• Project We Love
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    Join a mission to study a newly discovered sentient alien civilization produced by a team of award winning developer veterans

    from mefite Freyja

  • Get a cartoony portrait painting of your butt!

    from jedcollins

  • Pirates for Sail goes back to the studio for their fourth full-length album of rollicking pirate music: Crabby Road!

    from Faint of Butt

  • Project We Love
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    Science Fiction anthology for middle grade readers. Bring the stars to a new generation with diversity, representation & great stories!

    From user korej

  • Project We Love
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    A critically-acclaimed graphic novel about a lesbian robot with reality problems.

    from mefi member egypturnash

  • Love's Letters is a series of 52 micro-sized coaching sessions disguised as writing prompts to support you on the road to happiness!

    From MeFi member troubadour

  • Video essays by Ian Danskin about video games, game culture, and maybe things that aren't video games.

    From MeFi member Peevish

  • This tardigrade is the cuddliest eight-legged micro-animal there is! Bear its happy likeness on an attractive t-shirt!

    From MeFi member picea

  • A card game of deduction and dirty tricks for 2-4 players.

    From MeFi member French Fry

  • A new scenario with investigation, exploration, combat, new enemies, superpowers, and loot for the Base Raiders RPG.

    From mefi member clockworkjoe

  • Project We Love
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    Mission: make puppet-fueled videos answering the Internet's clueless questions about media & technology."Gonzo" educational TV.

    From MeFi member gusandrews

  • Project We Love
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    A 16-bit Tactical Platformer set in a world where ancient technology is wielded like magic.

    From MeFi member GilloD

  • A simple query about the quirky 'sport' of Competitive Tickling led journalist David Farrier on a very strange journey.

    From mefi member sycophant

  • This performance piece asks whether it' s possible to cast curses directly from the Internet's primo supplier of anything - Amazon.com

    From MeFi member PinkMoose

  • Project We Love
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    An interactive symphony, with you as a member.

    From MeFi member tighttrousers

  • Project We Love
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    The story of a young guitarist in the North of Niger, trying to make it against all odds. The first ever Tuareg language fiction film.

    From MeFi member iamck

  • Project We Love
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    A service that lets you customize your perfect miniature using our web UI, have it 3D printed and delivered to your doorstep!

    From MeFi member tautological

  • Change writing forever, starting at just a buck a word. A democratic book experiment.

    From MeFi member chriscollins

  • A better way to bring opposing viewpoints together online for meaningful, productive conversations. A wide look at America on Guns.

    From MeFi member bclark

  • We need your help to make our feature film "Still": Think "La Jetée" meets "Let's Scare Jessica to Death." Really!

    From MeFi member rabbitroom

  • Project We Love
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    Launching my first line of handmade, sustainable jewelry.

    From MeFi member bluishorange

  • Project We Love
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    With reality falling apart around her, the fastest woman ever built has exactly one thing on her mind: Romance.

    From MeFi member egypturnash

  • Choose Your Own... Pledge! Or be trampled to a pulp by a herd of wild rhinoceros. It's YOUR choice!

    From MeFi member chomarui

  • A comedy webseries about the geeky adventures of a female video game designer and her booth babe BFF.

    From mefi member Sara C

  • The hosts of the podcast Jordan Jesse Go! want to give away a thousand ice cream cones on one summer day, and document the process.

    From MeFi member YoungAmerican

  • A very small book about interaction design, completely revised and updated. Fund the printing costs for its second edition!

    from MeFi member nickd

  • Project We Love
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    Share files with anyone, anywhere...off the Internet, even off the power grid...with LibraryBox.

    From mefi member griffey

  • The nation's largest art parade may have been flooded, but it's not washed away!

    From mefi user Sophont

  • Project We Love
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    We're re-launching the multiplayer game SiSSYFiGHT 2000 as a free, open source project.

    From mefi member moonmilk

  • At Search is a full length documentary film seeking to preserve shamanistic practice and shrine religion of Jeju Island, South Korea.

    From MeFi member manwoo

  • Project We Love
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    Help publish the totally revised second edition of this guide to the wildlife of Saint Martin in the Lesser Antilles.

