Support Sidney Pink '01 GFA Major in an effort to create AKIMBO, a day of site-specific dance and movement art!

  • Artist Residency at the Vermont Studio Center

    A month-long painting/sculpture project this October in Johnson, VT

    Support Aaron Dunn '12 Painting Major on his trip to Vermont Studio Center this summer!

  • New Body: South Africa to Baltimore

    In June 2012, a new body of art work will commence reflecting on my visual and cultural experiences from life in rural South Africa.

    Support Shannon Brinkley, current MFAST student in her new body of work.

  • En Plein Air: 2 Artists Traveling to France

    Patch and Margaret were invited to attend the Alfred and Trafford Klots Residency in Léhon, France this summer. Help them get there!

    Support Patch Somerville '08 and Margaret Hull '08 in their journey to a residency in Lehon, France this summer!

  • The Vermont Studio Center Artist Residency Program

    This is a month long Residency at the The Vermont Studio Center to create a body work dealing with our current environmental situation.

    Robert Sparrow Jones '05 Hoffberger needs your support to get to the Vermont Studio Center.

  • 13 BOX

    A 30 minute documentary that gives a candid look at the firefighting profession on the "wild west" side of Baltimore.

    Support Olivia Flick '11 and help her get her film "13 Box" into DVD production and out into the festival circuit.

  • Circus Saudade

    Circus Saudade is a webcomic about a dark and magical circus, the mysterious creatures within it, and a girl named Gracie.

    Support Colin Campbell '04 in producing his webcomic Circus Saudade!

  • Memory Tricks! A MICA & Jemicy Animation Collaboration

    A collaborative animation project made by fifth-grade girls and college students. Kids teaching kids with animation!

    Help faculty member Lynn Tomlinson and 8 MICA Animation students fund their Memory Tricks project for the Jemicy School.

  • MacKenzie Peck Exhibition at the Creative Alliance

    Support the creation and installation of artwork in my first major exhibition!

    Support Mackenzie Peck '09 launch her first major exhibition at the Creative Alliance!

  • Time Spent

    TIME SPENT promotes rap artists by recording live a capella performances through the medium of VHS.

    Support Ronin Wood '12 and Matthew Thompson '13 in their mission to advertise their website TIME SPENT!

  • Copycat Project

    The historical and pictorial documentation of a landmark building.

    Support senior Alex Wein in this awesome project documenting the artists live/work space in the Copycat!


    Dark City: Beneath The Beat is a documentary capturing the sound scape of the rising Baltimore club music and dance scene.

    Support MICA's own TTtheArtist '06 (GFA - Video) in developing her upcoming documentary about Bmore Club music!

  • The Light Hammer Project

    Help fund a new image-making process that combines the kinetic and photographic to create ethereal digital works.

    Support Andrew Lloyd Goodman MFA '07 in his new image-making process.


    Help City Arts and Station North bring Kansas City community arts collective, Whoop Dee Doo, to Baltimore for a rockin' time!

    Help MICA's curatorial practice students facilitate a show in Station North.

  • Slurricane #3

    Help me print the latest issue of Slurricane in all the glory it deserves!

    Support MICA's Will Laren '12 in his project Slurricane!

  • Kern and Burn: The Book

    Kern and Burn is a book about design entrepreneurship. It shares the stories of passionate designers who love what they do.

    Fund Jessica Karle Heltzel and Timothy Hoover publish their book for their Graphic Design MFA Thesis project.


    An interdisciplinary public art project that transforms a dilapidated houseboat into a studio/gallery/laboratory/school.

    Fund MICA seniors Thomas Doyle '12 & Will Pierce '12 in their studio/gallery/lab/school art project called HOUSEBOAT!

  • Hulletta

    Hulletta is a collection of sculptural garments inspired by the changes humans' morals go through between childhood and adulthood.

    Help junior Hayley Martell to fund her sculptural garments!

  • 'Mama Said'

    'Mama Said' is an appropriation that serves as a preservation and celebration of the past that stems from a deep sense of nostalgia.

    Help two MICA seniors fund their lines at our two fashion shows happening during MICA's Fashion Week!

  • Deliciously Happy

    Artist collaborates with 75 Nashville youth to create a multi-faceted project culminating in a viewer-participation installation.

    Lindsey Bailey collaborates with Nashville Youth!

  • "ONE LAST RUN" a short by Hilton Carter

    One Last Run is a short comedy about 3 small time crooks who need to score one last job to payoff a debt.

    Support Hilton Carter '02 in his latest film!

  • Viva Arte em Goiânia, Brasil

    Arte para Goiania, Brasil is a project to raise funds for an artist residency at the Universidade Federal de Goias in Central Brazil.

    Support MICA Alumni Jaime Bennati to raise funds for an artist residency in Brazil.

  • Forgotten Foods

    Forgotten Foods is a documentary series about Professional Chef & Archeologist Ben Hargett and his culinary adventures in the world.

    Travel around the world with MICA staff member Jon Bevers!

  • Baltimore Annex Theater's First Full Season

    The Baltimore Annex Theater's first full season. Featuring it's most ambitious production yet, Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht..

    Support the Baltimore Annex Theater!

  • Creating Minds: Perspectives on Contemporary Indian Artists

    I am fascinated by some of the Indian Contemporary artists who have fused east and west, and it is my desire to study their artwork.

    Kaveri Raina graduated from MICA in 2011, and is now hoping to travel to India to start a new body of paintings.

  • OCDJ IS DEAD: the last ocdj album and the first ____ album

    ocdj makes a last album and an as-yet-unnamed persona makes a first album. Two of the voices in our head collaborate and separate.

    ocdj makes his last album, help support him!

  • Baltimore: A History, Block by Block

    There are ten main streets in Baltimore that I will photograph. I seek solutions on how to bring these historic places back to life.

    MICA Photo & Electronic Media graduate alumni, James Singewald is creating photo book that might just change Baltimore.

  • Baltimore Love Project

    Spread the love in Charm City. The Day of Love is complete with a mural painting, special acts of love, and a happy hour!

    MICA's own Michael Owen has been called to action in response to Baltimore's love.

  • Something That Sang to You

    Help MICA graduate students produce a poignant and innovative short film with the help of seasoned professionals and lots o'undergrads.

    Support our MICA Gradaute Student Film Makers!

  • Charles Darwin illustration t-shirts

    Using Kickstarter to facilitate the preorder process for a new batch of Charles Darwin with Galapagos finches t-shirts!

    MICA alumni Joanna Barnum creates Charles Darwin Illustration T-Shirts!

  • Black Midnight Death Trip - Jimmy Joe Roche

    Jimmy Joe Roche is making a new piece of video art that is only being sold through this kickstarter !

    MICA Alumni Jimmy Joe Roche funds his video art!

  • The Understanding Campaign - starts with one word

    Support understanding and empathy over conflict. Bringing the Arab and Western worlds together, starting with a single word.

    MICA Alumni Justin Sirois trying to teach the world one word!

  • Twelve O'clock in Baltimore

    Two years in the making. "Twelve O'clock in Baltimore" follows the elusive, law-evading dirt bike groups of Baltimore.

    Support MICA Alumni Lotfy Nathan filming "Twelve O'clock in Baltimore."