    From MeFi member snofoam

  • Peril, cunning, romance! Follow this pirate captain's adventures on the high seas -- and the clues to her treasure!

    From MeFi member Andrhia

  • Project We Love
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    A global sound project which will promote the songs, stories, and folk traditions of the Yemeni archipelago of Socotra.

    From member mykescipark

  • Project We Love
    22f208df504abcd07aa3da9e63a8ef27 original

    Whimsical children's posters to make your walls happy. Screenprinted in water-based ink on beautiful paper.

    From MeFi member the_blizz

  • Poems & fiction from some of today's best authors, in a print edition. Edited by Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum & Alexander Lumans.

    From MeFi member joannemerriam

  • Project We Love
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    I've shot all 850+ dots on the map of North Dakota, and now I want to photograph some of the tiniest places in the big open west.

    From mefi member afiler

  • Table Top Strategy meets Deck Building speed and accessibility. Where simple mechanics are married to intense combos and rich depth.

    From MeFi member French Fry

  • Help preserve the astonishing and ever-shifting musical landscape of West Africa, as intercepted from the very edge of the Sahara.

    From MeFi member mykescipark

  • Project We Love
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    Defcon YUM! is a one a day gourmet internet bakery. Every day we offer one new item. We bake it fresh and ship it priority to you!

    From mefi member firei

  • Project We Love
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    The Music from Saharan Cellphones Volume 2 is coming to vinyl.

    From mefi member iamck

  • Project We Love
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    Print anthology of the best work from Norman Einstein's Sports & Rocket Science Monthly.

    From mefi member interrupt

  • Project We Love
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    A parody art project, commenting on the ancient origins of modern Japanese game culture.  浮世絵ヒーロー

    From mefi member woodblock100

  • Project We Love
    B9fd778271b782a3e1a3b64e45fdccf4 original

    A comedic saga made almost entirely in an apartment and set entirely on location in Antarctica using miniatures, old slides, & more

    from mefi member woj

  • Hone is a Bluetooth 4.0 device for your iPhone 4S that helps you find your keys - and it's made in the USA.

    from mefi member symbebekos

  • A history-based adventure game to thrill and enlighten kids, with epic storytelling, awesome gameplay, and real world fun.

    From mefi member jonathanzoomer

  • The Zombie Squirrel Brigade takes revenge so you don't have to.

    From mefi member anmatcoburn

  • When her ex drags her outside of reality, the fastest woman ever built has to piece herself together across four timelines.

    From mefi member egypturnash

  • Project We Love
    4109baaf7b52af27e2403b3756ba99ee original

    The Outs: just because it's over doesn't mean you're over it.

    From mefi member Septober

  • A stunning collectible art book featuring the best street art, street food, events and more in Los Angeles in 2011.

    by mefi member chaz

  • Project We Love
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    an original photobook—sequential vignettes of industrial & rural decay alongside America's busiest passenger railway

    From MeFi member TheMadStork

  • Portraits of awesome people, just for you! ...okay, you and some other awesome people, too. Extra-awesome people also get an amazi

    From mefi user Jesse Hughson

  • Project We Love
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    Exiled from a world he knew, Prospero created a New World. Part magical, part mechanical, this is our Steampunk Tempest.

    From mefi user grabbingsand

  • Project We Love
    C424f5211f59ff9a44a78f7dd580c7ec original

    A book of 3D photographs that explores the shape and form of individual flowers in dramatic, dimensional black and white.

    From mefi member mintymike

  • Killspolosion is a competitive player versus player rules light RPG where there is only one rule: fight to live.

    From mefi member clockworkjoe

  • Project We Love
    516d31ffc826644933834e88bd6cc6b0 original

    The show is called "1000 Fathoms" and it features content you won't find on most public radio stations.

    From mefi member FatRabbit

  • The first full-length album by the band The Dustys. We'd like to master it We'd like to press it. We'd like you to have it.

    From mefi member Potomac Avenue

  • A card game of desserts, frolic, and extremely polite bunny rabbits. Play nice with the family, or throw down with your friends!

    From mefi member majcher

  • Project We Love
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    ReMake “Where resourcefulness and creativity collide.”

    from mefi member polymath

  • Project We Love
    0e291b55184a6862feb7b6c1c3ba6757 original

    Rebuild civilization after a zombie apocalypse by running in the real world, with story and gameplay coming through your headphones

    From mefi member adrianhon

  • 141 clever little pieces of literature by 121 authors in 1 exquisite ebook.

    From mefi user joannemerriam

  • Project We Love
    6ea7363ccb7f365bae29930831ab49b7 original

    Teleportraiture is a series of oil portraits of kickstarter backers, painted from remote videochat sittings.

    from member limnrix

  • Project We Love
    C8a66474b632ed1abcdfdc4511cc535d original

    An official vinyl release of "Music from Saharan Cellphones", a compilation of music collected from memory cards in the Saharan desert.

    From mefi member iamck

  • Project We Love
    18cb9d4a75dccbf150b08167caff5144 original

    Help The Media Show produce big episodes demonstrating how search engines, content farms, and hacking work.

    from mefi member gusandrews

  • Project We Love
    F5d2b5f84e5d499cb6dbf20acce150a8 original

    Dying to do Letterman is an award-winning indie documentary. Now YOU can help qualify it for an Academy Award®

    From mefi member JokeAndBiagio

  • Project We Love
    Ebbcbe963cec0337f3a42affda19d904 original

    We're building a structure that will allow us to quickly deploy and operate temporary reading rooms in almost any urban setting.

    from mefi member jeremias

  • A series documenting life in Amsterdam as we experience it as tourists, as expats and as first-time parents.

    from mefi member jstubblefield

  • Project We Love
    Ad1c8fa4bd45093ed586ad2317fa23a6 original

    Front has a new album out August 23rd. He'd like to do it up proper with some fancy-ass music videos. Become a producer!

    by mefi user damehex

  • Nathan Smithe's SuperPussy! is a surreal musical cartoon feature about Nathan Smithe's cats who shoot lasers hopefully coming on DVD

    from mefi user psychobum

  • The Rural Design Collective is teaming up with New Artists Productions to create a website for their youth theater group!

    by mefi user webchick

  • Project We Love
    4f811127ab677d90b2ebeae624adddde original

    Longshot Magazine is a raucous experiment in harnessing new tools to erase media’s old limits. We create a print magazine in 48 hours.

    by mefi user emptyage

  • HIPSTER HOLOCAUST: A hilarious and bloody flick about killin' hipsters. BE A PART OF IT and help make this gruesome dream a reality!

    by mefi user PostIronyIsNotaMyth

  • What makes Hollywood Hollywood? I'm driving to ten of them to find out! Support the project and follow the adventure!

    by mefi user Esoquo

  • Project We Love
    503f15ffa194abdcb2a3c382ad47d8b6 original

    Beautiful, interlocking building blocks that can be used to make anything.

    From mefi user fzx101

  • Wearable Serigraphy is more than just T-shirts. It's fine art photo printing on fabric.

    From mefite DevilsRancher

  • a simple but highly addictive puzzle game for Android (and later for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)!

    From mefi member luvcraft

  • A randomized, 2D cave exploration game, using cellular automation to simulate a vast game world.

    From mefi member jharris

  • A ransom for $3500? What an odd number. That is exactly how much we need to master and press our new cd! Probably kidnapped itself.

    From mefi member platinum

  • Cooperative Press needs funding for our Fresh Designs series, which features emerging designers, as well as several related books.

    By mefi member bitter-girl.com

  • Four Person Human Powered Vehicle for Roads, Rails and Sea. Modeled after drawing from 1890.

    From a group of hackers including mefi member small_ruminant

  • Project We Love
    A98100b9d07469ccf578331ac1a3e3ac original

    One hundred objects from 2011 to 2100, from 'smart drugs' to the fate of the Arctic, in a blog, book and podcast

    MeFite adrianhon's futurist project.

  • The Scarring Party want desperately to tour the west coast. To cover our expenses, we’ve set up some rather bizarre incentives.

    MeFi member foole is the lead singer, accordian, and guitar

  • TurboVote makes it easy to vote from home and sends text and email reminders so you don’t miss elections.

    By MetaFilter member paulschreiber